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Reprinted February, 1992 


Volume 2 October I983 Number 1 

Contents 1 

From the Editors/ Book Review 2 

Nottoway Indian Census, Southampton County 1808 3 

Two Dinwiddle County Wills 5 

Amelia County Insolvent Militia Fines 6 

Princess Anne County Deed Book No. 5, 1735-17^0 7 

Certificates of Allegiance I5 

Records of a Sussex County Family, 17^5-1845 16 

Tombstones, "The Oaks", Brunswick County 21 

Chesterfield Tithables, 1756 22 

Charlotte County Powers of Attorney, 1797-1830 26 

Southampton County Insolvent List I807 35 

Unrecorded Deeds from Isle of Wight County, 1770-1797 36 

Interments in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia 43 

Queries ^'6 

Lyndon H. Hart, J. Christian Kolbe, editors 

Copyright I983 

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J . C . Kolbe reviewer 

by L.H.Hart 

The following enumeration of the Nottoway Indian tribe is 
abstracted from the Executive Papers (July 1-22,1808) at the Virginia 
State Library, Archives Division. It is contained in a letter to 
the Governor from the Trustees of the Nottoway tribe dated July 18, 
1808. The trustees were seeking instructions concerning the leasing 
and/or division of the Indian lands. 

The material will be presented as closely as possible to the 
original format. The list includes the males, their ages, their 
employments, and general remarks about their character, etc. as 
found in the letter, followed by a list of the females with the same 
data. The acreage they tilled and genealogical data will be included 
in the general remarks. 

1. Littleton Scholar 5lyea-rs Tillage a small part of his time, 
balance idlej 12 acres j he is the only Indian in his family, his 
wife being a white woman. 

2. Tom Turner 36years Tillage when he works, his employment at 
present unknown, as he has left his farm in the possession of a 
mulatto woman who has been kept by him as a wife, the greater 
part of his time has been generally spent in drunkeness, and the 
destruction of what little crop he has made; 18 acres j he is 
the only Indian in his family. 

3. Jemmy Wineoak 38years Tillage, idle more than three fourths 
of his time J 18 acres j he is the only Indian in his family, 
has no wife, a mulatto woman lives with him. 

^. Tom Step 18years Sometimes hires himself out as a day 
labourer, but mostly idle, (see Betsy Step) 

5. Henry Turner l6years Employed by his mother in making a crop, 
(see Nancy Turner) 

6. Alexander Rogers llyears Lives with Mrs. Susanna Goodwyn, 
who receives his allowance in proportion to the time she 
maintains him. He is brother by the mother's side of Fanny and 
Solomon Bartlett. Until September 1806, he with Fanny and Solomon 
Bartlett lived with a relation of theirs named Celia Rogers, a 
Nansemond Indian, on the land of the Nottowaysj at that time 
Celia Rogers died (their parents being long dead), they were 
without a near relation and none of the Nottoways came to take care 

of them. The Trustees took them into their families. 

Alexander was taken into the family of Robert Goodwyn, a trustee, 

and has continued with Goodwyn' s widow. 

7. John Woodson 12years Employment unknown. 

8. Solomon Bartlett Syears Lives with Samuel Blunt(Trustee) , 
no employment} Blunt receives the allowances due him and his 
sister. (see Alexander Rogers) 

9. Billy Woodson 12years Lives with Micajah Boseman, his father, 
too small for any particular employment, has been sent to school 
by his father, can read and write a little, his father has 
promised the Trustees to send him again. His father in addition 
to his allowance also is allowed to work 1? acres. He has lived 
with his father since his mother's death. (Nanny Woodson) 

10. Edy Turner 5^yea-rs Her employments are knitting, sewing, 
and what is usual in common housewifery; 3^ acres; she has 
had 2 negroes hired for her, last year by the Trustees and this 
year by her husband; her family consists of herself, Polly 
Woodson, and John Woodson, whose allowances are paid to her for 
their maintenance. 

11. Nancy Turner 3^years Knitting, sewing, weaving, etc.; 

15 acres also 3 acres worked at her desire and with our permission 
by a free negro; the Indian part of her family is composed of 
herself and her son Henry Turner, whose allowance hse receives. 

12. Betsy Step 36years Spinning, generally; 2 acres; she and 
her son Tom when at home compose her family. 

13. Winny Woodson I7years Spinning, generally; ^5 acres; 
She and her sister Anny Woodson have the care and receive the 
allowance of their young sister Jinny Woodson and compose a 

1^. Anny Woodson I9years Spinning, generally. (See Winny 

15» Polly Woodson I4years Employment unknown. (See Edy Turner) 

16. Fanny Bartlett lOyears Sometimes learning to spin, lives with 
Samuel Blunt (Trustee). (See Alexander Rogers) 

17. Jenny Woodson 6years Lives with her sisters Anny and Winny 

Woodson. (See Winny Woodso^^)siDTied bv 

Henry Blow 

Wm. Blow 

Saml. Blunt 

Trustees to the Nottoway Tribe 

of Indians. 

by Susan B . Sheppard 

The following are abstracts of wills recorded originally 
in Dinwiddle County and found among the Chancery papers of 
Brunswick County. 

Ephraim Parham of Bristol Parish, Dinwiddle Co. 

Wife: Ann for life, the use of 6 negroes and home 

plantation in Dinwiddle Co., personalty and 
provisions. My children to live with her until 
they come of age or marry. 
Dau: Betsey Parham 5 negroes, personalty. 
Son: Nicholas land in Sussex Co. containing ^50 acres 

adjoining Seamore Powell and James Mangram, 
5 negroes. 
Son: Thomas home plantation in Dinwiddle Co. at my wife's 
death containing 326 acres adjoining John 
Kirby and Starkey Moore, 5 negroes. 
Dau: Joan Parham 5 negroes. 

Should any of children die underage, his share to be divided 
among then surviving children. 
Exec. Lewis Parham Sr. , Nicholas Parham. 
No appraisal of estate to be made. 

Dated March 16,1779 Witnesses: Richard Stewart 
Recorded June Ct. 1779 Joseph Hardaway 

Sarah Lanier 
Lewis Parham granted probate. 
William Epes, Richard Yarbrough, securities. 
Account Current. 

Division. Ann Parham, now Pegram(Capt. Edward Pegram,Jr.) 
Eliza Parham 
Nicholas Parham 
Thos . Parham 
Joanna Parham. D. 1779, 1780. 

Ann Jones of Dinwiddle Co. 
Dated October 6,1806. 
Sis: Martha Claiborne 2 negroes 
Sis J Mary Brodnax 1 negro 
Leg: Augustine Claiborne 5 negroes 
Neph: Augustine C. Jones 1 negro 

and his sister Betsy Maclaln L25 
Leg: Gray Claiborne 1 negro 
Leg: Frederick S. Brodnax k negroes 
Leg: William F. Brodnax 6 negroes 
Leg: Robert Brodnajc 1 negro 

Neph: Jack P. and Cadwallader Brodnajc 5 negroes 
Leg: Cad Claiborne 1 negro 
Leg: John Withers 1 negro 
Friends and exec: John Withers, Augustine 
Claiborne . 

No appraisal of estate to be made. 
• July 17,1809, 

Presented for proof. 
Recorded May 20,1811. 
Witn: J. (John) H. Claiborne 

Jas. H. Mumford 

Francis Dyer 

Elizabeth Dyer 

by J.C. Kolbe 

1832 (R. 1833) John Burton Nottoway 

1833 (R. 1834) Samuel H. Jones Chesterfield 

Francis Webster Richmond 
183^ (R. 1835) Archer W. Bass Alabama 

John A. Condry Chesterfield 

John M. England Richmond 

Benjamin B. Jackson Lexington, Kentucky 

Pleasant A. Mann Chesterfield 
1835 (R. 1836) Osborne Chetham Chesterfield 

Thomas J. Clark Chesterfield 

Albert G. Vaughn Alabama 

Asa Vaughn Alabama 


by L.H.Hart 
(continued from Vol. I, page 16^) 

P. 165 WILLIAM HANCOCK. W.(torn) D. Mar. 15,1735/6. R. Jan. 5,1736. 
w. Mary. Mary Hancock, ex. Daui Susannah(not of age). Cousin: 
Arthur Moseley. Leg: Richard, William, Blandina Moseley. 
Godson: Hen. Griffen. Witn: James Nimmo, Henry Holmes. 

P. 166 JOHN MALBON(E).SR. W. -D . Sept. 6,1736. R. Feb. 2,1736. 

Margaret Malbone,ex. w. Margaret. Sons: Solomon, Lemuel, 
Reodolphus, Shadrack, Peter, John. Dau: Frances > Sarah 
Bonneyj Margret; Dinah Daugej Elizabeth Dauley. Grd: Aleif 
Malbone. Witn: William Dauley, Will. Carrel, James Albritton. 

P. 167 MAJOR HENRY SPRATT . W. D. Apr. 2^4-, 1736. R. Mar. 2,1736. 
Thorowgood Spratt,ex. Sons: Francis, Thorowgood, Adam. 
Fr: James Nimmo. Witn: James Spratt, Frances Robinson, 
Henry Holmes. 

P. 168 WILLIAM WISHART. w. D. Jan. 12,1736/7- R. Feb. 2,1736. 

Kinsman: Francis Wishart. Tho. Wishart,ex. Cousin: Thomas 
Wishart. Witn: James Hunter, Hugh Barlow. 

P. 169 COL. MAXIMILIAN BOUSH. Div. of Neg. D. ord. Feb. 2, 1736/7- 
R. Mar. 2,1736. Widow's dower, parts to: Lemuel, Mary, 
Maximilian, Elizabeth, Frederick. 

P. 171 ALEXANDER HARVEY. W. D. Mar. 1736/7- R. May k , 1737- 
Geo. Harvey, ex. Sons: George, Thomas, John. Grs: 
Alexander Harvey. Dau: Ann. Cousin: John Harvey. 
Witn: William Poole, John Grifin. 

WILLIAM WISHART. Inv. D. Feb. 1,1736/7- H. May ^,1737- 
Thos. Wishart, ex. 

JAMES CUMBERFOOT. AC D. R. Apr. 6,1737- Balance due 

widow, 3 children. Aud: John James, And. Peacock. 

JOHN HOPKINS SR. AC D. 1736. R. July 6,1737- Balance due 
widow, 6 children (further audit: balance due widow, 2 
children). Aud: Jas. Kempe, Thos . Whitehurst, Nath. Nickles. 

JOHN SALMONS. Inv. D. ord. 2 June 1737- R- July 6,1737- 
Appr: John Whitehurst, Luis Becker, John Smyth. 

JOHN WHITEHURST. AC. D. R. July 6, 1737- Returned by 

J. Whitehurst. 
























COL. MAXIMILIAN BOUSH. Inv. and Div. of Cattle. D.ord.May ^,1737. 
R. July 6,1737. Widow: Mrs. Eliza. Boush. Orphans. 

Appr: Frans. Moseley, Char. Malbone. 

HENRY PHILPOT. Inv. D._ R. Sept. 7,1737- (not named) adm. 

JOHN JAMES. D of G. D. Sept. 7,1737. R. Sept. 7,1737. 
To brother Henry James (my patent dated April 20,1682). 
Witn: Tho. Haynes, Patrick Smith. 

MAJ. HENRY SPRATT. Inv. (Livestock, Slaves) D. R. Apr. 

6,1737. Thorowgood Spratt,ex. 

COL. EDWARD MOSELEY. AC D. R.Aug. 3,1737- Audi Jacob 

Ellegood, James Kempe, Arthr. Sayer. 

JANE SALMON. D of G. D. July 23,1737- R. Aug. 3,1737. 

Son: John Salmon. Leg: Elizabeth Hopkins, d of John Hopkins. 

Goddau: Mary Stone d of John Stone. Witn: William Stone, 
William Shipp. 

P. 22^ JOHN ASHBY. AC D. R. Dec. 7,1737. Balance due after widow's 

part. Aud: And. Peacock, John Bonney, Peter Malbone. 

P. 226 CAPT. ROBT. VAUGHAN. AC D. R. Nov. 2,1737. Balance due 

widow and child. Aud: William Nimmo, Arthr. Sayer. 

P. 232 JAMES ISDELL. AC D. R. Dec. 8,1737. Returned by Antho. 

Walke . 

P. 233 DAVID HARPER. AC D. R. Nov. 2, 1737. Aud: James Nimmo, 

John Hunter, James Hunter, Tho. Hunter. 

P. 233 MARY WHITEHURST. W. D. Oct. 7,1729- R- Jan. ^,1737. Presented 
by Geo. Moseley, her son and heir. Dau: Elizabeth Moseley. 
Witn: John Saunders, Willm. Poole. 

P. 23^ THOMAS CASON. W. D. Aug. 29,1737- R. Feb. 1,1737- Thomas 
Cason,ex. Son: James (not 18); Thomas. Dau: Margett 
Williamson; Sarah, Mary, Ann, Ruth Cason; Elizabeth, Jane 
Cason(not of age). Witn: Eliz. Dauge, Francis Frizell, 
Willm. West. 

P. 23^ MARGRET HUGGINS. Inv. D. Jan. 18,1737- R- Feb. 1,1737- 
(at dwelling house of Robert Huggins) Appr: Job Gasking, 
Battson Whitehurst, John Buskey. 

P. 235 ROBERT THELABAL(L). AC D. R. Feb. 1,1737- Mentions 

paid James Hunter, Mary Thelabell shortage in first division 
of negroes; paid Thomas Gardner his part of appr. and d of g; 
credits from father's estate, mother's d of g. Estate of 
Lemuel Thelaball settled, first allotting his dau. Mary her 
share, then dividing the estate of Robert Thelaball 's part of 

*P. 210 MR. JOHN BOLITHOE. AC D_ R .Mar. 2, 1737 - Aud:W. Robinson, Arthr. 
Sayer, Char. Sayer. 


his estate among his 3 sisters (as above stated), all in the 
hands of Mr. John Wi shard who married the widow of Lemuel 
and Nathl. Newton, James Kempe, Arthr. Sayer. 

P. 235 MARY WHITEHURST. Inv. D. Feb. 28,1737/8. R. Mar. 1,1737. 
Apprj Thos. Taylor, James Hunter, Wm. Cartwright, 
Richd. Poole. 

P. 236 THOMAS PURVINE. Inv. D. 20 Mar. 1737/8. R. Apr. 5,1738. 
Isaac Vifhite, adm. 

P. 236 CHRISTOPHER BURROUGH. W. D . Nov . 9,1737. R. Mar. 1,1737. 
Mrs. Patience Burrough.ex. Son: Benony, Anthony. Dau: 
Florence Whitehurstj Elizabeth Burrough (not 20). W: 
Patience. Fr: Mr. Arthur Sayer, Capt. Nathaniel Newton. 
Witn: Char. Sayer, Nathl. Newton. Cod. D. Dec. 24,1737- 
Witn: Francis Moseley, Robert Whitehurst. 

P. 238 JAMES HARRISON. D. of G. D. Mar. 28,1738. R. Apr. 5,1738. 
5 ch: Mary, Thomas, John, Ann, Elizabeth Harrison. 
W: deceased. Witn: Ann Ellegood, Jacob Ellegood. 

P. 2i^l EDWARD 0(W)LD. V>l . D . 18 Feb. 1737- R. Apr. 5,1738. 
Venus Old, ex. Bro: Thomas. Son: Arther. Mother: 
(not named). Dau: Rebecker, Venues, Aticha Owld(in descending 
order of age). W: Venues. Witn: John Ellks, John Rose, 
Owen Jones. 

P. 2^3 JOHN BRINSON. W. D. Jan. 30,1737/8. R. June 7,1738. 

Eliza. Brinson,exx. Son: Adam, Matthew, Hen. D: Susan 
Brinson. W: Eliza. All my children. Witn: John Grifin, 
John James. 

P. 2^7 MR. CHRISTOPHER BURROUGH. Inv. D. Apr. 3,1738. R. Apr. 
5,1738- Appr: Bartho. Williamson, John Hunter, Tho. 

P. 248 HENRY SNAILE. W. D. Feb. 17,1737/8. R. May 3,1738. 

Bridget Snaile, ex. D: Elizabeth Cotton; Sarah; Frances, 
Mary Snale. S: John, Henry, Simon. (some children not of 
age) William Whitehurst, dec. is grandfather of sd. Sarah, 
Frances, Henry. W: Bridget. Witn: John Whitehurst, Simo. 

P. 266 MARY McGRAVEY. W. (torn) D. Feb. 15,1737/8. R. Aug. 2,1738. 
Paul Dale, ex. Grdau: Mary Ann Dale. Son-in-law: Paul 
Dale. Witn: Eliza Dale, William Benson, Wm. Cox. 

P. 267 JONAS CAWSON. Depositions, (summary of 3 follows) D. and 
R. July 5,1738. Mrs. Ann Trevathan, aged 60 years; Mrs. 
Abigail Cawson, alias Whiddon, former wife of Mr. Jonas 
Cawson of Norfolk Co., da., aged 50 years; Abigal Moseley, 
aged 43 years. Mr. Jonas Cawson was married to Abigail 

Church in Norfolk Co. 29 years ago by the Revd. Mr. McMurren, 
a minister of the Church of England. They had the following 
lawful issue: Keziah, Christopher, Argal, Ann, Abigail, 
Jannet, Jonas. Mr. Jonas Cawson died in 1726. Keziah died in 
1732. Christopher is eldest son, born 26 years ago. Mr. Jonas 
Cawson spoke of an estate in his native Lancaster Co., Old 
England which would fall him from his father, and said estate 
was to go to Christopher Cawson as his heir at law. 

P. 280 JOHN LOVE(TT). W.(torn) D. April 1738. R. July 6, 1738. 

John Lovett,ex. W: Mary. Dauj Isabell Lovett; Amy Thorowgood, 
Betty. Si John, Wil(-), Lancaster. 

P. 347 MR. HABERLING. AC Capt . Frans. Sinclair, adm. D._ .R._. 

P. 355 JOSEPH HARMON. W.(torn) D. Jan. 23,1737/8. R. Apr. 4,1739. 
Son: Joseph (Not of age). Leg:_ary Harmon (not 16) W: 
Elizabeth. Witn: Theo. Turner. 

P. 281 WILLIAM POOLE. W. (torn) D. June 26,1738. R. Aug. 2,(1738). 

Wife (not named). Son: G . Dau: Martha Poole. Witn: 

Job Gaskings, Sarah Thorowgood. 

P. 282 RICHARD POOLE. W.(torn). D. June 6,1738. R. Aug. 2,1738. 
Son: Alexander. Wife: Ann. Dau: Elizabeth, Sarah. 
Fr: Capt. James Kempe, Mr. Thomas Haynes. Witn: James Nimmo, 
Eliz. Newman. 

P. 283 JOHN BRIER. Inv.(torn) D. July 22,(1738). R. Aug. 2,1738. 
(BRUER) Appr: Thomas Lamount, James Lamount, Wm. Cox. 

P. 284 JOHN LOVET. Inv. (torn) D. Aug. 2,1738. R. Aug. 2,1738. 

P. 289 MRS. MARY WHITEHURST. (torn) AC. D. R. Sept. 6,1738. 

Paid (George) Moseley his part of his father's and sister's 
estates. Aud: Nathl. Newton, James Hunter. 

P. 289 MR. CHRISTOR. BURROUGH. Add. Inv. D. R. Sept. 6,1738. 

Appr: Bartho . Wmson, Thos. Hunter, John Hunter. 

P. 268 MRS. ALIFF VffllTE. Inv. D. May 13,1738. R. June 7.1738. 

, adm. Appr.: Hora. Woodhouse, Tho. Corprew, John Knowis. 

P. 312 RICHARD COOK. W.(torn) D. Aug. 4, . R. Feb. 7,1738. 

Ann Cook, ex. Dau: Hannah, Mary. W: Ann. Witn: Willm. 
Keeling, Will. Cotton. 

P. 311 AARON FENTRIS. W.(torn) D. Dec. 4,1738. R. Jan. 3.1738. 
Son: George. Leg: Franson wife Barington. 
Dau: Bet; Iliff Fenters. Witn: Wm. Collings, Dorcas Gwin. 

P. 311 MOSES FENTRIS SR . D. of G. (torn) D. Feb. 7,1738. R. Feb. 
7,1738. Children: Moses Fentris,Jr., Aaron, Lemuel, 
Hezekiah Fentris. Abiah Salmons. W: Martha. 


p. 376 CHRISTOPHER BURROUGH . AC (torn) D. R. June 6,1739. 

Mrs. Patience Burrough.ex. 

P. 377 ADAM LOVET. Div. D. 6 June 1739- R. June 6,1739. Son: 
Vdilliam Lovet. Dau: Elizabeth Gaskings . Widow: Aliff 
now wife of James Banister. Appr: Antho. Walke, Arthr. 
Sayer, Jas . Kempe . 

P. 380 EDWARD HOLMES. AC (torn) D. ord. May 2,1739. R. July4,1739. 
( no aud . ) 

P. ^01 JOHN SALMON. AC. D. . R. Aug. 1,1739. Widow: Jane now 

wife of Thomas Clay. Aud: Antho. Walke, John Smyth, John 

P. i*-01 JOHN GISBONE. W. D. July 13.1739. R. Oct. 3.1739. Eliza, 
John Gisbone, ex. Son: John, James, Thomas; Edward, William 
(not of age). W: Elizabeth. Dau: Isabella Gisbone; 
Jane Lane. Bro: Edward. Fr: Robert Reed, John Rogers. 
Witn: Robt. Reed, Edward Gisbone, John Rogers. 

P. 411 MR. THO. NICHOLSON. Inv. (torn) D. R. 

P. 416 JAMES LAMOUNT. W. D. July 7,1739. R. Nov. 7.1739. 

Mary and Thomas Lamount,ex. Son: James (eldest), Edward. 
Bro: Thomas. Father: dec. Dau: Sarah. W: Mary. (children 
not of age). Fr: William Woodhous(to have care of my dau.) 
Mentions Robin Dearmore, John Brown. Witn: John Lamount, 
Leml. Cornick. 

P. 419 JOHN JONES. W. D. Sept. 23,1739- R. Nov. 7,1739. 

Edwd. Jones, ex. Son: Edward, John, Simon, Henry. Dau: 
Ann Messer, Sarah Moore. Vi/: Ann. (son John's land is given 
him for life only, it is not to go to she that is called 
his wife, formerly Ann Spann, nor any of her heirs.) Witn: 
Adam Tooly, Israel Slatter, Wm. Wood, John Rogers. 

P. 420 SIMON HANCOCK. W. D. July 28,1739- R. Nov. 7,1739. 

Ann and William Hancock, ex. W: Ann. Son: William. Grs: 
John s. of William Hancock; Joshua Hancock; Jno. Biddle i 
William Biddle(not 21); Msiximl. Boush; Jno. Hancock. Dau: 
Mary Malbone, Eliza. Boush. Grd: Elizabeth Biddle(not 21); 
Mary Ann Boush; Elizabeth Boush; Sarah Hancock; Mary Biddle 
(not 21). Witn: Thos. Fazokerley, William Horsley, 
Edward Denby, Peter Johnson. 

P. 424 LAWRENCE BRINDLE. W. D. Sept. 23,1739. R. Dec. 5.1739- 
Eliza and Mary Brindle,ex. Leg: John Bonney. Dau: Mary 
Brindle; Eliza. Witn: William Carrill, William Seneca. 

P. 429 MR. SIMON HANCOCK. Inv. D. R. Dec. 5.1739. Appr: 

Thos. Walke, James Kempe, Edward Denby. 


p. k33 MR. WILLIAM BIDDLE. AC. D. R. Jan. 2,1739. Aud: 

Jacob Ellegood, Jas . Condon, Wm. Cox. 

P. 433 GEORGE SMYTH. W. D . 26 Nov. 1739. R. Jan. 2,1739- 

West Smyth, ex. Son: Tully Robinson Smyth. Vi/: (?) West. 
Witn: Charles Smyth, Beno. Smyth, Mary Robinson, Ann 

P. 436 MR. JOHN IVY. Div. of Neg. D. ord. Dec. 5,1739- R- Jan. 
2,1739- ^ parts ( including one to William Purdy in right 
of his wife). Appr: Antho. Walke, W. Robinson, Charles 
Smyth, Thos. Walke. 

P. k50 WILLIAM SIMMONS. W. D. Oct. 17,1739- R- Apr. 2,17^0. 
Sonj Uriah. (not 21), John, William. Dau: Mary Simmons. 
Wj Ann. W's daut Betty Harbert. Fr: Adam Tooly, Southwood 
Simmons, Richd. Smith, John Rogers. Witn: Southwood 
Simmons, John Rogers, Adam Tooly. 

P. ^51 ISABELLA MOSELEY. W. D. Mar. 8,1739- R- Apr. 2,17^0. 

Robert Surges, Robert Hodges, ex. Cousins 1 Robert Burgess, 
Robert Hodges, Ann Fazakerley, Emanuel Burges, Thomas Burges, 
Mary Hodges, Richard Hodges. Sis: Rachel Ives, Elizabeth 
Hodges. Leg: Mary Morris; Mr. Edward Hack Moseley. 
Witn: Thos. Walke, John Biddle. 

P. ^52 WILLIAM KEELING. Inv. D. Mar. 4,1739A0. R. Mar. 5.1739- 
Appr: William Cox, VJilliam Keeling, Matt. Ellegood. 

P. ^^53 THOMAS WHITEHURST. W. D. 9 Jan. 1737/8. R. Apr. 2,17'^0. 

Dau: Pation Godfrey; Sarah; Martha Whitehurst (not of age), 
Son: Smyth, Lamuel. Thoms., James; (3 yngest not of age) 
Peter, Christifer, William. W: not named. Witn: Tho . 
Wiles, Geo. Shirley, Richd. Berry. 

P. ^■66 JOSEPH GURN. AC D. 1739- R- 2 Apr. 17^0. Aud: Arthr. 
Sayer, Wm. Parsons, Char. Smyth. 

P. 471 JOHN GUISBORN. Inv. (died 17 July 1739) D. R. May 

7,17^0. Eliza., Jno. Guisborn,ex. 

P. 472 THOMAS VJHITEHURST. Inv. D. 19 Apr. 17^0. R. May 7,17^0. 
Appr: Fra. Ackiss, Thos. Grainger. 

P. ^75 WILLIAM RICHMOND. W. D. 21 Apr. 17^0. R. May 7,17^0. 
Cousin: Wm. Richmond, Anthony Richmond (not of age). 
VJm. Keeling, ex. Leg: Mary Provine. Fr: Henry Woodhouse, 
Wm. Keeling. Witn: Adam Keeling, Robt. Richmond. 

P. ^76 EDWARD JONES. W. D. 21 Jan, 1739A0. R. May 7,17''+O.Ext 
Henry, Simeon Jones. Bro: Simeon, John, Henry. F: John, 
dec. Sis: Anne Messer, Sarah Moore. M: Anne. Vi/itn: 
Letitia Buck, Joseph Dobbs, John Rogers. 


p. ^■79 JOHN WILLOUGHBY. W. D. March 20,1739Ao. R. 

June ^,1740. Eliza. Willoughby, exx. S: Thomas (not 
21). Daui Elizabeth (eldest). Wi Eliza. All my 
children. Witni Eliza Cummings, Wm. Willoughby, John 
Rogers . 

P. ^80 EDWARD PERRY. W. D. Nov. 22,1739. R. June 4,17^0. 

James Williamson, ex. F: Joseph, Dec. Sis: not named. 
Fri James Williamson. Witnt Caleb Nash, Wm. 

P. ^80 JANE CREED. W. D. July 16,1737. R. Thos . Creed, ex. 

Legt Thomas Creed son of William. Husband: dec. 
Witn: James Cotton, Sarah Cason, Henry Snaile. 

P. ^80 THOMAS BARROT. Inv. D. May 1^4-, 17^0. R. June 4,17^0. 
Appr: Wm. Cartwright, Tully Wmson, Jas . Carroway, 
Robt. Huggins. 

P. 481 ROBERT LAND. AC D. R. June 4,17^0. Balance due 

5 orphans. Audi And. Peacock, Jno. Gornto, Jno. 
Bonney, Sr., Jno. Whitehurst. 

P. 481 ISABELLA MOSELEY. Inv. D. Apr. 9, 1740. R. June 4, 1740. 
Robt. Burgess, Robt. Hodges, ex. 

P. 488 WILLIAM SIMMONS. Inv. D. R. July 2, 1740. 

By widow Anne Simmons. 

P. 489 JOHN MOSELEY. W. D. Apr. 15,1739- R. July 2, 1740. 
Capt. Henry Moore, ex. Son: Francis, Anthony. 
Dau: Elen Cox wife of Abia Cox; Mary Moore w. of Capt. 
Henry Moore. Codicil: Grson- John Moseley, Jno. Moore. 
Witn: Fra. Moseley, Robt. Whitehurst. 

P. 489 RENATUS LAND. AC D. R. July 2, 1740. Balance due 

orphans. Aud:Char. Sayer, Arthr. Sayer. 

P, 490 MR. ROBERT RICHMOND. AC D. R. July 2, 1740. 

Mr. Wm. Richmond, ex. Aud: Henry Woodhouse, Wm. Cox, 
Leral. Cornick. 

P. 492 JOHN LOVETT.JR. Inv. D. May 17,1740. R. Aug. 6, 1740. 
Appr: Jas. Condon, William Cox, William Keeling. 

P. 492 EDMOND DAVIS. Inv. D. June 4,1740. R. August 6,1740. 
Appr: John Whitehurst, Francis Land, John Smyth. 

P. 493 JOHN MOSELEY. Inv. D. Aug. 6,1740. R. Aug. 6, 1740. 
by Henry Moore. 

P. 498 MR. WILLIAM RICHMOND. Inv. D. May 10,1740. R.Sept. 3,1740, 
Appr:Henry Woodhouse, Wm. Cox, Leml. Cornick. 


p. 500 MR. SIMON HANCOCK, Div. D. Sept. 3,17^0. R. Sept. 
3,17^0. Parts to: Mrs. Anna Hancock, Mary Malbone, 
Elizabeth Boush, William Hancock. Wm. Hancock, ex. 

P. 501 GRACE SHERWOOD. W. D. Aug. 20,1733. R. Oct. 1,17^0. 
Sj John, James, Richard. Jno. Sherwood, ex. Witn: 
Jno. Willbur, Jno. Berry, Jno. Burgess. 

P. 501 JAMES BROCK. Inv. D. Sept. 20,17^0. R. . 

Appr: Jno. Harper, Antho. Moseley, Bartho. Wmson. , 
John Thorowgood. 

P. 502 JOHN WILLOUGHBY. Inv. D. Sept. 10,17^0. R. Oct. 1, 
17^0. By Eliza. Willoughby. 

P. 502 LEWIS BAKER. AC D. R. Oct. 1,17^0. 1/3 due 

Dobson in rt. of wife. Aud: Jas . Kempe, Jno. Smith, 
Jno. Whitehurst. 

P. 502 CHARLES WHITEHURST. D . of G . D. Sept. 29,17^0. 

R. Oct. 1,17^0. Bro: Odeon Whitehurst. Witn: Thos. 
Langley, Arthr. Whitehurst, Pat. Murphy. 

P. 510 THOMAS HARBERT. AC. D. R. Nov. 5,17^0. 

Aud: Jno. Knowis, Jno. Smith, Adam Tooly. 

P. 51^ CHARLES SAYER. W. D. Aug. 18,17^0. R. Nov. 5,17^0. 
Arthur Sayer,ex. Wi Margaret. S: Arthur. Dau: 
Frances Boush, Eliza. Newton. Grch: Mary Boush, Thomas 
Lawson, Charles Lawson, Anne Newton, Lemuel Newton, 
Anthony Lawson, Arthur Boush, Frances Sayer. 
S-in-L: Nathaniel Newton. Mentions land in Norfolk 
Co., lot in Newtown. Witn: Thos. Hunter, Patience 
Burrough, Mary Saunders. 

P. 531 GRACE SHERWOOD. Inv. D. R. Dec. 3,17^0. by 

John Shearwood. 

P. 532 MR. WILLIAM RICHMOND. AC D. R. Dec. 3,17^0. 

Capt. Wm. Keeling, ex. Aud: William Cox, Henry 
Woodhouse, Leml. Cornick. 

P. 532 HENRY COLLINS. W. D. 12 Dec. 17^0. R. Jan. 7,17^0. 
Saml. Boush, ex. S: John(not of age); Lemuel; George 
(not 18). D: Sarah Collins(not 18). W: Ann(e). 
Cousin: Saml. Boush. Witn: Mary Grant, Sal. Boush, 
Jno. Jameson. 

P. 53^ JOHN JAMES. D. Aug. 1^^,173^. R. Jan. 7,17^0. 

S: William, Edward, Jonathan. W: Elizabeth. Dau: 

Mary James. Witn: Jno. Butler, Henry James, Richd. 


p. 535 DAVID HARPER. AC D. R. Jan. 7,17^0. Aud: 

Nathl. Newton, Thos. Hunter, Jno. Hunter. 

P. 535 THOMAS CORNISH. W. D. June 30,17^0. R. Jan. 7,17^0. 
Sj William (not 18), Thomas, Elias . Bro: Elias. 
F: Thomas. Dau: Elizabeth Cornish. W: Ales. Vifitn: 
Jno. Knowis, Owen Jones, John Rogers. 

Editor's Note. The wills were abstracted in the order in 

which they appeared. As may be noted, several 
pages appear to be out of sequence, but the 
original order has been kept. 


by L.H.Hart 
(continued from Vol. I, page 93) 

I do hereby Certify that the Names Under Written hath taken and 
subscribed the Oath or affirmation of allegiance and Fidelity as 
Directed by an act of General Assembly Intituled an act oblige the 
Freemale Inhabitants of this State above a Certain age to give 
assurance of allegiance to the same and for other purposes. 


Feby 17 David Bunn Senr. 

March 27 Edmd. Jinkins 

April 3 Elisha Whitney 

April 22 Henry Jones 

April 22 Jethro Joyner 

April 25 Joshua V/hitney 

April 28 John Carr Stapney 

May 5 Saml. Slade Senr. 

May 5 Robert Haisty 

Septr. 2k Patrick Dwyer N. Carolina 


April 24 Matthew Garner 

May 12, 1779 Elias Herring 


(Jones, Burrow, Mason, Harwood, Prince and Tuder) 

by Gary M. Vi/illiams 

At a public sale some years ago near Yale in Sussex County, 
Mr. Jack Vick of Courtland, Virginia purchased two small leatherbound 
volumes of ancient vintage that had been handed down in the Dunn 
family. Throughout these books are inscriptions of family records 
providing data (generally births) on the family of one Richard Mason 
(17^7/8-died after I805) who married Mary Jones Burrow in 1773 and 
Mary VJrenn Woodford of Greensville County in 1799. both widows. The 
births of three of his slaves are also included. Both volumes are 
mid- 18th century, and one of these appears to be a combination of 
several works, including the Book of Common Prayer and three 
religious volumes published in Edinburgh in I76I and 176^. The other 
volume is an edition of the Principles of the Christian Religion 
Explained; In a Brief Commentary Upon the Church Catechism by 
William V\lake, Archbishop of Canterbury. It is of specific historic 
interest that the latter volume was originally owned by, or rather 
given to, "The Right Honourable Lady Hariot Stuart", and is inscribed 
on the flap. "Lady Dunmore". One can only surmise that the volume 
came into possession of this obscure Sussex family following a sale 
of Lord Dunmore 's effects after his departure from Virginia in 1776. 
In subsequent years, the owners appear to have been one Patrick 
Knox, the said Richard Mason, and Sarah Mason, his daughter, who 
married one Thomas Harwood. The former volume is inscribed "Mary 
Burrow her Book" . 

Richard Mason was the son of James Mason of Sussex who died 
intestate sometime before 1756. His mother, Mary Mason, may have 
been the daughter of one Richard Tomlinson who died testate in what 
was then Surry County in 1751' She married John Jenkins following 
Mason's death and later, in I767. she married Thomas Harrison of 
Brunswick County. She died intestate, probably in Brunswick, sometime 
before 1789. Richard Mason was her sole heir, or so it would appear 
from a chancery cause commenced in Sussex Court in 1789 ( Harwell vs. 


Mason ) involving a Negro slave, Abraham. 

Mary Burrow, born 17^9, was the daughter of one John Jones, a 
Sussex millwright who died intestate about 1759. She was her mother's 
namesake. She first married William Burrow, by whom she had a son, 
Allen Jones Burrow, in I769. By Richard Mason she had nine children, 
according to the entries in the larger of the two volumes. (The 
Albemarle Parish Register includes only three births.) Following her 
death in 1796 (a record provided from these records), Richard Mason 
married Mary VJoodford in 1799 1 who appears to have been the daughter of 
one James V\/renn of Greensville County, who died testate in 1797. 
Richard and Mary VJoodford Mason had a son. Green Hill Mason, born in 
Septmeber of the year they were married. 

Patsy Mason, a daughter of Richard Mason by Mary Jones Burrow 
Mason, married Vi/illiam Prince, Jr. of Sussex by whom she had a son 
(named for her grandfather), John Jones Prince. John J. Prince 
(1800- I860), who married Martha Pennington of Sussex in 1824, served as 
a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, 1838-1841, and as Clerk of 
the Sussex County Court, 1846-1860. 

Mary Woodford Mason had a daughter by her former marriage, 
Dolley Woodford, who married one Henry Tuder (born ca. 1792) of Sussex, 
son of Henry and Lucretia (Creasy) Adams Tuder, in 1812. Richard 
Mason, Dolley 's step- father, along with her mother, consented to the 
marriage. The birth dates of five children born to Henry and Dolley 
are provided. Their son Henry, born in I8I7 and who died testate in 
Sussex in 1892, married Sarah Jane Mason Vi/hitehorn, the widow of 
Burrell Whitehorn, in March, 1839 • She was the daughter of Charles J. 
Mason (I786-I857) and granddaughter of Richard and Mary Jones Burrow 
Mason. Consequently, her grandfather was also her husband's step- 

From Wake's Catechism, the following entries are given: 

first leaf of flap: 7th 1776 Steil not this book for sake 

of shame for under it l eys the (owner's) 

name Patk . Knox 

second leaf of flap: Sarah Harwood her Book given her by her Father, 

Richard Mason 


page xiv: James Mason his Book March 1797 

page 21: Jones L. Bottom his hand and pen he wrote this 

Great (with) Lementation 

page 182: Mary Ann Harwood Daughter of Thomas Harwood and 

Sarah his wife was born November 8th 1808 
Thomas Barham Harwood son of Do. was born 
February 22nd 1811 

Sarah Jane Harwood was born l6th Day of May 1813 
Rebecak Lewis Harwood Daughter of Thomas Harwood 
& Sarah his wife was born February Wednesday 7'th 

John Mason Harwood son of Thomas Harwood & Sarah 
his wife was born the 25th day of April 1819 
John J. Prince son of William Prince & Patsey 
his wife was born the 3rd day of January 1800 

page 191 : Mary A. Underwood depart her life February the 1 

(Note: She was Mary Ann Harwood, who was married to Richard B. 

Underwood on December 29.1832 by Green Adams of Southampton 
County, a Methodist minister. An entry pertaining to their 
daughter Add Eliza Underwood is found before page I83 but 
is incomplete, the page having been partially cut out.) 

♦ * * ♦ ♦ 

From the second volume, these entries: 
facing the Psalter 
from the Book of 
Common Prayer: James Mason died on Monday afternoon the 21st 

Decern. 1846 
on title page of 
Communion Office for the Use of the Church of Scotland ( printed in 

Edinburgh m 1764): Alexander Knox son of Patk. Knox and Susannah 

Knox his wife was Born l6th Novbr. I783 

on blank sheet following said title page: 

Mary Burrow her Book When this you see Remember 


Mary Burrow her hand and Pen it will be good 

but god Kons When 

So Will Allen Jones Burrow hand and pen Will be 

good but god nose When 

Sary Mason 1? 

on blank sheet following title page of A Companion to the Altar 

(printed in Edinburgh in I76I): 

Fanny Waller Daughter of Ann Waller and got by 
Edward Prince was born the 23rd September I768 
(Note: She married Jordan Adams in October I803, according to 
Sussex County Marriage Bonds.) 

Sarah Mason Daughter of Richard Mason & Mary 

his wife was Born on Friday the 23th of April 

A.D. 178^ 

Charles Mason son of Richard Mason & Mary his 

wife was Born the sixth day of February A.D.I786 

Elizabeth Mason Daughter of Richd. Mason and 

Mary his wife was Born Wednesday the 4th Day 

of July 1787 

Gray Mason son of Richd. Mason & Mary his wife 

was born on Friday 23rd September 1791 

on blank sheet following the Preface to A Companion to the Altar ; 

Patsey Mason Daughter of Richard Mason & Mary 
his wife was Born on Monday the Second day of 
May at about ten of clock in the morning A.D.1774 
David Mason son of Richard Mason & Mary his wife 
was Born Tuesday 25th March 1777 
James Mason son of Richd. and Mary Mason was 
bom on Sunday the 28th day of February 1779 
Frederick Mason son of Richd. Mason and Mary 
his wife was born 11th day of March I78I 
Harbert Mason son of Richd. Mason and Mary his 
wife was born the 24th day of July A.D. 1782 

on page 6 of Prayers & Meditations following A Companion to the Altar ; 

Mary Mason wife and consort of Richard Mason 
departed this life August 22nd 1796 


on blank sheets immediately preceding A New Version of the Psalms of 

David (printed in Edinburgh in I76I): 

John J. Prince son of William Prince, Jur. and 

Patsay his wife was born on Friday January the 

3« 1800 

David Mason son of Richard Mason was Married 

September 26th 1799 (The wife is omitted.) 

Vdilliam R. Prince son of V»/illiam Prince and Patsay 

Patsay his wife was born April 7th 1801 

Richard Jones son of John Jones and- Mary his 

wife was Born December ye 1st 17^5/6 Gofsops 

(Godparents) Etheldred Jones, Nathl. Green and 

Sarah Judkins 

Richard Mason son of Jas. Mason and Mary his wife 

Was Born Octobr. 27th 17^7/8 

Green Hill Mason son of Richd. Mason and Mary 

(his seond wife) was born on Friday September 

27th 1799 

George Edmonds Mason son of Green Hill Mason and 

Louisa his wife was born September 29th A. D. 1825 

William Burrow Was B our n the 21 Day of December 


Mary Burrow Was B our n the 16 Day of April 17^9 
Allen Jones Burrow the sun of William and Mary 
Burrow his wife he was born ye 1^ of Febuary I769I 
Doll Daughter of Patience was born July 10th I78I 
Chaney Daughter of Patience was Born January 
iJ^th 1782 

Mingo Son of Bess was born 17th day of January 
(Note: Sussex County tithable lists note that Patience was a 

tithable for Richard Mason in I78O, 1782, and I783. Mingo 1 
and Bess appear on the 1784 tithable list, which included 
Negro slaves under 16. Patience and her children are 
absent from that list, an indication that they may have been 
sold. At that time Richard Mason owned thirteen slaves.) 


Howell Mason son of David Mason and Elizabeth this 

wife was born June 8th 1800 

James Mason son of David Mason and Elizabeth his 

wife was born September 15th 1801 

William Tuder son of Henry Tuder and Dolley his wife 

was born 15th of May 1813 

Mary Tuder Daughter of Henry Tuder and Dolley his 

wife was born 6th day of December 1814 

Henry Tuder son of Henry Tudor and Dolley his wife 

was born March 19th 181? 

Benjamin Tuder son of Henry Tuder and Dolley his wife 

was born August 6th 1826 

Avery Tuder Daughter of Henry Tuder and Dolley his 

wife was born 25th of December 1822. 

Sarah Jane Harwood (1813-1900) married Thomas Dunn of Sussex 

in 18^0, who died intestate about 18?^. These records passed to their 

son, James B. Dunn (1855-192?) and remained in the family until 

recent years. 


Home of Francis Fitzgerald Jones 
by Mrs. Raymond J. Browder 

Hon. Francis F. Jones 
Born Nov. 9,180? 
Died July 2, I865 

Infant Daughter of 

Fran. F. and Sally G. Jones 

Aged 1 month 

Thomas Thweatt Jones, Jr. 
son of T.T. & M.A.Jones 

Bettie, daughter of 
C.A. and 3. A. Pope 
July 2, 1899 

Claiborne Anderson Pope 
eldest son of 
James Turner and 
Rebecca Anderson Pope 
June 13,1846-April 2,190^*- 

Sally Green Jones 
Born January 15th 1813 
Died August 31st 185^ 

Sarah Elizabeth Jones 
Born Nov. 22, I83I 
Died Jan. 10,185? 

Alice, wife of C.A. Pope 
4th daughter of 
F.F. & 3.G. Jones 
Oct. 18,1874 

Hattie Feild,wife of C.A. Pope 
3rd daughter of F.F. & S.G. Jones 
died 22nd day of April 1881 
aged 38 years, 5 months, 26 days 


by J.C.Kolbe 
(continued from Vol. I, page 92) 

List of Tithables taken by Richd. Royall June 10th 1756 

Henry Batte, Wm. Batte, Geo. Cox, Cook, Roger, Tobey, Joe, Abram, 
Sterling, Jack, Aggy, Ciss, Dinah, Sarah, Jenny, Joe ;16 

Chamberlayne Batte, Dick, Amey, Nat 
Moll, Kate, Nancey 7 

Abram Bowman, Abram Bowman Jun. 2 

William Farmer 1 

John Hailes 1 

Matthew Ligon, Jack, Mingo, Abbey, Hannah 5 

Robert Elam, Robert Elam Jr. Patroller 
Adam, Frak, Nancy 4 

John Hodges, Constable 
Samuel Thorn 1 

Joseph Ligon Patroller 
Peter, Judy 2 

Joseph Pleasants, Muria 2 

Joseph Goode, Wm. Pleasants Patroller 
Stepney, Nancey, Dick, Aggey, Ned 6 

Richard Royall, Jack, Mark, Charles, Lucy, Chloe 
John Hampton, Cato, Sambo, Rachel, Lucy 11 

Allison Clark, John Clark, Allen 3 

A List of Tithables taken by John Archer June the lOth by Order 
of Chesterfield County Court for the year 1756 

John Archer, John Archer Junr., George, Gloster, Tom, Dick, Jack, 

Jemmy, Billy, Watkins, Hanner, Frank, Moll, Cloe 13 

Wm. Bass, John Bass, York, Dick, Bowser, Sharper, , Hutt, 
Anaky, Sivil 10 

Ralph Blankinship, Francis Blankinship 2 

Edward Ballard 1 

William English 1 


Robert Elam 1 

Richard Elam, Simon 2 

Ma jr. Isham Eppes, Tom, Peg 2 

Edward Folkes, Edward Folkes Jr., Joe, Abram, Peter, Jenny 6 

Henry Hudson, Abraham Hudson 2 

Moses James, Billy, Jenny 3 

John Knibb, Frank, Abram, Bob, Dick, Nan, Amy, Jas . Ferguson 8 

James Ligon, York, Tom, Swift, Venus 5 

Alexander Marshall, Peter, Sambo, Ned, Temmy, Lundy, Kate, Aggy, 
Anaky, Tenny 10 

Willm. Mosely, Mathw. Mosely Patr., Abram, Tom, Bowser, Sam, Gate, 
Moll, Doll, Bess 10 

Willm. Moseley Junr., Dick, Frank, Bob, Jude, Clinah 6 

Daniel Nunaly, Jacob, Fanny 3 

Noel Nunaly 1 

Alexander Nunaly 1 

Walter Nunaly, Willm. Womack 
Minelee, Amy 4 

Willm. Norris, Joseph Norris 2 

Thomas Nash 1 

Eliza. Randolph's Tithes 

Jemy, Ryland, Plansey» Dinah, Simbo, Tenny 6 

Thomas Stratton, Malbrough, York, Frank 4 

John Tanner, Frank, Phillis 3 

William VJomack 1 

Will and Jack Ferrymen 

George West 1 

A list of tithables for the year I756 

Richd. Eppes, Alexn. Dinck, Joseph Harris, Joseph Worsham, Wm. 
Binsely, John Williams, Hannabal, Hercules, Scipio, Gharles, Jack, 
Mumpain, Dick, Gaser, Tom, Peg, Melinda, Suke, Isbal, Judy, Easter, 
Diley, London, Jamey, Oxford, Ned, Tush, Sam, Bristol, York, Pompey, 
Primus, Toby, Gato, George, Gyrus, Isbel, Hannah, Moll, Tom, in all 40 


A List of Tithables by John Boiling June I756 

Tarlton Woodson, Jno. Griffin, Jeffrey, Joe, Stephen, Ralph, Tobe, 
Jude, Beck 9 

Jno. Toms, Robt Toms, Philis 3 

Jacob Morgan, George Cogbell, Neptune, Red, Frederick, Ned, John 
Jamy, Hector, Robin, Will, Isaac, Lodge, Cuffey, Cyrus, Oronogue, 
Tom, Jack, Amin , Louisa, Belinda, Mary, Nanie, Jude, Premia, 
Amy, Beck_; 2? 

Joseph Carruthers, Cato, Cud joy, Ruth, Rose, Dolly 6 

Joshua Roberts 1 

George Brown, Dick, Jack, Effe ^■ 

Thos. Franklin, Wm. Franklin, Jos. Franklin, Benja. Franklin, 
Adam 5 

Jas. Farguson, Jno. Farguson, Will 3 

Chrisr. Bass, Jfhn. Farmer, Caesar, Dick, Kate, Lucy 6 

Jacob Trabue, Jno. Trabue, David Trabue, Wm. Trabue, Peter, Jane, 
, Sarah 9 

John Sasun 1 

Jos. Trabue, Peter Sasun, Hannah 3 

Wm. Turner 1 

Hudson Blankinship, Nowel Blankinship 2 

Henry Nunally 1 

Thomas Hardin and somebody else 2 

Wm. Loftis, Wm. Loftis Jr., 
Thos. Loftis 3 

Jos. Vaden 1 

James Nunnally 1 

Zachariah Ellis 1 

Robt. Franklin 1 

Wm. Sally 1 

Nath. Sally 1 

Ellick Moor, Mark Moor 2 

Mark Moor Sen. 1 

Brazure Puckett 1 

John Boiling, Jno. Boiling Junr., Robt. Boiling, Peter Adams, Jere 
Buck, Jno. Beal, Jacob, Jamey, Sam, -, Paw, , Billey, Dan, Sue, 


Betty, Queen, Hannah, Matt, Cuttinah, Patience, Sarah 22 

Amos Westbrook 1 

Henry Walthal, Sarah 2 

Wm. Robertson Snr., James Robertson Junr., John Baugh Junr., Punch, 
Tom, Abram, Obed, Kate, Bess, Amey, Moll 11 

John Baugh, Jack, Geo., Abram, Jack, Ame, Nan 7 

Wm. Robertson Junr., Amey 2 

Mark Clark 1 

Thos. Clark, Dick, Sarah, Bos k 

Matthew Curie 1 

Lewis Baugh, Frances Baugh, John Turner 3 

Nicholas Formby, Joseph Akin, Henry Going 3 

James Baugh, Jane 2 

William Farmer 1 

Thos. Edwards, Peter Edwards Patro(ler) 
Hannah 3 

John Hamlin, Bess 2 

Womack Puckett Sn. 1 

Ephraim Puckett 1 

Womack Puckett Jun. 1 

For Mary Walthal, Dina 1 

Francis Walthall 
Peter, Sarah, Gare k 

For Eliz. Walthall 

Richd. Walthall, Jamey, Jamey, Moll, Nan, Pat 6 

Danl. Walthall, June 2 

Wm. Walthall, Jamey, Abram, Dick, Lewis, Tom, Jim boy, Sue, Dina, 
Betty, Bess, Pat, Pat Ik 

John Walthall, Dick, London, Bess 4 

Jno. Roberts, Janey 2 

Step. Roberts, Step. Roberts Jr. 2 

Lodwick Farmer, Patroler 1 

Peter Johnson, Walter Scot, Js. Stewart, Edinburgh, Frank, Bettey 5 



Deed Books 8-19 (1797 - I830) 
by J.C.Kolbe 

An important source for documenting migration is the power of 
attorney, recorded in county deed books. This instrument usually 
shows where a person has moved and gives some clue to his connection 
with the county in which the power of attorney is recorded. Often, two 
or three generations are mentioned within one in instrument. 

The Index to Deeds for Charlotte County has been examined, and 
those powers of attorney which contain genealogical information or 
evidence of migration have been abstracted. 

Standard state abbreviations are used as well as the followingi 
DB-Deed Book; P-Page; Co. -County; p. a.- Power of Attorney. 

DB 8, p. 45. Dudley Brooke of Charlotte Co., Va. to VJilliam Evins of 
Columbia Co., Ga. p. a. to collect money due from Jeremiah Lambkins of 
the same state of Ga. D. 2 Oct. 1797. R. 2 Oct. 1797. 

DB 8, p. ^7. Jesse Wilks, Judith Wilks, Daniel Wilks who married 
with Elizabeth Wilks dau. of Benjamin Wilks deed., George Foster who 
married Sarah Wilks dau. of Benjamin deed., William Wilks children and 
heirs of Benjamin deed, and Elizabeth his widow have received of 
Benjamin Wilks adm. of Benjamin deed, their portion of the personal 
est. D. 6 June 1797. H. 2 Oct. 1797. 

DB 8. p. 55. Robert Cladwell the elder of Kentucky to Paul Carrington 
the elder of Va. p. a. to defend me and my security John Logan in a 
suit to be brought against me by Alexander Kendrick of S.C. as ex. 
of the will of John Popham of Halifax Co., Va. The said Kendrick 
pretends to have married Lydia Popham a legatee. D. 3 Oct. 1797. 
R. 6 Nov. 1797. 

DB 8, p. 65. Martin Elam of Wilks Co., Ga. to Francis Barnes of 
Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to sell 50I acres on Great Blue Stone and 
Reynolds Cks. it being part of the tract on which William Elam lived 
and deeded to me. D. 28 April 1790. R. 5 Feb. 1798. 

DB 8, p. 165. Gustavus Hendricks of Lunenburg Co. about to move to 

Ga. to Henry Haley of Lunenburg Co. p. a. D. 1 Oct. 1798. R. 1 April 1799 • 

DB 8, p. 165. David Shreve of Charlotte Co., Va. about to remove to N.C. 
to Henry Haley of Lunenburg Co. p. a. D. I9 Nov. 1798. R. 12 April 1799. 

DB 8, p. 201. Josiah Jackson, Abel Jackson and Martha his wife, Jenny 
Jackson, Robert Venable and Judith P. Venable his wife, Josiah Jackson 
guardian of Thomas Jackson of Charlotte and Prince Edward counties Va. 
to Nathaniel Jackson of Prince Edward Co. p. a. to collect that to 
which we are entitled as heirs of William Jackson deed, late of Kentucky. 


D. 2 Nov. 1799. R. ^ Nov. 1799. 

DB 9. p. 17. John Sandifer of Charlotte Co., Va. to Alexander 
Chapman of Sumner Co., Tenn. p. a. to receive of Thomas Dillon late 
of Va. the amount of a judgement against him in Campbell Co. for 
L64 4 8. D. 20 Nov. I8OO. R. 6 Ap. 1801. 

DB 9, p. 206. William Kemp of Charlotte Co., Va. to Samuel Johnson of 
Garrard Co., Kentucky p. a. to receive property due me from the estate 
of Mathew Harberd of Henrico Co., Va. and receive any part of the estate 
due me by will of my grandfather Mathew Harberd deed. D. 7 Jan. I803. 
R. Feb. 7, I803. 

DB 9. p. 264. Jane E. Trabue of Charlotte Co., Va. adm. of the estate 
of my late husband James Trabue to Daniel Trabue, Stephen Trabue, 
Edward Trabue brothers of my husband and all of Kentucky p. a. 
D. 1 Oct. I8O3. R. 3 Oct. I8O3. 

DB 10, p. 52. Thomas King of Shelby Co., Kentucky to my brother 

Nathaniel King of co. and state aforesaid p. a. as heir at law to 

Philip King late of Charlotte Co., Va. D. 14 May 1804. R. 2 July 1804. 

DB 10, p. 52. John King of Bracken Co., Kentucky to brother Nathaniel 
King of Shelby Co., Kentucky p. a. as heir at law of Philip King late 
of Charlotte Co., Va. deed. D. I9 May 1804. R. 2 July 1804. 

DB 10, p. 216. Douglass Hancock of Jefferson Co., Ga. to Martin Hancock 
of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to receive any legacies due me. D. 7 Nov. 
1803 . R. 2 June I806. 

DB 10, p. 216. John Spencer for $5.00 paid by Stephen Bedford sells to 
him for Druscilla Spencer widow of Thomas Bedford and mother of Charles 
W. Bedford his right to 204 acres descended to Druscilla by the death 
of her son Charles W. Bedford who died interstate. D. 28 April I806. 
R. 2 June I8O6. 

DB 10, p. 236. William Clay of Bourbon Co., Kentucky late of Charlotte 
Co., Va, to James China of Kentucky p. a. to receive from Thomas China 
and William Brook of Charlotte Co., Va. money due me. D. 26 May I8O6. 
R. 7 July 1806. 

DB 10, p. 238. George Cardwell of Kentucky to Josiah Le Grand of 
Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. as ex. of Richard Cardwell deed, to receive 
slaves which shall remain of the estate at the death of my mother 
Susannah Cardwell. D. 6 Nov. I805. R. 7 July I8O6. 

DB 10, p. 257. Benjamin Bedford, Little B. Bedford, Archerbald Bedford 
of Bourbon Co., Kentucky to brother-in-law Hillery Moseley of Charlotte 
Co., Va. p. a. to settle the estate of our half brother Charles Wesley 
Bedford who left no will. We are informed that Mrs. Drusilla Spencer 
desires to sell her right of dower to land left her by our father for 
her natural life and at her death to go to our half brother Charles 
Wesley Bedford deed. D. 18 Nov. I805. R. 6 Oct. I806. 


DB 11, p. 12. John Bedford of Nelson Co., Kentucky to brother-in-law 
Hillery Moseley of Charlotte Co., Va, p. a. (for same reasons as p. a. 
BK 10/257). D. 10 Jan. I8O6. R. 2 Feb. I8O7. 

DB 11, p. 13. Anthony Walke of Davidson Co., Tenn. to Hillery Moseley 
of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to receive all portions of the estate of 
Charles Wesley Bedford which may by law be coming to Susannah V\lalke my 
wife and half sister by the fathers side to Charles Wesley Bedford. 
D. 31 July I8O6. R. 2 Feb. 180?. 

DB 11, p. 87. Stephen Bedford of Cumberland Co., Kentucky to James Gee 
of CO. and state aforesaid p. a. to receive my part in the estate of 
Charles Wesley Bedford. D. 10 Oct. I807. R. ^ Jan. 1808. 

DB 11, p. 98. Jonathan M. Jackson of Mecklenburg Co, Va. to Francis 
Scott Jun. of Charlotte Co., Va. to handle the estate of my father 
Philip W. Jackson late of Lunenburg Co., Va. D. 1808. R. 11 April 1808, 

DB 11, p. 158. John Smith of Laurance Co., Ga. to Charles McKinney 
of Charlotte Co., Va, p. a. as respects the legacy of Sally Smith 
daughter of William Rowton Sen. dec. D. 21 Dec. 1808. R. 6 Feb. 1809 • 

DB 11, p. 159. Priestly Davenport of Botetourt Co., Va. to Richard 
North of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to handle my father's estate. 
D. 27 Sept. 1808. R. 6 Feb. I809. 

DB 11, p. 259. John Chaney of Nicholas Co., Kentucky to William 
Dupree of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to sell 200 acres I formerly lived 
on to Gravet Tatum. D. 12 March 1810. R. 5 Sept. 1810. 

DB 12, p. 27. William Hatchett of Oglethorp Co., Ga. to Francis 
Roberts of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to receive my legacy in the 
estate of my deceased brother Robert Hatchett of Charlotte Co., Va. of 
which estate Thomas Hatchett is acting ex. D. 20 Dec. 1810. R. Feb. 
4, 1811. 

DB 12, p« ^6. Drury Moore of Bedford Co., Va. to Richard Moore of 
Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to receive money due me from the estate of my 
deceased father Isham Moore of Charlotte Co., Va. D. 5 Feb. 1811. 
R. 1 July 1811. 

DB 12, p. 71. Ralph Jackson of Charlotte Co., Va. to Lewis Jackson 
of CO. and state aforesaid p. a. to attend to the division of Simeon 
Wa Hons estate of Kentucky of which my wife Polly formerly Harvey has 
an interest. D. 7 Oct. 1811. R. 7 Oct. 1811. 

DB 12, p. 95. Edward King of Lincoln Co., Ga. to Josiah LeGrand of 
Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to receive anything due me from the estate of 
Philip King dec. of Charlotte Co., Va. D. 3 Jan. 1812. R. 6 Jan. 1812. 

DB 12, p. 98. Edmund Hoard of Bedford Co., Tenn. to Thomas Finch of 
Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to receive anything due me in Va. D. 8 Nov. 
1811. R. 3 Feb. 1812. 


DB 12, p. 112. Stephen Bedford of Cumberland Co., Kentucky to John C. 
Bedford of Green Co., Kentucky p. a. to collect any money due me in 
Va. D. 15 May 1811. R. 1 June 1812. 

DB 12, p. 125. Ludwell Evans, Charles McCutcheon and Prudence his wife, 
Benjamin W. Jeffries and Nancy his wife, and William Richards guardian 
of Mary Evans of Mecklenburg Co., Va. to Edward Evans our brother of the 
CO. and state aforesaid p. a. to left what is due us by will or otherwise 
of Paschal Evans our brother who died at Mobile West Florida, Nov. 
28,1811 all of which property is in the hands of a gentleman who signs 
his name D. Devol and states he was left ex. of the estate. D. 2? 
July 1812. R. 3 Aug. 1812. 

DB 12, p. 126. Thomas Chaney of Bourbon Co., Kentucky, having business 
to transact in Va. appoint Heritage Chaney my son of Bourbon Co., 
Kentucky p. a. D. 1? July 1812. R. 3 Aug. 1812. 

DB 12, p. 168. Where as John Bibb late of Charlotte Co., Va. was 
murdered at Lexington, Kentucky leaving some property in that state, I 
Walthall Halcombe adm. of Prince Edward Co. to appoint John Marshall of 
Charlotte Co., p. a. to recover the property of the said Bibb in 
Kentucky. D. 1 March I8I3. R. 1 March I8I3. 

DB 12, p. 179. Conrad Richardson of Williamson Co., Tenn. to Jonah 
Johnson of co. and state aforesaid p. a. to sell to John Wood of co. 
and state aforesaid 85 acres on Meherrin Ck. in Charlotte Co. 
reference to be had to a deed given me by Dr. Fugua. D. 2k March I8I3. 

DB 13, p. 35. Major Johnson and Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth 
Beaseley of Madison Co., Kentucky to Richard Hart of co. and state 
aforesaid p. a. to sell land which may descend to Elizabeth Johnson as 
heir to John Beaseley deed, in Va. and as heir to her father William 
Beaseley deed. D. 4 Oct. I8I3. R. 9 March 181^^. 

DB 13, p. 36. Nancy Beasely of Madison Co., Kentucky to Richard Hart 
of CO. and state aforesaid p. a. to sell land that may be due me as 
heir of John Beaseley dec, and collect money due me as heir of my 
father William Beasely deed. D. k Oct. I8I3. 

DB 13, p. 39. Sarah Holt of Charlotte Co. to Wm. B. Booker to receive 
my part of the est. of my late brother William Jones in the Territory 
of Mississippi. D. 2 Nov. I8I3. R. 3 May 1814. 

DB 13, p. kO. Samuel Hambleton of Washington Co., Ga. to Charles 
McKinney of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to sell 325 acres in Prince 
Edward Co., Va. it being land willed to me by my father Alexander 
Hambleton including ^■6 acres which I purchased of my mother 
Elizabeth Hambleton. D. 3 Feb. I8I3. R. 6 Sept. I8I3. 

DB 13, p. 62. Heritage Chaney and Polly Johnson of Bourbon Co., 
Kentucky to James Chaney of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a, to collect any 
money due us. D. 18 June 1814. R. 1 Aug. 1814. 


DB 13, p. 111. Moses Chaffin of Maury Co., Term, to my brother 
Littleberry Chaffin of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to sell I08 acres 
in Charlotte Co., Va. being the same land I purchased of Christopher 
Diggs. D. 19 Nov. 181^^. R. 25 April 1815 . 

DB 13, p. 155. Sarah Carter of Williamson Co., Tenn. adm. of Ricftard 
Carter deed, to Horatio Pettus of co. and state aforesaid p. a, to 
sell 150 acres in Charlotte Co. D. 12 Oct. I8I5. R. 6 Nov. I8I5. 

DB 13, p. 164. Nancy Farmer adm. of Stephen Farmer deed, of Smith 
Co., Tenn. to William Moore of Co. and State aforesaid p. a. to 
receive what is due me as widow of Stephen Farmer deed. 
D. 23 Nov. I8I5. R. 11 Dec. I8I5. 

DB 13, p. 201. Fayette Co., Kentucky Bryant Ferguson and Nancy 
his wife, late Nancy Moore dau. of George Moore dec. late of 
Charlotte Co., Va. to William T. Davis of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. 
to convey to Joel Waltkins of Prince Edward all our interest as 
heirs of George Moore and to a tract of land in Prince Edward Co. 
and Convey to William Dabbs of Charlotte Co. our interest to 
above, land in Lunenburg Co. on the waters of the Meherrin River. 
D. 24 Feb. 1816. R. 3 June I8I6. 

DB 14, p. 1. Reynard Farmer and Littleberry Farmer of Smith Co., 
Tenn. to John Ligon of co. and state aforesaid p. a. to receive 
property of Stephen Farmer dec. late of Smith Co. and formerly 
of Charlotte Co., Va. whose heirs we are and to sell lands in 
Charlotte Co., Va. of which our father Stephen Farmer died siezed 
of and to receive from John Farmer of Pittsylvania Co., Va. all 
monies in his hands. D. 12 Sept. I8I6. R. 7 Oct. I8I6. 

DB 14, p. 11. Frances Hord of Jessamine Co., Kentucky to ( 
Fletcher of co. and state aforesaid p. a. to sell land in Charlotte 
Co., Va. D. 12 Oct. 1816. R. 5 Nov. 1816. 

DB 14, p. 74. Reynard Farmer and Buttany Farmer of Smith Co., 
Tenn. to James Huntsman p. a. as legatees of Stephen Farmer deed, 
to sell any land in Charlotte Co., Va. D. 20 June I8I7. 
R. 4 Aug. 1817 . 

DB 14, p. 76. Littleberry Farmer and Mary A. Farmer of Smith Co., 
Tenn. to James Huntsman p. a. legatees of Stephen Farmer deed, to 
sell lands in Charlotte Co., Va. 
D. 21 June 1817 . R. 4 Aug. 1817 . 


DB 1^, p. 142. John McUuie of Garrard Co., Kentucky to brother Andrew 
K. McQuie p. a. for business in Va. D. 10 April 1818. R. 4 May 1818. 

DB 14, p. 164. Henry Chandler, John VJ . Nichols and Polly his wife 
dau. of Henry Chandler, William Chandler, John Chandler, Henry 
Chandler Jr., Robert Chandler, Patrick Anderson and Fanny his wife 
dau. of Henry Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, Echillis Chandler of 
Wilson Co., Tenn. to Matthew Sims of Halifax Co., Va. p. a. to 
receive anything for us. D. 181?. R. 6 July 1818. 

DB 14, p. 165. Edward Hord of Bedford Co., Tenn. to John W. 
Nichols of Wilson Co., Tenn. p. a. to handle business in Va. 
D. 19 Sept. I8I7. R. 6 July 1818. 

DB 14, p. 186. Greenup Co., Kentucky Martin Smith to Martin P. 
Smith of Cumberland Co., Va. to handle my affairs in Va. D. 4 Aug. 
I8I7. R. 15 Aug. 1818. 

DB 15, p. 16. Robert Cantrel who married the widow of David 
Shreve deed. Vdilliam Williams in right of his wife Mary, John 
T. Shreve, Baker Shreve, Nancy Shreve, William Shreve, Thomas 
Lowe guardian for Clement Shreve minor, Betsy Shreve, Patsy 
Shreve, Robert Shreve minors all of Rockingham Co., N.C. to Thomas 
Miller of co. and state aforesaid p. a. to sell lands in Charlotte 
Co. and Lunenburg Co., Va. which have descended to us as 
representatives of David Shreve deed, late of Rockingham Co., N.C. 
D. 7 Feb. 1818. R. 7 Dec. 1818. 

DB 15, p. 28. Patrick Connelly and Lucy Connelly and Nancy 
Connelly of Charlotte Co., Va. to Lewis Garrett of said co. p. a. 
to sell all rights in the estate of Patrick Connelly deed, in 
Lancaster Co. D. 2 Jan. I8I9. R. 4 Jan. I8I9. 

DB 15, p. 120. Thomas Reid of Charlotte Co., Va. died about a 
month after making his will Ann Owen Cameron widow of the late 
Revd. John Cameron now residing in Petersburg is one of the next 
of kin and distributers of Thomas Reid deed, to William Cameron 
of Petersburg p. a. to receive her portion of the estate of Thomas 
Read deed. D. 25 Feb. I8I7. R. 9 April I8I9. 

DB 15, p. 137. Kennon Pettus of Madison Cty. A.T. (Alabama 
Territory) late of Mecklenburg Co., Va. to Capt. Wm. Pettus of 
Lawrence Cty A.T. p. a. to receive all debts due me in Va. 
D. 7 March I8I9. R. May 15, I8I9. 

DB 15, p. 138. William Pettus of Lawrence Co., Alabama Territory 
to Jennings M. Jeffress of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to receive any 
debts due me in Va. D. 4 May 1819 . R. 5 May 1819 . 

DB 15, p. 164. John Johns and Mary Nash his wife of Rutherford 
Co., Tenn. to Clement R. Bedford of co. and state aforesaid p. a. 
to receive property of the estate of Col. Thomas Read formerly 
of Charlotte Co., Va. now deed, which may be coming to Mary Nash 


Johns as heir and legatee of Col. Thomas Read deed. D. 16 July 
1817. ^' 3 Aug. 1819. 

DB 15, p. 166. Robert Bedford of Bedford Co., Tenn. to brother 
Clement Read Bedford of Rutherford Co., Tenn. p. a. to handle 
business concerning Thomas Read late of Charlotte Co., Va. deed. 
D. 9 July 1817. H. 3 Aug. I8I9. 

DB 15, p. 217. Elizabeth Keeling dau. of Edmond Keeling aged 22 
yr. now resident of Edgefield Dist. S.C. to Edward B. Foulk of 
Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to receive any money devised to me by 
the will of my grandfather Edward Keeling of Charlotte Co., Va. 
D. 3 Jan. 1820. R. Feb. 7,1820. 

DB 15, p. 269. Whereas Samuel White of Charlotte Co., Va. has 
died, I Mary Rakestraw his sister of Clark Co., Ga. to my 
grandson Samuel W. Oliver p. a. to receive my part of the estate of 
Samuel White. D. 28 Nov. 1818. R. 7 Nov. 1820. 

DB 15, p. 270. Thos. J. Givin of Shelby Co., Kentucky entitled 
to a portionof the estate of George Givin deed, of Charlotte Co., 
Va. to William E. Young p. a. to handle my affairs in the 
estate of George Givin deed. D. 16 Oct. 1820. R. 7 Nov. 1820. 

DB 15, p. 288. Susanna Ireland, Charles Calvert Egerton, Jane 
Egerton, Mary Dubois, James Sprout Dubois all of city of Baltimore, 
Md. to Edmund Cheesman of eity and state aforesaid p. a. to sell 
our interest in the estate of Samuel Cheesman of Petersburg, Va. 
and to a tract of 390 acres on Cub Ck. in Charlotte Co., Va. 
D. 8 July 1820. R. 4 Dec. 1820. 

DB 15, p. 288. Abraham Dubois of Philadelphia now residing in 
the town of Great Bend in Susquehanna Co., Pa. to brother Edmund 
Cheesman Dubois of Baltimore Md. p. a. to sell my rights as heir 
at law of Elizabeth deed, late wife of Abraham Dubois formerly, of 
Philadelphia to land on Cub Ck. in Charlotte Co. formerly the 
property of Samuel Cheesman deed, of Petersburg, Va. D. 7 Feb. 
1820. R. ^ Dec. 1820. 

DB 16, p. 36. William Crenshaw and Catharine his wife formerly 
Catharine Chaney of Jackson Co., Indiana to VJilliam H. Ewing 
of CO. and state aforesaid p. a. to sell any lands in Va. that 
we have rights to. D. April 3,1821. R. June 4,1821. 

DB 16, p. 110. James Rueker and Lucy L. his wife of Rutherford 
Co., Tenn. p. a. to William L. Morton of Charlotte Co., Va. to 
receive money and sell land which is due us as heirs at law of 
Col. Thomas Read deed. D. 18 June 1821. R. 27 Feb. 1822. 

DB 16, p. 1^5. James Herd of Rutherford Co., N.C. to Jennings 
M. Jeffress of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to receive a tract of 
land in Charlotte Co. D. 7 July 1821. R. 4 June 1822. 


DB 16, p. 1^6. William H. Ewing of Jackson Co., Indiana by p. a. 
made by William Crenshaw and Catharine his wife appoint James 
Cheany of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to receive from the ex. of 
Susannah Cheany deed, and from the adm. of William Cheany deed, 
all legacies due them. D. I5 May 1821. R. k June 1821. 

DB 17, p. 2. Paulain Anderson and Martha T. Anderson of Wilson 
Co., Tenn. to John Chandler of co. and state aforesaid p. a. to 
sell our right to an undivided tract of land which may have 
descended to us as representatives of Jesse Hord deed. lying in 
Charlotte Co., Va. D. 20 May 1823 . R. 7 Oct. 1823. 

DB 17, p. 2. James C. Robertson and Sally E. Robertson of Smith 
Co., Tenn. to John Chandler of Wilson Co., Tenn. p. a. to sell 
our right in a tract of undivided land which may descend to us 
as representatives of Jesse Hord deed, lying in Charlotte Co., 
Va. D. 5 July 1823 . R. 7 Oct. 1823. 

DB 17, p. 30. Clark Co., Ga. John G. Mayne in right of my wife 
Susannah D. Mayne formerly Cheaney to Reuben Chaney of Charlotte 
Co.,Va. p. a. to recover from the estate of William Chaney late 
of Charlotte Co., Va. deed, the distributive share which belongs 
to my wife. D. 10 Nov. 1823. R. Jan. 5.1824. 

DB 17, p. 71. William M. Cheek of Antaga and state of Alabama 
to William Smith of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to handle matters 
for me in Va. D. 5 July 182^+. R. 5 July 182^■. 

DB 17, p. 102. Alexander Rudder of Charlotte Co., Va. to Edward 
Rudder Sr. of co. and state aforesaid p. a. to receive from 
Samuel Sparrill adm. of Saml. Rudder deed, of Tyrrell Co., N.C. 
my portion of the land where of Saml. Rudder died possed in 
Tyrrell Co., N.C. D. 29 Nov. 1824. R. 6 Dee. 1824. 

DB 17, p. 111. Sabra Hazzlewood, John Hazzlewood, William 
Hazzlewood, Joshua Hazzlewood, Jeremiah Russell and Elizabeth his 
wife formerly Elizabeth Hazzlewood, Abram Hilland, Patsy his wife 
formerly Patsy Hazzlewood, Fleming Hazzlewood of Bedford and 
Williamson counties Tenn. to Dr. F. Fugua of Williamson Co., Tenn. 
p. a. to recover from Zacheus Carwile of Charlotte Co., Va. all 
things due us as heirs of Sabra Morris deed. D. 10 Sept. 1824. 
R. 19 Jan. 1825 . 

DB 17, p. 135- John Womack of Jessamine Co., Kentucky adm. of 
estate of Sarah Hancock late Womack and formerly Daniel of 
Jessamine Co., Kentucky formerly of Bedford Co., Va. to John 
Daniel Jr. of Cumberland Co., Va. p. a. to receive from John 
Daniel and Samuel Daniel of Charlotte Co., Va. monies which may 
be in their hands as adm. of Hezekiah Daniel deed. D. 16 May 
1825 . R. 30 June 1825 . 

DB 17, p. 147. James C. Mitchell and Fanny A. Mitchell formerly 

F.A. Bedford his wife of Rutherford Co., Tenn. to William S. Morton 


of Charlotte Co., Va. p. a. to recover from the Commissioners 
appointed to sell the real estate of Co. Thomas Read deed, of 
Charlotte Co. money due us as heirs at law of Col. Thomas Read 
our part being the 1/5 part of the 1/25 of money arising from the 
sale. D. 27 Dec. 1821. R. 22 Aug. 1825. 

DB 17, p. 166. VJalton Co., Ga., Martha Morgan widow of John 
Morgan deed, late of Charlotte Co., Va. by letter of attorney 
dated Dec. 1819 or Jan. 1820 appoint Bryan W. Lester of Charlotte 
Co. Va. p. a. to receive from the estate of John Morgan deed, all 
debts due me and receive profits arising from the hire of my 
negroes D. 7 Oct. 1825. R- 18 Nov. 1825. 

DB 17, p. 17^. William Lewis and Thursey his wife of VJilliamson 
Co., Tenn. to Benjamin Russell of co. and state aforesaid p. a. 
to sell land in Charlotte Co., Va. it being part of the land 
which Benjamin Lewis formerly lived and the same Benjamin Lewis 
bequeathed to William Lewis. D. 16 May 1825. K. 2 Jan. 1826. 

DB 18, p. 10. James Kersey deed, late of Nicholas Co., Kentucky 
entitled to property in Va. devised to him by his great uncle 
Kersey a Negro girl Cate who is believed to have a daughter Jin 
who has two children Sal and Tabb besides other negroes given to 
James Kersey grandfather John Kersey which negroes descended to 
Thomas Kersey father of said James Kersey and from Thomas Kersey 
descended to said James Kersey. Henry Hall, John Kersey, Elisha 
Kersey, Elizabeth Kersey, James Kersey, Elissure Kersey heirs 
of James Kersey to Alexander Dickey of Bourbon Co., Kentucky p. a. 
to receive our portion of the estate. D. 23 June 1827. ^• 
9 Aug. 1827. 

DB 18, p. ^7. Mary Pigg of Smith Co., Tenn. to Jonathan Bailey 
of CO. and state aforesaid p. a. to receive money coming to me 
from the adm. of Hezekiah Daniel deed, of Charlotte .Co . , Va. 
D. 3 Oct. 1827. R. 3 Dec. 1827. 

DB 18, p. 65. Philip Chaney of Henderson Co., Kentucky in 
connection with my brother Leonard Chaney of Fayette Co., 
Kentucky brought suit in Circuit Court of Charlotte Co., Va. 
against Vi/illiam Dupree adm. of John Rollins formerly of Charlotte 
Co. now deceased. I appoint my nephew James Crutcher of Charlotte 
Co., Va. p. a. to carry on the suit above. D. ^ Jan. 1828. 
R. 4 Feb. 1828. 

DB 18, p. 136. Stephen Huntsman of Madison Co., Tenn. to Carton 
Petty of Pittsylvania Co., Va. p. a. to receive money due me out 
of my lands in Charlotte Co., Va. and to sell lands descended to 
me from my grandfather Stephen Farmer deed, in Charlotte Co. 
D. 2 June 1828. R. 5 Aug. 1828. 

DB 19, p. ^3. John R. Dabbs and Elizabeth Dabbs adms . of the 
estate of Richard Dabbs deed, late of Davidson Co., Tenn. to 
Zachariah Noell of Co. and state aforesaid p. a. to settle business 


of heirs and adra. of Richard Dabbs deed, in Va. 
R. 15 April 1829. 

D. 7 March 1829. 

DB 19, p. 113. John Buster to James Hamblett of Charlotte Co., Va. 
p. a. to obtain any part of the interest in the estate of David 
Buster who died interstate in Madison Co., Alabama. D. 1 Jan. 
1830. R. 1 Feb. I83O. 

DB 19, p. 126. Michael and Nancy Uhles of Smith Co., Tenn. to 
John B. Uhles of co. and state aforesaid p. a. to receive from 
the representatives of James Callicot or his wife Susan Callicoat 
deed, and late of Charlotte Co., Va. they being our grandparents 
that which we are due as heirs of Jonathan Broocks and Rhoda 
Robertson of Smith Co. and state aforesaid and to call upon 
John McCargo in Charlotte Co., Va. for a legacy that the said 
estate may come to have. D. 9 July 1829. R. ^■ March I830. 

DB 19, p. 1^1. John Redmond and Elizabeth his wife of Williamson 
Co., Tenn. to George Redmond of Rutherford Co. and state aforesaid 
p. a. to recover from William Green adm. of Lettie Redmond deed, 
of Charlotte Co., Va. and to receive from Edward Folkes, Wm. B. 
Green, Green Moseley commissioners appointed by Charlotte Co. 
Court to sell and divide the proceeds of the estate of Thos. 
Redmond deed, and sell part of a tract of land in Charlotte Co. 
it being Lettie Redmond's dower in the estate of Thos. Redmond 
deed. D. 2^■ Oct. 1829. R. H May I83O. 

DB 19, p. 182. Rebecca Rose of Robertson Co., Tenn. to James 
Miles, Esqr. of Caswell Co., N.C. p. a. Whereas there is 520 
acres on Turnip Ck. in Charlotte Co., Va. which Sabra Morris late 
of said CO. and state aforesaid came in possession of, which 
was not devised in her will and descended to her heirs, whereas 
I am the daughter of John Hin and brother of Sabra. I authorize 
James Miles to sell the land. D. 28 Oct. 1829. R. ^ Nov. I830. 


by L.H. Hart 

Nottoway Parish 
Josiah Freeman 
Jacob Marling 
Sampson Pretlow 
Jerry Williams, fn 
David Turner 
Samuel B ridge r 
Willis Roberts 
Thomas Judkins 
_ton Moore 
David Lankford 

St. Luke's Parish 
Jacob Byrd 
_n Thorpe 






Isle of Wight (rem'd to) 

Sussex (rem'd to) 

Isle of Wight (rem'd to) 


No. Carolina 

Carolina (rem'd to) 
Greensville (rem'd to) 



by Lyndon H . Hart 

The following are abstracts of deeds not fully proven and therefore 
unrecorded. It was necessary to have at least two witnesses prove 
a deed before it was recorded. In most cases, these deeds lacked 
the required number of witnesses and were continued for further 
proof. The transfer usually occurred but the record of the trans- 
action was not previously available. 

The format of the abstracts includes the date of the deed the 
parties involved and their residence, the property to be transferred 
and a brief description, the provenance if given, the witnesses, 
receipt, and the docket. 

Along with the standard abbreviations used are : VJitn: witness; 
cont'd: continued; pro'd: proved; ack: acknowledged. 

D. 6 June 1770. V'/illiam Br(e)wer and w Mary of Tarrel Co., NC to 
Edward Gatling of IVJ Newport P. LI 100 acres adj: Samuel 
Corbet, VJilliam Carr, Edward Gatling. witn: John Lawrence, Mills 
Lawrence, Abraham Carr. receipt witnessed by same. Docket Nov. 1770 
cont'd for further proof. 

D. 27 March I765. Charles Darden of Pitt. Co., NC to Jno. Lawrence 
of IVJ t5 ^0 acres being the land left me by my father Jacob Darden 
in the pocosson adj: John Lawrence, John Burt, VJilliam Burt, Jethro 
Gale. VJitn: John Hay, Josiah Jordan. receipt witnessed by John 
Hay, Josiah Jordan, John Lawrence, Jr. Docket October I765 Cont'd 
for further proof. 

D. Oct. 12,1771. James Johnson of IVJ for good will and affection to 
my son Obediah Johnson of IVJ land, livestock, personal property, and 
all my estate not listed, witn: Robert Johnson, Timothy Duck, 
Michael Johnson. Docket Nov. 1771 pro'd by 2 witn. cont'd for 
further proof. 

D. 19 Aug. 1772. Catherine Ellis of Bartie Co., NC to Charles 
Mufree of IVJ t6 50 acres adj: Stephen Butler, John Outland, 
Benjamin Hampton, Matthew Jordan, Thomas Newbey. witn: John Briant, 
Elezar Outlant, Thos . Martin. receipt. Docket January 1773 
pro'd by 2 witn. continued for further proof. 

D. Nov. 10,1773- Sophia Rand exx. and Lewis Almand ex. of VJilliam 
Rand, dec. of Va. and John Rand son and heir of sd. decedant to 
VJilliam Robertson of IW . Public sale in accordance with will of 
V\lilliam Rand. t5.3s Lot ZH- in Smithfield. witn: John Taylor, 
Will. Henry McKay, Arthr. Smith, receipt witn. by same. 


Docket July 7,1774. proved by 2 witn. 

D. 1 Nov. 1775- •'^nn Pittman, Richard Jones and wife Sarah of IW to 
Benjamin Stringfield of IW . t25 50 acres adj: James Pittman, 
Sampson Flake, witn: William Gay, Joseph 'Wrenn, David Jones, 
receipt. Docket Jan. ^■,1776. Ack. by Pittman and the wife she examd 
and prov'd by 2 witn. as Jones. 

D. 15 Dec. 1773. Thomas Norsworthy and his son William Noyall 
Norsworthy of Newport P IVJ to Andrew Mackie of same t83 All land 
given to Martha Norsworthy w of sd. Thomas and mother to sd. William 
Noyal .by the will of William Noyall her father dated March 8,17^6 
and recorded in IW being the land he bought of Thomas Parnall, James 
Parnall, and others and the land. we hold which belonged to Joseph 
Parnall which was left said Joseph by his father John Parnall by 
will dated 7 January 1715 » recorded in IVJ being 537 acres witn: John 
Sym, John Norsworthy, James Honaldson, Geo. Blair, John Taylor, 
Alexr. Wylie, Dow Graham, John Armstrong. receipt witn. by Geo. 
Blair, John Norsworthy, Alexr. Wylie, Dow Graham. Docket proved by 
Ronaldson, Blair, Taylor as to Mm. Noyall Norsworthy and cont'd as to 
Thos. Norsworthy. 

(Fragment) D. Sept. 2,177^. Mary Robinson of (Nor)thampton Co.,NC 
to Willibe Hedgpeth of IVJ L25 whereas one Jacob Rickes of Bertie 
Precinct, NC was possessed of 110 acres on Kingsale Swamp and sold the 
same to Jonathan Robinson of IW who willed same to his wife during 
her natural life and at her decease to his daughter Mary Robinson 
(entail having been broken badly torn) witn: Ben Baker, Thomas 
Fearn, Benjamin (Pa)rker, David Ealy, Vdilliam Glover. Docket: 
Mar. 6,1783 prov'd by 2 and cont'd. 

D. 23 Nov. 1779. Jno. Brett of Dobbs Co. to William Blunt Sr. of 
IVJ t200 proclamation money 100 acres, adj: V(/illiam Blunt Jr., 
Robt. Tyner, Hugh Bracie (formerly). Elizabeth Brett now lives on 
said land, witn: Wm. Blunt Jr., John Crocker, Francis VJilliamson. 
receipt witn. by same. Docket Feb. 2,1780 Prov'd by 2 witn and 

D. 27 Nov. 1779. Joaiah Johnson of IW Newport P to Jonas Bradshaw 
of IW. t250 30 acres on Beaver Dam branch adj. Hedgpeth being part 
of a patent granted Arther Alen, Ewed Felwell and Robert Horning 
dated 29 Nov. 1679. witn: Abraham Johnson Jr., Lemuell Hedgpeth, 
Benjamin Bradshaw. Suanah Johnson also makes her mark. Docket July 
6, 1780 prov'd by 2 witn and cont'd for further proof. 

D. 5 September I78I Mathew Womble and w Jane of IW to John Womble of 
IW LI5 30 acres on the third swamp adj: William Harriss. witn: 
Hugh Muntgummery, Richd. Hardy, J. Hardy, Thomas Hardy, receipt witn 
by Hugh Muntgummery. Docket Mar. 7 partly prov'd by 2 witn. and 
cont 'd. 

Jacob F. Randolph, Joseph Pretlow, Nancy Pretlow of IW emancipate 3 
slaves: Lucy aged 35 years, Molly aged 33 years, Moses 7 years, 10 mo. 


D. 28th day of 2 mo. I783. witn: Arnold Wilkinson, Thomas 
Newby . 

Docket June 7, 178? . Ack. by Randolph and Jos. Pretlow and cont'd 
for Nancy. 

D. 27 Feb. 1783 David Jameson of York Co. to Richard Hardy of 
Newport P, IVJ 1,'}1Q. 100 acres which Jameson recovered of Richard 
Carrell as brother and heir at law of Thomas Carrell then late of IW, 
dec. for a certain term of years by decree of the Genl. Court dated 
28 Oct. 1768. After which recovery, Jameson with a certain Jesse 
Barlow agreed to said land and he then conveyed it to Richard Hardy 
without having paid said Jameson. The land is transfered according 
to the term agreeable with the decree of the Genl. Court, witn: 
Chr. Myer, Thos. Gibbs, John _bbons Jr., Edmd. Curtis. 
Docket May 1,1783 pro'd by 1 witn. and cont'd. Nov. 6, I783 prov'd 
by Xpher Myer and cont'd. 

D. May 9,1784. Samuel Simmons of IW to Thomas Pretlow of So'n. 
fcl21 300 acres. N. of Blackwater Swamp, adj: Jos. Jorden, Frury 

Andres, Vellines, Fulgham. Witn: John Sikes, Thos. 

Mintz , Joseph Pretlow, Jacob Stevens, receipt witn. by John Sikes, 

Jacob Stevens. 

Docket Nov. 4, 1784 prov'd by 1 and affirmed to by 1 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 1 Sept. 1784. Lemuel Godwin ex. of James Godwin, dec. of Suffolk P 
Nansemond Co. to Charles Driver of Newport P., IW. Whereas James 
Godwin late of IW dec. did by will leave all his IVi/ lands, which he 
purchased of James Bridger of Norfolk Co. and Thomas Cutchin of I'W, to 
be sold. L86.10S 224 acres being land above mentioned, witn: 
James Wills, John Sck. Wills, Thos. Godwin Sr. Receipt witn. by same. 
Docket Jan. 7,1785 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 21 Dec. 1785 Mafeh--17§3/4 (crossed out in original) John Brown 
(Jr.) of Newport P, IW and w Frances to Anthony Degge of Smithfield. 
ii225 1 lot(^ acre) numbered 69 which descended to said John Brown 
as heir at law of his father Samuel Brown, dec. witn: Goodh. 
Willson, Francis Young, VJilliam Bridger, John Gale. 
Docket Dec. 2, I785 ack. by the wife and she examd. and prov'd by 
2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 1 Jan. 1787. Henry Saunders Sr. and wife Sarah of IW to Elias 
Saunders of IVJ for good causes and considerations. 25acres. adj: 
Selaway. witn: Robt. Saunders Jr., John Saunders Jr., Matts . 
Spencer, Thos. Saunders. 
Docket Feb. 1,1787 prov'd 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 2 Aug. 1787. James (N.) Cutchin, Joseph Cutchin, Willis Wilkinson 
and wife Jane of Newport P., IW to James Mitchell and w Elizabeth 
in consideration of gifts of land and slaves to each of them the said 
James Cutchin, Joseph Cutchin, and Jane now wife of said Willis 
VJilkinson from James Mitchell and wife Elizabeth of IW which said 
Elizabeth is the only sister and heir at law of John Pitt late of IW 
dec. the grantors release their interest in the land (except land 


specified by a certain deed between the above parties) and slaves 
which descended to the said Elizabeth by the death of her brother 

Wi ^ 

Docket Oct. 4,1787 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 8 Oct. 1787. Thomas Pitt and w Mary and James Goodson and w 
Ellender of IW to Joseph Bullock of IV\I . L9 22 acres being their 
part of the land Joseph Bullock now lives on. witn: John Sck. VJills, 
Obadiah Bulluck, George Goodson, John Goodson. Ack. of Dower (torn) 
witn. by John Sck. Wills, James Wills. Receipt, witn. by John Sck. 
Wills, Obadiah Bulluck, George Goodson. 
Docket Oct. 4,1790 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 5 Sept. 1787. William Carr of IW to his wife Mary Carr and his 
son Andrew Carr land to wife for her life or widowhood then to 
his son. 150 acres, adj. Benjamin Bradshaw, Samuel Corbit, Elisha 
Whitney, Mills Lawerance. witn: Willis Johnson, Jonas Bradshaw, 
William English. 
Docket May 1, I788 prov'd by 2 witn and cont'd. 

D. 4 Feb. 1788. Aaron Cornwell and w Ann of IW to Lemuel Bailey 
of Surry Co. tl40 201 acres adj. Benjamin Atkisson, Michael 
Munford, Thomas Gwaltney, Joseph 'Womwell, John Cornwell including 
the right to build a mill on said property, witn: Anselm Hargrave, 
Edw. C. Bailey, Robert Bailey, Benja. Atkisson. Receipt, witn. by 
same . 

Docket July 3il788 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 
Sept. 4, 1788 wife exam'd and cont'd. 

D. Aug. 1, 1787. William Pierce Sr. of Il/V to grandson Kinchin 
Grumpier for love and affection. 40 acres of my land adj. his other 

land, witn: Wm. Bridger, Jesse Whitehead, Elias Daniel, Elias Bowden, 

Docket Feb. 7f 1788 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 21 July 1788. Billingsle Jordan of IW to dau. Mary Jordan for 
love and affection. 3 negro boys: Bill, Bob, Anthony, witn: Wm. 
Green, Ann Green. 
Docket Jan. 1, I789 prov'd by 1 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 4th day 7 mo. I788. Elizabeth Thomas of IVJ emancipates three negro 
girls: Sarah aged 17 1 Bette aged five, Lydia aged 2 years, at age 18 
and will act as their gdn. till that time, witn: J. Randolph, Ro. 
Jordan Jr., Jos. Pretlow. 
Docket Jan. 1, I789 affirmed to by Jacob Randolph and cont'd. 

D. 14 June 1790. Henry Hill of Franklin Co., NC to dau. Elizabeth 
Tynes of IW for love and affection. 4 negroes: Patt(?), Jenny, 
Phillis, Juno., witn: Anselm Bailey, Vi/illiam Hitchell(? ) . 
Docket Dec. 6,1790 prov'd by 1 witn. and cont'd. 


D. Dec. 1, 1790. Allen Jenkins of IW to John Turner of IW power of 
attny to transact all legal business, witn: James Fleature(?), 
Henry Coggin. 
Docket Feb. 6,1797 prov'd by 1 witn. and cont'd. 

D. Feb. 2, 1790. William Bullock to John R. Dixon both of Newport 
Parish, IW. £6. 5s. 61/^ acres, adj. John R. Dixon, being part of 
land which was Joseph Bullock's. witn: Josiah Pinner, James L. 
Beal, Joseph Bullock. receipt witn. by Josiah Pinner. 
Docket Sept. 6, 1790 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. Jan. 10, 1791. Elias Bowden of Franklin Co., NC and w Selah to 
Jas . Gay of IW . LlOO 126 acres adj: James Allen Bridger, Robert 
Eley. witn: Joshua Councill Jr., Lemuel Powell, Vi/m. Bridger. 
Docket June 6,1791 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 13 June 1791. Mourning Jordan of Newport P I'W to Francis Boyakin 
and Ro. Jordan of same whereas Mourning Jordan has undertaken 
executorship of Josiah Jordan, dec. with sd Boyakin and Jordan 
her securities, and as there are considerable debts due to the 
mismanagement of Mourning Jordan for which the securities may become 
liable. 5s. 200acres Mourning lives on but if Mourning makes good 
the debts she shall possess sd. land, witn: Jacob Randolph, Thos . 
Jordan, Hester VJhitfield. Receipt, witn. by J. Randolph, Thos. 
Docket Feb. 6,1792 prov'd by 1 witn. and cont'd. 

July 2, 1792 further prov'd by Thomas Jordan and cont'd. 

D. 3 July 1792. Solomon Edmonds and w Charity of IW to Moses Scott 
of IV/ L7 26 acres. East of Blackwater Swamp, witn: John Carr, 
Lott Griffin, Francis Vaughn. 
Docket Feb. ^■ , 1793 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 6 July 1793)both dates 

1795 James Johnson, Matthew Tomlm, Kobert 

Marshall, John VJoodward all of Newport P, IW to Francis Boykin of 
same. L^2 Grantors (as trustees appointed by Decree of I'W Court 
held 4- March 1793) for the use of Thomas Bowden and w Holland, Thomas 
Powell and w Mary, and Hancock Bennett and his 4 children. 110 acres 

which belonged to John Tomlin, dec. (see decree of Court) witn. 

Docket July 6, 1795- Ack'd by 2 of the parties and cont'd. 

D. 7 Oct. 1793 Thomas Numan and w Silviah of IW to George Murphrey 
of IW . t20 50 acres, adj. Josiah Parker, John Jolly, Thomas 
Numan, John Numan. witn: Willis Viills, John Godwin, John Crocker. 
Receipt witn. by same Oct. 7il793. 
Docket. Oct. 7,1793. Ack'd and OK. 

D. 5 Dec. 1792. Brittain Johnson and w Tabitha of Newport P,IW to 
Elisha He(a)dgpeth of Nansemond. t30 50 acres. land Brittain 
Johnson lives on which formerly belonged to Aron Johnson and which 
Brittain received as heir to Aron. adj. Joseph Johnson. 


witn: Holland Johnson, Elisha Owen?, Amay Johnson, ( torn). 

receipt Dec. 5,1792. witn'd by Elisha Owen, Holland Johnson, 
William Carr. 9 Feb. 1793 Elisha Owen, William Carr. 
Docket Sept. 2,1793 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 11 mber 1793- Shadrak C orbit of Newport P IW to John Carr of 

same. t9 30 acres where Shadrak Corbit lives formerly land of Elias 
Owen, adj: John Carr, Abselem Beal, Jonas Bradshaw. witn: John 
Carr, Edmond Fowler, Abselem Beal, James Fowler. receipt 11 Dec. 

1793. witn: John C(torn), Edmond Fo , A . 

Docket April 1, 179^ prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. July 2, 179^. Polly Michael widow of John Michael Jr. dec. of IW 
renounces benefits of husbands will and petitions for dower. Viitn: 
William Blunt, VJm. Malcolm. 
Docket June 7.179^ . 

D. 12 July 179^. Thomas Harmanson of Newport P, IW to Thomas Goodson 
of same. L9. 16 acres. adj: V/illson, Stott. Witn: James Brantley, 
Sampson Wilson, Wm. Hardy. receipt witn. Wm. Hardy. 
Docket Sept. 1, 179^ prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 31 Oct. 1793- Laurence Baker, Sampson VJilson, James Young of IVJ 
to Richard Blow of Borough of Norfolk. Grantors as trustees by 
inter locutory decree dated May 7. 17 92 by IW Co. in a suit in 
Chancery between Richard Blow and George Hardy devisee of Richard 
Hardy. tl62. 200 acres. "Brantley's Plantation" adj: Samuel 
Hardy, dec, William Hardy. witn: Merit M. Robinson, George Bains, 
William Davis. Receipt Oct. 31.1793 witn. by same. 
Docket Feb. 3» 179^. Ackd. by Wilson and Young and cont'd as to 

D. 26 Sept. 179^. William Johnson of IW to Jacob Johnson. 5s. 

50 acres. adj: Elisha Lawrence Ballard, Hardy Gwyn, Elijah Johnson. 

witn: Patience Carr, Sally Pearce, James Clark. Receipt 26 Sept. 179^ 

same witn. 

Docket Dec. 2, 179^ prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 13 Jan. 179^. John Worrell of Nottoway P, Soh. and Jonas Bradshaw 
of Newport P, IW , to Robt . Beal of Newport P,IW. L52.10S. lOOacres. 
property of Benjamin Hedgpeth, dec. adj: John Carr, Andrew Carr, 
Johnson Corbit. witn: Abia Beal, John Brewer, Benjamin Bradshaw. 
Docket Apr. 7, 179^ prov'd by 1 witn. and cont'd. 

Sept. 1, 179^ prov'd by 1 witn. and cont'd. 

Apr. 1795 prov'd by B. Bradshaw and cont'd. 

D. 16 Nov. 179^. Thomas Gale of IW to his son Thomas Gale, shoemaker. 
5s and love and affection. 40 acres "Glen's Field" adj. VJilliam 
Baldwin, Thomas Newbey, Jethro Gale. 'Witn: Jethro Gale, James Hall, 
George Hall. Receipt Nov. 11, 179^ same witn. 
Docket Feb. 2, 1795 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 


D. 2 May 179^. John King and w of Nansemond to Thomas Fanning of IW 
ij227 2acres on each side of the head of the Western Branch and a 
water grist mill and a saw mill built thereon "Everitts Mills". 
Witn: Copeland Parker, James Harrison, Francis Jones. Receipt 
May 6 ?, 179^. 
Docket June 1, 1795 prov'd by 1 witn. and cont'd. 

Dec. 7. 1795 partly prov'd by Frans. Jones another witn. and 

c ont ' d . 

D. 23 Jan. 1796. George Benn Jr. and w Nancy of IW to Joseph Goodwin 
of IW. L65. 6^ acres (recently surveyed by William Baldwin) on 
Hobses Branch. Witn: Brewer Godwin, George Benn, Ismaiah Pitts. 
Memorandum. D. Jan. 23, 1796. Joseph Goodwin shall also have right 
to cut timber on land of George Benn to build himself a dwelling. 
Receipt Jan. 23, 1796 witn. Brewer Godwin, George Benn. Nancy Benn 
examined concerning dower Jan. 12, 1796 and acknowledges sale Jan. 
23, 1796. 
Docket Feb. 1, 1796 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 10 Nov. 1795. Celia Gopher of IW to Benjamin Gopher of IW . Whereas 
Benjamin Gopher late of IW died Oct. 1788, intestate and leaving 
^ children each of whom is entitled to ^ of his land (100 acres). 
il5 her ^ part of her father's land. Witn: Ben Goodrich, Abraham 
Jones, Benj. Shelley. 
Docket June 6, 1796 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 17 Jan. 1796. Josiah Cook of IW and John Vick of Nash Co., NC to 
V'Jilliam Pinner of Nansemond. Ll0.l6s. 6d. all our interest in land 
that our uncle V/illiam Eley bought of Mills Wilkinson. S7 3/^ acres, 
witn: Henry Best, Frederick Hall, Scarsbrook Godwin. Receipt Jan. 
17, 1796 same witn. 
Docket Sept. 5f 1796 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. Sept. 19, 1796. Catharine King widow (illegible) John King, 
Gent. dec. of Nansemond to Thomas Fanning of same. rel. dower in 
tract in deed above, witn: Robert Robats, John Foster, John 
Godwin Jr. 
No docket. 

D. 20 Mar. 1797- Henry Coggin and w. Elizabeth of IW and John 

Coggin of same. L36. 75 acres. adj: Richard Pope, Perkin Carstarphen. 

witn: Purkins Carstarphen, Jonathan Coggin, Catheron Coggin, 

B. Jordan, Thomas Jordan, Jr., Joshua Gay. Receipt Mar. 20,1797. 

(not witn. ) 

Docket. Sept. 4, 1797 prov'd by 1 witn. and cont'd. 

Examination of Elizabeth Coggin wife of Henry. D. Ordered Sept. 6, 

1797. Re: relinquishing dower in land sold by said Henry Coggin to 

John Coggin, dated 20 Mar. 1797, containing 75 acres. D. Jan. 6, 1798. 

D. Nov. 15, 1796. Arodi Barrow of Perquimons Co., NC and Joseph 
Barrow of same to William Pinner of Nansemond. 1,19.10s. 9d. all 
our right in land our uncle VJilliam Eley bought of Mills Wilkinson. 
57 3/^ acres, witn: Joseph Corbell , Scarsbrook Godwin, Frederick Hall. 


Receipt D. Nov. 15, 1796, same witn. 

Docket Jan. 2, 179? prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

D. Dec. 1, 1797. Benjamin Beel(Beal) and w Martha of Newport P, IW 
to William Jordan of same. 1=107 3/9. 86 3/^ acres, witn: John 
Barber, John Evritt, James Uzzell. Receipt Dec. 1, 1797 same witn. 
Martha Seal examined Mar. 17, 1798. 
No docket. 

D. Oct. 5, 1796. Lemuel Bailey of Surry for regard he bears James 
Baker Haynes son of V^m.l negro conveyed me by D.of T. by Katharin 
Haynes and William Haynes and afterwards sold, witn.: John J. 
Wheadon, Polly Whe don. 
Docket May 2, 1797 prov'd by 1 witn. and cont'd. 

D. 21 Jan. 1797. Exum Scott to Henry Saunders. D.of T. Scott 

transfers mill and 1 acre to Saunders until Scott shall pay L30O at 

which time mill will revert to Scott, witn: Andrew Gale, Johen 

Underwood, Jethro Gale, John Ginkings. Receipt Jan. 21, 1797 same 


Docket April 3, 1797 prov'd by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

Continued from Vol. I, Page I50 
by L.H.Hart 

January 18^5 

1. Catherine E.S. Heath d. Richard and Catherine P. Heath 

January 2 consumption 21y b. P'bg. Julia A. Harwell, neice 

2. Asahel Porter unknown January 5 dyspepsia 30y d. P'bg. b. 
East Hartford, Conn. 

3. Daniel Eraser s. Simon and Margaret Eraser January 6 
consumption 25y Im l4d d. P'bg. b.C 'field Co. 

4. Catherine E.l/V. Edmondson d. John W. and M.A. Edmondson 
January 6 Inflamation of the throat 5y 8m 21d P'bg. 

5. Mary McBride unknown surv. Is, Id, several desc . of 3rd gen. 
January 12 disease of the heart 78y 10m d. P'bg. b. 
London, England. 

6. Edwin Jones Moore s. James and Sarah Moore surv. f,m,b,s, 
January 20 Bilious Pleurisy 20y 3m d. P'bg.b.Pr. Geo. Co. 


7. Mary Ann Turner d. Wm. and Ann Turner January 19 
Convulsions 2y 5ni d. Richmond. b,P'bg. 

8. Robert Ritchie Smith s. James and Ann Smith January 20 
Influenza 2m 6d P'bg. 

9. Ann Anson d. Rosina Anson January 25 congestive fever 
18y P'bg. 

10. William Pope Childs s. William S. and Georgianna Cluff Childs 
January 28 croup 13m P*bg. 

February 18^5 

1. Sarah Ann Vaden d. of Mordecai and Elizabeth Vaden d. Feb. 6 
congestive fever 3y 18d b. P'bg. 

2. John P. Gregory unknown February 9 consumption 38y 9in 
d. Richmond b. K. Wm. Co. 

3. Robert S. Lane unknown surv. w,d February 12 consumption 
29y d. P'bg. b. Sussex Co. 

^'. Mary Tucker unknown surv. Id. February 1^ consumption 
45y d. P. Geo. Co. b. Pr. Geo. Co. 

5. Elizabeth Underbill unknown wife of Underbill of So'n 

surv. Is, by 1st husband, 2s, 2d. February 2? Pleurisy 5% 

d. in P'bg. at house of her son (by 1st husband)James M. Pope 
b. IW 

March 18^5 

1. Mildred Collier unknown widow of John D.Collier Mar.l 
consumption 53y d« P'bg. at the res. of her d. Mrs. John B. 
Jackson b. Dinwiddle Co. 

2. Ann E. Perkinson d. of Lewis Brown w of Daniel Perkinson 
surv. incl. inf. s 7 days old March 3 child bed 26y 

d. P'bg. b. Dinwiddle Co. 

3. Samuel B. Morgan unknown surv. w, Id March 9 consumption 
60y >^xa d. P'bg. b. Nottoway Co. 

^. William C. Eppes s of Mary Eppes surv. m March 9 
consumption 33y 8m d. P'bg. b. Amelia Co. 

5. Olivia Evans d. of Isaac P. and Nancy Evans surv. 2 bros . 
March 10 Erysipelas 21y 5m P'bg. 

6. Margaret Consolloy unknown d C'fd at her sisters (Mrs. Albert 
Lamb) March 22 consumption 25y Trenton, NJ 


7. Infant son of John J. and Elizabeth Stroud March 24 convulsions 
lid b. P'bg. 

8. Amanda M. Smart d George Bellamy w Henry Smart surv. 3s, Id 
March 24 Affection of Heart 35y d.C 'field b. Richmond, Va. 

9. Infant son of Rev'd William H. Jordan March 26 infantile unk 
2d b. P'bg. 

10. Frances Betty Bowers d. of William H. and Frances Lucy Bowers 
March 2? disease of the heart 2y 4m 21d b. P'bg. 

11. Infant son of Robert and Jane Thompson March 29 stillborn 


April 1845 

1. Louisa Frances VJorrell d R.A. and Elizabeth Lyman 'Worrell 
surv. f, 2 sis. April 5 unknown 7y,7in,18d d. Norfolk 
b. P'bg. 

2. Infant son of James E. and Almedia Holcraft grm. Mrs. Eliz . 
Seward surv. f, m, 1 sis April 12 whooping cough 8w 
b. P'bg. 

3. Benjamin Joynes s of Viilliam T. and Margaret Joynes April 14 
convulsions ly,llm b. P'bg. 

4. Uuinn Morton s of ><^uinn and Catherine Morton surv. f,m,s,b 
April 14 croup ly,8d b. P'bg. 

5. Rebecca Pocahontas Morton d of yuinn and Catherine Morton 
surv. f,m,2b April 20 cynanche Maligna 4y,9in b.P'bg. 

6. V'Jilliam Lewis Morton s of Quinn and Catherine Morton 

April 21 cynanche Maligna 3y t» . P'bg. 

7. Priscilla Moss unknown surv. Is, 3d d in P'bg. at mansion 
of her d Mrs. Wm. Brownley widow of Thomas Moss April 24 
Pleurisy 57y b. Northampton Co.,NC. 

8. Thomas Jefferson Graves s William T. and Winifred Graves 
surv. f,m,lbro. April 26 whooping cough ly,5in b.P'bg. 

9. Ann Hambery unknown w of John Hambery April 26 strangulated 
intestine 29y d. P'bg. b. C'field Co. 

10. Elizabeth Wells d Williamson and Elizabeth Browder w of Patrick 
Wells April 27 consumption 24y,4m d.P'bg. b. Dinwiddle Co. 

11. Frances S. Parham d James G. and Delilah Williamson w of Viilliam N, 
Parham April 29 Bowel complaint 23y,2m b. Pr. Anne Co. 



LE COMPTE/BUNTING. Miriam Dumville (Star Rt. 98E., Destin, FL 
325^1 )seeks relationship between McKim Le Compte shown as head of home 
in I85O Nansemond census and George Washington Bunting and his wife 
Eliza Margaret Jane Glarvoe, who were living in his house. Correction 

SMITH/SANDERSON. Miriam Dumville (StarRt. 98E., Destin, FL 
325^1). Thomas Parker Smith died 16 July 1866 in Nansemond Co. His 
wife, Mary Agnes Sanderson Smith, died in childbirth after 8 Oct. I863. 
Does anyone know where they are buried? 

BROWN/ATKINS. Barbara L. Brown, (980? Hayes, Overland Park, KS 
66212) interested in ancestry of John Brown who married Elizabeth 
Atkins in I756 in Prince Edward Co., Va. and died in 1798 in Caswell 
Co., NC . She was the daughter of Robert Atkins who died in Prince 
Edward Go. 

JONES-JOYNER. Roberta Jones Griffin (Rt. 3. Box I52, Lineville, 
AL 36266) seeks information on Thomas Jones, b. ca. 1820 m. Jane 
Mason Joyner, Southampton Co., lived Richmond; bros . Henry and Bailey. 
Thomas d. Nova Scotia (buried Hollywood Nov. 5. 1865-removed from 
Caroline Co.) Had seven children; 3 lived to adulthood-Thomas Neverson 

m. May Pegram; Lucie m. ^Hicks ; Charles Ezra m. I.Helen Lee Sumner; 

2. Minnie Campbell; lived Carysbrook, Fluvanna Co.; Only C.E. had issue. 

RAV/LIN3-BRAME. Felix Earle Luck (8 St. John's Ave., P.O. Box 369, 
Tabor, NJ 07878) seeks BRAME and Rawlins information. Jeremiah 
RAWLINS' 1804 (Pr I8O6) Caroline Co., VA will named sons Peter (decd)i 
Jeremiah; William (in Halifax Co.); Henry; Albin; and George (deed). 
Peter (m. Ann) left 1793 Spots. Co. will. William (m. I788 Sarah 
"Sally" BRAME) went to Halifax Co. 1803, later to Pitts. Co. and 
Rockingham Co.,Va., and then Franklin Co.,TN, where he d. I836. 
Albin left 1807 Caro. Co. Will. BRAMES apparently came from 
Middlesex Co.| some went to Mecklenburg Co. 

EPES-PALM0UR(PALM0RE, PALMER). Mary Jane Vaden(2438 Memorial 

Ave. J S.W., Roanoke, VA 2^015) Effee Epes and Halcott Palmour were 
married 29 Sept. I785. She was from Prince George Co.,VA. Recorded 


in Rev. John Camerons Register for Bristol Parish. Wish to know 
parents of both Effee Epes and Halcott Palmour. Was he a native of 
Prince George County? If not, where from? 

PORTER/ELLIS/KITCHEN. Christine Levit Gerbel (3I5 Saint James Dr, 
Piedmont, CA 9^611) seeking parents of EDWARD PORTER who died 1771, 
Loudoun Co.& parents and maiden name of wife Mary. Their children 
were EDWARD, ANN(married MURPHY), DANIEL, ELIAS and John Brinkey. 
Need data for DANIEL PORTER and wife MARY (polly) ELLIS (her mother 
was Amy) who married in Sussex in 1801. Need birth and death for 
Thomas E. Porter (son of Daniel) who married Susan W. Kitchen in 
1827 in Southampton Co. need her dates and parents names. 

HOWLETT. Mrs. Gary McConnaughey (P.O. Box 188, Amelia, Va. 
23002) seeks parents of Guleilmas (William) Howlett who. m. Martha 
Chappell in I769 and who d. June 24,1818 in Chesterfield Co. Who 
has Howlett Bible records? Will exchange information. 

ALLEN. Mrs. O.D. Dellinger, Jr. (2234- Leafmore Dr., Decatur, GA 
30033) seeking parents of Jonathan Allen, born Va. (probably 
Mecklenburg Co.) ca.l814. Married Mary Elizabeth Wells, I5 Feb.1836 
Halifax Co., Died Halifax Co. ca. I87O. 

LASSITER. Ellen F. Frontis (30I W. Avondale, Greensboro, NC 
27^03) seeks correspondence with anyone having knowledge of Lassiter 
families of Nansemond Co.,VA or Bertie Precinct, NC. I am trying to 
sort out family relationships before 1750 • 

SMITH/LOCKER/TAYLOR. Charlotte Mae Brett (218 E. 4th St., #4A, 
Spencer, Iowa 51301) Samuel Smith died cl778, married Grizzle Locker 
1732 Pr. George Co.,MD. Need the names of their children. Were they 
the parents of Eleanor Smith who married James Taylor CI755? 

BALDWIN/SPRAGINS/BUMPASS . Mary Gregg (3604 Spottswood #2, 
Memphis, TN 38III) Almira Baldwin(b Pr. Edward Co, 1801) 
m. John Diggs Spragins (b Charlotte Co.,VA 179^; d Columbia Co.,AR, 
I874). Who were Almira Baldwin's parents? John Diggs Spragins was 
the son of Thomas Spragins and Nancy Bumpass, daughter of Diggs 
Bumpass. Can anyone identify Diggs Bumpass?Other Charlotte-Pr. Edward 



BAYSE. Laverne L. Davidson (603 College, Kennett, Missouri 
63857) seeks ancestors of JESSE BASYE, b. ca. I76O-I77O, d I83I, 
Mecklenberg Co.,VA married JANE PERRIN GILES 2 Dec. 1791 Mecklenberg 
Co.,VA, daughter of Henry Edward Giles. Seeking ancestors of Jane also. 
There is confusion concerning Jesse in the book Bayse Family in the 
U.S. . Other surnames connected with this family 1 Stroud, Thomas, 
Walker, Eppes, Cole and others who were in Mecklenberg Co.,VA. 

HART. Mrs. Anne W. Dobbins (237 Rosebud, Corpus Chris ti, TX 
78^04) seeks name of parents of Lucy D. Hart, who married Carr Darden 
marriage bond 21 Feb. 1811, Southampton Co.,VA. 

MAYS/JONES. Charles M. Starnes (1225 Botetourt Gardens, Norfolk, 
VA 23517) seeks information on Stephen Mays and Susannah Jones, 
married Sept. 16,1811, Mecklenburg Co.,VA. Stephen died Aug. 5, 1854 
Pontotoc Co., MS. They were in GA . I830 and 18^0. When and where in 
VA , were they born? Who were their parents? When and where did 
Susannah die? 

P'POOL. L.C. Miller (I663 College Terrace Dr., Murray KY 
42071) Who were the parents and children of Caldwell P'Pool?b.VA 
d.KY md. 21 Jan. 1808 to Patsy Pettipool, Granville, Co., NC . He 
is listed in the 1820 census of Mecklenburg Co.,VA and I830 census 
of Trigg Co.,KY. Would like to exchange ancestor charts with anyone 
with a Pool, P'Pool, or Pettypool on theirs. 

PALMER/AKIN/CAMP/BRESSIE. Helen Stone ( I38O C Spear Ave., 
Areata, CA 95521) seeks information on Richard PALMER b ca 1712 
York Co.,VA, d I76I Lunenburg Co.,VA and wf Grissell, Siblings Edward, 
John, Grissell AKIN, Elizabeth, William, Mary CAMP. Seek information 
on son William who m Mary BRESSIE 1776 Granville NC . Also on 
BRESSIE (Bracey) family. 

WOODCOCK. L.Hart (Box 118, Richmond, VA 23201) seeks info, on will 
and descendants of Dr. John H. Woodcock and wife Rebecca who died in 
Mobile, AL c.1875. 


90 B3 

DC ^ 

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<2 «" 




JANUARY 1, 1984 

Reprinted May, 1991 

Volume 2 January 1984 Number 2 

Contents 49 

From the Editors 50 

Sussex County Will Book A 5I 

Prince Edward County Deed Book 8, I788-I79O 63 

Certificate of Allegiance, Amelia County 6? 

3urry County Militia Fines 68 

Unrecorded Southampton County Deeds 69 

Southampton County Residents from Nansemond County 74 

Some Edmunds Heirs 75 

Correction "^^ 

Chesterfield Tithables, I756 '^S 

Interments in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg 83 

A Gardner Family of Southampton County 85 

The Tobacco Plant 88 

i<iueries 93 

Lyndon H. Hart, J. Christian Kolbe, editors 
Copyright 1984 

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Tidewater Genealogical Society Meeting in Hampton, Virginia 
this past Fall. 

VJe hope that you have a good Christmas and a happy New Year. 


by Louise G. Jones 

Will Book A is the first will book for Sussex County. In 
abstracting this material, the following abbreviations have been used: 
wit. for witness; adm. for administrator; dau. for daughter; appr. for 
appraisers; inv. for inventory; and ex. for executor. The use of paren- 
theses indicates missing material. 

P.l Peter Hawthorne, son John; dau. Fanny; wife Rachel; exec, wife and 
brother Joshua ?; witt John Jenkins and Josiah Denton. Dated: 

7 March 1752. Recorded: 11 Feb. 175^- 

P. 2 John Nicolson. wife Mary; children: Henry, John, Jane, William, 
Elizabeth, Flood, and Robert Nicolson. (Henry to receive land in 
Brunswick County purchased of David Carrell), son Jesse, dau. Lucy 

(Flood to receive land in Brunswick County purchased of 

Brooks )exec .wife , son Henry, brother Robert; witn: Benj. 
Hyde, John Edmunds, & Arthur Smith. Dated: 9 Oct. 1753- 
Recorded: 11 March 175^. 

P. 4 Inventory of Peter Hawthorn's estate by Rachel Hawthorne. 
Recorded: 8 Apr. 175^. 

FA Henry Mitchell, wife ; son Henry, Thomas, Nathaniel; 

exec: son Henry; wit: Edward Petway, Caroline Cusake and May 
Eppes. Dated: 2 Mar. 175^- Recorded: 8 Apr. 175^. 

P. 5 Inventory of John Nicholson's estate made my Samuel Maggett, 

John Irby, and John Lamb. Mary and Robert Nicholson exs . Recorded: 

8 Apr. 175^. 

P. 8 Richard Rose. son William; daus: Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, and ? 
Rose; son-in-law: Thomas Ezell; wife: Ann; ex: wife; wit: Edward 
Powell and William Rowland. Dated: 5 Dec. 1751- Recorded: 
13 May 175^- 

P. 9 Fortain Gilliam, sons: Charles, William, Thomas, Walter; 

ex: son Thomas; wit: Benjamin Clements, Sarah Banks, Elizabeth 
Gilliam. Dated: 12 May 17^^. Recorded: 13 May 175^. 

P. 10 Inventory of Richard Rose Estate made by William Roland, John 
Atkison, Samuel Northington. Recorded: 8 July 175^- 

P. 11 Inventory of Fortune Gilliam made by Moses Johnson, Charles 
Battle and Nathaniel Clanton. Recorded: 8 July 175^- 


p. 13 Mary Randolph. dau: Rebeckah, if Rebeckah died to be divided 
between my brothers and sisters; Joseph King to be gdn. of 
Rebeckah as well as ex. of estate; wit: Robert Farrington, 
Angelica and Winnefred Cain. Dated: 8 Mar. 1753 • Recorded: 
12 Aug. 175^. 

P. 14 Robert Wynne, wife: Mary; grandson: Robert VJynn; granddau: 
Mary Butler; grandson: Joel Tucker; son-in-law: Joseph 
Tucker and Lewcretia his wife; son-in-law: Mathew Parham and 
Martha his wife; son-in-law: William Raines and Angeilica his 
wife; grandson: Jefferson Raines; grandson: Robert Parham; 
granddaus: Elizabeth Parham, Martha Bell; grandson: Robert Wynne 
Raines; bro: Thomas; grandson: Matthew Parham; dau: Lewcretia 
Tudar, Angelica Rains; ex: sons-in-law: Matthew Parham and 
Joseph Tucker. Dated: 175^. Recorded: 12 Aug. 175^. 

P. 17 Richard Fields' estate inventory returned by Robert Nicholson 
adm. ; wit: John Smith, William Brown, and William Carrell. 
Recorded: 9 Sept. 175^. 

P. 18 Thomas Shands . bro: William; father: William; cousin: 

William Golightly; ex: bro. William and Thomas Young; wit: 
Adam and Rebecca Heath, David Syms. Dated: I3 Nov. 175^- 
Recorded: 10 Mar. 1755- 

P. 19 Robert Bullock. sons: Joel, Isaac, Benjamin; wife: Matha 
(R.B. had five children); ex: Joseph Harwood; wit: William 
Rachell, Thomas Felts, Selvanus Stokes. Dated: 11 Oct. 175^. 
Recorded: 10 Mar. 1755. 

p. 20 Inventory of Thomas Eldridge estate; adm: Samuel Jordan; 
appr: Augustus Claiborne, Thomas Young and Henry Tatum. 
Recorded: 14 Apr. 1755. 

P. 21 Inventory of James Wallis estate. Adm: Thomas Wallis; 

appr: John Long, Henry Jarrard, John Jones. Recorded: 14 
Apr. 1755. 

P. 23 Henry Freeman. sons: Josiah, Henry, Joel, Jones; dau: Amy 
Blanks; grandson: John Blanks; grandsons: Hamlin Freeman* 

Nathan Blanks son of Dar and Amey Blanks, Henry Freeman 

son of Arthur Freeman (plantation in Lunenburg to N.B. and 
H.F.); ex: son Josiah; wit: Silvanus Stokes, John Willborn, 
Pheby Freeman. Dated: 17 Dec. 1753- Recorded: 14 Apr. 1755- 

P. 25 Henry Atkinson. son: John; grnaddau: Mary Young; grandson: 
William Atkinson; ex: son John; wit: Thomas Harris, Francis 
Sairs, John Ezell Jr. Recorded: 12 May 1755- 

P. 27 Inventory of Thomas Shands estate. ex: William Shands Jr., 
Thomas Young. Recorded: 12 May 1755* 

P. 27 Inventory of John Briggs estate by David Jones, 'William Roberts, 
Henry Barker. Recorded: 12 May 1755. 


28 Inventory of Mary Randolph's estate. ex: Joseph King; 
appr: Robert Farrington, George Robertson, James Banks. 
Recorded: 9 June 1755" 

29 Inventory of Robert Wynne's estate. ex: Joseph Tucker Jr. 
and Mathew Parham. Recorded: 1^ July 1755 • 

30 Inventory of Henry Freeman's estate in Lunenburg County, 
appraised by John Williams, John Calleham and Philip Russell. 
Estate in Sussex County by Matthew Parham, Robert Farrington 
and John Wilburn. Recorded: 11 Aug. 1755 • 

32 Inventory of Henry Adkins estate. Appr: Ephram Parham, 
Samuel Northington and William Rose. Recorded: 11 Aug. 1755' 

33 Accounts of sales of Daniel Knight's estate. Recorded: 
11 Aug. 1755. 

34 Inventory of Michael Hill's estate, adm: John Hill; appr: 
Wm. Gilliam, Richard Hill and William Gilliam Jr. Recorded: 
13 Oct. 1755. 

36 John Avent. son: John; wife: Margaret; ex: wife; witn: 
Joseph Larke, Peter and Elizabeth Avent. Dated: 18 Apr. 1755' 
Recorded: 10 Nov. 1755. 

37 Inventory of Fortune Gilliam's estate, ex: Thomas Gilliam; 
appr: William Gilliam Jr. and William Hall. Recorded: 

13 Oct. 1755. 

38 Gregory Rawlings. sons: John, Gregory, Richard; daust Mary 
Manny, Elizabeth Phillips; grandsons: Drury Rawlings, William 
Rawlings I wife; Hannah; ex: wife; witn: Jones Stokes, Edward 
Shelton, Joseph Ezell. Dated: I7 Sept. 1755- Recorded: 

8 Dec. 1755- 

39 Inventory of Balaam Bell's estate, adm: Mary Bell; appr: 
Thomas Moore, Levi Gilliam, Moses Johnson. Recorded: 8 Dec. 1755 

40 Inventory of John Mason, the elder, adm: John Mason; appr: 
John Hay, John Baird, A. Claiborne. 

45 Inventory of Gregory Rawlings Senior's estate, ex: Hannah 
Rawlings. Recorded: 12 Jan. 1756. 

4'6 Nicholas Partridge, wife: Mary, son: Nicholas; dau: Sarah Ross, 
Elizabeth Atkins; ex: wife and son Nicholas; wit: John 
Atkins Jr., John Barker, Elizabeth Atkins. Recorded: 9 Feb. 

47 Benjamin Weldon. sisters: Elizabeth and Priscilla; bro: 
Daniel; friend: Gray Briggs; cousins: Allin, Willie, and 
Martha Jones; bro: Samuel; ex: friends Robert Jones Jr. and 


Gray Briggs; wit: VJilliam Willie, John Hood and David Hunter. 
Dated: 5 Aug. 1755. Recorded: 9 Feb. 1756. 

P. 49 John Threewits. wife: Frances; son: Joel ex: wife and Michael 
Hill; wit: Mary and Amy Hill. Dated: Dec. I3, 1755- 
Recorded: 9 Feb. 1756. 

P. 50 Inventory of James Birdsong's estate, adm: Elizabeth Birdson; 
appr: Robert Nicolson, William Brown and V^/illiam Brintle. 
Recorded: 11 May 1756. 

P. 50 Inventory of John Jenkins estate, apprt John Hay, William 
Eldridge, Nathaniel Mitchell. Recorded: 11 May 1756. 

P. 53 Inventory of Jarvis Wingfield estate, appr: John Tyus , William 
Hill and Robert Farrington. Recorded: l4 June 1756. 

P. 5^ Inventory of Nicholas Partridge's estate, ex: Mary and 
Nicholas Partridge. Recorded: 14 June 1756. 

P. 54 Benjamin Adams. sons: Benjamin, Thomas, James; dau: Mary-i Agnes 
Adams and Elizabeth Ezell; wife: Agnes; children: Martha Ann, 
Sarah and ? (Howard); ex: wife and son Benjamin; witn: 
Joseph and William Ezell, Nathaniel Felts. Dated: 23 Mar. 
1756. Recorded: 14 June 1756. 

P. 55 Accounts of John Briggs. accounts by Mary Bonner, adm. 
Recorded: 14 June 1756. 

P. 56 Ann Threewits. children: Katherine Newman, Peter Threewit, 
Joel Threewits, Edward Threewits and Lucy ? (Bobbet) ; ex: 
son-in-law Robert Newman; wit: Thomas Young and Joseph 
Heeth. Dated: 5 Sept. 1753- Recorded: I3 Sept. 1756. 

P. 57 William Clifton. sons: John (under 18 yrs . ) , William} 

grandson: John Doby; dau: Mary Doby; wife: Charity; children: 

Ann ; ex: wife and John Lilly; witn: Matthew 

Wynne, James Cook, Nicholas Massinburg. Dated: 25 Feb, 1756. 
Recorded: 13 Sept. 1756. 

P. 58 Inventory of Benjamin Weldon's estate, ex: Robert Jones Jr. 
and Gray Briggs. Recorded: 11 Oct. 1756. 

P. 59 Accounts of Richard Fields estate by Robert Nicolson adm. 
12 Oct. 1756. 

P. 60 Elizabeth Martin. to John Morgan. ex: John Morgan; wit: 

Ester Hay, James Bass, Mary Rolings and Edward Harris. Dated: 
5 Sept. 1756. Recorded: 8 Nov. 1756. 

P. 61 Inventory of Andrew Lester estate. appr: Hinchia Gilliam, 
John Lamb, James Boissea Jones. Recorded: 8 Nov. 1756. 


p. 62 Inventory of Benjamin Adams estate. appr: John Barns, Jeremiah 
Bullock, and Wm. Knight; ex: Agnes Adams. Recorded: 
17 Dec. 1756. 

P. 63 Inventory of Elizabeth Martins estate by John Morgan ex. 
17 Dec. 1756. 

P. 64 Accounts of James Birdsong's estate by Elizabeth Birdsong adm. 
17 Dec. 1756. 

P. 65 Robert Pettway. dau: Ann wife of Isaac Mason; granddau: 

Mary Ann Mason; dau: Se lah wife of Peter Lee; grandson: John 
Mason son of Isaac Mason, to William Pettway Jr. son of Edward 
Pettway; son Robert; ex: son Robert, Isaac Mason and Peter 
Lee; wit: William Willie, Samuel Peete, Edward Pettway. 
Dated: 7 Jan. 1757. Recorded: 21 Jan. 1757. 

P. 66 Inventory of John Avent's estate by Major Tiller, Joseph Thorp 
and Nathaniel Wyche. 21 Jan. 1757. 

P. G7 William Pair. son: John; wife: Rebecca; daus: Mary Pennington 
wife of John Pennington and Elizabeth Shewsbury wife of Benjamin 
Shewsbury; to Rebecca Pennington wife of Thomas Pennington, to 
Martha Pennington wife of Thomas Pennington; sons: Thomas, 
William; children: John, Bethel, Anne and Agnes ; ex: wife and 
Thomas Pennington husband of my dau. Rebecca. Dated: 14 Sept. 
1751. Wit: Howell and Gray Briggs. Recorded: I5 Apr. 1757. 

P. 68 Inventory of William Clifton's estate presented by Charity 
Clifton ex. 19 Sept. I76O. 

P. 68 Accounts of Jervis Wingfield's estate to V\lilliam Wingfield adm. 
( ) 1757. 

P. 69 Inventory of William Pair presented by Rebecca Pair and Thomas 
Pennington ex; made by John Pennington, Jun. , VJilliam Partin 
and Joseph Pennington. Recorded: 17 June 1757. 

P. 70 George Wyche. son: Peter (land in Brunswick County); sons-in- 
law: Abraham Green, Theophilus Goodwynne; granddau: Elizabeth 
Woodroff; dau: Hannah; wife: Sarah; son: George; to John 
Clanton and Charles Collier; son Benjamin; grandson: Drury 
V\Jyche son of Peter Wyche (land in Brunswick County); ex: son 
Benjamin. Dated: 5 Oct. 1753- Wit: Robert Jones, Jun., 
Gray Briggs, Benjamin Weldon. I5 July 1757- 

P. 72 Accounts of Robert Bullock's estate by Joseph Harwood ex. 
19 Aug. 1757. 

P. 73 Hannah Rawlings. sons: John, Gregory, Richard; dau: Mary and 
Elizabeth; grandsons: Drury and l/Villiam Rawlings, Senior; 
granddau: Sarah Rawlings, Mary, Agness, Hannah Mason, Prissilla 
Phillips, Sucky and Sarah Rawlings; dau: Mary Mann, granddau: 


Hannah and Ann Rawlings; dau: Elizabeth Phillips; ex: son 
Gregory. Dated: 2? Aug. 1757- Wit: Charles V/ood, Thomas 
Holt and William Rawlings. Recorded: 16 Sept. 1757. 

P. 7^ Inventory of Hannah Rawlings estate by James Carter, Henry 
Freeman and Levi Gilliam. 21 Oct. 1757. 

P. 76 Sarah Evans. dau: Ann; wit: Thomas Moore and Thomas Moore Jr. 
Nunc, will rec. 21 Oct. 1757. 

P. "^l Accounts of Robert Wynne. 18 Nov. 1757. 

P. 78 William Harper, eldest son: Vililliam Harper (land in Dinwiddle); 
son: Wyatt(land in patent dated 28 Aug. 175^); sons: Edward, 
Benjamin; dau: Milly Tucker, Martha Rivers; ex: sons Wyatt and 
Edward. Dated: 12 Oct. 1757. Wit: Thomas Huson, Nathaniel 
Malone and John Bonner. Recorded: 18 Nov. 1757- 

P. 80 Thomas Avent. son: VJilliam (land in Northampton Co., N.C. 

where Thomas Johnson lately dwelt); son: Peterj Thomas Avent son 

of John Avent deed, (land in Sussex and Southampton Co.); 

5 granddaus: daus . of Thomas Avent deed.; daus : Mary Vincent, 

Sarah Fox wife of William Fox; (sell land in Lunenburg Co.) 

children of John Avent deed, to Athaliah Cosiah Norris; ex: 

son William and son-in-law Thomas Vinson. Dated: Sept 21, 1756. 

Wit: William and Mary Dobey, John Barlow. Recorded: 18 Nov. 


P. 82 Holam Stundivant. sons: Holam, Matthew; dau: Elizabeth Bates; 
wife: Elizabeth; ex: wife and sons Holam and Matthew. 
Dated: 25 Sept. 1757. Wit: Nicholas Massenburg, Sloman Wynne 
and William Sturdivant. Recorded: 18 Nov. 1757. 

P. 83 Samuel Tatum, to John Gilliam (son of Amey Gilliam)- to Sarah 
Bagley dau. of William Bagley. ex: Hinehia Gilliam. Dated: 
Jan. 12, 1756. VJit: William and Henry Briggs. Recorded: 
16 Dee. 1757. 

P. 84 Isaac Mason, wife: Ann; son: John; dau: Mary Ann; (wife is 
pregnant); ex: David Mason and Robert Pettway. 20 Oct. 1757. 
Wit: John and Ann Gilliam. Recorded: 17 Feb. 1758. 

P. 85 Nicholas Jones. sons: James, Nathaniel; dau: Mary Horn, 

Sarah Felps, Rebecca Jones; wife: Elizabeth; ex: wife and son 
Nathaniel. Dated: Feb. 175^. Wit: Joseph Ellis, James Hearn, 
and William Felts. Recorded: I7 Feb. 1758. 

P. 86 Inventory of Hollam Sturdivant's estate presented by Matthew 
Sturdivant. I7 Feb. 1758. 

P. 87 Inventory of 'jj'illiam Moss estate made by Thomas Mitchell, 
Matthew Gibbs and Nathaniel Mitchell, returned by Joshua 
Meachum. 17 Feb. 1758. 


p. 88 Inventory of Nicholas Jones estate made by Henry Blow, Joseph 
Lane and Robert Bailey. 1? Mar. 1758. 

P. 89 Edward Eckles . eldest son: John; son: Thomas (land in Amelia); 
son: Robert (land in Amelia); sons: William, Edward and James 
(Edward and James get land in Amelia); wife: Mary; ex: wife 
Mary and son William. 24 Oct. 1757- Wit: John Curtis and 
Churchwell Curtis. 21 Apr. 1758. 

P. 91 Inventory of William V\/ynne's estate by James Jones, Josiah 
Freeman and Burrell Green. 17 Mar. 1758 • 

P. 92 Robert Ferrington. wife: Mary; dau: Amey. Dated: 29 Nov. 
1757- Wit: Amos Love, Matthew Parham Jr. and Jane Green. 
Recorded: 21 Apr. 1758. 

P. 92 Inventory of Samuel Allsbrooks Jr. estate made by James Wyche, 
Joseph Thorp and Major Tiller returned by Agness Allsbrook. 
21 Apr. 1759. 

P. 9^ Inventory of Samuel Tatum made by John Irby, John Tomlinson 
and Pettway Johnson. 16 June 1758. 

P. 95 Jeremiah Bullock, wife: Amey; sons: John, Samuel, Charles, 
Richard. Dated: 9 Oct. 1757- Wit: Henry Tuder, John 
Sandefer, Thomas Felts. Recorded: 21 July 1758. 

P. 96 Inventory of William Harper's estate returned by Wyatt and 
Edward Harper, ex: 21 July 1758. 

P. 96 Inventory of Edward Eckles estate returned by Mary Eckles, ex. 
21 July 1758. 

P. 97 Inventory of Robert Ferrington 's estate returned by Mary 
Farrington, ex. 21 July 1758. 

P. 97 John Wilkerson, Senior, sons: William, Richard; wife: Agniss. 

27 Feb. 1758. Wit: Nathaniel Duncan, Thomas Atkins and Nicholas 
Partridge. 21 July 1758. 

P. 98 Accounts of William Pairs estate presented by Thomas Pennington, 
ex. 21 July 1758. 

P. 99 Inventory of John Shands ' estate made by Thomas Young, William 
Dunn, Henry Tatum presented by Eliza Shands, adm. 21 July 

P. 100 Inventory of Edward Lee's estate made by Henry ?/Ioss, Edward 
Epps and Joshua Meachum returned by John Hay adm. 22 July 

P. 103 Inventory of Henry Meachum 's estate made by John Hay, Edward 

Eppes, John Adkins returned by Joshua Meachum adm. 18 Aug, 1758. 


p. 10^ Accounts of William Moss' estate. Recorded: 18 Aug. 1758. 

P. 105 Inventory of George Wyche's estate returned by Benjamin 
Wyche ex. I5 Sept. 1758. 

P. 105 Accounts of the estate of Priscilla Morgan by James Gee the 
sheriff. 17 Mar. 1758. 

P. 106 Inventory of Jeremiah Bullock's estate made by John Barns, 
Joseph Prince, Battle. 28 Oct. 1758. 

P. 107 Peter Bagley. sons: William, Henry, dau. Jane Lashley, Sarah 
Readen, Amey Bagley? sons: George, James; dau: Mary; ex: 
sons George and James. Dated: 1 Mar. 1756. Wit: John Rives, 
Richard Rives Jr, and Richard Rives Sr. Recorded: 20 Oct. 

P. 108 Inventory of John V/ilkison's estate made by Robert Parson, 
John Adkins and Hugh Ivey presented by Richard VJilkison ex. 

P. 108 . William Parham. wife: Ann; son: Thomas, Stith;ex: wife and 
sons Thomas and Stith. Dated: I5 Dec. 1756. Wit: Sloman 
VJynne , John Parham, Robert Pettway Jr. Recorded: 20 Oct. 

P. 109 James Banks . wife: Martha; son: Burrel; dau: Susanna; ex: 
son Burrel. Dated: 5 Mar. 1758. Wit: Amos Love, Seymour 
Robertson. 17 Nov. 1758. 

P. 110 Inventory of William Parham 's estate returned by Thomas and 
Stith Parham. I5 Dec. 1758. 

P. Ill Inventory of Peter Bagley 's estate made by William and Reubin 
Cook, John and Henry Barker. I5 Dec. 1758. 

P. 112 Benjamin Ellis, wife: ; sons: William, Jonathan, 

Benjamin; dau:. Mary Procter, Elizabeth Morsing; children: 
Jeremiah, Joseph, Priscilla Blow ? , Sarah and Susanna Andrus; 
ex: sons Joseph and William. 3 Dec. 1758. Wit: Robert 
Nicolson, Benjamin Smith and Emanuel Jones. 19 Jan. 1759. 

P. 113 Inventory of Agniss Freeman's estate made by James Jones, 
William Malone, Michael Hill, Philleman Russell, David and 
John Callaham, (John Freeman). I9 Jan. 1759- 

P. 114 Inventory of Joel Freeman's estate made by James Jones, John 
Wilborn, William Oliver (Josiah Freeman) 19 Jan. 1759- 

P. 115 Clement Hancock. sons: William, Benjamin; daus : Anthany 

Hancock, Letitia Green, Lucy, Hannah and Sarah Hancock, Mary 
son Clement; wife: Anthany; ex: wife and son William. 
31 Oct. 1758. Wit: Thomas Young, Sarah Edwards, Lucretia 
Nunn. 19 Jan. 1759- 


p. 116 Inventory of Thomas Bobbit's estate made by Sloman Wynne, 
Matthew and Stith Parham. 19 Jan, 1759. 

P. 118 Accounts of Balam Bell's estate. Recorded: 19 Jan. 1759- 

P. 118 Inventory of James Banks estate appraised by George Robertson, 
Isham Smith, George Randall. 19 Jan. 1759. 

P. 119 Inventory of John King Junior's estate appraised by William 
Ezell, Thomas Moore and Solomon Graves; John King adm. 
19 Jan. 1759. 

P. 120 Inventory of Thomas Dickens estate Anselm Bailey returned; by 
Joseph and John Pennington Jr., Moses Johnson. 19 Jan. 1759- 

P. 121 Richard Pepper, daus: Sarah Harwell, Elizabeth Harwell (land 
in Brunswick and Lunenburg County) , Martha Atkinson, 
Rebecca Hardiway; son-in-law: Thomas VJade ; ex: sons-in-law: 
Mark Harwell and John Hardiway Dated: 12 Jan, 1759- Wit: 
Amos Love, Thomas Vines, Jesse Holt. Recorded: 16 Feb. 1759. 

P. 122 Accounts of John Mason's estate. Recorded: 20 Apr. 1759- 

P. 124 Ann Hulmn (Hulmen) . son: V',/illiam; daus: Sarah Biggins, Ann 
Sandifer, Frances Hamilton; ex: dau . Sarah Biggins. 14 Aug. 
• 1757. Wit: Mary Claiborne, Amey Mitchel, Katharine 
Mccinnish, Francis Rieves, A. Claiborne. 20 Apr. 1757- 

P. 126 Inventory of Benjamin Ellis returned by Joseph and William 

Ellis, ex; appr: Robert Nicholson, John Alsobrook and Benjamin 
Smith. 20 Apr. 1759- 

P. 128 Nathaniel Clanton. wife: Mary; sons: Reuben, Nathaniel, 

William; daus: unnamed; ex: wife and son Reuben. 14 Feb. 1759- 
Wit: Hinshea Gilliam, John Rochell, Levi Gilliam. 20 Apr. 1759^ 

P. 129 Inventory of Seth Massons estate made by Thomas Young and Henry 
Tatum. 20 Apr. 1759- 

P. 129 Accounts of Henry Meachum, Recorded: 20 Apr. 1759- 

P. 130 Accounts of Prissila Morgan returned by John Morgan. 
21 Mar. 1758. 

P. 130 Accounts of Prissilla Morgan returned by James Gee, the sheriff. 
21 July 1758. 

P. 131 Inventory of Henry Barker's estate presented by Henry Barker 
ex, 15 June 1759- 

P. 131 Benjamin Tomlinson, bros : William, James, John,; 
sisters: Rebecca Heeth, Mary VJrenn, Sarah Partrige, Ann 
Tomlinson; father: John; bro: Burrell; ex: bros: William and 


James. 2^ Apr. 1759- l-Jit: Benjamin Tomlinson, Henry Peoples, 
Joshua Rosser. 10 June 1759. 

P. 132 Inventory of Ann Hulme's estate returned by Sarah Biggins ex. 
15 June 1759. 

P. 133 Inventory of Benjamin Tomlinson made by Reuben and John Baird, 
Edward VJeaver. 20 July 1759- 

P. 13^ Inventory of Nathaniel Clanton returned by Mary Clanton.ex. 

20 July 1759. 

P. 13^ Wyatt Harper. to Thomas Huson, John Pennington and William 
Parham(land in Gloucester Co.) wife: Ann; dau: Frances; 
another child unnamed; ex: wife and bro. Edward Harper. 11 
Feb. 1759. Wit: Margaret Pretchard, Peter Green. 20 
July 1759. 

P. 135 Vifilliam Shands . son: William; grandson: John Shands; dau- 

in-law: Elizabeth Shands; grandsons: John Mitchel, James Stuart; 
wife: Nazareth; grandson: Shands Golightly; ex: son' William. 
^■ Jan. 1759. Wit: Thomas Loving, Lucy and Phebe Shands. 
17 Aug. 1759. 

P. 137 Inventory Wyatt Harper returned by Ann Harper the ex. 
17 Aug. 1759. 

P. 137 Accounts of Samuel Alsobrook, Junior returned by Agniss Bass 
the adm. 17 Aug. 1759. 

P. 138 Thomas Hunt of Dinwiddle. eldest sons: John (land in Dinwiddle 
adj. land in Sussex), Thomas, Judkins (land to receive at 
death of his mother-in-law or if she dies, when he reaches 21 
years of age); daus : Ann, Elizabeth and Sally Hunt, Martha 
Rivers; wife: .ex: wife and son John. 1^ Aug. 1757. 
Wit: IV. Brodnax, Thos . Huson, Henry Dickson, Thomas Dickson 
(codicil). Dated same day. 2nd codicil son Goodwin; 
dau. unchristened ( by late v/ife Athaliah); wife: Athaliah 
to have during her natural life; dau. Mary Norris . Dated: 
1 July 1759. Wit: Thos. Brown, Richard Huson, John Kelley. 

21 Sept. 1759. 

P. 1^1 Inventory of Richard King's estate made by Thomas Moore, 

Thomas Moor Junior, Solomon Graves, returned by Ann King adra. 

P. 1^2 John Rochel (Rochell). sons: Hinchea, Levi, Nathaniel, John; 
wife: Mary; ex: wife; wit: Silvanus Stokes, Levi Gilliam, 
Cornelius Loftin. 21 Sept. 1759- 

P. 14^ Rachel Hawthorne. son: Peter whom I was insient at the 

decease of my husband Peter Hawthorn; sister: ann VJhitfield; 
ex: James Roy and to be gdn. to sons John and Peter Hawthorne. 
19 Mar. 1759. Wit:Thomas Mitchell, ^iilliam Redding, Fanney 


Hawthorn. 21 Sept. 1759. 

P. 1^4 Inventory of Clement Hancock, Junior returned by John Harrison 
adm., made by James Chappell, Junior, John Adkins, Junior, 
Nathan Northington. 12 Sept. 1759- 

P. 145 Inventory of John Rochell's estate returned by Mary Hochell.ex. 
19 Oct. 1759. 

P. 146 Inventory of Rachel Hawthorne's estate returned by James Roy, 
ex.; Appr. by Thomas Mitchell, VJilliam Dunn, George Rives. 
19 Oct. 1759. 

P. 147 John Hunt, wife: Faith; sons: Benjamin, John, William, Burrell; 
daus: Betty, Mary; ex: wife and son William. Dated: 20 Oct. 
1760. Wit: Thomas Peters Jr., John Edmund Gray Edmunds, 
Vi/illiam Buchanan, John Peters. 16 Nov. 1759- 

P. 148 Judith Eldridge. dau: Sarah (if dau. dies then to Frances 
Mary, Elizabeth, Judtih and Anne Sterling Clack, who may be 
granddaus • or daus.); son: William; ex: son William. 
2 Mar. 1754. Uit: Thomas Eldridge, John Goodwyn, John Irby, 
Nathaniel Tomlinson. I5 Feb. I76O. 

P. 149 James Gee. sons: Charles (land in Prince George called 

"Howards", land in Northampton Co. N.C.), Drury (land in 
N.C. in Northampton Co.), Henry (land in Sussex); to Thomas 
Chappell son of Samuel Chappell (land in N.C.), to John 
Bradly and Sarah his wife; grandson: Gee Bradley> Grand-dau: 
Sarah Bradley ; dau: Elizabeth Gee; granddau: Boyce 
Gee dau. of James Gee (land in Pr. Geo. Co.); ex: sons Charles 
and Henry. Dated: 8 July 1759. Wit: Richard Carter, William 
Heeth Jr., Abraham Heeth and Thomas Young. I5 Feb. I760. 

P. 152 Inventory of Thomas Hunt returned by Athaliah Tucker the 
widow. 15 Feb. I76O. 

P. 152 Inventory of William Shands estate returned by William 
Shands ex. I5 Feb. I76O. 

P. 153 Inventory of Benjamin Harper made by Thomas Huson, John 
Malone, John Bonner. I5 Feb. I76O. 

P. 154 Inventory of Matthew Hill appraised by Edward Powell, 

George Randall, Nathaniel Rainey returned by Peter Cain adm. 
15 Feb. 1760. 

P. 155 Robert Dobie. sons: John, Robert; daus: Mary Dobie, Eleanor 
Darby, Kezia Tatum, Elizabeth and Frances Dobie; to Nathaniel 
Meachura, to Peter Vincent; son: I.'athaniel; granddaus: Phebe and 
Elizabeth daus. of my son John; ex: sons John, Nathaniel and 
Robert Dobie. Dated: I5 Jan. I76O. Wit: A. Claiborne, Thomas 
Young, Nathaniel Tomlinson, Banks Meachum. Dated: 15 Feb. 
1760. Recorded: 18 Apr. I76O. 


p. 157 Inventory of James Gee's estate 25 Feb. I76O returned by- 
Charles and Henry Gee ex. made by William Heeth, .Richard 
Carter, William Shands . 18 Apr. I76O. 

P. 159 Inventory of John Hunt returned by Faith and William Hunt. 
Made by Thomas Peters, Moses Johnson, Richard Parker. 
18 Apr. 1760. 

P. 160 Accounts of Andrew Lister returned by Patty Lister adm. 

15 Apr. 1760. 

P. 161 Thomas Oliver, son: Williamj daus: Ann Baker, Lucy Evans, 
Sarah Sturdivant, Elizabeth Oliver, Susanna Davis, Millia 
Spain; wife: Agnes ; ex: son William and wife. 17 Mar. I76O. 
Wit: James Jones, Benjamin Owen. 16 May I76O. 

P. 162 Sarah Parker, widow. daus: Marah, Martha-, to Richard Parker 
for maintainance of my children and paying legacies from will 
of husband; ex: son Richard. Dated: 3 Jan. I76O. 'Wit: 
Thomas and Sarah Parker, William Seabourn. 16 May I76O. 

P. 163 Accounts of Henry Barker *s estate returned by Henry Barker 
ex. 16 May I760. 

P. 164 Inventory of Robert Dobie's estate returned by Robert Doby, 
ex.; made be W. Eldridge, Nathaniel Bedingfield and Matthew 
Whitfield. 16 May I76O. 

P. 167 Accounts of Peter Bagley's estate by John Tomlinson adm. ' . 

16 May 1760. 

P. 168 Inventory of Thomas Oliver's estate made by James Jones, John 
Wilburn, Richard Jones Jr.; returned by William and Agnis 
Oliver ex. 20 June I76O. 

P. 170 Inventory of Viarner Metcalf's estate returned by 'William 
Barlow adm.; made by William Dobie, Thomas Underwood and 
Benjamin Seabourn. 20 June I76O. 

P. 171 Inventory of Thomas Peters estate returned by Thomas Peter 
adm. made by Samuel Peete, Richard Parker, and Benjamin 
Wych. 20 June I76O. 

P. 172 William Hines, Senior. sons: William, John, Thomas, Richard, 
Peter, David, Joshua; grandson: VJilliam Howel; sons-in-law: 
James Renn, Lazarus Drake; dau: Elizabeth Sorrow; ex: sons 
VJilliam and Thomas. Dec. 16, 1759. Wit: Moses and 
William Johnson, Thomas Peter. 20 June I76O. 




by J.C .Kolbe 

Prince Edward County Deed Book 8 has been examined and 
the deeds showing removals briefly abstracted. When a 
grantor is from another area, there is some connection with 
the county, and often a close tie with the county is 
indicated in the deed. When there is significant data in the 
body of the instrument it is included. 

All standard abbreviations are used, included: Pr. Edw. 
for Prince Edward County. 

P. 37 John Mitchell and Elisabeth his wife, Nicholas Vaughn 

and Elizabeth his wife of Pr. Edw. sell land in Pr. Edw. 

to William Gordon of Chesterfield. 

D. 20 March I786. R. 17 Sept. I786. 

Wit. Richd. Lewelling, John Miles, Jesse Lewelling. 

P. 43 Abbeville Co., S.C., at a court held 6 Jan. I789, Peter 
Martin, Robert Martin, Archibald Martin, Elizabeth 
Martin, Martha Martin, Sarah Martin, John Martin infants 
of Robert Martin Sen. by last will of their grandfather 
John Martin late of Pr. Edw. Co. deed, they are 
entitled to 1/5 of real and personal property of John 
Martin. Their father Robert Martin is made their 
guardian and given power to recover their property. 
D. 6 Jan. I789. R. 16 Feb. I789. 

P. 46 John Hamblin and Hanah Hamblin of Hawkins Co., N.C. sell 
to John Perkinson of Pr. Edw. land in Pr. Edw. 
D. 30 Jan. 1789. R. I6 Feb. I789. 
Wit. William Perkinson, David P. Morrow, Matt. Branch. 

P. 70 Henry Dickerson of VJashington Co. sells to Simeon Walton 
of Amelia Co. land in Pr. Edw. Co. 
D. 9 Aug. 1787. R. 18 Feb. I788. 

Wit. Benjamin Harrison, Wm. Harrison, Henry Dickinson Jr., 
James Dickinson, William Parkinson. 

P. 71 Thomas Redd of Pr. Edw. Co. buys from Anne Fox widow 
of John Fox late of Gloucester Co. deed, land in Pr. 
Edw. Co. 

D. 11 June 1786. R. June I786. 
Vv'it. Samuel Goode, ViJm. Puckett, Robert Vaughn. 


p. 72 V\/ilks Co. Georgia, Lucy Martin to Thomas Scott Sen. 

of Prince Edw. p. a. to receive what due me from the estate 

of John Martin deed, of Pr. Edw. 

D. 2 Oct. 1788. R. none 

Wit. Thomas Carter, Robert Martin. 

P. 7^ Robt. Martin of Pr. Edw. sells to Edward Houchens of 
Goochland Co. land in county aforesaid. 
D. 20 Oct. 1785. R. 20 Oct. I788. 
Wit. Thomas Scott, Jos. Scott Jr., John B. Scott. 

P. 97 Daniel Dunnivant, Hezekiah Dunnivant, John Dunnivant of 

Amelia Co. sell to Joel Davis of Chesterfield land in Pr. 

Edw. Co. 

D. 8 Sept. 1787. R. 21 April I788. 

Wit. Littleberry Davis, John Taggart, VJilliam Lindsey. 

P. 100 John Zachery and Judith his wife of Caswell Co.,N.C. sell 
to Benjamin Hawkins of Pr. Edw. land in Pr. Edw. 
D. 17 Nov. 1788. R. 15 Dec. I788. 

Wit. Saml. Harper, Robert Hawkins, VJilliam Hawkins, John 
Holloway . 

P. 117 Thomas Murray and Susanah his wife sold land to Littleberry 
Mosely Jr. by a deed. d. 8 Sept. I786. Wilk Co.,Ga. 
Susanah Murray wife of Thomas Murray relinquishes her right 
of dower. 
D. 11 May I788. R. 15 Sept. I788. 

P. 122 Griff en Pond and Masa his wife and Owen Smith and Kitura 
his wife all of Pr. Edw. sell to Lenin Walker of Accomack 
Co. land in Pr. Edw. Co. 
D. 23 Sept. 1788. R. 16 Feb. I789. 
Vi/it. Lee Bird, Wm. Richards, Henry Garrett, John Bass. 

P. 135 John Peter Wagnon of Augusta town, Georgia sells to 
William Bibb of Pr. Edw. land in Pr. Edw. Co. 
D. 20 April I789. R. 20 April I789. 

P. 137 John Peter Wagnon of Burks Co.,Ga. sells to George Booker 
of Pr. Edw. Co. land in Pr. Edw. Co. 
D. 20 April I789. R. 20 April I789. 

P. 157 William Ewing by virtue of p. a. from John Davison of 

District of Kentucky and John Crockett sells to William 

Bigger land in Pr. Edw. Co. 

D. 21 Sept. 1789. R. 21 Sept. 1789- 

P. 160 Joseph Wood of Botetourt Co. sells to Daniel Boice of 
Powhatan Co. land in Pr. Edw. Co. 
D. 1 Sept. 1789. R. 21 Sept. I789. 

Wit. Daniel Coleman, John Cardwell, William H. Gary, George 


p. 164 James Thackston of Pr. Edw. to Robert VJatkins of Richmond 
Co. Ga. p. a. to collect a judgement obtained by me 
against Josiah Shoemaker in county court of Pr . Edw. 
D. 19 Aug. 1789. R. 18 Jan. 1790. 

P. 169 William T. Booker of Richmond Co. Ga. to Jacob Morton 
of Charlotte Co. p. a. to deliver titles to James 
McDaniel of Charlotte Co. for land in Pr. Edw. Co. 
D. 5 Nov. 1789. R. 18 Jan. 1790. Wit: Gedeon Booker, Abm. B. 
Venable, John B. Scott. 

P. 176 John Davidson of Fayette Co. Kentucky to William 

Ewing of Pr. Edw. p. a. to sell land which descended to 
me as heir at law of my father Richard Davidson to 
be sold to Vi/illiam Biggar late of King William Co. 
D. 9 June 1789- R. 20 July I789. 
Wit. Pugh Price, Francis Haskins, Catey Price. 

P. 180 William Watts of Botetourt Co. to John Watts of Pr. 
Edw. p. a. to collect debts due me in Va . , S.C., and 
D. 13 Feb. 1788. R. 15 Dec. I788. 

V/it. C. Scott, Jno. 'W. Holt, Jackwell Brewer, Thomas Scott. 

P. 180 James Lockland of Montgomery Co. Md. to Nathaniel Venable 
of Pr. Edw. p. a. 

D. 21 March I789. R. 21 Sept. I789. 
Wit. Samuel Harris, Samuel Shepherd. 

P. 188 Jesse Lewelling of Wake Co. N.C. to Richard Philips 
of Pr. Edw. land in Pr. Edw. 
D. 3 Aug. 1789. R. 19 Oct. 1789. 

Wit. Edmd. D. Ford, Matthew Rice, Thomas Howerton, 
Anderson Lewelling. 

P. 194 George and Anderson Watkins sons of Thomas Watkins late 
of Henrico dec. both minors above 14 ys . petition to 
have their bro. Robert VJatkins of Richmond Co. Ga. 
appointed their guardian. 
D. 1 Jan. 1790. R. 15 Feb. 1790. 

P. 218 John Peter Methauer late of town of Sultzback in upper 
Alsace in kingdom of France now of Pr. Edw. Co. to my 
bro. Francis Joseph Mettauer of Pr. Edw. p. a. to sell 
property in France. 
D. 18 Oct. 1790. R. 18 Oct. 1790. 

P. 243 William Stone of Henrico Co. sells to John Johnson of 
same county land in Pr. Edw. Co. 
D. 5 June 1790. R. 18 Oct. 1790. 

VJit. Osborne Lockett, Jacob Lockett, Edmund Lockett, 
Richd. Bibb, Augustus Watson. 

P. 247 Jesse Winfree of Georgia sells to John Redd of Pr. 
Edw. land in Pr. Edw. Co. 


D. 20 Dec. 1790. R. 20 Dec. 1790. 

2^9 Samuel Wallace of Lincoln Co. and district of Kentucky 
sells to Zacheriah Robertson of Pr. Edward land in 
Pr. Edw. 

D. 1 Nov. 1790. R. 20 Dec. 1790. 
VJit. Andrew Wallace, Wm. Porter, Wm. Ewing, Tho. Carson. 

252 William T. Booker of Georgia sells to Parham Booker of 
Amelia Co. land in Pr. Edw. Co. 

D. 20 Aug. 1790. R. 21 Dec. 1790. 

Wit. Richd. Watkins, James Anderson John Foulks, Geo. 

Redd, Thos. Flournoy. 

253 William Walton of Richmond Co. Ga. sells to Joel Johns 
of Pr. Edw. land in Pr. Edw. Co. 

D. 20 Dec. 1790. R. 20 Dec. 1790. 

255 Mary Davidson of Fayette Co. sells land to William 

Biggar late of King Wm. Co. now of Prince Edw. Whereas her 

late husband Richard Davidson died possesed of land in 

Pr. Edw. Co. Mary Davidson sells her dower portion 

of said land. 

D. 15 Oct. 1790. R. 20 Dec. 1790. 

Wit. Andrew Wallace, VJm. Porter, Willm. Ewing, 

Thomas Carson. 

269 Abraham Estes and Kasiah his wife of Pr. Edw. sell to 
John Bagwell of Accomack land in Pr. Edw. 
D. 27 March I7B8. R. I5 Dec. I788. 

Wit. Jno. L. Crute, Daniel Hott, John VJatkins, Chars. 
Jones, John Clarke. 

272 James Anderson of Pr . Edw. sells to Levin Walker of 
Accomack land in Pr. Edw. Co. 
D. 12 Dec. 1789. R. 19 April 1790. 
Wit. John Langhorne Tabb, VJilliam Hunt, Benjamin Hawkins. 

305 Thomas Stark of Wilk Co. Ga . to Joseph Moore of Pr . Edw. 
and Mr. William Smith of Lunenburg Co. p. a. 
D. 7 June I786. R. 18 June I787. 
Wit. John Rice, James Rice. 

331 Zachariah Robertson of Wilks Co. sells to Garnatt 
Andrews of Pr. Edw. land in Pr. Edw. Co. 
D. 12 April 1791. R. 16 May 1791. 
VJit. Nathl. Venable Jr., Job Bird, Jacob Venable, 
Micajah anthony. 



by J.C.Kolbe 

A list of the names of the Free Males who have taken the Oath of 
Allegiance and ( ) this Comowealth before me in Amelia County. 

V, Brooking 

Aug. 25. 

Abram Green Jr. 
Robt. Brooking 
Rot, Cousins 
Miln. Roach 
Abra. Hood 
David Adams 
Wm. Green 
Evan Mitchell 
Thos . Couzens 
Mathw. Tucker 
Abra. Coleman 
•Jno. Dodson 
Robt. Hood 
Daniel Allen 
John Cousens 
Robt. Bevill 
Tucker Hood 
Wm. Cousins 

Wm. Tucker(son of John) 
Sam. Pitchford 
George Kidd 
Isaac Coleman 
Benja. Dison 
Wm. Dunavant 
Abner Jackson 
Jesse Ellington 
Robt. Bivell 
Thos. Drake 
Frederick Talley 
John Hastings 
John Neal 
Starling Williams 
Jos. Chandler 
John Hood 

Sept. 6 

Jas . Southall 
Jesse Coleman 
Hezh. Coleman 

Solomon Hood 
Godfrey Tucker 
Martin Chandler 
Zachariah Hastings 
Solomon Coleman 
Jeremiah Perkins on 
Godfrey Coleman 
Ludwel V^illiams 
Thos. Hood 
Wm. Hood 
Abra. Talley 
Jno. Pitchford 
Thos. Bevill 
Frederick Ford 
Sutton Hastings 
Richd. Allen 
Burrel Coleman 
Chas. Hood 
Rice New( ) 
Jas. Bevill 
Wm. Wells 
Abra. Tucker 
Jas. Roach 
John Anderson 
Joel Tucker 
Mich. Walthrop 
John Rogers 
Jas. Bevell 
Wm. Roach 
Francis Stern 
Daniel Coleman 
Benja. Kidd 
Lan. Wills 


Oct. 15th 

David Donnan 
Wm. Talley Sen. 
Benja. Will 
Wm. Smith Sen. 
Grief Talley 

Oct. 18th 

Heny. King 
Nath. Tomlinson 

Nov. 9th 

Geo. Tucker Sen. 
Dan. Clay 

by J.C.Kolbe 
For 1800, Recorded I8OI 

John Warren Jr. 
John Warren 
Benja. Goodrich 

rem'd to So.ampton 
do. do. 
do. Isle of Wight 

For 1801, Recorded 1801 

Stephen Collier 
Walter Johnston 

For 1801, Recorded 1802 

Thomas Margraves 
James Smith 
William Milby 
William Simmons 
John Respes 
VJalter Johnston 
Lewis Williams 

For 1821 
'Wm. Busby 

Pr. Geo. 

to Sussex 

to Norfolk 

to Isle of Wight 

to Georgia 

to Isle of Wight 

to Petersburg 

to Pr. Geo. 

to Isle of Wight 


by L.H.Hart 

The following deeds were found in bundles marked deeds recorded, 
and partly proved. A random check has found that they were not recorded, 
but continued for additional proof. 

The deeds prior to I8O6 have been abstracted giving the date, 
grantor, grantee (and their respective residences), the purchase 
price, acreage, a brief description of the property, witnesses, 
receipt, and docket. 

Standard abbreviations are used including: Ad j .-adjoining, 
Not. P-Nottoway Parish; So 'n-Southampton; and the docket information 
is transcribed as on the original. 

1. D. Nov. 13,1777. Thomas Atkinson of N.C. to Charles Barrett of 
Va tlOO 225a Not.P South of Main Blackwater Swamp 
adj. Gonyers Morris, Timothy Atkinson part of 2 tracts given 
to Thomas Atkinson Sr. witn: Joseph Mountfortt, Arthur Bowing, 
Willm. Urquhart Docket: Feb. 1778 prov'd by 2 witn. Receipt: 
D. Nov. 13,1777 witn: Willm. Urquhart, Joseph Mountfortt, 
Michael Atkinson. 

2. D. 7 March I807 Arthur Adams and w Elizabeth to Thomas Applewhite 
t 72 15sh 97 acres adj. Sally Reese, Jno. Grizzard, John 
Addams, Rivers Reese, dec. witn: Chas . B. Nicolson, Hamlin 
Harris, Henry Barrow Docket: May I807 by 2 wit. and cont'd. 
Attached to above deed is another between same parties and on 

same date. L72 15sh 24a being his wife's portion of land 
of Randolph Reese, dec. same witn. 

3. Arthur Branch of Johnson Co. N.C. eldest son and heir of Ogburn 
Branch of So'n. Whereas Ogburn Branch in 1758 sold John Cobb 

of So'n 296a, 20 acres of which said Arthur bought of the Nottoway • 
Indian Nation. 5sh Arthur sells his right in the aforesaid 
20 acres D. May 19,1759 witn: R. Kello, Mary Kello, Jno. 
Kello. No Docket. 

4. Edward Britt Sr. of So'n. for love and affection to son Edward 
Britt 100 acres s. of Blackwater Swamp adj. John Jackson 


D. Dec. 6, 1762 witn: John Clayton, Benjn. Britt, William 
Boykin Heceipt: Dec. 6,1762 Docket: June I763 prvd. by 
2 witn. 

5. Articles of Agreement D. 10 July 1776 Martha Blow, widow of 
Samuel, dec. and her son Richard Blow and Edwin Gray Gray is 
about to erect a mill on the Town branch and to save the expense 
of a jury and assessment of damages they the sd. Blows for 5 sh 
agree not to hold Gray liable for any damages due to overflow 

of creek as a result of erection of the mill. witn: Thomas 
Davis, John Cobb, Franklin Clark Receipt: no date witn: Thomas 
Davis, Franklin Clark Docket: Lodged July 1776 

6. William Boykin Sr. of So*n for love and affection to my son William 
Boykin land east side of Seacock Swamp 2^'0 acres 

D: Jan. 8,1777 witn: Jacob Summerell, Stephen Summerell, 
James Summerell Receipt: Jan. 8,1777 Docket: Jan. 1777 
proved by 2 wit. 

7. (Torn) D. 12 Aug. 1778 John Byrd of So'n to Nathan Byrd of 
N.C. sum and acreage missing N. Buckhorn Swamp adj: 
John Wilkinson, Cordall Norfleet, Moses Johnson witn: Nathan 
Bryant, Moses Johnson, Arthur Bass Jr. Docket: Nov. 1778 by 

2 witn. 

8. Thomas Holliday of Nansemond to Jacob Barnes of So'n 

Whereas David Delk of So'n by deed Aug. 2, 1776 to Jacob Barnes 
for his being security for David Delk's administration of Joseph 
Delk's estate, conveyed 175 acres whereon David Delk lived 
David Delk has removed himself and Jacob Barnes has had to bear ■ 
expenses of administration L27 all his right in above 
mentioned land witn: Jesse Drew. Saml. Nicolson, Wm. Thomas 
Receipt: Aug. 9.1778 same witn. Docket: Oct. 1778 by 2 witn. 

9. D. 18 Nov. 1783 Hardy Bunn of Not.P So'n to Miriam Scott as 
gdn. to the orphans of James Jordan Scott dec. of same place 

LI9 19sh 125 acres whereon Hardy Bunn now lives being all the 

land he bought of David Bunn witn: James Wilson, Shad. Lewis, 

Thomas Mountfortt Jr., Joseph Turner Receipt: 18 Nov. I783 
same witn. Docket: by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

10. D. 8 May I788 Brittain Bowers and w Ann of So'n to Jacob Turner 
of same L60 I50 acres part of 237 acres granted to David 
Edmunds by patent (July ^,1759) adj: James Jones witn: Ann 
Edmunds, James Turner, Willie Francis Docket: Oct. I788 

2 witn. and cont'd. 

11. D. 9 July 1790 Howel Briggs and w Susanna of Not. P So'n to 
Adam Vdoolfrom of same L8 8sh. 28 acres adj: James Bell, 
John Scarborough, Robert Ricks witn: Miles Kirby, Thos . Simmons, 
T.W. Clements Receipt: July 9,1790 same witn. Docket: July 
9,1790 ack'd. by him and cont'd for the wife. 


12. Myrick Barnes of Johnson Co. NC for love and affection to my son 
James Barnes of same place 2 negro boysi Lewis, Baxton who 
are presently apprenticed as follows: Lewis to Randolph Wren, 
carpenter of So'n., Bsixton with Chs. Long, B. Smith of Sussex 

D. Jan. 3, 1791 witn: Newi t Claud, Henry Thorp, David Ivy, 
J. Harris Docket: Feb. 1791 cont'd. 

13. D. May 13,1791 Henry Brown of So'n. to William Urquhart of 
So'n. whereas Henry Brown is indebted to William Urquhart 

for Ll4 to secure debt Henry Brown transfers 75 a, and personalty 
witni Joshua Fort, Joseph Ruffin, Ns . Faulcon Jr., Wm. CrichloW 
no docket 

14. D. 15 Aug. 1792 Nicholas Boon and w Anne Boon, Thomas Boon 
to William Simmons tlOO lOOacres reference to deed of 
Thos . Taylor to Nichs . Boon for boundaries witn: James 
Wilkinson, Newet Edwards, Simon Everitt Docket: Sept. 1792 
ack'd. by Thomas ; Ann Boon she exd., prov. by 2 witn. as 

to Nicholas and contd. 

15. Judkins Barham of Wake Co., NC being indebted to Edward Fisher 
of So'n. for L20 to secure payment and for 5sh. paid by 
William Chambliss as trustee do transfer to William Chambliss 

1 negro girl Venus witn: John Rogers, Henry Barrow, Jacob 
Newsom Docket: June 1792 prov. by 1 wit. and cont'd. 

16. (torn) Charles Bass and w Ann to Moses Thorp all of So'n. 
D29 (no acreage) s Three Creeks where we live except my 
cleared lands, adj. Hardy (Bass?) witn: Wm. Harris, (?) Cooper, Hardy 
Thorp, George Ivey Docket: Feb. 1793 Proved by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

17. D. 15 June 1795 Wm. Bradshaw and Thomas Bradshaw to Jacob 
Randolph adm. of Gardner Fleming dec. for tl5 l^sh. 4p. 
which sd. Bradshaws are indebted to Randolph as adm. lOOa. 
in Nottoway P. see deed of Samuel Kello to sd. Thomas for 
boundries witn: Saml. Kello as to Tho. and Wm. Bradshaw, 
Austin Cocke as to Tho. and Wm. Bradshaw, Jno. D. Haussmann 

as to Tho. and Wm. Bradshaw, Jno. K. Randolph as to J. Randolph. 
No Docket. 

18. D. 14 Nov. 1796 Henry Brown and w Lucy of Wake Co., NC to 
William Boykin of So'n. tll2 100 acres East of Seacock 
Swamp adj. William Stephenson Sr. witn: J. Boykin, James 
Clayton, Edward Hatfield Receipt: Nov. 14,1796 witn: Josiah 
Boykin, James Clayton, Edward Hatfield Docket: July 1797 by 

1 wit. and cont'd. 

19. D. 11 Jan. 1797 Cordall Bynum to Lazarous Cook t40 90 
acres adj. Mary Harris (formerly Nathan Bryant's), John 
Kindred known by Bynum 's old place also by a deed granted 
Michael Bynum by Wal(torn) Bryant witn: Nathan Bryant, Charles 
Chapman, Samuel Cook Docket: Aug. 1797 by 2 wit. and cont'd. 


20. D. 30 Dec. 1797 John Bynum of So'n. to Asa Byrd and James 
Byrd to secure a debt due said Byrds of L1^8 8sh. 7p 

307 acres whereon John Bynum lives (property to be sold) 
witnj James Gee, Susan Drew, Mary Gee Docket: May I798 Lodged 

21. D. 16 Jan. 1798 John Thomas Blow Jr. of So'n. to Teare and Gray 
late merchants and partners of Suffolk tl20 1 lot in 
Jerusalem which sd. Blow bought of the trustees of the town 

witni Rd. Yarbrough, Merit M. Robinson, Peyton Harris Receipt: 
Jan. 16,1798 witn: Peyton Harris Docket: May 1798 pro. by 
1 witn. and cont'd. Aug. 1798 by Peyton Harris and cont'd. 

22. John Browne and w Martha of So'n. to Albridgeton Browne of same 
D. 10 Nov. 1797 i2^■ Is 10 3A a. N. Meherrin R. 

witn: W. Lundy Jr., William Sturgeon, Joseph Mundell, Anthy. Person 
Docket: May 1798 pro. by 1 witness and cont'd. 

23. D. 20 June 1798 John Barrow and w. Edith of So'n. St. Luke's 
Parish to Henry Barrow of same place L400 400 acres part of 
a patent granted sd. Barrow Ik Sept. I788 adjoining Wm. Bittle 
witn: Wm. Warren(?), Robt. Jones, Joseph Turner, Joseph 
Mundell Receipt: June 20,1798 same witn. Docket: Feb. 1799 
by 2 witn. and cont'd. 

2^. D. Feb. 23,1801 Joel Barham and w Sarah of So'n. to Balaam 
Hutchins of same L43 2sh 6p 28 3/^■ acres adj. Howell 
Barham, Levy Rochell part of land Joel Barham lives on 
witn: Geo. Cryer, Timothy T. Barham, Charles Barham Docket: 
Aug. I80I by 1 witn. and cont'd. 

25. D. Dec. 13,1800 Presley Barrett and w Susannah of So'n. and Not. 
P to Wiley Griffin of same $78 13 acres N. Cattail Swamp 
witnt Willis Barrett, B. Griffin, Matthew Mountfortt 

Receipt: D. Dec. 13, 1800 same witn. Docket: Apl. 1801 
Ack'd. by him cont'd for wife. 

26. D. 2 March 1801 James Browne and w Elizabeth of Norfolk Co.,VA 
to Reubin Whitfield of So'n. L250 250 acres being 5/8 

of land known as Woodards (lately property of Dr. Saml . Browne Sr. 
dec.) being the portions of the following heirs of Dr. Browne dec. 
to wit. James Browne, Anthony Browne, Edward Browne, Albridgeton 
Browne and Jno. Browne, the last ^ portions being bought by James 
Browne Witn: Fr. Wmson , Patk. Pond, Sally Wilson 
Dower Ackn. D. 10 March 1801 Docket: July 1801 Comml . and 
certificate retd. and contd. for husband Augt. 1801 By 2 wit. 
and cont'd. 

27. D. 14 Apr. 1802 Richard Blackshin(n)s of Not. P., So'n. to 
Benjamin Bradshaw tl5 60 acres where on sd. Blackshinns 
lives adj. Benja. Wilson, John Counsel, Peny Johnson, Benjamin 
Johnson until Blackshins or his heirs pay LI5 

witn: Micajah Griffin Jr., Arthur Bouing, Jacob Turner Receipt: 
Apr. 14,1802 Docket: Mortgage Dec. 1802 by 2 wit. and cont'd. 


28. D. 16 Aug. 1802 Ellis Gray Blake of So'n. to Robert Goodwyn 
of same 5 sh. 300 acres known as the Store tract in 

the lands of Col. Henry Taylor, dec. being the land said 
Blake bt. of Henry Taylor, dec. This is to guarantee Goodwyn 
who is security for Blake unto Freeland & Gillies for 
L310 19/7 Witn: Thos. Fitzhugh, F. Clements, Jno. 
Crichlow. Docket « By 1 wit. and cont'd. 

29. D. Feb. 9 » 1803 Ellis Gray Blake and wife Mary to Michael 
Leonard all of So'n L75 2 acre adj. Leonard's lot and 
Lumber house Witni Mary Jarrell, James Folk, John Wright, 
Henry Parker Ack. of Dower i D. Feb. 10,1803 John 
Wright, Sam Blunt J. P. Docketi Aug. I803 By 2 wit. 
comm. and certificate ? is cont'd. 

30. D. May 16,1803 Robert Goodwyn and wife Susannah of So'n. 
to Luisa, Emmy, Polley, and Edwin Simmons, orphans of Edwin 
Simmons of So'n. t60 228 acres adj. John Simmons, 
Foster, Kerby, Mike Ellis being part of land conveyed in 
deed of trust by Jesse Arrington , dec. to Joseph Scott, dec. 
and sd. Goodwin bought it at auction. witni H. Arrington, 
Michl. Ellis, Silas Hobbs Ack. of Dower: D. May 21,1803 
Charles Briggs, Danl. Butts JP Docket: May I803 ack. 
and Rec. 

31. D. 11 May 1804 Burgess Bass of So'n. to William Lundy of 
same whereas Bass is justly indebted to sd. Lundy for 
$^^.70 to secure the debt 20 acres adj. Edwin Bass, John 
Rivers witni Robt. Mabry, Robt. Magee . 

32. D. Feb. 3, 1804 Burgess Bass and wife of So'n. to 

Joshua Claud of same Lll 10^ acres witn: Chas. B. 
Nicolson, Littleton Mason, Robt. Mabry Docket: May 1804 
by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

33. D. May 16,1804 Albridgton Browne of So'n. to Henry Smith of 
same $7 1 3/^ acres part of land formerly belonging to 
Claiborne Clifton witn: Green Turner, Willie Francis, Newit 
Harris Docket: Dec. 1804 By 2 wit. and cont'd. 

34. D. Oct. 1804 William Blow and w. Elizabeth of So'n. to 

William Hart and Benja. M. Evans of same $900 300 acres 
called Kello's ordinary which was assigned sd. Blow in right of 
his wife Elizabeth in the division of Samuel Kello dec, 
being lot 3. adj. Burgess, Kitchen Witn: Benjamin Cobb, Sajnl. 
Calvert, Jere . Cobb. Docket: May I805 by 1 wit. and cont'd. 

35- D. Jan. 15t I805 John Barlow and w Susan of So'n. to 

VJilkinson Capell of same (Copied as is) $106 4o acres 
adj. Nathaniel Barham being the lot assigned Charles Barham in 
his fathers Estate, reference being had to the plat of the 
dividind of the real estate of Joel Barham. Witn: John 
Barham, Thos. G. Chambliss, Frederick Parker. 


Ack. Dower: Jan. 15f 1805 Richd. P. Clements, Frederick 
Parker, J. P. Receipt: D. Jan, 15i I805 same witn. 
Docket: Apr. I805 prov'd. by 2 wit. and commissr. and 
certificate of its ac . and cont'd. 

36. D. Nov. 25, 1804 Ellis Gray Blake and w Mary, Peter Blow and 
w Elizabeth to James Folk all of So'n. 5 sh. li acres 
adj. Michl. Leonard, Benjamin W. Johnston's land (called 
Bethlehem), Thomas Ridley, being part of the land allotted as 
dower of Rebecca Taylor, widow of Henry, dec. witn: 
Charlotte Gurlay for all four, Ethd. Edmunds (for Blake and 
Blow), William Saunders (for Blake and Blow) Docket: July 
I805 by 2 wit. and cont'd. 


By L.H. Hart 

In the 1786 Land Tax List transfers the following individuals 
were added to Southampton County from Nansemond County when the 
county boundary line was shifted. 

The information listed here includes the landowners name, 
the acreage, and the value of the land. 

Elisha Darden 
Do for Eliz. Darden 
Franc is B i r ds ong 
Ann Carey 
John Hart 
John Williams 
Etheldred Everitt 
Titus Carr 
Elisha Darden N.C. 
John McCabe 
Holland Darden 
Mary Fisher 
James Garner 
Joshua Garner 
Mattw. Garner 
Robt. Darden 
John Carr 
Henry Garner 
Howell Hines 
Jordan Williams 
Richard Williams 
John Crossland 
Edwd. Crossland 
William Hart 
Etheldred Warren 
'Willm. Harwood 
John Bowers 


449 acres 

t 177.14.7 






























94 . 14 . 9 























-Robert Laurence 
James Hedgpeth 
Edward Butt 
John Bishop 
Geo. Williams 
Jannet Hart 

405 acres 











■ 132.10.0 



by L.H. 


The following is an abstract from Southampton County Chancery 
Papers for 1828 involving the Edmunds family. The following were 
heirs of Howell Edmunds, Sr. , deceased, who was brother of Samuel 
Edmunds, deceased. The material comes from a letter dated Apl. 18, 
1818 from Wm. Edmunds to Mr. James Tresvant. 

My father Howell Edmunds departed this life 13th of May 1814 
leaving the following representatives viz . : 

Charles Edmunds who is now 21, living in No.ampton Co.,N.C., 
the only child of Nicholas Edmunds, a deceased son of said Howell. 

Howell Edmun'ds,Jr. now dead leaving eight children named 
Carter Edmunds, living in So.ampton Co.,Va.; Howell Edmunds, 
living in No.ampton Co.,N.C.; Henry C. Edmunds, gone to the 
westward; Mary T. Edmunds, now wife of Benja. Edmunds, living 
in Halifax Co.,N.C.; Elizabeth Edmunds, under 21, now wife of 
George Edmunds, living in So.ampton Co., Va.; Lucy Nicholson 
Edmunds, Nicholas Edmunds, and Fanny Edmunds, under 21, their 
mother Elizabeth Edmunds being their guardian, living in 
No.ampton Co., N.C. 

Thomas Edmunds now living in Richland District, South 
Carolina, a son of Howell Edmunds, Sr. 

William Edmunds now living in No.ampton, N.C., a son of 
Howell Edmunds, Sr. 

Lucy Edmunds, now wife of James Crump, living in No.ampton 
Co., N.C., a daughter of Howell Edmunds, Sr. 

Sally Edmunds, wife of Robert Lamb of Sussex Co., Va., 
both deceased, leaving two children: Elizabeth Lamb, now wife 
of Thomas Deloach and John H.E.Lamb. 


Volume 2, Number 1, p.l7i line 28. Should read: Consequently, 
her grandfather was also her second husband's (Henry Tuder) 
step-grandfather . 


by J.C.Kolbe 
(continued from Vol. II, page 25) 

Saml. Yeargin, Bristol, Peg 

Thos. Yuell, Jas . Murdock 

Zow, Sarah, Gasper, Hill, Thomas 

John Weaver 1 

List of Tithables Taken in the Year I756 by Archibald Gary 

John Nunnally, Gesar, Gloucester, Temp, Gate, Anica 6 

Jacob Lester 1 

Benjamin Baily 1 

Andrew Amonet, Gharles and Vililliam Amonet 3 

Frank VJalker 1 

Samuel Bellame, Yorke 2 

John Smith 1 

Ezekiel Slaughter, Moll, Gharles 3 

Sarah Harrison, Bob, Tom, Rogar 3 

Henry Baker 1 

John Brumall 1 

William Brumall, Nann 2 

John Bowman, Fib 2 

William Wooldridge, Son Wm. , Frank and Jane ' k 

John Wooldrige Snr. , Richard Woldrige, Abraham, Judy k 

John Robards, Francis Robards, Sarah 3 

Jane Dupe, Toby, Sambo 2 

Robert Woldridge, Peter, Lucy 3 

Edward VJoldrige, Peter, Joe, Lucy 4 

William Jinkins, Wm. Jinkins Junr. 2 

Stephen Russel 1 

William Smith 1 

Richard Hatcher 1 

Josiah Tatum, Ned, Peter, Tum, Pat, Phillis, Dinah, Lucy, Alice, 

Dick 10 

Thos. Ellis, Drusse, Hall 3 

Nathaniel Tanner 1 

Henry Hatcher Junr., Will, Bouser 3 

Edraond Logwood, Mingo, Moll 3 

Miles Gipson, VJm. Baley, Jane 3 

Thos. Gipson, Dinah 2 

Godfrey Hill, Bett 2 

Edmond Hill 1 

John Burton Sr. , Jane 2 

Joseph Starkey, Dick, Joe 3 

Henry Baker 1 


John Martain, Cesar 2 

Thos . Farmour Snr. , Peter Farmour, Francis Farmour, Gate 4 

Thos . Farmour Jun. 1 

VJm. Hatcher, Jun. 1 

Benjamin VJatkins, Roger, Fanny, Alice, Arron, Docter, Hannah 7 

Edward Wilkinson, Angola, Jack, Rose, Nan, Chloe, Jack, Dick, 

Ned, Riddy 9 

Tom Johns 1 

John Clyborn, Jonas Clyborn 2 

John Chitwood 1 

Thos. Rudd, Ishah Blankinship, Gitt, Mopher, Sue, Yorke, Peter, 

Dick, Jean 9 

Matthew Tirpin, Henry Tirpin, Marw. Turpin 3 

James Rud, Sam, Lucy 

Stephen Pankey, John Pankey, John Tatum, York, Dick, Lucy, 

Sarah 7 

Edwd. Hatcher 1 
Robt. Church 1 

John Wood 1 

Morris Robarts, John Robarts, Judy, Robbin ^■ 

Cornelius Ellit 1 

John Hencock, George Hencock, Peter, Daniel, Amy, Peg 6 

John Moudy overseer Bower, Bob, Brandum, Dutches, Fanny, Charles, 

Remus, Seasar 9 

Wm. Pollom Overseer VJill, Sharper, Hannah, Sancy, Mussey 6 

Wm. Brittain Junr. , Lucy, Phillis 3 

V\fm. Britton Senr., Isham Britton, Josep Goode, Sam, Judy, Jane 

John Hatcher Sen., VJm. Hatcher 2 

Benjamin Laprade 1 

Mary Foore, Bruster, Jack, Roger, Fillis, Hannah, Sarah, Anica, 

Matthew, Martin 8 

Daniel Brown, Bridge, Phillis 3 

John V/ard, Richd. Ward 2 

Hugh Bragg 1 

Drury Bowman 1 

Alexr. Snelling, Aquilla Snelling 2 

Henry Cooks, Moll 2 

Richd. Sumpter, Christopher 2 

A List of the Honble. Wm. Byrds Tithables 

James Patteson 1 

Will, Bob, Dick, Ben 
Will, Guye, Sharper 

Isrel, Dinah, Tabb 3 

Usley, Alee, Tomsey 3 

Sarah, Bette, Gate 3 

Jude, Eve, Ame, Janey 

Bette, Rachel 2 

John, Minis, Cyrus 3 

Charles, Will, Godfra 

Jubeter, Godfra 2 

John, Napper, Edinbur 


Frank, Joe, Ferrymen 

Whealrite, Ned, Sarah 3 

Nanne, Moll 2 

Frank, Godfra 2 

Pegg, Nanne 2 

Dick, Jack, Bob 3 

Lette, Dott, Bette 3 

Sarah, Anakey 2 

Ket, Peter 2 

Robert Goode 1 


Robert Goode 's List of Tithables 

Alexr. Brown 1 

Cupet, Will, Track 3 

Phillis, Sharlot 2 

Richard Wadel 1 

Samson, Jac ( ) 2 

Hannah, Na ( ) 2 

Cesar, Tom 2 

Jack, Joe, Rose 3 

Binah, Agge 2 


Nicholas Shearers List 

Hill Smith 1 

Harry, Cuffe 2 


Dudley Brook, Bruton, Guy, Fardin, Dinah, Agnes 

Wm. Kennon, ()om, Phill, Sue, Abraham, Sam, Brijtte, Jack, 
Fanny, Chloe 10 

Mathias Chitwood, Bob, Hannah 3 

Gilbert Elam, Primies, Cato 3 

Benjamin Davis 1 

Thos. Man. Junr. 1 

Wm. Man 1 

John Smith 1 

Wm. More ^1 

Robar ( ) "TT 

Benjamin Bea ( ) 

Elizabeth Gris ( ) 

Agnes Kennon List, Will, Cesar, Anney, Amey, Jane, Fanny 

Revd. Mr. Frasare, Wm. Frasare, James, Matt, Sam, Ben, Patt, 
Phelie 8 


Phillip Mayo, James, ( ) Crouchlors, Bob Tom, Sam, Dick, James, 
Lucy, Bette 8 

Robert Loveall, Joe, Peg, Winny 4 

John Pride Jr. 1 

Francis Cox 1 

Wm. Angeling 1 

John Smith, George 2 

Simon Wootton, John Wootton, Dudley V^footton 3 

Frances VJomack 1 

Joel Hudson 1 

Simon Hudson 1 

George Hudson 1 

Edmond Bryars, Ned 2 

Richd. Harris 1 

Anthony Burner 1 

John Harris 1 

John Robertson, Lasarus Bryars 2 

David Haselwood 1 

Clayborne Anderson, Ned, Ned, Nero, John, Tom, George, Binah, 
Pris, Beck, Moll, Milla, Jude , Kate, Moll 15 

Joseph Power, Joseph Power 2 

John Howlatt, Dick, Ben, Amy, Patt, Dinah 6 

Alexr. Smith, VJm. Smith, James Smith, Peter Hopkins ^ 

Saml. Norris 1 

Joseph Atkins 1 

Joseph Smith 1 

Ralf Jackson, Lewis Jackson, Sarah 3 

James Clay 1 

Henry VJinfry, Sam, Simon, Easter ^ 

Wm. Dale Junr. 1 

Daniel Viiesegar 1 

Daniel Wiesegar 1 

Saml. Butler's List 

Dick, Jeffrey, Frank 3 

John Robins, Thos. Calvert 2 

David Mackie, Peter Mackie 2 

Hannah Easley's List, James, Inkla, Jamy, Saby, Cesar, Lucy, 
Nancy, Dick, Congo, Rob, Sam, Sarah 11 

James Martin, Wm. Martin, Peter, Ned, Frank, Fanny, Pompey 7 

Christopher Chamney, John Skelton, Areabella, Duke 4 

James Desian, Phill Smith, Tom 3 

Matthew Branch Senr. , Thos. Branch, Peter, Tom, ^uoco, Frank, 

Betty 7 

John Fowler, John Hix, Judy, Beck 4 

Edward Branch 1 

Wm. Scott, Ned, John Cousins, Jeany, Agness, Hannah, Phillis, 
Moll 8 


Walter Scott, Joe, Gate, Sarah, Sail 5 

Wm. Atkins, abraham Atkins, Negro Jag 3 

Thos . Donald, John McDonald, Viill, Judy, James Buckanan 

John Markham, George, Tom, Deborah h 

Jacob Alquire 1 

Henry Clay Sen., Lewis, Jack, Simon, Joseph, Jane, Sue 
John Clay, Bowzer, Nanny, Agg, Judy 5 

Edward Watkins List, John Gibson, Jack, Jane 3 

Joseph Farley, Forrest Farley, Tom, Will, Jenny 5 

Benjn. Chalkly 1 

Charles Johnson 1 

Ezekiel Sudbury Junr. , Negro Robin 1 

George Klinhoof , David Hix, Jack, Tom, Hannah 6 

Wm. Shepard 1 

John Belshire Junr., Wm. Hatchett, Dick, Moll ^ 

Wm. Walthall 1 

Thos. Worsham, Jacob, Elijah, Sirus, Juner 5 

Joseph Meryday 1 

Daniel Furguson 1 

John Elliott, Negro Wench 2 

Magdalin Sally, Robin 1 

Thos. Burton Senr., Daniel 2 

Thos. Burton Junr., Bosan, Tabb ; 3 

John Burton, Step, Frank 3 

Frances Hesterly 1 

Wm. Baugh, Frederick Baugh, Peter, Jacob, Abraham, Hannah, 

Dilsey, Eppey 8 

Valantine Winfrey Conble., Dick, Dick, Hannah, Kate, George 5 

Saral. Branch 1 

Mathew Branch Junr., Joe, Bristol, George, Stepney, Jenny, 
Cloe, Jenny 8 

Archibald Gary, Wm. Hill, John Hill, Robt, Paul John, Crisp, 
Guy, Sam, Harry, Sam, Pompey, Harry, Harry, Will, Ned, Emanuel, 
Roger, Bristol, Tom, Turpin, Ellick, Samson, Dick, Bash, Jack, 
Juba, Patty, Old Patt, Hannah, Cloe, Rachel, Aggy, Betty, Dianah, 
Gritty 38 

Stephen Beasley, George, Cesar, Jupitar, Jemmy, Amie, Flora, 
Bess 8 

Walter Buchanan, Thos. Friend 2 

Slaves Dick, Mingo 2 

Robt. Hancock, Bowser, Cesar 

James Farmer, Pegg, Frank, Judy 4 

Frederick Farmer, Dick 2 

Joseph Farmer 1 

Peter Baugh Senr., James Baugh, Dick, Judy, Peg 5 

George Wynn his wife 2 

Mrs. Gay, John Minge , Hampsheir, Pompey, Jack, Essy, Pegg, 
Flora, Phillis 8 


Britt Randolph, Harry, Curtis, George Rockley, Peter Clutterbuck, 
Thos. Couly, Charles, Natt, Absalom, Digg, Turpin, Jack Nirarod, 
Merlitta, Rachel 14 

Thos. Branch Shammopoko 

Thos. Branch and Carder Branch 3 

Robt. Smith, Richd. Smith, Jerry 3 

Charles Hall 1 

William Trent Sen. 1 

Benjn. Trent, Moll, Judy 3 

Jacob Waddel, Jack, Peter 3 

Olive Branch Sen., James Branch 2 

Olive Branch Jun. , Poll 2 

George Cogbill, Thos. Cogbill, ( ), ( ), Essey 5 

Francis Flournoy, Jacob Flournoy, Francis Flournoy Junr. , 

James Flournoy, Gipson Flournoy, Willm. Flournoy, Jane, Amy 8 

Mrs. Nunns Lucren, Sam, Nan Judah, Phillip Ryan, Thos. Nimn 6 

Christopher Robinson 1 

Thos. Cheatham, Thos. Cheatham Jun., Josiah Cheatham, VJill, 
Camby, Jack,' Sary 7 

John IVooldrige, Richd. Wooldrige, Moll, Lucy '4- 

John ( ) Senr. Negro Will 

Charles Nuckels 1 

John Nklels 1 

James Bly Junr 1 

Robert ( ) unt 1 

Thos. M( )ton 1 

John (B)ly 1 

Jacob ( )urst, Mingo, Dick, Moll, J( )ny 5 

John 0( ) 1 

James (Coh h)on 1 

Thos. Cohhon 1 

( ) (Co)hhon 1 

Robert Cole 1 

Edward Hatchet 
Hamlen Cole 
William Condre 
Henry ( )s_ 

( ) (B)elcher 1 

Samuel ( ) ilium 1 

John ( )um 1 

John ( )kalu 1 

John Garter 1 

James Moody 1 

John Ti ( ) 1 

William ( )ates 1 

John ( ) 1 

Henr (y) (B )lankinship 

( ) and son 2 


Pur) due Thos Purdue 2 




Farmor, Joel Farmer, ( ) 3 

Francis Cheatham, Abraham, Robbin, (Ja)cob, Knat, Fillis, 

Sarah 7 

Richard Northcot 1 

William Moore Jun. 1 

Joseph (B)lankinship 1 

John (B)lankinship 1 

Stephen (B )lankinship 1 

Ephraim Blankinship 1 

Drury Blankinship 1 

Joel Blankinship 1 

Francis Moseley, Jane, Bess, Dick, Frank, Sharper, Nan, Cain, 

James 10 

Thos. Cary, Dick, Tom boy, Jenny k 

John Skelton 1 

Jack Morriset 1 

'/Jilliam More 1 

John Morris 1 

Elam Farmer, Doll 2 

Hickson Cox 1 

William Derdue 1 

Randolph Nuckel 1 

John Rud_, Bob 2 

Drury Thomson, Abraham 2 

William Akin, James Akin, Robbin, Dick, Doll 5 

John Farmour Jun. , Dick 2 

William Akin Jun., 1 

Charles Clay, Phebe 2 

Johannah Branchs List, Workey, Judah, Patt 3 

Francis Man 1 

Joseph Gill, Stephen Gill, Doll 3 

William 1/Vilson, Jack 2 

William Newby, William Newby Jr. 2 

John Baugh, Jacob 2 

George Farmer, Abel Farmer, Moll, Sary, Dick 5 

Aron Fargeson, Antony, Phillis 3 

Turner Hemlet 1 

Morris Roberts 1 

John Godsey 1 

Lewis Sublit, Frank Cousens, Candes 3 

Thos . Godsey 

Stephen VJatkins, Lucy 2 

Christopher Branch, Daniel, Jack, Frank, Sam, Moll, Jenny 7 

Alex. Mackie, Jno . Scott, Jno. Ezdale, Jas . French, Robt. Shay, 
Sam, Kat 7 


Continued from Vol. II, Page 45 
by L.H.Hart, III 

May 18^]- 5 

1. Sarah Frances Clark d. Thomas J. and Susan Clark May 2 
Pleurisy ly km 13d ^i. P'^g. 

2. John Edward Smart s. Henry and Amanda Smart surv.f,2b,ls 
May 4 Bowel complaint 3m 20d b.P'bg. 

3. Sarah G. Simmons d. Edward and Hannah Hannon Roberts 

surv. m.,only bro. Capt. Richd.F. Hannon widow of Robert Simmons 
May 5 Erysipelas ^U-y b. Delaware Co., Pa. d. P'bg. 

k. Sylvester Pierce Smart s. Henry and Amanda Smart surv. f,lb. 
Is May 9 Bowel complaint 3m 25d b.P'bg. 

5. Infant son of David A. and Sarah S. Atkins surv. f,m,2b, 2s 
(one of whom is his twin) May 10 Infantile disease unk . 
3d b.P'bg. 

6. Martha H. Wilson d. Jeremiah and Elizabeth Sadler w of John G. 
Wilson surv. h, 2s, Id May 12 Pleurisy ^■3Y Pr. Geo. 
Co. d. P'bg. 

7. Aubin Slade d.John and Mary H. Farley w. of Albert Slade 
surv. h, Is, m, 2b,lsis.May 13 Child bed 25y b. Amelia Co. 
d. Ettricks, C 'fid. 

8. Susan Eppes Musser d. McDowell and Jane S. Anderson w.of 
Jacob D. Musser surv. h,ls,by this h. Is, Id by 1st h 

Nath. B. Nichols May 1? consumption 4ly 11m b. Sussex Co. 
d. P'bg. 

9. Infant son of William J. and Bridget A. Crowder May 19 
inf. disease unk. 6d b.P'bg. surv. f,m,l sis. 

10. Pleasant R. Haddon unknown surv. w,ld May 19 Pnemonia 
55y b. Dinwiddle Co. D. P'bg. 

11. Harriet E. Michie d.T.C. and Nancy Morriss w. of Dr. William 
J. Michie surv. h,ld May 26 Childbed not reported b. 
Louisa Co., Va. d. P'bg. 

12. Charles Edward Hambery s.John and Ann Hambery May 2? 
convulsions ly 8m b.P'bg. 

13 • Stillborn son of David A. and Rebecca D. Weisiger Chas. D. 
Mclndoe grf. of infant May 28 s.b. s.b. b.P'bg. 



14. Allan Campbell Dunlop s« David and Anna Mercer Dunlop 

surv. f,m, bros., sister May 30 unk . not reptd. b.P'bg. 

June 1845 

1. Leonard Clayton s. Willis B. and Elisabeth Clayton 
surv. f,in, sister June 1 cholera infantum 9ni b.P'bg. 

2. Thomas Cook Paul s. D'Arcy and Elisabeth S. Paul surv. 
f,m,2bros. June 2 Lumber Abscess 13y 9m b.P'bg. 

3. Adolphus Wright s. Alexander A. and Sarah Wright 
surv. f,m, 2sis.,lbro. June 5 Dropsy 3y 6m 4db.Rd.,Va. d.P'bg 

4. Charles Lewis Dove s. Charles L. and Eliza B. Dove 
surv. f,m June 5 cholera infanutm 6m 24d b. P'bg. 

5. Caroline Drake unk. surv. h, infant son June 6 
congestion of lungs 22y b. P'bg. d. C 'field 
h. Charles 0. Drake 

6. Mary V. Johnson d. George R. and Jane Elizabeth Johnson 
surv. f,m June ? dysentery 10m b. P'bg. 

7. Princess Victoria Vjhittaker d. John and Emeline Vi/hittaker 
surv. f,m,3bros. June 10 cholera infantum 5ni 19d b. P'bg. 

8. Elisabeth Felton Wadsworth d. Revd. Edward and Eliza Ann 
Wadsworth surv.f,m June 11 croup 10m Id b. P'bg. 
d. Norfolk 

9. Mary Slaughter unk. widow of William Slaughter surv. 3s, Id 
June 11 Paralysis 75y b. Dinw. Co. d. P'bg. 

Martha Colley d. ^tfilliam and Jane Edwards husb. Nathaniel Colley 
surv. 3s June 14 Bilious Fever 42y b. P'bg. 

11. Mary Cotwell d. Edward and Charlotte Jones 

surv. Is, 2d widow of William June 15 Erysipelas 
45y b. Sussex Co. d. C'fld. 

12. Henry Underhill h.r. 

June 20 consumption 79y. b. Sussex Co. 

13. George F. Knock s. William and Martha Knock surv. f,m,2b,2s 
June 22 water on the brain 5y 3ni b.P'bg. 

14. Jonathan Zimmerman s. Henry and Frances Zimmerman 

June 23 dropsy 64y . b. York Co.,Penn. d. C 'field. 

15. John Edmund Birchett s Robert and Mary C.T.Birchett surv. f, 
m, 2bro, Isis, grf. Robt. Birchett , dec . June 27 Cholera 
infantum 19d b. P'bg. 


by L.H.Hart 

The following was found in the Southampton County Chancery 
Papers for 1832. The suit is labelled Abraham L. Gardner vs 
Bitha Lawrence et al, and contains a list of heirs and the portion 
of an estate to which they were entitled. Any additional details 
listed are also included. 

Abram Lawrence died intestate and his property descended upon 
his mother and heir Honor Lawrence, subject to the dower of his 
widow Bitha Lawrence. Honor Lawrence died in 1833 t intestate, 
without issue. Her heirs were her brothers and sisters and their 
descendants, who are listed in the following. 

I. Brother James Gardner's descendants: 

A. Lydia married Joseph Buxton (dead) 
1. Parthena Buxton 1/2? 

B. Nancy married Nat. Beaman (dead) 

1. Polly Beaman 1/81 

2. Betsey Beaman 1/81 

3. Winney Beaman 1/81 

C. Susan married Alex. Booth (dead) 

1. Arthur Booth 1/135 

2. Eliza Booth 1/135 

3. Neverson Booth 1/135 

4. Caroline Booth 1/135 

5. Everitt Booth 1/135 

D. Abram L. Gardner 1/2? 

E. James Gardner 1/2? 

F. Jason Gardner 1/2? 

II. Brother Jesse Gardner's descendants: 

A. Sally married VJm. Harcum (dead) 

1. James Harcum 1/5^ 

2. Ellis Harcum 1/5^ 

B. Jere. Gardner (dead) 

1. Martha Gardner l/l62 


2. George Gardner l/l62 

3. Isaac Gardner 1/162 
U. Mary Gardner 1/162 

5. Eliza Gardner I/I62 

6. Margaret Gardner 1/162 

C. Joshua Gardner (dead) 

1 . Nancy Gardner 1/135 

2. Bob Gardner 1/135 

3. Jackson Gardner 1/135 
^. Richmond Gardner 1/135 

5. Lydia Gardner (married Cogsdale (Cogsill) 
a. James Little Cogsdale(Cogsill) 1/135 

D. John Gardner (dead) 

1. Arthur Gardner 1/81 

2. William Gardner 1/81 

3. John Gardner 1/81 

E. James Little Gardner 1/2? 

III. Brother John Gardner's descendants: 

A. Caty married Richard Jones 

1. Adam Jonea 1/81 

2. John Jones 1/81 

3. Nancy Jones married Thomas Allison I/8I 

B. Jesse Gardner 1/2? 

IV. Sister Polly Vaughan's descendants: 

A. Bitha Vaughan (married Abram Lawrence) I/27 

B. Peggy married Elias Edwards 1/2? 

C. Henry Vaughan 1/2? 

D. Litha married Wm. Harcum (dead) 

1. Tomy Harcum 1/81 

2. Peggy Harcum 1/81 

3. Betsey Harcum married Jo. Buxton (dead) 

a. Polly Buxton 1/162 

b. Litha Buxton 1/162 

E. Betsey married Fred. Cobb (dead) 

1. Esley Cobb married Mathew Vaughan 1/216 

2. Harrison Cobb 1/216 

3. Jesse Cobb 1/216 

4. James Cobb 1/216 

5. Frederick Cobb 1/216 


6. Nancy Cobb married Owen Vaughan 1/216 

7. Polly Cobb 1/216 

8. Margaret Cobb 1/216 

F. Polly married Hardy Daughtrey (dead) 

1. Susan married Edwin Croslin 1/81 

2. Patsey Daughtrey (dead) 
a. Alfred Daughtrey 1/81 

3. Treasy Daughtrey (dead) 

a. Parley Daughtrey I/162 

b. Harman Daughtrey (black) I/I62 

G. Edey married Edwin Edwards 
1. James H. Edwards 1/2? 

V. Sister Penny Parker's descendants: (married Ivey Parker) 

A. Sally Parker 1/2? 

B. Mason married Nicholas Cobb 1/2? 

VI. Sister Judy Holland's descendants: (married Thomas Holland) 

A. Nancy Holland (dead) 

1. Clarricy Holland (black) 1/2? 

VII. Sister Patsey Buxton's descendants: (married Abigar Buxton) 
A. Joseph Buxton 1/2? 

VIII. Sister Sarah Fowler's descendants: (dead) 

A. William Fowler (dead) 
1. Daniel Fowler 1/27 

B. John Fowler 1/2? 

IX. Sis ber Margaret Vick's descendants: (married JoeiahVick) 

A. Richard Vick (moved to West, deed, no child) 

B. Martha Vick (married Aggy VJilliams) 1/2? 


by J.C.Kolbe 

The Tobacco Plant (1853 - 1886) was a newspaper published in 
Clarksville, Virginia (Mecklenburg County, Virginia). A microfilm 
copy of some of the issues for the years I856 - I885 is found at 
the Virginia State Library. Marriages and deaths for the years 
I856 - I865 have been transcribed below. This material exemplifies 
the family connections which existed between Virginia and North 
Carolina. The terra "instant" refers to the present month and the 
term "ultimate" refers to the past mont. 

27 August 1868 

d. 10 April I858 in Clarksville at the residence of her bro. -in- 
law. Mr. Jesse Adkisen, Miss Eliza J. Duncan, ^5ys • 

d. 16 Nov. I857 Junius Clay s. of Jesse and Martha Ann Adkisson, 
4ys., 1 mon., I5 days. 

d. 12 Feb. Martha Ann dau. of Jesse and Martha Ann Adkisson, 2ys . 
3 mon. 

d. 27 July I858, Martha Ann consort of Jesse Adkisson, 38ys . , 

7 mon. , 12 days . 

d. 17th instant, in Granville Co.,N.C., Mrs. F.C. wife of Wm. C. 
Bullock and dau. of the late M.C. Daniel, 28 ys, left 4 small children. 

d. Sat. evening last, at his residence on Buffalo, Edmund Wilkerson, 
65 ys. 

3 September 1858 

d. 15th instant at Healing Springs, Va. Samuel A. Brooks formerly of 
Clarksville, 26 ys . 

10 September 1858 

d, 2nd instant in Brunswick Co., Va., Mrs. Elizabeth P. Lewellen 
wife of Charles H. Lewellen, 29 ys. ^■ mon. 

d. on 29th ultimate, at the residence of her father, Mrs. Sue 
Arrington wife of S.P. Arrington and dau. of Wm. Eaton Esq. of 
Warrenton, 19 ys . 

8 October 1858 

30th ultimate, at Overland in Mecklenburg Co. by the Rev. T.G. Jones 
of Norfolk, the Hon. C.E. Williams of California and Miss Rosaille dau. 


of Capt. R.Y. Overbey. 

5 November 1858 

27th ultimate, at Halifax C.H. by Rev. Waller Williams, Geo. R.C. 
Phillips Esq. of Minnesota and Miss Emma Green dau. of Thomas J. 
Green Esq. 

Beyond Roanoke, 20th ( ) and Harriet D. Clements. of Northampton 
Co. N.C. also at the same place by the same Mr. John L. Chambliss 
of Brunswick Co.,Va. and Miss Rebecca E. Clements. 

17 December 1858 

Washington City on 7 Dec. by the Rev. Dr. Smith Pyne, Sydney A. 
Legare of S.C. and Miss Emily S. Green dau. of Thomas Green and 
grandaughter of Thomas Ritchie. 

24 Nov. I858 by the Rev. Robert Burton, E.S. Brooks and Miss Josie 
E. Bruce dau. of L.N. Bruce all of Charlotte Co. 

in Riceville, 2 Dec. I858, by Elder Isaac Robey, John J. Laine and 
Miss Nancy Rollin all of Pittsylvania. 

17 December 18 58 

Petersburg, by the Rev. R. Mcllwaine, J.C. Riddle and Miss Josephine 
Mcllwaine dau. of A.G. Mcllwaine all of the city. 

24 December 18 58 

24th instant,, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. 
F.N. Whaley, Samuel G. Burton and Miss Georgia Talley, all of 

d. Sth instant, at his residence in Franklin Co., John D. Hawkins, 
surviving child of Col. Philemon Hawkins of Warren Co., 73 ys • 

21 January 1859 

13 Dec. I858 by the Rev. H.L. Montgomery, James Ogburn and Miss 
Martha E. Smith both of Brunswick 30 Dec. I858, by the same, James 
Callis and India I. Turner of Lunenburg Co. 

d. 4 Jan., at the residence of his father Robert S. Williamson 
son of Capt. James Williamson, 16 ys . 

d. on Dec. 22, at his residence in Warren Co., the Hon. Micajah 
Thomas Hawkins, 72 ys . 


28 January 1859 

26th instant, by the Rev. F.N. Vjhaley, Beverly S. Williamson and 
Miss Jennie Jones, all of Mecklenburg. 

28 January 18 59 

d . 7 Jan., Louisville, Ky. , Mrs. Leila consort of John B. Davies 
and dau. of Reese Davies of Richmond, previous to her removal to 
Danville in I85I she lived in Chesterfield Co. she leaves a ( ) 
2 weeks old, a brother, a husband, and 2 sisters the later residing 
in this city. 

4 February 1859 

28 Dec. I858, Brusby Mt. Smyth Co., by the Rev. M.H. Spencer, James 
F. Crabtree 79 ys . and Lydia Owens 75 ys . both of Tazwell. 

19th instant, at Long Branch Halifax, by the Rev. VJilliam A. Tyree, 
Thos . S. Jones of Pittsylvania and Miss Mollie G. V.'est. 

1 Dec. I858, by the Rev. Robert Burton, Vim. VJ . Dodson of Pittsylvania 
and Lucy A. dau. of Thomas Gregory of Mecklenburg Co. . 

20 May 1859 

at the residence of Wm. E. Green in Charlotte by the Rev. H.A. 
Brown 4th instant Geo. W. Finley of Clarksville and Miss Margaret 
E. dau of John Booker of Richmond. 

29 April at her residence near Drapersville at advanced age Mrs. 
Sally Walker relict of the late Allen VJalker of Mecklenburg. 

10 June 1859 

in Person Co., N.C. at the residence of Mr. James Sanf ord , 26 May, 
by 'W.H. Royster, Wm. Gaston Allen and Miss Martha E. Sanf ord both 
of Person Co. 

Allensville, N.C. 1 June by W.H. Royster, Mr. G. Bumpass of Brownsville, 
Tenn. and Mrs. M.J. Allen of Allensville, N.C. 

died at his residence in Clarksville 2nd instant, Mr. Benjamin R. 
Royster, 35 ys , left a wife. 

17 June 1859 

8th instant at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. James A. 
Riddick, Dr. IJ.T. Estes of Townesville N.C. and Miss L.A. Riddick of 
Lawrenceville, Va. 


24 June 1859 

at the plantation of the bride in Madison Parish La. 8th instant 
by the .-^ev. VJ.VJ. Lord rector St. John's Church Vicksburg, Mrs. O.E. 
Groves widow of Horace H. Groves deed, and dau. of Henry S. Dawson 
both planters of this parish and ( ) " 

died 13 June 1859 at her residence in Mecklenburg Co. Mrs. Ann 
Overby relict of Peter Z. Overley, 86 ys . 

1 July 1859 

Petersburg Va. died I5 June 1859. Lucy Boyd Cogbill dau. of Benjamin 
D. and Harriett R. Cogbill, 3 ys . 6 mon. 9 days. 

Boydton died 24th instant Lucy Goode Finch dau. of L.E. and Martha 

died Sunday at his residence in Petersburg Illinois, Dr. A.F. 
Rainey, 35 ys , leaving a widow and 3 children. 

2 September 1859 

died at his residence 4 mi. north of Boydton on the 23rd. Aug. John 
Mackosy 69 ys , leaving a wife and 10 children, he was a native of 
Ireland. . 

9 September 18 59 

died at the residence of her grandmother Mrs. White in Mecklenburg Co. 
on 12 Aug. 1859, Pattie Ann only dau. of Thos. L. and Mary Ann 
Jones, 14 ys . She was adopted by her Aunt Miss Martha B. IVhite. 

23 September 1859 

died 6th instant at his father's residence in Mecklenburg Co., John 
L. Crute son of Mr. Venable Crute, 24 ys . 

14 October 1859 

4th instant at Locust Grove Charlotte Co. by Rev. David S. Doggett 
D.D. , Dr. Thomas A. Proctor of Petersburg and Maggie B. only dau. 
of the Rev. Lewis Skidmore. 

14 October 1859 died 8th instant Kate dau. of J.VJ. and M.R. Hagner, 
llmon. 8 days. 

died 6 Oct. at Cedar Level Prince George Co. the residence of his 
father, Chas. 3. VJalker late of St. Louis Mo. 


21 October 1859 

Yorkville S.C., Oct. 11 at the residence of his brother-in-law 
r4r. J.B. VJickert by Rev. J.M. Adams, Charles R. Moore of Yorkville 
S.G. and Miss Mary J. Gregory of Clarksville. 

11 November 1859 

Halifax N.C. ^th instant by the Rev. D.R. Bruton, C.H. Lewellen of 
Clarksville and Miss M.H. Barnes of Brunswick. 

25 ultimate ( ), President of the Danville Female College, and 
Mrs. L. Pittard of Halifax. 

26 ultimate by the Rev. V\l . S . Penick at the residence of the late John 
D. Hunt, Dr. Patrick, Dr. Steptoe and Lucie C. Clement all of 

18 November 1859 

16th instant by the Rev. F.N. Whaley, Dr. T.C. VJare of Clarksville 
and Miss Bettie Morton dau. of Wm. H. Morton Sr. of Mecklenburg. 

18 November 1859 

10 Nov. at St. Paul's Church Lynchburg by the Rev. Wm. H. Kinckle, 
James McDonald, Former editor of the Lynchburg Virginian and assistant 
editor of the Richmond VJhig and Mrs. Carrie M. Saunders dau. of the late 
Lewis Ludlam of Richmond. 

9 instant by the Rev. R.G. Barrett at the residence of the bride's 
father, Julian V. Perkins of Pittsylvania Co. and Lucy F. Alston dau. 
of Thos. N.F. Alston of V\farren Co. 

20th ultimate at the residence of the bride's father, by James M. 
Bullock, A.G. Norwood and Miss Mary Riggan all of Granville Co. 

Raleigh, N.C. 27th ultimate, at the M(ethodist) E(piscopal) Church 
by the Rev. L.L. Hendren, Thomas D. Macon and Elizabeth Porter, all 
of Raleigh. 

the 24th instant at the residence of the bride's father, by Isaac 
Rowland, Bennet Godwin and May Temples all of VJake Co. N.C. 

2nd instant at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. S.M. 
Atkinson, Vi'.B. McKay of Harnett Co. and Lucy E. dau. of Dr. W.J. 
Hartsfield of Wake Co. N.C. 

Wake Co. 12th ultimate, by the Rev. T.S. Campbell, Benjamin F. Walton 
and Miss Ann Eliza Wynne eldest dau. of Robert Wynne. 




POLLY. Mrs. H.G. iiaters , Jr. (308 Hidden Court, VJoodstock, GA 
3OI88) would like to locate parents, brothers, and sisters of 
Edward Polly b. 21 Dec. I758 (Va?) married about 1784 Pittsylvania 
County, Va. by Rev. Bailey, Bapt. Minister to Mary Agnes Mullins . 
Edward Polly (Rev. War) died in Letcher Co.,Ky.l9 May 1845. Will 
exchange information. 

MALLORY/GRUBBS. Mrs. Alice E. Thomure (2215 Falmouth Ave., 
Anaheim, CA 92801) seeks parents of John Mallory born 15 May I76I 
Hanover Co., died 14 May 1845 Goochland Co. His wife Elizabeth 
Grubbs. Children of Thomas Mallory, Jr. of Hanover Co. are: Mary m. 
John Penix, Susannah m. Charles Blunt, Charles, David, Thomson, 
Thomas, Judith m. John Burton, Elizabeth, Jane, Sarah, Lucy, Henry 
H., William, John, Molly. Can anyone share information on these 
Mallorys? Will exchange. 

CHaFFIN/COLLEY/LaNGLEY. Mrs. Charlie R. Cannon, Jr. (4779 
Hdams Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338) seeks parents of Joshua Chaff in 
b. CI775? and wife Hannah ? of Charlotte Co.VA who left VA in 
1798 for GA . Was Tyre Chaffin a son or grandson? Parents of James 
Colley b. 6/23/1752 VA, in Rev. War from SC , wife Elizabeth ? 
believed in Pittsylvania or Albemarle Co. VA . Connection, if any, 
between Thomas Langley of Orange/Caswell Co. NC and Langleys of 
Norfolk and Princess Anne Co. VA . Will exchange data and pay for 
copies and/or postage. 

PAGE/zmiTE. Mrs. L.A. Trotter (9108 Carlton Circle, Knoxville, 
TN 37922 R#34) would like to know if anyone can give her the 
names of the parents of Celia Page. Celia was born 1731. Sept. 18, 
d. Oct. 20,1799- VJould also like to know when and where she married 
Henry White (b. April 24,1724, d. June 17,1802) also where she is 
buried. Have names of their children. Would like to hear from 
anyone knowing information about Celia. 

KING. Lorraine C. Johnson (Rt. 2, Box 338J, Lake Charles, LA 
70605) seeks parentage of Judith King, who married Stephen Holston 
(Holstien?) 1750 's ca. in VA and migrated to Natchez, Miss, in 1771. 

BIRDSONG/TOMLINSON. Withers G. Birdsong (2774 Demaret Dr., 
Titusville, FL. 3278O) seeks information Joseph Birdsong b. cal750/60, 
Sussex County.VA. Son of John Birdsong and Damaris (Hancock) 
Birdsong. Joseph married Cherry Hargrave 13 Jan. 1799- Did Joseph 
marry first Elizabeth Tomlinson? Where and when? Joseph and Elizabeth 
had children: (1) Robert m. Peggy Hines (2) Benjamin m. Polly C. 
Cotton (3) James m. Peggy Hill (4) Lucy m. John Jarrad (5) Polly m 
Thomas Cooper. 


HART. Mrs. Anne W. Dobbins (23? Rosebud, Corpus Christi, TX 
78^04) seeks name of parents of Lucy D. Hart, who married Carr 
Darden, marriage bond 21 Feb. 1811, Southampton Co.,VA. 

CARDIN. Mrs. Betty Erb (912 Lynell Dr., #77, Robin Hood Brandon, 
MS 39042) John Cardin in Lunenburg Co.,VA I76O Mecklenburg Co, VA 
1764, Three known children: Robert, Reuben and Jincey (Jane). 
When and where was John born? When did he marry? 'What was her name? 

OLIVER. Imogene Sawvell Davis, Box 154, Grove, OK 74344) 
Joseph Oliver b. I785 (son of John Oliver and Mary) married first 
Sallie Nelson, second-Tabitha Thorp 26 April I8I3 Northampton Co., 
N.C. Was Mary the dau. of Joseph Thorp and wife, Ann West of 
Surry Co., Va. Joseph Thorp died ca. I76I/62 in Surry Co. -did 
his wife Ann West Thorp marry a John Ferguson/Forgerson of Southampton 
Co? Were John Thorpe and wife Charity Barrett parents of Tabitha 
Thorp OLIVER? 

RAWLS/RAWLES/RALLS/RAWL . Ronald R. Rawls (lO-A Heisz St., 
Edwardsville, PA 18704) would like any data on Rawls surname (and 
var.) for future genealogy. VJill exchange information. 

PARKS/PARK. Gay Scally (1531 W. Main, Denison, TX 75020) would 
like any information on the Parks or Park family, living in 
Albemarle Co., VA in the 1740/50 and early I760 time period. 
Some of the family moved to N.C. by I765. Part of the family 
lived in Amherst Co.,VA. 

DAVIS. Mrs. Best Montfort (Box 635, Woodville, MS 39669) seeks 
information on JOHN DAVIS of Trinity Parish in Louisa Co.,VA., 
will recorded April 12, 1773 and his wife Susanah SMITHSON DAVIS. 
Their children: Micajah, my g-g-g grandfather, Samuel, William, Dickey, 
Elizabeth Bradley, Anne Barnett, and Mary Smith. 

LANIER. Mrs. John Ruckman Barnett (IO6 McTighe Dr., Bellaire, 
TX 77401) needs documentary proof of marriage of Robert LANIER to 
SaRAH barker. Names of children, and their spouses. Did he die 
in Bertie Co.,NC? Did one dau. marry MATHIAS TOBIAS SWANNER? Will . 
pay for postage and xeroxing of material proof. 

TAYLOR. Charlotte Mae Brett (218 E. 4th St. #4A , Spencer, Iowa 
51301) James TAYLOR, dec. c I806 Patrick Co.,VA; married Eleanor 
SMITH, when, where? Their children: James, David, Eleanor m John ADAMS 
when, where?; Grizelda m John COLLIER; Verlinda m Joseph CUMMINGS; 
mary m Thomas LOCKHART 5 June 1782 Henry Co.,VA; Mildred m Bartemus 
REYNOLDS; Zachery died from a falling tree. Did Verlinda marry a 
BURNS before she married a Cummings? 

NORRIo/BISHOP. Helen N. Byrd ( 4119 Corona St., Tampa, Florida 
33629) seeks parents of ANN C. BISHOP, b 22 Oct. 1810 m WILLIAM 
NORRIS, 19 May 1828 both in Pr. Ann Co.,VA; d 2 Feb. 1859 in 
Brenham, Washington Co Tx? 


hough/huff/ha RDAWAY/PARHAM. Mrs. Frank W. Coke, (2125 
Donnington Cove, Germantown, Tennessee 38139) • John B. Hough, 
b 7/5/1682, England, arrived with wife Hannah and son John Jr., 
at Philadelphia, on "Friendship of Liverpool" with several brothers 
and were part of Wm. Penn's colony. Moved to Brunswick County Va. 
All children spelled their name Huff because of a Va . land clerk's 
error. Daniel, b 2/5/1725 m Mary (Hardaway?). First son of Daniel 
and Mary was Philemon b 1750-60 d in Greenville Co. m Martha (Parham?). 
Need confirmation of wives' surnames and any info, available on their 
families . 

JOHNSON/JOHNSTON. Mrs. Anne Claiborne Overcash ( 3001 VJeddington 
Road, Monroe, North Carolina 28110) need parents of Matilda Anna 
Johnston who married James Madison Batthrop(Balthrop) on 13 May 1835 
in Warren Co. N.C. James and Matilda moved and lived in Mecklenburg 
Co. Va. 

(1006 Garfield, Sand Springs, OK 7^063). Will of John Sims, 
probated 1778, Brunswick Co., names the following in the order 
given: son William; sons-in-law: VJilliam Handle, Ellick Williams, 
'William Finch; wife Honour; sons: John, Frederick, and Benjamin; 
step-son John Lightfoot; dau . Mary Handle; executors William Handle, 
Peter Handle. Request info on any of these. Tone of will suggests 
two marriages. VJho was the first wife? 

HARRISON. Mrs. Clara Hamlett Robertson (303 West Bank Street, 
Apr. 2, Salisbury, NC 28144) seeks parents of Beedee/Bede Harrison, 
I768-I834, wife of Samuel Roberts, 1759-1822, they migrated to 
Montgomery Co., TN about I807 from Lunenburg Co., Va, where Samuel 
9/IO/I807 had given David Harrison a gift deed of land there and 
also Power of Atty. David later joined them in TN and is believed 
to be Beede's brother as are James D. and Gary Harrison of Brunswick 
Co., VA A Surry Co. marriage March 23,1786 by Rev. Henry John 
Burgess, Rector of Southwark Parish Church is recorded between 
Samuel Roberts and Harrison, (Believed to be our Beede . ) 

FENTRESS (FENTRIS ) . Mrs. J.S. Fentress (3519 Shepherd St., 
Chevy Chase, MD 20815) John Smyth, d. 1741, and wife Mary (m. 2 John 
Knowis) of Princess Anne Co., Va., had James, William, John, Mary 
(m. 1. Charles V^hitehurst 2. Francis Land), Amy (m. Richard Doudge), 
Elizabeth (m. George Cox), Frances, and Keziah (m. John Fentress). 
V/as the wife of John Fentress, d. I8O3, the above named Keziah 
Smyth or was she Keziah Land? Vifould like to exchange information 
on the Fentress family of P. A. County. 

CHAMBLISS, CLEMENTS, HILL. Nita Groh, Williamson School, 
Media, Pa I9063) interested in all Chamblisses, but particularly 
seeking parentage of Henry Chambliss, b. 1734; 3 wives, Jean, Mary 
and Lucy; 27 or 29 children; d. 1795 1 Greensville. V\fere Henry and 
Frances of Halifax, NC his parents? Or were his parents Nathaniel 
and Mary of Lunenberg? Also would like maiden names of above 3 
wives of Henry. A son of above Henry and Jean, named Henry married 
Chaney(Chansy) Clements 1798 her parentage? Henry Chaney's son 


Benjamin, married Julia Ann Hill I830, Greensville--her parentage? 

JOHNSON. Mrs. H.S. Surface (401 Surface Drive/ Tazewell, VA 
2^651) seeking parents of James Johnson and first wife, Letty 
Sheppard, of Lunenburg County. Moved to Pittsylvania County early 

1780 's. Children: James Fullington married Nancy , Richard 

married Lettice Hinson, Langston married Polly Jones, Elizabeth 
Chaney married William Shelton 1791. James was a major, 6CL; was 
at Valley Forge. His will probated Feb. 1817 • 

A. Walker, Jr. (6770 Zebulon Rd., Macon, Ga. 31210) seeks correspondence 
with others researching the connections between these families 
and the 7 children of Tandy and Juday V^JALKER of Lunenburg Co.,VA 
ca 1750-l790(Silvanus, Tandy, William, Joel, Langford, Elizabeth, 
and Ann) . 

JOHNSON. Mrs. James W. Cochran (P.O. Box II3, Pinson, AL 
35126). Ellis Johnson, b. Mecklenburg Co., VA . ca I76O m. Mary 
Brice entered Rev. War Brunswick Co., VA . d S.C. 1840 had brothers: 
William, m. Louise; Zachariah, m. Sarah and James, m. Sophia. 
Names of wives not known. All came to S C , around 1800. Need 
names of parents and also surnames of wives. 

GATES. Ruth A. Watters (Rt. 2, Box 23, Miles, Texas 7686I ) 
need parents and siblings of William Gates and his wife, Catherine 
Hardin Gates( I766-I826) . William Gates resided"in the Territory 
South of the Ohio - the now State of Tennessee" in I789 when son, 
Samuel Gates, was born. In 1799 the family was in Henderson Co., 
KY when son, Amos Gates was born, and when daughter Sarah Gates 
married Abner Kuykendall(son of Adam and Margaret Hardin Kuykendall 
(dau. of Joseph and Jane (Gibson) Hardin). All migrated to Texas 
with Stephen F. Austin in 1820 's. 

TAYLOR, WILLIAMS,. SHELTON, SMITH. Charlotte Mae Brett (218 
East 4th Street, #4A , Spencer, Iowa 51301) James Taylor married 
Elizabeth Williams 20 Dec. 1794 in Henry Co.,Va. And James Taylor 
married Jane Shelton 25 July 1797 Pittsylvania Co.,VA. VJere these 
the same James Taylor, or which one was a son of James and Eleanor 
(Smith) Taylor? 

WYNNE. Mrs. John Ruckman Barnett (I06 McTighe Drive, Bellaire, 
Texas 77401) wishes to contact descendants of FRANCES WYNNE NIBLETT 
(b 4/24/1769 d 1845, Sussex Co.,Va.). Issue: Lucy Niblett , James 
W. Niblett . Nancy Pennington and grandchildren: Robert Peebles 
Niblett and Mary Williamson Niblett. JAMES W. NIBLETT mrd Ann W. 
Zills,_and his son ROBERT P. NIBLETT mrd. P.A.C., still living, 
I860, in Sussex Co., Va . Will pay for xeroxing material, and postage. 

IVY, JONES, CLARK. Faith G. Flythe (52 Park Street #2, 
Exeter, N.H. 03833) Elizabeth Jones Ivy who married John James Crump 
(Southampton Co.) in 1844 was the daughter of Benjamin Ivy and 
Elizabeth( possibly Jones). Who were the parents of Benj. Ivy and Elizabel 
James Clark died in Northampton Co.,NC inl783. Who were his parents? 



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All those who are doing genealogy in Southside Virginia will be 
delighted to know that Katharine B. Elliott's books are back in 
print. The following works: Marriage Records, I765-I8IO , 
Mecklenburg Co.,Va . ; Marriage Records, 1811-1853 t Mecklenburg Co . , 
Va.; Early Wills, 1746-1765, Lunenburg Co. ,Va . ; Early Settlers , 
Mecklenburg Co., Va . Vol. I; Early Settlers, Mecklenburg Co., Va., 
Vol. II ; Revolutionary Records, Mecklenburg Co., Va . ; Emigrations 
to Other States from Southside Virginia, Vol. I; Emigration to Other 
States from Southside Virginia, Vol. II; Marriage Records, 174-9- 
1840, Cumberland Co., Va . are available from Southern Historical Press, 
Inc., P.O.Box 738, Easley, South Carolina 29641 -0738. 

All of these books are indexed and they are essential tools to 
the genealogist working in the Southside. 



by L.H.Hart 

Loss the Inhabitants of Nansemond County have Sustained by the 
several Invations of the Enemy during the present war. Taken the 
18th day of November 1782. 

The above is a description of lists of property owners and what 
they lost to the British in the Revolutionary War. The lists are 
found in Executive Communications of the Virginia State Library, 
Archives Division. 

The format used includes the name of the individual and a 
valuation of property lost broken down by type and then totalled . 
All figures are in pounds. The following abbreviations are used: 
H-Houses, N-Negroes, 3-Stock, F-Furniture, P-Provisions , V-Vessels, 
M-Merchandise, C-Cash, T-Total. 

This list is most valuable as there is no personal property 
tax list extant for this date. The individual receipts should be 
consulted by interested individuals as they are more specific as to 
the nature of the property lost and may in some instances have 
additional information. They are filed with the lists. 

Harrison Almond H ^+0 N 100 S I30 F 9 V 200 M 229 T 708.O.O 

James Gay F 1.10 T 1.10.0 

John Hail S 37-16 F .10 T 38. 6.0 

Joseph Baker, M. F 9 T 9-0.0 

Leven Stakes F 7-12.6 D .15 T 8.7.6 

John Henderson S12 M8.8 T. 2^.8.0 

James Cowper S 42.10 P .50 T 45.0.0 

Jethro Beaman S 52.16 F 3 . 14 T 56. 10.0 

Mosses Riddick S 38 F 1.10 P 6 M 5 T 50.IO.O 

John Carwick S 9-10 M 8.10 T 18.0.0 

William Pruden F 7-3-6 T 7-3-6 

Frans. Powell Senr. S 20 F 4.19.6 C 4.10 T 29-9-6 


Keele and Roberts N 220 S 230 F 60 P 76.12.6 V 60 M I777.5 

T 2423.17.6 

John Groves 3 30.10 F 1.10 P I5 T 47.0.0 

Aaron Lassiter N 200 3 40 T 240.0.0 

Nicholas Jones H 212 F 16.10.6 T 228.10.6 

Mary Godwin N 200 F 7-10 T 207-10.0 

Charles Thomas H 48 N 100 3 35-^-6 F 11.18 V I50 M 8.5 

T 353.7.6 

Stephen Nelms N 100. S 3. 10 P 27.10 T I3I.O.O 

William Monk F 3.15 P ^.10 T 8.5.O 

Charles Jinkins N 50O 3 88 F I9.6 T 607.6.O 

John Granbery 3enr. F 29-19.6 M I3.I6.6 C 9. 0.10 T 52.16.10 

Judah Stallings 3 6. 15 T 6.I5.O 

Nov. 19th 1782 T 5302.12.10 

Samuel Barkly 3 I3.I T I3.I.0 

Demsey Hedghpeth 3 I5 F 5 . 10 T 20. 10. 

Nathl. Norflet N 100 3 5I.6 F 9.I6 P 23.5 T 184.7.0 

John Riddick 3 2 F 16. I5 P 3 T 2I.I5.O 

Nathl. Allen Eaqr. M 1237.10 T 1237-10.0 

Willis Cowling and Co. H 200 F 29-2 P 669-10 M 1613-12 

T 2512.4.0 

Wm. Cowling N 100 F 5.12 T IO5.I2.O 

Henry Godwin N 550 T 550. 0.0 

William Eley S 28.10 F 3-12 T 32.2.0 

James Pugh H 53 F 5 T 58. 0.0 

William Loney 3 32.5 ^75 T 107-5-0 

John Best 3 11. 5 F 21.9 P 22.2. T 54.16.0 

John Denson N 140 3 19 F 24.7.6 T 183.7-6 

Majr. Jereh. Godwin N 500 S 37-10 P 26.11 M 92.11 T 656. 12.0 


Mary Granbery H 302 F I78.I6.6 T 480.16.6 

Elizabeth Dickson H 362 F 63.4.6 T 425.4.6 

Joseph Holland N 145 M 9-9 T I54.9.O 

John Miles H 221 N 50 V 30 M 15 T 316. 0.0 

Thomas Levingston H96 F 14.7.6 T 110. 7.6 

Carr'd. forw'd. T 12726.11.10 

Joseph Mitchell H 2000 N 200 S 52.5 F 228.19 P 24 T 2505-4.0 

Isaac Reade P I5/ T I5.0 

Henry Riddick N 970 S 126.12 F 53.5 P 32.10 T 1182.7-0 

Uriah Stalings 36. 6 F2 P9/ T8.I5.O 

Mary Riddick, orphan N 100 T 100.0.0 

Jane Riddick S 3I.IO T 3I.O.O 

Daniel Riddick S I3.IO T I3.IO.O 

Jesse Lassiter F 9-18.3 T 9-18.3 

Mosses Lassiter P 3.12.0 T 3-12.0 

Abraham Lassiter P 2.8 T 2.8.0 

Daniel Lassiter P 9-11-6 T 9-11-6 

Joseph Ellis S I3.IO F 3-13-6 T 18. 3-6 

Luke Sumners Estate H 100 N I50 T 250. 0.0 

Jotham Lassiter N 85 3 69. 12 P 6.9-6 T I5I.I.6 

Jethro Riddick P 19-7.6 M 4 T 23-7.6 

William Whitlock 3 41.5 P ^3 M 10 T 94-5-0 

James Bates 3 24.15 F 1.10 T 26.5.O 

Thomas Godwin N 390 F 4.15 T 394.15-0 

Wm. Medcalf 3 I5 T I5.O.O 

John Hufton 3 12.9 T 12.9-0 

Jethro Pruden F 2.5 T 2.5.O 


Mary Raid and Sisters 3 2 P 32.4 T 3^.4.0 

Josiah Riddick N 100 S 91-9 P 23.16 M 5 T 221.5.0 

Joseph Tayler F 2.? T 2.7.0 

Dismal Swamp Co. N 230 S I65 F I7.I7.6 P I85 T 597. I7. 6 

Jacob Collie N I30 S 104 F 11. 3 T 2^5.3.0 

William Pugh H 725 N 365 S 8 F 189.3 V 150 T 1437-3.0 

Robert Willis S 8.5 F 1.1 T 9-6.0 

Ma jr. Jeremiah Godwin S I60 T I6O.O.O 

Doer. John Kings Estate N 635 S 24 T 659-0.0 

Frederick George S 47.2 F 6/ T 47.8.0 

Ezekiel Nelms S 6.I6 T 6.16.0 

Daniel Sanders F 3.2.6 T 3-2.6 

John J. Richards S 5. 10 F 8.I5 P 2.10 T 16. 10.0 

Elisha Norfleet M I5/6 T 15-6 

Hezekiah Verlines S 12 F 4.11 P 15/ T 17-6.0 

Elizabeth Moore F 2.2.6 T 2.2.6 

George Nelms F 3I.I3.6 M 17-2 T 48.15.6 

.■Richard W. Godwin S 10 F 3-5 P 6. 17 T 20.2.0 

John Bateman F 12.4.6 P 2.2.6 M 11.2 T 25.8.6 

John Whimmer F 1.16 T I.I6.O 

Thomas Sanders S 10 F 14/ P 4.16 T I5.IO.O 

George Callis N 100 S 33 F 1.10 P 18.15 T 153-5-0 

Elisha Godwin N 350 T 350.0.0 

James Wright Moore orphan of Wm. Moore N 100 T 100 

Car'd. Forw'd. T 21757.17.1 

Wm. Edwd. Moore orphan of Wm. Moore N 70 T 70.0.0 

Kichd. Webb orphan of Kader Webb N 100 T 100.0.0 


Thomas Nelms N 200 F 2.5 P 18/ T 203.3.0 

William Stakes F 1.16 P 20/6 T 2.16.6 

John Bryant F 4.12 P II.I5.6 T 16. 7.6 

Benjamin Hill N 100 3 21.5 F 3 P 9.7.6 T I33.I2.6 

Arther Smith S 49.15 F I50 V 1275 M 30 T 1504. I5.0 

James Griffin S 2.5 P 16/6 T 3.1.6 

Easther Holland F 6.I3.6 T 6.I3.6 

Charity Holland N 100 T 100.0.0 

John Ross, Jerico S 5. 10 F 7 P 1-5 T I3.I5.O 

Jacob Bass F 4.0.3 T 4.0.3 

Timothy Brantom M 1.7 T I.7.0 

John Brinkly, of Eli P 6.6 T 6.6.0 

Christian Spivey 3 6 T 6.0.0 

Eli Griffin 3 16/6 F 25/ T 2.1.6 

John Barr F 60/ T 3. 0.0 

John Brinkly, of Peter F 55/ T 2.I5.O 

Farraby Sceater S I5.IO M 9/ T 15.19.0 

Kadah Brinkly 3 25 T 25. 0.0 
John Brothers 3 I5 T I5.O.O 
3oloman Riddick 3 31.15 F 1.16 P 18 M 5.8 T 56. I9.0 

Humphery Griffin 3enr. 3 I5 M 2.10 T I7.IO.O 

Hezekiah Norfleet M 10. 5. 6 T 10. 5-6 

Honour Webb N 200 3 43. 10 F 6I.5 P 8.8 T 313.3.0 

Benjamin Cowling N 90 F 124.1 C 10.2 T 224.3.0 

Thos. Meloney Senr. H 100 N 200 F I5 V 460 T 775-0.0 

William Weatherly N 175 T 175.0.0 

Arnold Wilkinson 3 17-17 T 17.17.0 

Henry Best N 100 3 75 T 175.0.0 


Ann Godwin N 250 S 5I F 2.5 T 303.5.O 

John Fulghara N 100 S9 P2.14 T 111.14.0 

William Jordan S I5 T 15.O.O 

Joseph Corbell F I3.9 T 13-9.0 

Patience Pitt F 2.10 T 2._2.0 

Mills Godwin N I50 T I5O.O.O 

Thos. Cowling S 6 T 6.0.0 

John Bradly N I60 T I6O.O.O 

Demsey Pinner S 5 P 5.IO T 10.10.0 

John Mackie N 200 3 23-10 T 223.10.0 

Joseph M. Godwin N 200 S 2k T 224.0.0 

Cherry Godwin orphan of Jona. Godwin, dec. N 180 T 180.0.0 

Joseph Milner S 4o/ T. 2.0.0 

Thos. Powell N 100 S 20 T 120.0.0 

Samuel Everitt S I5.I5 T 15.15-0 

John Vesey S 12 T 12.0.0 

Wm. Wilkinson, Senr. N 30O P 5 V 1020 M 61.2 T 1386.2.0 

Ann Davis F 2.4 P 1.10 T 3 . 14 . 

Car'd. Forw'd. T 28697.15.10 

Mosses Eley S 16. 16 F 8.1 P 6.4 C 1.4 T 32.5-0 

Benjamin Powell F 4.4 T 4.4.0 ■ 

Amey Lawrence S 12 F 16.8 P 23.I7.6 C I.5 T 57-10.6 

Willis Everitt and Co. M 88 T 88.0.0 

Willis Everitt S 41 F 73 P 20.9 V 126 T I6O.9.O 

Thos. HalliBurton F 24.15 C 30 T 5^-15-0 

Jacob Farrow F 12.6.6 C2 T 14.6.6 

Willis Coffield N 75 T 75-0.0 


John Bullard F 4.11 T 4.11.0 

John Ross F 9.1.3 P4.13.0 T 13.14.3 

Jacob Darden's Estate N I65 S 6 F 35-8 P 207.12 T 408.0.0 

Thos. Holladay N 415 S 18 F 50 T 473.0.0 

Anthony Holladay orphan of Riddick N 220 T 220.0.0 

Nichs. Perritt N 100 F 12. 5. 8 P 8.9.3 T 120.14.11 

Brewer Holladay S 40 T 40.0.0 

Mary Jones S 6 T 6.0.0 

Thos. Poole F 6.5.6 1^ 12.0.0 M5.I6 T 24.1.6 

Thos. Milner N 100 d 47 F 6.8 P I5.7.3 T 168. I5. 3 
T 30653.2.9 

Nansemond County H I50O V I90 T I69O.O.O 

Jan'y 13th I783 

Henry Harrison N 30 S 100 P 12.10 T 142.10.0 

David Gwin S34.9 F6.4 P3.2.6 IVI5.8 T 49.3.6 

T 32534. 16. 3 

Come to hand on the 26th Jan'y I783 

Doctr. 3aml. Cohoon H 40 N 38O S 114.10 F 125.12 V 1000 

M 272.2.3 T 1932.4.3 

Elisha Ashburn S 35 F 4.10 M 9 T 48.10.0 

John Ashburn H2 37 F3.15 P8.3.6 1VI4.12.6 T 25. 11.0 

Archer Nelms S 12/6 F 3.8 T 4.0.6 

Peter Mason S 29 F 12/6 T 29.12.6 

T 34574.14.6 

A true list from the returns made by the Magistrates in Nansemond Co. 
Err's. Exc'd. William Eley, D.C.C. 

Jan'y 28th I783 

Anthony Godwin N 530 F 12 T 542.0.0 

Kinchen Godwin N 425 S 6 T 431.0.0 


The returns comes by the same hand. 

Wilson R. Bailey N 80 F 98 C 25 T 203.0.0 

James Godwin Senr. H I50 N 50O S 95 F 71 P 7.10 M 4 

T 827.10.0 

James Godwin Jur. N I80 T 180.0.0 

Robe't Fry S I5 T I5.O.O 

John Raybourn NlOO S6 TIO6.O.O 

Ann Holladay N 36O S 5 F 38. 18 M 12 T 415.18.0 

John Howell S6.I7 F2 P5.ll M7 T 21.8.0 

Thomas Wilkinson Senr. P I7/ T 17.0 

s. Campbell Junr. F 3.3 T 3.3.O 

T 37030.8. 

Wm. Eley, D.C.C. 

by L.H. Hart 

This family record was recorded among the loose chancery papers 
of Southampton County for I830. 

Patsey Matilda Vick daughter of William Vick & Polley his wife 
was born May 1st 1810. 

Newit Vick son of the aforesaid was born March 17/ 1812. 
Rebecah Vick daughter of the afsd. was born Deer. 25/ 1813- 
Cordall Vick son of the afsd. was born Feby. 4th 1816. 
Elizabeth Etna Vick, daughter, was born Deer. 31st, 1820. 
Wiliam James Vick son of the afsd. was born 28th Octo. 1822. 



By L.H.Hart 

The following wills were found with material filed by the heirs 
of Revolutionary soldiers seeking to establish their claims to bounty 

The wills are fully abstracted. The following abbreviations are 
used: Dau-Daughter; D-Date ; R-Recordation datei Witn-VJitness ; 
BW-Bounty Warrant; LOMC-Land Office Military Certificate. 

1. Billy H. Avery of Martins Brandon Parish, Prince George County. 
Dau: Betsey S. Avery 5 negroes 

Dau: Lucy H. Avery 5 negroes 

Dau: Mary Ann Avery 3 negroes 

Son: Edward Avery 3 negroes 

Son: Wm. H. Avery 3 negroes 

Residue of my estate not devised to be sold and the money arising 

to be equally divided amongst all my children before mentioned. 

The hire of 2 negroes devised to Betsey S. and Mary Ann Avery to 

be applied to the schooling of my son Wm. H. Avery until 21. 

Legatee: Elizabeth Reese to live in the house where she presently 

dwells with 20 acres adjoining for life or until she marries at 

which time the land is to return to the purchasers, also 6 

barrels of corn annually until her child is of age to bind out. 

Exec: friend Hubbard Wyatt, Wm. R. Curtis, Richard Fletcher. 

D. 20 Apr. 1802. 

Witn: Francis Reese. 

R 13 July 1802 Prince George Co. 

Hubbard Wyatt qualifies as executor with John Allison and John 

P. Cocke securities. 

(LOMC 6260) 

2. William Sturdivant of Bath Parish, Dinwiddle County. 

Wife: Frances 250 acres on Stony Creek whereon I formerly lived, 

3 negroes. This bequest is for her life only then the land to 

my son James. 

Son: Robert one equal moiety in land I live on, 1 negro, 1/9 

of my other personal property at 21. 

Son: William the other equal moiety of the land I live on, 1 

negro, 1/9 of remaining personalty at 21. 

Son: John 2 negroes, 1/9 of remaining personalty at 21. 

Son: Joel the remainder of the land whereon I lived on Stony 

Creek, 1 negro, 1/9 of remaining personalty at 21. 

Son: James 250 acres on Stony Creek, being land lent my wife for 

her life, 1 negro, 1/9 of personalty at 21. 


Dau: Mary 2 negroes, I/9 of personalty when son Robert is 21 or 

she marries, whichever is first. 

Dau: Martha 2 negroes, I/9 of personalty when son Robert is 21 

or she marries, whichever is first. 

Dau: Sarah 2 negroes, I/9 of personalty when she is 21 or marries, 

whichever is first. 

Dau: Elizabeth 1 negro lent my wife, 1/9 of personalty , the latter 

to her at 21 or when she marries whichever is first. 

Two negroes lent my wife to be divided among my sons living at 

my wife's decease. 

My estate to be kept together to educate and maintain my children 

until each comes of age and his share is set apart. 

No appraisement to be made. 

Execs: brothers John and Joel Sturdivant. 

D October 29,1768. 

Witn: Boiling Stark, E. Pegram, Michl. Roberts. 

R Jan. 16,1769 Dinwiddie Co. 

John and Joel Sturdivant qualify with John Ruff in, Jr. and Edward 

Pegram securities. 

(LOMC 816^ Joel Sturdivant) 

3. William Hudson of Dinwiddie County. 
D. Sept. 13,1789. 

My crop of corn, fodder, wheat, and oats both in the house and 
growing in the field to be sold to pay debts. 

Legatee: Nancy Wilds 1 negro for life, enumerated personalty; the 
former to her lawful issue, or failing such to Irby Hudson son of 

Brother: Irby Hudson 100 acres adjoining him on Stony Creek, 
including the building whereon I now live, 1 horse, 1 negro. 
Brother: Tuttle Hudson the remainder part of my land, 1 negro. 
Sister: Penelope Hudson 1 horse, the use of 1 negro for her 
life and then to her lawful issue, failing such to Sally Hudson 
dau. of Irby. 

Legatee: Sally Hudson dau. of Irby 1 bed and furniture. 
Legatee: Penelope Young one cow and calf. 

Brothers: Irby and Tuttle Hudson the labor of 1 negro for their 
lives and then to the survivor. All the balance of my estate not 
disposed of, including my outstanding debts. 

Sister: Penelope Hudson to care for Nancy Vi/ilds and raise her in 
a Christian like manner. 
Exec: Irby and Tuttle Hudson. 

Witn: Charles Roper Jr., Joel Roper, Elizabeth Roper. 
R 15 Feb. 1790 Dinwiddie Co. 

Irby Hudson qualified with Charles Roper, Jr. and Ambrose Brown 
securities . 

R September Court 1790 Dinwiddie Co. 
Tuttle Hudson qualified with George Pegram security. 
(LOMC 5263) 

^. Charles Thomas of Nansemond County 
D 24 May I785 


Wife: Ann the use of all my estate (real and personal) until iny 
son John Thomas is 21, and for her to bring up the children on 
the profits of the estate; and when John is 21, all my personal 
estate to be equally divided between my wife Ann and all my 
children, and her part to return to my children at her death. 
Son: John the manner plantation. 
Son: James the plantation whereon Thomas Bullock now lives that 

1 bought of Wm. Groves in lieu of a legacy given him by Wtn. Elkes. 
Wife: Ann her thirds in both plantations during her life. 

Son: Charles land given my son John should he die without lawful 


Son: Zekel land given my son James should he die without 

lawful issue. 

Exec: friend William Jordan, wife Ann. 

Witn: Willis Streater, John Talbott, James Hodges. 

R June 11,1787 Nansemond Co. Wm. Jordan qualified with Michl. 

King and Willis Streater, securities . 

Deposition D. 12 Nov. 1839 Nansemond Co. 

Captain Charles Thomas left seven children: John, James, Charles, 

Ezekiel, Tolvin, Lydia, and Elizabeth Thomas. 

John Thomas was the eldest son and eldest child. He died leaving 

six children: William, Lydia, James, and John Thomas, Ann Cooper, 

and Thomas (Christian name unknown). William, Lydia, and 

Thomas are all dead without issue. James Thomas son of John 

is dead leaving one child Elizabeth. 

James, Tolvin, Lydia Thomas, and Charles Thomas children of 

Captain Charles all died unmarried and without issue. 

Ezekiel Thomas son of Captain Charles died leaving two children: 

Martha J. Bernard and Henry Thomas. 

Elizabeth Thomas married Ezekiel Powell and died leaving two 

children: Nancy Beaman and Susan Kelly. 

Power of Attorney. 

D. 20 Dec. 1833 . 

James Thomas of Norfolk Co., John Thomas and Nancy Cooper (late 

Thomas) of Nansemond Co. children of John Thomas, dec. and 

grandchildren of Charles Thomas, dec. appoint Overton Bernard of 

Portsmouth to prosecute claim of said Charles Thomas for services 

in the Navy in the Revolution and receive whatever is due us 

as heirs. 

Witn: Jas. Jones, Henry Lassiter. 

R 20 Dec. 1833 . Nansemond Co. 

(B.W. 6068) 

5. Francis Eppes of Dinwiddie Co. 

Legatee: Mary Ann Frances Henry Harper, dau. of Mary Ann Harper 

2 tracts in Dinwiddie Co. South of Hatcher's run, being 70 acres 
devised me by my brother William Eppes, dec. and 250 acres I 
bought of William King, Jr.; 5 slaves. If she should die before 
21 or unmarried the land to go to my dau. Elizabeth Hill Eppes 
and the slaves to Mary Ann Harper. Mary Ann Harper to have 

use of the property to raise her dau. 

Dau: Elizabeth Hill Eppes all the rest of my estate. 

Exec: friend Gray Briggs. 


D. 28 Sept. 1776. 

Witn: Amey Turnbull, Margt. Harper, Mary Isham, Jno. Eppes Scott, 

John Howell Briggs, Gray Briggs. 

R 20 Jan. 1777 Dinwiddle Co. 

R 16 June 183^ Robert Lanier granted adm. de bonis non with will 


John Pegram and George K.T. Lanier his securities. 

(LOMG 1786) 

6. Edward Allen of Nansemond Co. 

Son: Henry Jno. all the land back of Jericho, being 3 tracts, 

called Blanchards patent, the Planters delight, and Danl. 

Pugh's patent of 144 acres. 

Son: Archibald the land I now live on 

Four sons: Henry Jno., Archibald, Cornelius Edwd., and Thomas 

Wm. Gilbert Allen $3000 each in cash provided the monied part 

of my estate is sufficient. If deficient, my two youngest sons, 

Cornelius Edwd. and Thomas Wm. Gilbert to have $3000 each and the 

balance divided equally between my elder two sons. If there is 

more than enough money it is to be equally divided between my 4 

sons. Balance of estate to be equally divided between my 4 sons, 

provided son Henry Jno. receive the negro man James who is with 

him now learning the ship wrights business . 

Execs: sons Henry Jno. and Archibald Allen, who are to see that - 

my two younger sons are properly educated. 

D. 18 May 1814. 

R. 12 Feb. 1816 Nansemond Co. 

Henry Jno. Allen qualified with James Holladay and Mills Riddick 

his securities. There being no witn. Matthias Jones, James 

Evans, and Harrison Minton swear to handwriting. 

R. 10 Sept. 1821 Henry Jno. Allen the exec, having lately died, 

letters of adm. de bonis non with the will annexed were granted 

Archibald Allen with Mills Riddick and Joseph Denson his securities. 

(LOMC 7576) 

7. John Barn(e)s of Nansemond County, being at this time crazy and 
week in body but of perfect sound sence . 

Son: Willis Barnes silver spoons, buttons, and buckles in the 

hands of Mary Grimes. 

Legatee: Mager William Hoffley clothing. 

Remainder of estate to be sold and put at best interest until my 

son is 21 at which time both princable and intrust are to be his. 

Exec: Mager William Hoffler. 

D. May 1,1802. 

V\litn: Eley Johnson, James Hoffler. 

R. Jan. 10,1803. 

(LOMG 8079) 


by J.C.Kolbe 

Cumberland County was formed from Goochland County in 17^9. 
The number beside each householders name refers to the number 
of white males above 16 years of age and the number of slaves 
within the household. 

This type of record is useful in connecting a particular 
individual with a specific county at a specific time. 

A list of tiths within my precink for viewing to Co held for 1759' 

John Stuard - 5 
Geo. Owen - 5 
John Netherland - 9 
John Burch - 4 
Roger Neel - 4 
Wm. hudsspith - 6 
Thos. Brown - 4 
David Chandler - 2 
Jesse Chandler - 2 
Edmond Toney - 3 
Barth. Stoval Sr. - 8 
John Stoval - 1 
Barth. Stoval Jr. - 5 
Wm. keer - 2 
John Franklin - 3 
Danl . Johnson - 2 
John Loding - 2 
Robt. bagby - 4 
Wm. Cox - 8 
henry bagby - 2 
Mrs. Cox - 3 
Charles Francis - 2 
Anthony morgan - 4 

Wade Netherland - 14 
John Winfree - 6 
John Fleming - 13 
James Gillum - 15 
John Johnson - 2 
James bagby - 2 
Wm. Prosser - 4 
John hide Sanders - ' 
James Crawford - 4 

John Scrugs - 8 
John Scot - 2 
Richard Perkins - 13 
James Tayler Jr. - 2 
Micager Mosby - 11 
Thos. Tucker - 1 
Alexr. moss - 9 
henry stratton - 3 
Wm. stratton - 7 
abram Womack - 5 
Edwd. Tabb - 11 
James Moss - 6 
Allin Creddle - 2 


Seth burton - 3 

Jacob Mosby - 6 

Richard dark - 3 

Benja. Bedford - 9 

Wm.Forgerson - 1 

Wm. Tayler - 3 

James Tayler - 2 

Danl. Mayo - 13 

John hd Sanders Jr. - 5 

Duke hix - 3 

Isaac bryan - 7 

Francis barnes - 4 

geo. cardwell - k 

Richd. Cardwell - 3 

Danl. Carter - 8 

John Cardwell- - 4 

Wm. Smith - 7 

Benja. Mosby - 7 

Littleberry Mosby - 7 

C-- Mosby - 7 
Geo. chambers - 4 
Stephen Mosby - 9 
Jos . Epperson - 3 
John carlile - 8 
Charles finch - 2 
John meanly - 1 

John Gibson - 6 
Robt. Burton - 4 
Charles Burton - 5 
henry Clay Jr. - 3 
Charles Clay - 4 
Thos. Modey - 15 
Mrs. Cox - 6 
Mrs . hughs - 6 
henry Cox - 6 

Geo. Cox - 3 
Laur. smith - 9 
Richd. Pringle - 5 
collin Gooding - 14 
Wm. Walding - 2 
John hughs - 5 
Mrs. harris - 23 
Cillis Booker - 14 
Thos. king - 7 
Joseph Woodson - 4 

Rhode Easley - 8 
James New - 4 
Thomn. Swan - 14 
Fras. Geo. Steger - 15 
Decker Mosby - 4 
John Mayo - 11 
Jacob megehe - 4 
Wm. Clark - 4 
Jos. fuquay - 5 
Chris. Robinson - 2 
Wm. hobson - 6 
John Robinson - 2 
Jos. Robinson - 2 
Field. Bradshaw - 4 
Chas . Bradshaw - 3 
Wm. Bradshaw - 2 
John hobson - 5 
Charles Patterson - 4 
Mrs . Bradshaw - 4 
Field Robinson - 4 
Samuel Jones - 6 
Edwd. Robinson - 1 
Jonus Meadow - 6 
John Brown - 2 
Jacob Winfree - 2 
John Meriman - 6 


Joseph Barksdale - 3 
Francis Mecraw - 2 
John Phelps 
hutchins Burton - k 
Allin Freeman - 3 



by L.H. Hart 

Willis Doles 
Ned Creek f .n. 
Jacob Holmes,f .n, 
John Holmes, f.n. 
William S.Jones 
Anselm Denson 
Silas Ricks, f.n, 

William Land 
Anderson Atkins 
Alexr. Harrison 
Lewis Mays 
Jacob Hughs 
James B. Newsom 
Thomas Step, an I 











Benja. Britt of Jos. NC 

William Lane Sussex 

Nathan Johnson Nansemond 

John Land Sussex 

Winnfred Boseman, an Indian 
John D. Maget NC 
Thomas Turner, an Indian 
Drewry Beale of Drewry Tenn. 
Benja. Woodson, an Indian 
John Woodson, an Indian 
James Woodson, an Indian 

This list of insolvents and non-residents was returned June 19. 1820. 


Deed Books 1-22 (1752-1811) 
by J.C.Kolbe 

An important sourse for documenting migration is the power of 
attorney, recorded in county deed books. This instrument usually 
shows where a person has moved and gives some clue to his connection 
with the county in which the power of attorney is recorded. 

Standard state abbreviations are used as well as the following: 
DB-Deed Book; P-Page; Co. -County; p. a. -Power of Attorney. 

DB . 1, p./f23. Jeremiah Terry of Halifax Co.,Va. bound to the 
Cherokee Nation to Nathaniel Terry p. a. 
d. 1? Jan. 1758. R. 27 March 1758. 

DB. 1, p. 302. Michael McDaniel of Halifax Co. having to go to 
the province of North Carolina appoint my brother William McDaniel 
of Halifax Co. my attorney to sell a tract of land on Bye Ck. 
containing ^30 acres which was granted me and Nathaniel Hunt 
by letters recorded in the Secretary's Office of this Colony. 
The land was sold to James Cook, 
d. 9 July 1757. ^. 15 Sept. 1757- 

DB. 2, p. 275' Robt. Saunders son of John and Sarah Saunders late 
of York Co. Colony of Va. to John Saunders my son of Halifax Co. 
Colony of Va. p. a. to recover all debts due me. 
d. 25 June I766. R. 21 Aug. I766. 

DB. 3, p. 89. VJilliam Douglas of Township of Cavnarvon Co. of 
Lancaster, Province of Pa. to my friend David Lawson Co. of 
Halifax, Prov. of Va. power of atty. to deliver a deed to Hampton 
Wade of Amelia Co. Prov. of Va. for I65 acres lying south of Dan 
River in Halifax Co. which William Douglas sold to Hampton Wade. 
d. 10 March I76I. R. 16 Ap. I76I. 

DB. 4, p. 267. Elizabeth Palmer and Ann Williams both of Halifax 
Co. to John Milner of same county p. a. to take possession of land 
in Brunswick Co. devised to us by our Father Luke Milner. 
d. 21 May I767. R. 21 May I767 . 

DB. 6, p. 367. Elizabeth Palmer and Ann Williams of Halifaix Co. Va. 
to John Milnor of Halifax Co. power of atty. to receive land on 
Wagun Ck. in Brunswick Co. containing 50O acres which land was 
devised to us by the will of our father Luke Milner deed. 


d. 21 May 176?. R. 21 May 176?. 

DB. 6, p. 510. Roger Caison of Halifax Co. to John Salmon of Halifax 
Co. power of atty . to sell land in Louisa Co. 
d. 17 Sept. 1767. R. 17 Sept. I767 . 

DB 6, p. 530. Thomas Douglas of Salisbury Township, Lancaster 
Co., Prov. of Pa., whereas I am seized in fee of a certain tract 
in Halifax Co. Prov. of Va . on the Dan River containing 250 acres 
to Capt. William Lawson and Thomas Douglas both of Halifax Co. 
Colony of Va. power of atty. to sell land, 
d. 2 Sept. 1766. R. 19 March I767. 

DB 7f p. 126. Henry Dixon of Prov. of S.C. to my friend Thomas 
Douglas of Halifax Co., Colony of Va. power of atty. to receive 
all debts due me . 
d. 9 May I768. R. 19 May I768. 

DB 7, p. 230. John Gordon of Mecklenburg Co. N.C. to Col. Nathaniel 

Terry of Halifajc Co. Va. and Capt. Hugh James of Pittsylvania Co. 

Va. power of atty to receive from Col. Robert Wooding of Halifax 

Co. Va. Thomas Green, John Owens, Robert Robinson Hunt, Ephraim Hill, 

assurities to me for James McKindree deed, in the discharge of 

his office as deputy Sherrif . 

d. 6 Aug. 1768. R. 15 Sept. 1768. 

DB 7, p. 364. Michael Abney of Province of S.C. to my brother Samuel 
Abney of Halifax Co. colony of Va . power of atty. to sell a tract 
of land, first granted to George Abney containing by patent 170 

d. 27 Aug. 1768. R. 15 June I769. 

DB 7, p. 448. Joseph Chapman of Orange Co. province of N.C. 

to John Chapman of Halifax Co., Antrim Parish power of atty. 

concerning I50 acres , the manor plantation my father left me Nov. 10, 


d. 10 Nov. 1769. R. 16 Nov. 1769. 

DB 7, p. 464. Robert Campble of Peters Township, Cumberland Co. 
Prov. of Pa., Yeoman to friend William Lawson Halifax Co. Va . , 
planter, power of atty. to sell my interest in land in Halifax Co. 
d. 12 Nov. 1769. R. 15 March 1770. 

DB 9, p. 46. Thomas Faulkner of Prince William Co. Dittengen 
Parish, planter to Joshua Powell and William Sydnor to take possession 
of a negro girl Beck in possession of John Chapman which he 
clandestinely moved out of these parts, 
d. May 1773- R- 20 May 1773- 

DB 12, p. 380. Thomas Hope of Halifax Co., Va. to James Stevens 
of county and state aforesaid power of atty. to receive debts 
due to estate of Walter Robertson late of said County who died in 
Newborne in N.C . 


d. 27 March I783. R. 16 Oct. I783. 

DB 13. p. 88. Ann Palmer of Halifax Co., Va. to James Echols of 
HalifsLX Co. Va. power of atty. to receive ray part of my father 
John Palmer est. bequeathed to ray father by my grandfather dated 
21 March 17^9- 
d. 15 Sept. 1784. R. 16 Sept. 1784. 

DB 13, p. 89. Isaac Ball of Vi/ilkes Co., Georgia, adm. of the 
est. of James Armstrong deed, late of S.C. to Wra. Peters Martin 
of Halifax Co. Va. power of atty. to recover all est. which Jaraes 
Armstrong deed, is due from the est. of VJilliam Armstrong deed, 
d. 29 March 1784. R. 21 Oct. 1784. 

DB 13, p. 116. George Ridley of Sullivan Co., N.C. to James Johnson 

of Halifax Co. Va. power of atty. to sell my lands in Halifax 

Co. Va. 

d. 16 Dec. 1784. R. 16 Dec. 1784. 

DB 13, p. 302. William Nance to sons Thomas V. Nance, Zachariah 
Nance, sons-in-law Edmund Tucker, Daniel Palmer power of atty. 
to collect what is due as legacy of my wife Mary bequeathed to 
her by her father Timothy Vaughn, 
d. 20 Oct. 1785. R. 20 Oct. 1785. 

DB 13, p. 235. Naman Roberts of Guilford Co. N.C. to Philip 
Rose of CO. and state aforesaid power of atty. to sell ray right 
in land in Halifax Co. that was left to my wife Jane by her father 
Thomas Rose deed, in his will to whoever shall purchase the land 
of Philip Rose, 
d. 19 July 1785. R. 21 July I785. 

DB 13, p. 315. Joseph Gill Jr. of Halifax Co. Va. guardian of 
the orphans of Peter Gill late of Halifax Co. Va. deed, to Thomas 
Sharp Spencer late of Halifsix Co. Va. but now of Cumberland 
District power of atty. to take into his possession a negro 
man slave Colley. 
d. 18 Nov. 1785- R. 18 Nov. I785. 

DB 13, p. 361. Thomas Boyce of S.C. county of Laurence, planter 
to Benjamin Dixson power of atty. to sell a tract of 108 acres 
lying in Halifax Co. on the Banister River, adjoining the lands 
of Stephen Dixon, Fras . Petty, Isaac Easly, James Fowless. 
d. 9 Nov. 1785. R. 19 Jan. I786. 

DB 14, p. 11. Marsden Clay late of Halifax Co. but now of Fayette 
to John Williams Jr. of Halifax power of atty. 
d. 18 Sept. 1786. R. 21 Dec. I786. 

DB 14, p. 67. York Co. South Carolina David Gordon to John 
Irvene of Halifax Co. Va. power of atty. to sell 330 acres in 
Halifax Co. 
d. 14 Feb. I787. R. 15 March I787. 


DB 1^, p. 154. Robert Caldwell and David Caldwell of Mercer Co. 
Kentucky to David Logan of Halifax Co. Va. power of atty. reference to 
land of 200 acres where said David Caldwell formerly lived, 
d. 11 July 1787. R. 20 Sept. I787. 

DB 14, p. 665. Francis Farley and Marina Farley of Rowan Co. 
N.C. to Moses Hendricks of Lunenburg power of atty. to convey 
a deed to a tract 100 acres devised to us by the will of James 
Hendrick deed, and which land lies in Halifeix Co. 
d. 2 Nov. 1789. R. 20 June 1790. 

DB 15, p. 51. Joseph Collier of Edgefield Co. S.C. to his friend 
John Collier of Charlotte Co. Va . power of atty. to receive from 
the guardian of the orphans of Thomas Collier deed, of Charlotte 
Co. and also his legattees of lawful age a tract in Halifaix Co. 
on Childry Ck. being part of a larger tract granted by order of 
Council to Collier and Moriss. 
d. 16 Nov. 1790. R. 24 Jan. 1791. 

DB 15. p. 175 • Archibald Dickinson and Valentine Dickenson of 
Fayette Co. to Mr. David Mitchell of same co. power of atty. to 
sell land on Staunton River in Halifax Co. being patented in 
John Dickinson's name of whom we are lawful heirs, 
d. 18 July 1791. R. 21 Sept. 1791. 

DB 15, p. 186. Robert Wade of Halifax Co. to John Boyd of 
Territory the South of Ohio (Tenn.), Davison Co. p. a. to recover 
from Nathaniel Fulsom in the Chakaw Nation a negro Peter, 
d. 30 Aug. 1791. R. 26 Sept. 1791- 

DB 15 1 p. 215. James Richardson of the county of the Illinoise 
to William Richardson of Halifax Co. Va. power of atty to sell 
408 lying on the south side of the Dan River, 
d. 15 Dec. 1790. R. Oct. 24, 1791. 

At a court held for Mercer Co. 22 Feb. 1791. 

DB 15, P. 221. John Boyd Jun. , State of Territory of the South 
of Ohio (Tenn.) Davison Co. to my friend Robert Wade Sen. of 
Halifax Co., power of atty. to recover lands on the north side 
of the Dan River with all islands, recorded to me from Daniel 
Dean bearing the date 21 Aug. 1777. 
d. 30 Aug. 1791. R. 28 Nov. 1791. 

DB 15, p. 382. Francis Lawson of Greene Co., Georgia to Major 
John Irvine of Halifax Co. Va. power of atty to receive from 
all persons indebted to me for contracts in Halifax Co. Va. 
entered into with William Lawson Sen. of Greene Co. or my self 
and to sell or rent 420 acres on a creek known as olid mill 

d. 28 Feb. 1792. R. 23 July 1792. 

DB 15, p. 456. Samuel Northern of county of Roan (N.C.) to 
Samuel Bentley of Halifax Co. Va. power of atty the recover the 


whole of the estate of George Evans deed, as being one of his 


d. 10 Nov. 1792. R. 26 Nov. 1792. 

DB 16, p. 99. Anne Haynes of Halifax Co. Va. to Robert Sandifer 
Read power of atty. to sell 200 in Elizabeth City Co. 
d. 22 Feb. 179^- R. 24 Feb. 179^. 

DB 16, p. 149. Charles Lee of Edgefield Co. S.C. to Phillip 
Rowlett of Halifsix Co. Va . power of atty. to recover 100 acres 

adjoining lands of Thomas Stovall and William Cassaty. 

d. 16 Feb. 179^. R. 26 April 179^. 

DB 16, p. 256. Thomas Wyatt of Wester Territory , Green Co. to 
James Watkins of Halifax Co. p. a. to handle my business, 
d. 5 Nov. 1793. R. 22 Sept. 179^. 

DB 16, p, 294. John West of Lankester Co. S.C. to Henry Colquitt 
of Halifax p. a. to recover from George Wood of Halifax all lands in 
his possession, 
d. 20 Dec. 1794. R. 26 Jan. 1795- 

DB 16, p. 339 < I Margaret Foules only dau. of now deceased John 
Foules maltman and brewer of Glasgow and spouse of James Cooper 
shoemaker in Glasgow, Andrew Foules printer in Glasgow and Elizabeth 
and Euphemia Foules only children of deceased Robert Foules printer 
of Glasgow. Considering the Rev. Mr. James Foules clergyman sometime 
of Glasgow thereafter in Va. Halifax Co. who was brother of our 
father John and Robert Foules deed, and also the now deceased Andrew 
Foules our uncle, by his will dated 9 Jan. I767 we are heirs to his 
estate he having died without issue to Hugh Innes of Franklin Co. 
power of atty. 
d. 2 May 1793. R- 23 March 1796. 

DB 16, p. 414. Territory of the U.S. South of the River Ohio, 
(Tenn.) Hawkins Co., Micajah Estes to Caleb Hart of Halifax Co., Va. 
power of atty. to deliver a deed to Philliman Catton and William 
Satter white a fee simple estate of 208 acres in Halifax Co. 
d. 1 June 1795- R- 27 July 1795. 

DB 16, p. 519- Ambrose Hart of Fayette Co. Kentucky to brother 

Joseph Hunt of Halifax Co. Va . power of atty. to collect debts 

and sell a tract of land on Ellis Ck. in Halifax Co. whereon Billy 

Wright now lives, to pay a judgement due the est. of VJalter Robinson's 

heirs . 

d. 6 Sept. 1795. R. 25 Jan. 1796. 

DB 16, p. 631. Pendleton Co., N.C. James McDaniel to Joseph Hobson 
of Halifax Co. Va. power atty. to sell land. 
d. 26 March 1796. R. 27 June 1796. 

DB 16, p. 722. Joseph and George Perrin of Halifajc Co. Va. to 
William Terry of Halifax Co. Va. power of atty. to receive from any 


person who has part of the est. of our deceased father Samuel Perrin 
particularly of Jeremiah Pate and his securities the securities of 
Jane Perrin deed, who was adm. of Samuel Perrin, and also of John 
Wade and Richard Wade who were adm. of Jane Perrin deed, 
d. 11 Jan. 1796. R. 26 Sept. 1796. 

DB 17, p. 137- Annis Davenport and her husband Bedford Davenport of 
Halifeix Co., Va. whereas Annis Davenport is dau. of Samuel and 
Elizabeth Comer deed, and sister of James Moss of New Kent Co. Va. 
deed, to brother Moss Comer power of atty. to demand our portion 
of est. of James Moss deed, of New Kent, 
d. Zk Ap. 1797. R. 24 Ap. 1797. 

DB 17, p. 465. Montgomery Co. Kentucky, John Fuqua and Margaret his 
wife to John Irvin of Halifax Co. Va. power of atty. to sell a 
tract of land in Halifax Co. it being left to Margaret by her father 
John Laws on. 
d. 6 Feb. 1798. R. 24 April 1798. 

DB 17, p. 498. James Morehead of Halifsix Co. Va. about to remove to 
N.C. to Joseph Sanford power of atty. 
d. 1 Dec. 1797. R- 23 July 1798. 

DB 18, p. 165. Robert Shearman of Wilks Co. Ga. to John Irvine 
Sen. of Halifax Co. Va . p. a. to sell 210 acres on Lick Branch in 
Halifax Co. being the same conveyed to Shearman by Daniel 
Ford by deed dated 25 Aug. 1777- 

d. 7 Nov. 1798. R. 24 June 1799- 

DB 18, p. 212. Robert Echols of Wilkes Co. Ga. this 8 July 1799 to 
Evans Echols power of atty. of Halifax Co. Va. for me and Anne Palmer, 
d. 31 August 1799. R. 23 Sept. 1799- 

DB 18, p. 211. Ann Palmer of Wilks Co. Georgia to Robert Echols of 

the CO. and state aforesaid power of atty. to recover my father John 

Palmer's part of my grandfather Joseph Palmer's estate agreeable 

to his will for which there is a decree in the high court of chancery 

in Va. 

d. 8 July 1799- R. 23 Sept. 1799- 

DB 19, p. 174. Margaret Clay of Grainger Co. Tenn. and James Clay 
living west of the Mississippi to Eleazor Clay p. a. Concerning I50 
acres of land in Halifax Co. on the south branches of Cataba Creek, 
Eleazor Clay is to sell all my right of dower as widow and all my 
right as legatee of James Clay deed, my father, 
d. 9 Sept. 1800. R. 28 Dec. 1801. 

DB 19, p. 175. Jeremiah Clay of Clark Co. Kentucky to Eleazor Clay 
p. a. concerning I50 acres in Halifaix Co. on the south branches of 
Catawba Ck. Eleazor Clay is to sell the I/3 part devised to me 
by my deed, father James Clay, 
d. 22 Aug. 1800. R. 22 Dec. 1801. 


DB 19, p. 236. John Flournoy of Halifax Co. Va. to Gidion Flournoy 
of Powhatan Co. to receive two negro girls Euphimia, Hannah who 
were carried out of Powhatan Co. by Poindexter Nole and Isaac 
Lucado to Fluvana Co. 
d. 22 March 1802. R. 22 March 1802. 

DB 19, p. 330. Indenture made 10 Dec. 1801 between John Harrison 
Fawn, Mariner, by Archibald Thweatt his atty. of Petersburg, Theoderick 
Armistead, Robert Munford Armistead, Thomas Armistead all of the 
Borough of Norfolk and James Linn of Halifax Co. Va. of the other 
part. Whereas George Carrie by his will recorded in Prince George 
Co. on 11 Feb. 1772 devised to his two daughters Anna Corrie and 
Margaret Fawn a tract of land in Halifax and Pittsylvania Co., 
being the same tract where the Halifax Co. C.H. formerly stood. Anna 
Carrie's will was dated 21 Jan. 1773 and recorded in the Prince 
George Court; her whole estate devised to her sister Margaret Fawn 
during her life and at her death she devised her moeity to her 
nephew John H. Fawn the son of Margaret Fawn. Whereas the said 
Margaret who was a widow intermarried with Thomas Armistead late of 
Prince George now deceased. By marriage articles dated 26 Aug. 1775 
recorded in Prince George Court, reserved to Margaret the right to 
dispose of her own lands. Margaret's will dated 19 Aug. 1777 and 
recorded in Prince George Court on 10 Jan. 1792. By the said will 
Margaret devised her moeity to her dau. Anne Carrie Armistead and 
sons Theoderick, Robert Munford and Thomas. Anne Carrie Armistead 
died without issue, never married and intestate. Heirs wish to 
sell land to James Linn. 
R. 26 July 1802. 

DB 19, p. 394. William Finch of Bourbon Co. Kentucky to John Wilson 
Esq. power of atty. to receive dividends which are due me from the 
est. of my deceased father Adam Finch late of Charlotte Co. Va. 
d. 17 Oct. 1802. R. 25 Oct. 1802. 

DB 19, p. 418. Gracy Carnal widow of Barnett Carnal deed., Benjamin 
Hill and Nancy his wife formerly Nancy Carnal, Moses Carnal, Samuel 
Caldwell and his wife Jenny, formerly Jenny Carnal, Polly Carnal, 
Stephen Owen and his wife Milley formerly Milley Carnal heirs and 
legatees of Barnett Carnal deed, to Custis Carnal power of atty. to 
sell 200 acres in Halifax Co. on South branch of Lawson's Ck. 
d. 28 Aug. 1802. R. 27 Dec. 1802. 

DB 19, p. 468. Isham Clark, Silas Clark, John Simmonds of Claiborne 
Co. Tenn. to Joseph Clark of co. and state aforesaid p. a. to recover 
2 negroes a woman Sail and boy Peter supposed to be in possession 
of David Maize of Pittsylvania Co. 
d. 6 Sept. 1802. R. 28 Feb. I803. 

DB 19, p. 515. William Kellett of Jackson Co. Georgia to James Mitchell 
of Orange Co. N.C. power of atty. to sell a tract of land in Halifax 
Co. Va. on Brady Ck. waters of Banister River Containing 360 acres, 
d. 19 Dec. 1801. R. 27 June I803. 


DB 20, p. 96. Ann Cobbs ex. of John Cobbs deed, of Halifax Co. 
to Willis Lewis of N.C p. a. to recover monies due me from any 
person residing in South Carolina or Georgia, 
d. 26 Feb. 180^. R. 2? Feb. 1804. 

DB 20, p. 198. Bartholomew Stovall and Valentine Dickerson 
of Warren Co. Kentucky to Lewis Dickerson of Jesamine Co. 
Kentucky power of atty. to receive of George Carrington and 
Thomas Dobson of Halifax Co. ex. of Thomas Stovall deed, claims 
as legatees of Thomas Stovall deed, which is due us. 
d. 11 May 1804. R. 25 June 1804. 

DB 20, p. 468. Hudson Ferguson of Halifax Co. Va. to Jacob 
Ferguson power of atty. to transact my business with him 
as I am going to Cumberland, 
d. 1 Nov. 1804. R. 24 June I805. 

DB 20, p. 496. Whereas William Evans late of Montgomery Co. Md. 
deed, by his will dated 9 Feb. I785 bequeaths after death of 
dau.-in-law Elizabeth Essex, I give to the other children of 
Nathaniel Ferguson one half of the afaresaid principle and 
interest Thomas Fletchall ex. of said will. That John Ferguson 
and William Wheeling and Nelly his wife, John and Nelly being 
children of Nathaniel Ferguson to Charles F. Wall of Halifax 
Co. power of atty. to receive what due them from est. of 
William Evans . 
d. 9 April I805. R. 22 July I805. 

DB 20, p. 497. Margaret Thorp to Major Charles F. Wall p. a. to 
receive rent from Johnithan Brown as occupier of land in 
Mongomery Co. Md. 
d. 20 July I805. R. 22 July I805. 

DB 20, p. 498. William Evans late of Montgomery Co. Md. deed, 
by his will dated 9 Feb. I785 did bequeath after death of his 
dau. in law Elizabeth Esex^ i give to other children of Nathaniel 
Furguson which he may have by his present wife ^ aforesaid 
principal and interest as they reach 21 ys . and said will made 
Thomas Fletchall Ex. - We Barnet Coal and wife, Priscila a 
child of Nathaniel Farguson to Charles F. Wall of Halifax Co. 
Va. power of atty. to receive portion of Priscila Coal, 
d. 15 July I805. R. 22 July I805. 

DB 20, p. 510. Samuel Pointer adm. of Philip Pointer deed, of 
Halifajc Co. Va. to Samuel Nixon of Perquiman Co. N.C. power 
of atty. to recover all monies that may be due the estate of 
Philip Pointer deed, 
d. 28 June I805. R. 22 July I805. 

DB 20, p. 545. James Thorp and Margaret his wife of Halifax Co. 
where as the said Margaret was the dau. of Joseph Lewis of 
Montgomery Co. Md. deed, to Charles F. Wall p. a. to recover 
120 acres on Bennetts Ck. in Md. 
d. 24 Aug. I805. R. 26 Aug. I805. 


DB 21, p. 10. Nimrod Ferguson of Belmont Co. Ohio to Daniel 
Easley of Halifax Co. Va . power of atty. to sell land in Halifax 
Co. containing I30 acres, 
d. 17 Oct. I805. R. 23 Dec. I805. 

DB 21, p. 60. John Akin to Hartwell Marable power of atty. to 
collect money in S C . or Georgia. 
d. 18 Jan. I8O6. R. 2? Jan. I806. 

DB 21, p. 81. John Daniel Jr. son of John heretofore of Charlotte 
Co. Va. now of Pirson Co., N.C. as tenant of courtesy, under 
title and possession of his former wife Martisia who was one of 
the dau. of Matthew Sims of Halifax Co. deed, leaving issue a 
son named William Sims Daniel 53 acres in Halifax Co. Va . bounded 
by lines of John Clarke on two sides and by the Staunton River 
on the other, and forms nearly an oblong square and is the same 
lott assigned to Martisia upon a division of her father's est. 
which assignment and division may appear of record in the clerks 
office to which is referred for quarter courtesy, lot known as 
Dobsons lott because of the former tenant. John Daniels sold 
his life est. in the lott to John Clark, John Daniel Jr. states 
he is satisfied with the payment, 
d. 1 Jan. I8O6. R. Z^■ Feb. I8O6. 

DB 21, p. 122. Henry Cox of Blunt Co. Tenn. to William Guns on 
of Halifax Co. Va . p. a. to receive debts due me by bond from 
Cunrod Botts due me and Martin Beard. 
d. 31 Aug. I805. R. 29 April I806. 

DB 21, p. 299. Harmon Miller and Mary Miller of Halifax Co. Va. 
to William Hall of Pittsylvania Co. Va. power of atty. to recover 
all due us in est. of our father Daniel Hutchinson deed, late 
of Stokes Co. N.C. 
d. 24 Jan. 180?. R. 26 Jan. 180?. 

DB 21, p. 338. John Isbell and Polly his wife of Halifax Co. Va. 
to George Foster of Co. and state aforesaid power of atty. to 
receive of Tarleton Woodson and William Clarke ex. of James Foster 
deed, late of Albemarle Co. or equal share of estate as devisees 
of said decedents estate, 
d. 23 Feb. I8O7. R. 23 Feb. 180?. . 

DB 21, p. 546. Elizabeth Blackwell of Halifax Co. Va. to my son 
James Blackwell, power of atty. to sell my right in a tract of 
land left me by my father William Russell, lying in King William 
Co. and to receive purchase money and grant legal receipt of same, 
d. 26 Dec. I8O7. R. 28 Dec. I8O7. 

DB 21, p. 658. James Eastham Jr. of Nelson Co. Kentucky to James 
Eastham Sen. of Halifax Co. Va. power of atty., to convey a tract 
of land in Lunenburg Co. on the Meherin River it being the tract 
where my father James Eastham lived and due me that part assigned 
to my mother as her dower and since sold by a decree of Lunenburg 
Court and I purchased the same. 


d. Ik Ap. 1808. R. 25 July I808. 

DB 21, p. 671. Robert Church of Halifax Co. Va . about to move 
to Kentucky to John Wilson of Halifax Co. p. a. 
d. 1 April 1808. R. 25 July 1808. 

DB 22, p. 124. Thomas Leak and Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth 
Flood of Halifax Co. Va. to Adam Foot power of atty. to receive 
property which Elizabeth entitled as one of the distributees 
and heirs of Joseph Flood deed, of Dauphin Co. Pa. 
d. Zk July 1809 . R. 28 July I809. 

DB 22, p. 263. Vi/hereas Josiah Shelton late of Halifax Co. Va. 

deed, by his will bequeathed to me Godfrey Shelton of Davidson 

Co. Tenn. a legacy of one equal part of all his estate and made me 

ex. jointly with Benjamin Clements, I appoint Jesse Murphy of 

HalifEix Co. Va. to receive my share of the estate of Josiah 


d. 11 Sept. I809. R. 25 Dec. I809. 

DB 22, p. 368. Berryman Green and Ruth Kirby Executor and Executrix 
of Obadiah Kirby deed, of Halifax Co. Va. to John Barksdale of 
Halifax Co. Va . and Jeremiah Hendricks of Wilson Co. Tenn. power 
of atty. to sell two tracts called Spencers Lick Tract lying 
in Wilson Co. Tenn. belonging to Joseph Hendrick deed, of Wilson 
Co. Tenn. being 95^ acres. Joseph Hendricks died without a will 
the land became subject to distribution. There are 9 distributive 
shares, each share being 104 acres. Two of the shares belong to 
Joseph Hendricks sisters Ruth Kirby former wife of Obadiah Kirby 
deed, and Elizabeth Burgess wife of Thomas Burgess. Obadiah 
Kirby in his life time purchased the share of Elizabeth Burgess, 
d. 28 March 1810. R. 28 March 1810. 

DB 22, p. 337. Robert Jourdan of Halifax Co. Va. to Christopher 
White of same County power of atty. to go into Fairfield Co. S.C. 
and attend to division of negroes belonging to the est. of Richard 
Church deed, late of Amelia Co. Va., where Richard Church died 
and his will admitted to record and negroes said to be in possession 
of VJilliam Pettypool of Fairfield Co., S.C. who married Susannah 
Church, one of the daughters of Richard Church deed. I Robert 
Jourdan who married Elizabeth Church dau. of Richard Church deed, 
appoint Christopher White to attend to the division of the slaves 
and receive my portion of the same, which is I/6 part, 
d. 26 Feb. 1810. R. 26 Feb. 1810. 

DB 22, p. 3i(-9. Thomas Crawford (Son of Samuel Crawford) of 
Montgomery Co. N.C. to Joseph Howell of Halifax Co. Va . p. a. 
to receive the estate of John Crawford deed, who formerly resided 
in New York, which was willed by John Crawford to Samuel Crawford 
and which Samuel Crawford left to Thomas Crawford his only heir, 
d. 30 Jan. 1810. R. 26 March 1810. 

DB 22, p. 374. Edgefield Dist. S.C. Mary Ann Hankins Mims and 
Britton Mims husband of Mary Ann, Charley Mims and Drury Mims 
husband of Charley Legatees of Charles Edward deed, to Leonard 


husband of Charley Legatees of Charles Edward deed, to Leonard 
Edwards of Granville Co. N.C. our agent to recover from Memican 
Hunt Ex. of Edward Vilade deed. land in the Fork of the Dan 
River and Stanton River on both sides of Difficult Ck. in Halifajc 
Co. Va. agreeable to a decree of Halifax Ct. May 1806 and to sell 
the land . 
d. 29 Aug. 1807. R. 23 Ap. 1810. 

DB 22, p. 375. Spartanburg Dist. S.C. Charles Edwards, Jesse 

Edwards, Sally Nichols and her husband Julius Nichols legatees 

of Charles Edwards deed, to Leonard Edwards of Granville Co. N.C. 

power of atty. to receive titles of Mimucan Hunt of Co. and state 

of aforesaid ex. of Edward Wade deed, to a tract of land lying 

in the fork of Dan and Staunton River on both sides of Difficult Ck. 

in Halifax Co. Va. agreeable to decree of Halifsix Court of May 1806. 

to sell land. 

d. 22 Aug. 1807. R. 23 Ap. 1810. 

DB 22, p. 381. Stephen Davenport and his wife Lucy late Lucy 
Green, Hannah Jones Green, Anthony Green being children of Berryman 
Green and his wife Anne late deed. Whereas Anne Green before 
her marriage was Anne Pritchard dau. of Anthony Pritehard late 
of Charles town Township, Chester Co. Pa. to John Barksdale of 
Halifax Co., who married Anne Pritehard Green dau. of Berryman 
and Anne Green, power of atty. to recover from John H. Phillips 
and James Bodley adm. of Anthony Pritchard deed, that which is 
due us v»*iieh would have descended to Anne Green dau. of Anthony 
d. 2 April 1810. R. 23 April 1810. 

DB 22, p. 395- Thomas Roberts of Rutherford Co. NC . to Kible 
Terry of Bedford Co. state aforesaid power of atty. to handle 
business that relates to a bond given by Thomas Clark also one 
given by Royal Daniel, 
d. 21 March 1810. R. 29 May 1810. 

DB 22 p. 428. Joseph Cleverius guard of Thomas Cleverius orphan 
of Gibson Cleverius deed, of Gloucester Co. Va. to William Thorton 
of CO. and state aforesaid to recover all monies etc. of William 
Wiley in right of his wife Elinor formerly Elinor Cleverius which 
property was held by Wiley by right of dower and also money recovered 
of Roy Boye adm. of David Boye deed, and debts by William Smith. 
B. John Cleverius and others, 
d. k May 1807 . R. 4 May 1807. 

DB 22, p. 429. Holt Cleverius of Gloucester Co. Va. to William 
Thornton p. a. to receive of V\lilliam Wiley in right of his wife 
Elinor late Elinor Cleverius property which was held by Wiley 
by right of dower. Thornton is to receive of Roy Boye adm. of 
David Boye and others debts by William Smith, B. John Cleverius 
and others, as well in behalf of plaintiffs as devisees under the 
will of Benjamin Cleverius deed, of Gloucester Co. 
d. 4 May 1807. R. 26 June 1810. 


DB 22, p. 430. Anthony Armistead of Elizabeth City Co. to VJilliam 
Thornton of Gloucester power of atty. to recover negroes and 
money due me by ray marriage with Elizabeth Cluverius dau. of 
Gibson Cluverius from estate of John Cluverius deed, late of 
Gloucester Co., particularly in consequence of a judgment 
obtained in Halifax by representatives of John Cluverius deed, 
against Roy Boye ' adm. of David Boye deed, and others, 
d. 28 May 180?. H. 26 June 1810. 

DB 22, p. 441. Charles Boulton of Smith Co. Tenn. to Alexander 
Cunningham power of atty. to collect debt due on a judgement 
against Ephraim Blane. 
d. 18 March I8O9. R. 23 July 1810. 

DB 22, p. 541. William Fletcher and Polly his wife late Polly 
McNicoll to Thomas Fletcher power of atty. to sell a tract of land 
which Polly is entitled to in North Carolina, 
d. 27 Nov. 1810. R. 27 Nov. 1810. 

by Henry W. Lewis 
This record was kept by Dr. Lewis in his copy of The American 
Dispensatory , "Philadelphia, Published by Thomas Dobson at The Stone 
House, No. 41, South Second Street. Fry and Kammerer, Printers. 1810." 

Charles Stuart Lewis was born the 1st January 1818. 
Louisa Gray Lewis was born the 30th September I8I9. 
Henry Lewis was born the 29th May 1821. 
Ashton Lewis was born the 27th September 1823. 
Richard Edwin Lewis was born the 22nd April 1827. 

The birth dates of the three younger children of Dr. Henry and Frances 
(Stuart) Lewis are added here for completeness ; the sources are indicated: 

Benjamin Lewis was born June 30 » 1829. (Tombstone inscription, 
plantation cemetery, Woodstock, Brunswick County, Virginia.) 

Joseph Warner Lewis was born May 18, 1833- (Parish Register, 
St. Andrew's Church, Lawrenceville , Virginia.) 

James Edmunds Lewis was born May 26,1834. (Parish Register, St. 
Andrew's Church, Lawrenceville, Virginia.) 

Note: The St. Andrew's Register was stored in the Office of the 
Clerk of Circuit Court of Brunswick County, Lawrenceville, 
and during the 1930s most of the information concerning the 
Lewis and Wilkins families was copied and has been preserved. 
The register has since disappeared. 


by Susan B . Sheppard 

This suit styled Gunn vs Dameron was filed March 8,1859. 
It involves property in Brunswick County which belonged to 
Christopher Dameron who died in Caswell Co. NC in 1810. When 
the suit was settled there were an extensive number of heirs 
living in a number of areas . 

The vast information in this suit is condensed into the 
depositions, powers of attorney, and division. 

State of Missouri 

County of Randolph Deposition of Mary Gold 

December 9»1858 

Her maiden name was Mary Clay and she was born in Person County, 
N.C. about 1777- She intermarried with John Dameron about 1799 
in Caswell Co., N.C. John Dameron died about 1803 and she afterwards 
intermarried with William Gold about 1805. William Gold died 
about 1811 and she is now a widow. 

Her first husband John Dameron was the son of Christopher Dameron 
who lived in Caswell Co., N.C. Christopher Dameron 's wife and the 
mother of John Dameron was named Sally. Her maiden name was Inghram 
and her parents when she married Christopher Dameron resided in 

Mary Gold states that after her marriage with John Dameron they 
lived in Caswell Co., N.C. within 4 miles of said Christopher until 
she removed to Person Co. adjoining and there remained until she 
returned to Caswell Co. where she remained until 1829 when she removed 
to Randolph Co., Missouri where she has lived ever since. 

Christopher Dameron died in Caswell Co., N.C. in 1810 leaving 
his widow Sally surviving him. They had the following children: 

1) Ann M. who married Vines Mathis and died about 18^9 leaving 
children named Drury, Lindsay, Patsy, Susan, Ann M. Christopher and 
Luke Mathis. 

2)Sally Dameron who married Charles Mathis and died about 
1855 leaving children named: John, William, Isaac, James Addison, 
George, Matilda Mary Sarah, Patience, and Thomas. 


3) John Dameron above described died about 1802, leaving 2 
children: Eliza Inghram and Patsy P. Said Eliza I. Dameron married 
William M. Dameron who died in Randolph Co., Missouri, about 1837. 

The widow Eliza I . Dameron married Thomas Gunn about 1850 and is still 
living. Said Patsy P. Dameron married Alexander M. Dameron about 
1821. After his death, the said Patsy P. married John S. Finlay and is 
still living. 

4) Christopher Dameron who died about 184^3 without ever marrying 
and without issue. 

5) Barthelomew Dameron who died about leaving children as 

follows: Alexander M . Dameron, Salinda, Betsy, Sarah, Francis, Thena, 
John George W. Williams, Phebe, and Ann Dameron. 

6) Mary Dameron who married Robert Jackson and died about 1842, 
leaving children as follows: William, John, Hightower, Sarah, Betsy, 
Martha Thomas Alexander. 

7) Catharine Dameron who married William Dameron and died about 
1818 leaving children as follows: Martha who married Wm. Peterson and 
is still living; Sarah who married Vachel Cross and is still living. 

8) Martha Dameron who married Johnson McDaniel and removed to 
Tennessee. The deponent knows nothing further, although it is rumored 
she had some children and died. 

9) Patience Dameron who married Daniel Jackson and died without 
issue . 

The deponent states that Ann M. , Sally, John, Christopher, 
Barthalomew, Mary, Catherine, Martha, and Patience were the only 
children of said Christopher Dameron, dec. 

Witness: J.B. Taylor Mary X Gould 



Randolph Co., Missouri Dec. 13,1858. 
William Dameron Sr. aged 67 years. He married Catherine Dameron 
dau. of Christopher and Sarah Dameron. Catherine is now deceased. 
He agrees with the heirs as stated in the affadavit of Mary Gould. 

Brunswick Co., Va. Feb. 1,1859. 
John Richmond and wife Judith of Caswell Co., N.C. Said to be the 
estate of Thomas Ingram, dec. late of the county aforesaid 
(Brunswick), Christopher Dameron married Sarah Ingram of Brunswick and 
had issue: Clarky, Nancy M., Sarah, Christopher, John, Mary, Catharine, 
Bartholomew, Martha, and Patience. Nancy md Vines Ma this, Sarah md 
Charles Ma this, Mary md Robert Jackson, Catharine md William 
Dameron, Martha md William McDaniel, Patience married Daniel Jackson and 


Power of Attorney. 

George W. Dameron, adm. of Bartholomew Dameron dec, and Luke 
Mathis, adm. of Ann Morid Mathis dec, formerly Dameron, who married 
Vines Mathis dec., and Geo. A. Mathis, adm. of Sarah Mathis dec., 
formerly Dameron, v/ho married Charles Mathis, dec. and Ralph H. Jackson, 
adm. of Mary Jackson, dec, formerly Dameron, who married Robert 
Jackson, power of attorney to James P. Dameron to collect our interest 
in estate of Christopher Dameron, dec. of Brunswick Co. and if necessary 
to take possession of land belonging to Christopher Dameron 's estate 
in Caswell Co. , N.C . 

Witness: J.B.Taylor G.W. Dameron 

Dated: Dec ^, 1858 his 

Randolph Co., Missouri Luke X Mathis 


G.A. Mathis 

Robert H. Jackson 

William P. Peterson, husband of Martha H., formerly Dameron, 
one of the heirs of Catharine Dameron, daughter of Christopher 
Dameron, dec. Power of attorney to James P. Dameron to collect as above. 
Dated: Dec. 9. I858 
Macon Co.p Miss-ouri William P. Peterson 

Martha H. Peterson, formerly Dameron, and Sarah Cross, formerly 
Dameron, the only surviving heirs of Catharine Dameron, dau . of 
Christopher Dameron, dec. Power of attorney to James P. Dameron to 
collect as above. 

Dated: Dec 8, I858 Martha H. Peterson 

Macon Co., Missouri 

Sarah Ingram Cross 
Randolph Co., Missouri 

Eliza Ingrham Gunns, formerly Dameron, and Patsey D. Finley, 
formerly Dameron, daughters of John Dameron, dec. Power of attorney 
to James P. Dameron to collect as above. 
Dated: Dec 4, I858. Eliza Ingrham Gunn 

Randolph Co., Missouri 

Patsey D. Finley 
Macon Co., Missouri 


In I855 there remained some personal estate in Brunswick County 
belonging to Christopher Dameron, dec. and E.B. Tucker was the court 
appointed administrator. As all debts are paid in I856 children of 
said Christopher are entitled to balance of his estate. There were 


10 children: C larky , a dau., who died underage, without issue before 
her father; Ann M . , a dau., who married Vines Matthis, survived her 
husband, has since died, and her son Luke Matthis is her adm. , Sally , 
a dau., who married Charles Matthis, survived her husband, died, and 
her son Geo. A. Matthis is her adm.; John, a son, who married, had 
2 children, and died before his father, his children are Eliza Ingram 
Gunn and Patsey D. Finley; Christopher , a son, who died unmarried 
without children; Bartholomew , a son, who has died, and his son Geo. 
W. Dameron is his adm.; Mary , a dau., who married Ro . Jackson, survived 
her husband, and her son Ro. Hightower Jackson is her adm.; 
Catherine , a dau., who married Wm. Dameron, survived her husband, has 
died, having 2 ch.: Martha, who married Wm. P. Peterson, and Sarah I. 
who married Vachael Cross, and has survived her husband; Martha, a 
dau., who married Johnson McDaniel and had children whose names and 
number are unknown, McDaniel died, she remarried - Anderson and had 
children, whose names and number are unknown, both- Anderson and his 
wife are dead. Patience , a dau., who married Daniel Jackson, died 
in the lifetime of her father, without issue. 


Luke Matthis adm. of Ann Morid Matthis $383-79 

Geo. A. Matthis adm. of Sally Matthis 383.79 

Ro. Hightower Jackson adm. of Marry Jackson 383.79 

Geo. W. Dameron adm. of Bartholomew Dameron 383.79 

Eliza Ingram Gunn 191. 89i 

Patsey D. Finley 191. 89i 

Wm. P. Peterson 191. 89i 

Sarah Ingram Cross 191.89^ 

Retained for children of McDaniel and Anderson 383-79 

Retained for Christopher Dameron Jr. Estate 383.79 


by Robert Young Clay 

May 17^7 Wm. Covington to Mary Walker. 
June 9, 17^8 Benja. Williamson to Amey Green. 
Jany. 20, 1748 Jos. Ward to Martha Burton. 
May 19, 1749 Jos. Osborn to Ann Jones. 



by L.H.Hart 
(continued from Vol. 2, page 62) 

P. 173 Wm. Hines Inv. D. ord:June I76O R. 18 July I76G 

Wm. and Thos. Hines, ex. Appr: Win. Johnson, Jas . Chappell, 
Jr., Henry Jarrad . 

P. 17^ Tabitha Burrow Inv. D. Ord : Sept. 1759 R. 15 Aug. I760 
Jno. Burrow Jr., adra. Appr: Wm. Yarbrough, Thos. Wade, 
Thos. Wilkerson. 

P. 175 Timothy Ezell of AP, Sussex S:Geo, Tim, Thos, Jno. D: Lydia; 
Eliz. Gilbert, Mary Rove . forgives Jno. Gilbert his ' 
debt. w: Mary. Witn: Edw. Eppes, Dan Eppes, Rd. 

Wiggins. D. 1759 . R. 15 Aug. I76O 

Geo. Ezell, ex. 

P. 176 Wm. Cragg of AP Sussex D. 25 Apr. I76O R. 15 Aug. I76O 
D: Mary ; Jane Northcross. Fr: Edw. Eppes, Jno. Moss, 
David Mason. Witn: VJm. Doby, Jas. Ivey, David Mason. 

P. 177 Mrs. Judith Eldridge Inv. D. 10 Mar. I76O R. 15 Aug. I76O 
Vi/m. Eldridge, ex. No appr. 

P. 177 Thos. Burrow Inv. D. ord. I6 Sept. 1759 H- 19 Sept. 
1760 Jno. Wilkerson adm. Appr: Josiah Smith, Thos. 
Wade, Wm. Yarbrough. 

P. 178 Rd. King hC D. I76O R. 19 Sept. I76O by Sarah King 
Aud: Mo. Johnson, Jesse Jones. 

P.' 179 Nathan Freeman of AP, Sussex D. 15 March 1759 

R. 19 Sept. 1760 Jno., Susan Freeman, ex. Bro: Joel, 
Fred. W: Susan. Father: John. Witn: Thos. Wynne, Vi/m. Smith, 
Jno. Eckles. 

P. 180 Rd. Pepper Inv. D. ord: Feb. 1759- R- 21 Nov- I76O 

Appr: Thomas Vines, Wm. Yarbrough, Henry Brodnax. Inv. Brunswick C 
D. 7 Apr. 1760 Appr: Benj . Harrison, Dan Carrell, Williby 

P. 181 Nathan Freeman Inv. D. ord: 19 Sept. I760 D I6 Oct. I760 
R. 21 Nov. 1760 Appr: Jno. Tyus, Robt. Wynne Raines, 
Thos. Vines Jr. 


p. 182 Peter Hawthorn AC D. I76O R. 21 Nov. I76O 

Jas. Roy ex. Rachel Hawthorn, exx . Aud: Wm. Pettway, 
Jr., Thos. Huson. Rachel Hawthorn, AC Jas Roy, ex. 

P. 183 Wm. Tomlinson of AP, Sussex D. 23 Nov. I76O R. 19 Dec. 

1760 f: Jno. Bro: Burrell, Jno., Thos., Jas. Sis» 
Rebecca Heeth's son Jno. and dau. Amy. Sis: Sarah 
Partridge's dau. Anne . Sis: Mary Renn's s. and dau. 
Fred and Eliz. Sis: Anne Tomlinson. Witn: Joshua 
Rosser, Henry Peebles, Willis Partridge. 

P. 184 Joseph Roland Inv. D. Ord: Nov. I76O R. 19 Dec. I760 
Anselm Bailey Jr. adm. Apprt Silvanns Stokes, Jas. Bell, 
Chas. Judkins. 

P. 184 Reuben Cook of AP Sussex D. I76O R. 19 Dec. I76O 

W: Mary. Ch: Wm. , Jno., Sarah (not of age). Bro: Jno. 

Reeks. Mary Cook, Jno. Reeks, ex. Witn: Nat'l. 
Duncan, Jos.Blaton, Rd. Wilkison. 

P. 185 Ann Threewitts Inv. ^'—^ ^- ^ Dec. I76O 

Robt. Newman, ex. Appr: SToman VJynne, Henry Sturdivan, 
Rd. Hill. 

P. 186 Richard Felts D. 18 Sept. I76O R. 20 Feb. I76I 

S: Rd. Dau: Mary Gilliam ?, Amey Felts, Tabitha Felts. 
Grs: Howell Capper. Rd. Felts, ex. Witn: Jas. Dunn, 
Lewis Dunn, Cannon Roe. 

P. 187 Wm. Tomlinson Inv. D. Ord.: Dec. I76O R. 20 Feb. I76I 
Thos. Tomlinson, ex. Appr: Jno. Harrison, David Jones, 
Jno. Chappell. 

P. 188 Robt. Judkins ofSus. D._^ R. 20 Feb. I76I 

W: Faith. 4sons:Wm, Robt (not 21) , Jno. (not 21). 

2 dau: Sarah Judkins (only above named) Witn: Jno. Gibbons, 

VJm. Rogers. 

P. 190 Jno. Wilkerson of Sussex D. 25 Dec. I76O R. 20 Feb. 

1761 d: Lucy. W: Elizabeth. Child in esse. Elizabeth & 
John Wilkerson, Thomas Mitchell, ex. further proven 

21 May I76I Witn: Isham Smith, Thos. Wilkerson. 

P. 191 John Mason Inv. D. Ord.: 20 Feb. I76I R. 20 Mar. I76I 
Jno. Ogburn, adm. Appr: Jno. Baird, Jno. and Jas. 

P. 192 Timothy Ezell Inv. D. R. 20 Mar. I76I by Geo. 

Ezell Appr: Eppes Moore, Nat'l. Mitchell, John Moss. 

P. 194 Wm. Dancy of Sussex D. 26 Dec. I760 R. 20 Mar. I76I 

W: Mary S:Wm.(not 21), Archibald (not 21), Ben j . (not 21), 
Francis (not 21). Dau: Ann Moore, Eliz Southall, Mary (not 
21) , Sarah (not 21) 


Henry Hartwell Marrable, Nlch. Massenburg ,ex . Witn: 
Hartwell Marrable, Matthew Wynne, Wm. Seaton, N. Massenburg. 

P. 196 Eliz. Chappell of AP Sussex D. Mar. 10,1761 R. 20 Mar. 

l?6l S:Drury, Robt., Jno. D: Anne Witn: Jas . Chappell, 
Jr., Jas Chappell, Min. ?, Mary Chappell. Jno. Chappell, ex. 

E, 196 Reuben Cooke Inv. D. 3 Feb. I76I R. 20 Mar. I76I 

Mary Cooke, ex. Appr: Jno. Moss, Jno. Adkins, Henry 


P. 197 Edward Griffis of Sussex D. k Jan. I76O R. 17 Apr. I76I 
W:Katharine. S:Thos. Fr: Rd. Hay Sr. and Jr. Witn: 
Henry Tuder, Rd. Hay, Frances Hay. Richard Hay,Sr.,ex. 

P. 198 Jno. Moss of Sussex D. 25 Sept. I76O R. 17 Apr. I76I 

S: Ben j , Wm. , Jno., Henry. W:Mary. D: Lucy, Eliz Moss. 

Mary Moss, ex. Witn: Gregory Rawlings, Jno. Rdson, 
Edw. Capell. 

P. 199 Robt. Judkins Inv. D. Ord: Feb. I76I R. 17 Apr. I76I 
by Wm. Judkins Appr: Wm. Blunt, Jno. Stacy, Rd. Blunt. 

P. 201 Mr. David Jones Inv. D. 3 Apr. I76I R. 17 Apr. I76I 

David Jones, ex. Appr: W. Eldridge, Wm. Shands , V>lm. Cooke. 

P. 201 Eliz. Chappell Inv. D. Ord: Mar. I76I R. 17 Apr. I76I 
Appr: Robt.& David Jones, Edw. V\feaver. 

P. 202 Edw. Griffis Inv. D. 29 Apr. I76I R. 21 May I76I 

Appr: Ben j . Seaborn, Etheldred Jelks, VJm. Doby. Richard Hay, ex. 

P. 203 Thos. Hobbs Inv. D. 23 Apr. I76I R.18 June I76I 

Sarah Hobbs, adm. Appr: Andrew Troughton, Benj. Hunt, 
H. Harrison. 

P. 204 Capt. Jas. Wyche Inv. D. 5 Mar. I76I R. 18 June I76I 
by Leah Wyche Appr: Jno. Stewart, Jos. Thorp, Wm. Doby. 

P. 206 Beedles Underwood Inv. D. 25 Apr. 17ii R. 18 June I76I 
Sarah Underwood, adm. Appr: Peter Avent, Major Tiller, 
Joseph Tharp. 

P. 207 Joel Freeman AC D. R. 18 June I76I Aud: Thos. 

Huson, Geo. Robertson. by Josiah Freeman. 

P. 207 Thos. Peters AC D. R. 18 June 17^1 Thos. Peters, 

adm. Aud: Sam. Peete, H. Harrison. 

P. 209 John Moss Inv. D. R. 16 July I76I Mary Moss, ex. 

Appr: Gregory Rawlings, Robt. Webb, Burrell Gilliam. 


p. 211 Nat' 1. Malone of Sussex D. 18 Dec. 1758 R. 16 July I76I 
Jno. Malone, ex. S: Thos., Jno., Nat'l. W: Christian. 
D: Christian M. Witn: Geo. Parham, Jno. Wynne. 

P. 212 Thos. Stafford of Sussex D. 20 Apr. I76I R. 16 July I76I 
^ bro . Henry Underhill Witn: Jos. Sr. , Anselm, Joseph Jr., 
Hargrave Pres . by Hugh Belsches. Jno. Underhill who 
married the mother and Cutberth Stafford heir at law 
refuse adm. 

P. 212 Beedles Underwood AC D. 1755 R- 16 July I76I 

Sarah Waterfield, admx. Aud: Jas . Jones, Fran. Eppes. 

P. 213 Israel Hulings D. Ord: March I76I R. 20 Aug. I76I 
Joseph Pennington, adm. Appr: Jno. Pennington, Jr. , 
Benj. Hunt, Jno. Land. 

P. 214 Warner Metcalf AC D. I76O R. 20 Aug. I76I Wm. Barlow, 
adm. Aud: Jas. Jones, Tho. Huson. 

P. 216 Thos. Stafford Inv. D. 25 July I76I R. 17 Sept. I76I 
Hugh Belsches, adm. Appr: Hugh Ivey, Jno. Baird, Thos. 
Rosser . 

P. 216 John Irby of Sussex D. 28 May I76I W:Mary. 

S: Jno., Wm. (not 21). D:Anne. Ch. in esse. Fr.:Jno. 
Edmunds, Rd. Blunt. Witn: Jno. Edmunds, Geo. and Jno. 
Kerr, Wm. Briggs. (Land in Pr. Geo.) Cod. fr. Nich. 
Edmunds of Bruns.(land in Halifax Co.) D. 12 June I76I 
Witn: Jno. Edmunds, Geo. and John Kerr. R. Sept. 17, I76I. 
Jno. Edmunds, Richard Blunt, ex. 

P. 218 Cannon Roe Inv. D. Ord. Feb. I76I R. 17 Sept. I76I 
Sarah Roe, adm. Appr: Jos, Jno. Pennington Jr., Moses 

P. 219 Clement Hancock AC D. I76O R. 17 Sept. I76I 

burying Clement, Jr. & dau . : Susannah. Jno. Harrison, 
adm. Aud: Jas. Chappell, Jr., David Jones. 

P. 221 Nat'l. Malone Inv. D. I76I R. 19 Nov. I76I John Malone, ex 
Appr: Thos. Huson, Edw. Harper, David Tucker. 

P. 222 Col. Thos. Avent AC D. R. 19 Nov. I76I 

Leg: Mr. Peter Avent j ch . of Thos. Avent Jr. dec./ 
Mrs. Atheliah Kaziah Norriss Thos. Vinson, ex. 
Aud: David Mason, Henry Gee. 

P. 223 Richard Huson of Sussex D. 10 Mar. I76I R. 20 Aug. I76I 
3: Thos. Grd: Mary Kelly. Dau: Mary Tanner, Eliz 

Kelly. W: . S-in-L: Jno. Kelly. F-in-L's estate. 

Wid: Eliz Huson presents. Witn: Amos Love, David Tucker, 
Isaac Robinson. R. 19 N0V.I76I Thos. H.,Jno. Kelly, ex. 


p. 225 Sloman Wynne of Sussex S: Matthew, Sloman, Robert, vJm., 
Stith. Dau: Lucretia Wynne, Anne oturdivant, Eliz. Wynne 
and her s Robert Wynne. Grd: Eliz, d Mat. Vi/:Eliz. 
Fr: Nich. Massenburg. D. 30 June I76O R. 1? Dec.l76l 
VJitn: Nich Massenburg, Stith Parham, Jno. Cargill. 

P. 226 John Roland Inv. D. R. 1? Dec. I76I Mary 

Roland adm. Appr: Rd. Hill, Jas . Jones, Rd. Jones. 

P. 227 Eliz. Moore of AP, Sussex widow. S: Win., Eppes. 

Grchs Eliz, Wm., Patty ch. of Edw. Eppes by my dau. 
Frances. Grch: Wm. , Jno, Eliz, ch. of Jno Verell by 
my dau. Susanna. Dau: Frances Eppes ; Martha, Anne, Lucy; 
Susanna Verell. D. 7 Nov. I76O R. I7 Dec. I76I 
Witn: Wm. Willie, Tim,&Geo. Ezell. 
Wm. and Eppes Moore, ex. 

P. 228 Moses Johnson Jr. Inv. D. Ord: Jan. I762 R. 18 Feb. I762 
Robt. Land, adm. Appr: Robt. Webb; Thos , Thos. Jr. 
Moore . 

P. 228 Sloman Wynne Inv. D. 6 Jan. I762 R. 18 Feb. I762 
Robt. Wynne, ex. No Appr. 

P. 229 John Knight of Sussex D. 7 Feb. I76O R. 18 Feb. I762 
V»im., Jordan Knight, ex. S: Wm. , Jno., Joel, Edw., Peter, 
Rd., Jordan. Dau: Sara, Anne, Mary. Grs: Jno. Knight. 
Witn: Nich Massenburg, Jno. Cargill, Edm. H ?. 

P. 230 Thos. Broadrib Inv. D. 25 Jan. I762 R. 18 Feb. I762 
Simon Stacy, adm. Appr: Jno. Lamb, Jno. Andrews, 
Wm. Owen, 

P. 231 Rd. Blow of AP, Sussex D. 3 Sept.l76l 

R. 18 Feb. 1762 Grs: Rd son of Rd. .dec^.S Henry . Grch: 
Thos. and Mary Blunt. S: Sam, Jno., Michael. S-in-1: 
Henry Thomas. D: Jane Exum. S-in-L: Micajah Edwards. 
D: Rebecca Maget. Michael Blow, ex. Witn: V\lm. Thomas, 
Jno. Mitchell, Jas. Atkinson. (Mentions land in So'n Co.) 

P. 232 Thos. Mitchell of AP, Sussex D. 20 Oct. I76I R. 18 Mar. 
1762 Amey Mitchell.exx. W:Amy. s: Thos (not 21), Jno, 
Henry. d: Tabitha, Winnefret. some ch . not 21. 
Witn: Henry, Nat'l. Mitchellj Edward Pettway. 

P. 233 John Adkins Inv. D. Ord: Feb. I762 R. 18 Mar. 1762 
Appr: Hugh Ivey, Jas. Tomlinson, Thos. Rosser. 

P. 234 Thos. Mitchell Inv. D. 18 May I762 R. 20 May 1762 
Amy Mitchell, ex. No appr. 

P. 234 Anthony Hancock D. Mar. 30,1762 R. 20 May I762 


V\lin. Mitchell.adm. Appr: Jos, Jno. Pennington Jr.-, Thos. 

P. 236 Samuel Cornwell of Sussex D. 13 Jan. 1762 H. 20 May I762 
W:Mary. Ch: Eliz., Mary, Annej Jacob (not 14). Ss Sam. 
Kinsman: Jno. Cornwell. Mary and Jno. C ornwelK Quakers ) ex . 
VJitn: Michael Blow, Thos. Johnson, Joseph Gray. 

P. 237 Wm. Tomlinson D. R. 20 May I762 Jas . , Thos. 

Tomlinson.ex . Aud: Jas. Jones, Wm. Pettway Jr. 

P. 238 Rd. Blow D. 19 May I762 R. 20 May I762 Michael Blow, 
ex. No appr. 

P. 238 John Tomlinson of AP, Sussex D. 20 Dec. I760 R. 28 May 
1762 Jas, Tomlinson, ex. S: Burrell, Jno., Thos, Jas. 
D: Anne Tomlinson. Grs:Jno. Tomlinson s of Thos. Grdau: Ann 
Partridge d. Sarah P. Witn: Joshua Rosser, Jno. Gary, 
Wm. Harrison. 

P. 240 Wm. King Inv. D. R. 20 May I762 Jas. Belsches, 

adm. Appr: Thos. Moore, Jr., Sol. Graves, Thos. Moare. 

P. 240 Jas. Gee Inv. in NO D. Ord: Apr. I76O R. 20 May 1762 

Chas . and Henry Gee, ex. Appr: Thos. Wilburn, Thos. Amis, 
Thos. Chappel. 

P. 241 Joshua Pretlow Inv. D. I6 Apr. I762 R. 20 May I762 

Thos. Pretlow, adm. Appr: Chas. Judkins, Rd. Rawlings , 
Jones Stokes. 

P. 244 Mrs. Eliz. Moore Inv. D. 19 May 1762 R. 21 May I762 

Wm. and Eppes Moore, ex. Appr: Edw. Eppesj Henry, Nat'l. 

P. 244 Benj. Harper AC D. I76O R. 15 July I762 Wm. Harper, 
adm. Aud: Jas. Jones, Thos. Huson. 

P. 245 Geo. Bagley Inv. D. _ R. I5 July 1762 Thos. 

Lashly, adm. Appr: Wm. Briggs, Jas. and Benj. Barker. 

P. 246 Wm. Howell Inv. D. I5 June I762 R. 19 Aug. 1762 

Hannah Howell, admx. Appr: Thos. Peters?, Wm. Parker, Jno. 
Hunt . 

P. 246 John Hancock of Sussex D. 5 June I76I R. 19 Aug. 1762 
Eld. S: Nicholas Hancock. D:Jane . S: Randolph, Thos., 
Jno ( not 21.) W:Mary. Mary Hancock, ex. Witn: Jno. 
White, Thos . ,Presson, Alex. Banks. 

P. 248 Eliz. Zell of Sussex D. 14 Dec. 1755 R. 19 Aug. I762 
David Zell, ex. S: Thos. Brewerjisham Zell, David Zell. 
D:Eliz. Clark. Witn: Jos. Pennington; Jno. , Bethel Pare. 


p. 2^9 Mr. Vtlyatt Harper AC D. I759 R. I9 Aug. I762 

James Adams returned Aud: David Thweatt, Henry Tatum. 

P. 2^9 Edward Griff is AC D. d. I9 Aug. I762 

Rd. Hay, ex. Aud: David Thweatt, Henry Tatum. 

P. 250 Robt. Nicolson of Sussex D. 20 July I762 

SiMichael, Harriss not of age(not 21), Mark, Jno, Sam 
not 21. D:Mary N. not 21. VJ:Mary. S:Harriss's uncle 
Jno. Harriss. VJitn:Wm. Blunt, Art. Smith, Thos . Myers, 
Ans. Bailey Jr. R. I6 Sept. 1762. Mary & Michael Nicolso-n, ex . 

P. 253 Joseph Armstrong Inv. D. 21 Aug. 1762 H. 16 Sept. 1762 
Appr: Robt. Webb, Thos. Dunn, Jr., Gregory Rawlings . 

P. 253 John Hancock Inv. D. Aug. I762 R. 21 Oct. 1762 
Appr: Jno. Presson, Art. Smith, Humphry Baylis. 

P. 256 Elizabeth Bellemey of Sur. D. 3 Jan. 175^ R- 8 Nov. I762 
S:Jno., Wm. D:Mildred Bell. 

Wm. Bellemey, ex. Witn: Joshua Savidge, Rd. Andrews, 
Jno. Birdsong. 

P. 256 John Reeks Inv. D. 10 Jan. I763 R. 20 Jan. I763 
Appr: Thos., Matthew, abraham Parham. 

P. 258 Robt. Nicolson Inv. D. R. 20 Jan. I763 

Mary, Michael Nicolson, ex. No appr. 

P. 259 Thos. Stafford AC D. I762 R. 20 Jan. I763 

Hugh Belsches, adm. Aud: Robt. Jones, Jas . Tomlinson. 

P. 260 Jas. Wallace AC D. 175^ R- 17 Mar. I763 Thos . Wallace, 
adm. Aud: Jas. Chappel,Jr., David Jones. 

P. 261 John Tyus D. 16 Feb. I763 R. 17 Mar. I763 

S:Lewis, Rd., Benj, Absalum. Grs:Jno. Tyus s of Thos. 
W: Agnes. D: Sary Floars, Lucy Green, Eliz. Hunt, Ann 
Hill. Grs: Jno Hunt. Fr:Jas. Jones. Witn: David 
Thweatt, Francis Drinkard, Eliz. Tyus, Jas. Jones. 
Jas. Jones, ex. 

P. 262 Thomas Mumford of Sussex D. 25 Feb. I763 R. 17 Mar. I763 
W:Mary Witn: Geo. Newell, Wm. Hancock, Thos. Bailey. 
Henry Bailey presents exx is dead. 

P. 262 Thos. Johnson Inv. D. Ord: Jan. I763 R. 17 Mar. I763 
Anselm Bailey, adm. Appr: Henry, Jno. Blow,- Art Smith. 

P. 264 Wm. Knight of aP Sussex D. ^■ July I76I R. 17 Mar. I763 
W:Mary my ch. Fr: David Mason. Mary Knight, ex. 
Witn: Sarah Waterfield; David, Mary Mason. 


p. 265 Wm. Owen of Ap, Sussex D. 2? Nov. I762 R. 1? Mar. I763 
W:Anna. 3:Jno., Wm. 6 daus . not named.W's bro. •• 
Ambros Grizzard. Anna Owen.Ambros Grizzard.ex. witn: 
Sam. Maget, Thos. Myers, Thos. Holsbrook. 

P. 266 Thos. Bobit (Bobbett) D. R. I7 Mar. I763 

Hobt. Viynne and w Lucy adm. Aud: Nichs. Massenburg, 
Robt. Pettway, Stith Parham. 

P. 267 Thos. Mumford Inv. D. 21 Apr. I763 R. 21 Apr. I763 
Henry Bailey adm. Appr: Jno . Pennington, Geo. Newell, 
Jno. Cargill. 

P. 269 Eliz.Balamy Inv. D. 21 Apr. I763 R. 21 Apr. I763 
Wm. Balamy,ex. No appr. 

P. 269 Moses Johnson AC D. R. 21 Apr. I763 

Robt. Land, adm. Aud: Thos. Huson, Vi/m. Eldridge. 

P. 270 Jno. Tyus Inv. D. R. 21 Apr. I763 

by Jas . Jones. Appr: Rd. Hill, Joel Tucker, Francis 

P. 272 Thos. Tyus Inv. D. R. 21 Apr. I763 

by Eliz. Tyus. Appr: Rd. Hill, Joel Tucker, Francis Drinkard. 

P. 273 John Shands Add. Inv. D. I6 May I763 R. 19 May I763 

Eliz. S hands, adm. No appr. 

P. 273 Benj. Moss AC D._ R. 19 May I763 Mary Moss, adm. 

Aud: Jas. Jones, Jno. Gilliam. 

P. 274 Ruben Cook (Reubin Cooke)AC D. R. 19 May I763 

Mary Addoms, formerly Cook, ex. Aud: David Jones, Gregory 
Rawlings . 

P. 275 Adam Heath Inv. D. Apr. 30,1763 R. 16 June I763 William 
Heath, adm. Appr: Wm. Eldridge, Wm. Shands, VJm. Ballamy. 

P. 278 Wm. Briggs Inv. D. 7 June I763 R. 21 July I763 
Appr: David Jones, Jas. Boiseau Jones, Rd. Blunt. 

P. 279 3am Cornwell Inv. D.Ord: 20 May I762 R. 21 July I763 
by Jno., Mary Cornwell. Appr: Robt. Nicolson, Henry 
Blow, Art. Smith. 

P. 281 Isreal Huling(s) AC D. I762 R. 18 Aug. I763 

by Joseph Pennington Aud: Jno. Cargill, Fred. Parker. 

P. 283 Wm. Hix of Sussex D. 28 Mar. I763 R. 21 July I763 

D. Ma6on,ex. S: Jubal . D: Naomi H., Jamima H., Mary H., 

Sarah H. VJ:Mary FR: Capt . David Mason, Capt. Henry 

Gee. VJitn: Eliz Tuder, Hannah Felts, Sarah Liner, Henry Tuder Sr. 


p. 284 

P. 287 

P. 291 
P. 292 

P. 294 

P. 296 
P. 296 

Wm. Owen Inv. D. Ord: 23 Mar. I763. R. I5 Sept. I763 
Ambrose Grizzard, Hanna Owen, ex. Appr: Humphrey Baylis, 
Jno. Alsobrook, Bird Clary. 

John Nicolson AC D. 1751 R. 15 Sept. I763 

Pd equal amounts: Henry Nicolson, Flood Nicolson' s 

legacy; Jno. Nicolson for his bro. Robt. Nicolson; 

Henry Nicolson for his bro. Flood; pd . Henry Nicolson; 

pd. Jas . Nicolson; pd. Wm. Nicolson; pd. Capt . Rd. Blunt. 

Mary and Michael Nicolson ex. of Robt. Nicolson dec., who 

was ex. Jno. Nicolson. Aud: Jno. Edmunds, Rd . Blunt. 

Celea Hulin (Celea Hulings ) Inv. D. I3 Aug. I763 
R. 15 Sept. 1764 No appr. Howell Briggs, adm. 

Geo. Booth Sr. of Sussex D. 16 Mar. I763 R. I5 Sept. 

1763 Geo. Booth, ex. Grs: Geo. son of Geo. Grs: Geo. 

Barham s Jno. Barham. Grs : Jno. Barham, Thos . Barham, 

Matthew Barham. Grd: Anne Heath. D: Mary Parham. 






Reubin Booth, Thos. Booth, Gilliam Booth, Jno. Booth. 
Mary Booth. D: Ann Malone. Grd: Lucy Jones. 
Geo. Malone, Reubin Malone, Booth Malone, Wm. Malone. 
Winifred Robertson, Wilmoth Malone. Fr: Lucy Hill. 
Geo. Booth. Witn: Amos Love, Jno. Malone, Fred. Smith. 

Wm. Burrow AC D. I759 R. I5 Sept. I763 by Jno. Burrow 
mentions schooling children. Aud: Amos Love, Wm. Parham. 

Isaac Mason Jr. Inv. 

D. 1758 R. 

Ephraim Parham of AP Sussex 

Sept. 1763 S: Nat'l.. Wm. 

Rebecca Parham. W: Rebecca. 

in Brunswick Co. Henry Gee^ 

Jas. Day Ridley, Jno. CheveSj Winny Rieves. 

proven 19 May I768 . 

D. 28 Mar. I763 R. 15 
D: Jane Thweatj Frances Gee, 
S: Henry Gee . Mentions land 

Rebecca Parham, ex. Witn: 


P. 298 

P. 300 

P. 300 

P. 301 

Isaac Mason Jr. AC 
Robt. Pettways ex. 

Inv. Celea Hulin 
Howel Briggs, ex. 
Sam Maget. 

Joseph May AC 

D. 1758 R. 16 Sept. 1763 
Aud: Nich. Massenburg. 

D. 13 Aug. 1763 R. 15 Sept. 1763 
Aud: John Alsobrook, Jno. Kinnabrugh, 

D. 1762 R. 15 Sept. 1763 

Ephraim Parham Inv. D. R. 20 Oct. I763 Henry Gee, 

Rebecca Parham, ex. Appr: Jas. Jones, Jno. Wilborn, Rd. 
Jones. Inv. in Brunswick Co. Appr: Nat'l. Tatum, Robt. 
Hicks , Edw. Robertson. D. 14 Oct. I763. 


p. 304 Thos. Clary of Sussex D. 26 June I763 R. 15 Dec. I763 
W:Mary. S:Jas., Thos., Birdis, Benj., Harwood. 
D: Mourning Holdsworth. Grd: Ann Clary d. Birdis. 
Witn: Sam. Bailey (Quaker), Micajah Maget, Jno . Preson. 

P. 306 Rd. Carter of Sussex D. 19 Mar. I762 R. I5 Dec. I763 
S: Jos., Rd. land in Pr. Geo. D:Mary Carter, Eliz . Hall, 
Amey Rives and her d. Lucressy Rives, Ann Carter, Lewcey 
Carter, Reb. Carter, Patte Carter. Grs: Jno. Simmons not of 
age. 4 yngest d. not of age. Fr: Jno. Griff is. 
Rd. Carter, ex. Witn: Benj. Rives, Benj. Tomlinson, Jno. 
Gee, Glaister Hunnicutt. Further prov. I7 May 1764. 

P. 309 Moses Johnson of AP, Sussex D. I9 Nov. I763 R. 15 
Dec. 1763 W:Mary. S: Wm. and w and sons Jas . , Wm. 
Grs: David son of Moses Jr. S: Moses, Rd. (land in 
Brunswick Co.). S:Lewis. D: Eliz. Loftin, Mary Gilliam, Ann 
Gilliam, Martha Gilliam w Anselm, Lucy, Sarah. Grd: Ann 
Gilliam d. Burwell. Henry Harrison Gent. Wm. and Lewis 
Johnson, ex. Witn: Thos. Gilliam, Jno. King, Jno. Gilliam. 

P. 311 Mr. Thos. Broadribb AC D. R. I5 Dec. I763 

Simon Stacy adm. Aud: W. Pettway, Anslem Gilliam. 

P. 312 Wm. Hix Inv. D. 1 Oct. I763 R. 19 Jan. 1764 

Appr: Benj. Seaborn, Nathan Northington, Reuben Baird. 

P. 313 John Parham Inv. D. 4 Jan. 1764 R. 16 Feb. 1764 

Geo. Parham, adm. Appr: Chas, Jno. Leath, Wm. Wilkerson. 

P. 315 Geo. Hamilton AC D. I763 R. 17 Feb. 1764 by Jas. 
Jones subsheriff. 

P. 316 Wm. Watkins of AP, Sussex D. 30 May I762 R. I5 Mar. 1764 
S: Jno. S-in-L: Henry Tuder. Henry Tuder,ex. 
Witn: Henry Tuder Sr., Morris Dunn, Benj. Tuder. 

P. 317 Edmunds Jones of AP, Sussex D. 1 Feb. 1764 R. 19 Apr. 1764 
Wm. Johnson, Jas. JoneSp ex. W: Rebecca. ch in esse. 
Bro: Jas. Jones. Cous: Sarah Eldridge d of my sis Eliz. 
Stith. Cous: Howell Eldridge s Thos. E. Fr: David Mason 
land in Brunswick and Lunenburg Cos. Fr: Wm. Johnson. 
Witn: Jno. Mason Jr., Ann Seaborn, Eliz. Johnson. 

P. 319 Wm. V;Iatkins Inv. D. 7 Apr. 1764 R. I9 Apr. 1764 

Henry Tuder, ex. Appr: Benj. Seaborn, Nathan Northington, 
Jno. Pate. 

P. 320 Samuel Smith of AP, Sussex D. 8 Mar. 1764 R. 19 Apr. 1764 
Ann S., exx . D: Eliz., Sarah. Jas. Owen son of Valentine. 
Bro: Valentine Owen. W:Ann. Witn: Thos. Adkins , Amos Sledge. 

P. 321 Adam Heath AC D. R. I9 Apr. 1764 Wm. Heeth, adm. 


Aud: Henry Broadnax, Wm. Jones. 

P. 322 John Lessenberry of Sussex D. 2 Jan. 1764 R. 1? May 1764 
W: Eliz . ch: Jno . , David, Thos . , Wm. , Edmund. Ch: Eliz . 
Andersoi:i; Mary and Sarah Lessenberry. Neph: Lessenberry 
Williams. Eliz. Lessenberry, Lessenberry Williams, ex. 
Witn: Thos. Youngj Amos, Eliz. Horten. 

P. 324 Nazareth Shands of Sussex D. 9 Oct. I76O R. 17 May 1764 
S: Wm. D: Mary Stewart. William Shands , ex . Witn: Thos. 
Young, \iim. Golightly. 

P. 325 Stephen Johnson of AP, Sussex D. 23 Dec. I763 R. 17 May 
1764 Amy and Thos. Johnson, ex. W: Amy. Fr: Thos. 
Johnson. Witn: Thos. Adkins, Eliz. Gee, Lucy Clary. (Mentions 
land in NO. ) 

P. 326 Agnes Tyus Inv . D. R. I7 May 1764 Appr: Rd. Jones Jr., 

Nat'l. Parham, Peter Threewitt. 

P. 327 Thos. Adkins of Sussex D. I5 March 1764 R. 21 June 1764 
D: Martha (not 18). S: Jno. not 18. W: Lucy. Fr: Jno. 
Harrison, Jno. Adkins. Lucy Adkins, exx. Witn: Wm. 
Harrison; Mary, Wm. Hunter. 

P. 328 Jno. Wilbo(u)rn of Sussex D. none R. 21 June 1764 

S: Wm., Jno. W: Temperance. D: Sarah . child in esse. 

Bro: Wm. Wm. Wilborn.ex. Witn: Joseph Dennis, Robt. 
Newman, Jno. Wilbourn Sr. 

P. 329 Edmunds Jones Inv. D. Ord: Apr. 1764 R. 21 June 1764 
Appr: Jas . Chappell Jr., David Jones, Henry Jarrad. 

P. 331 Lambert Zills of Sussex D. 6 Feb. 1764 R. 21 June 1764 
Morris Zills, Henry Porch, ex. D: Eliz,, Mary. W: Ann. 
Fr: Morris Zills, Henry Porch. Witn: Agnes, Peebles, & John 
(Jr. ) Zills. 

P. 333 Wm. Weathers of AP, Sussex D. 8 May 1764 R. 21 June 1764 
Mary Weathers, exx. W: Mary. D: Sarah W., Mary. S: Wm. , 
Jno., Jesse, Willis, Isham. Witn: Edw. Pettway, Jno. Rives, 
Donold Macinnish. 

P. 334 Jno. Lessenberry Inv. D. 20 June 1764 R. 21 June 1764 
by Eliz, Lessenberry, Lessenberry Williams. Appr: Chris. 
Rives, Wm. Dunn, Nat'l. Beddingfield. 

P. 336 Wm. Sanders D. none R. 21 June 1764 S: Wm. , Jno. W: Mary 
Jno. Sanders, ex. Aud: Reuben Baird, Wm. Evans, Henry Peeples. 

P. 337 Moses Johnson Inv. D. Jan. 1764 R. 21 June 1764 Appr: 

Jno. Pennington Jr., Jno. Pennington, Carper (?)} Joseph 


by J.C.Kolbe 

Suits settled in the county court of chancery may 
provide a wealth of genealogical information. Chancery suits 
may contain depositions or letters explaining family connections 
This material was printed by permission of Mr. Nat Hutcheson, 
Clerk of Court Mecklenburg County. The editor also wishes 
to thank Mrs. Katherine Eliott for her help in this article. 

Box 2 Avery's Adm. vs. Kennon - 1837 

letter d. 7 Dec. 1821, to Jarrit Averitt of Clarksville from 
his bro. VJashington Averitt of Wilson Co. Tenn. 

letter d. 3 March 1822 from VJashington Averitt of Summer Co. 
Tenn. stating he had received money from his bro. Jarrot 
from his mother's estate. 

Suit states that Jarrat Avery's father was Henry avery. Henry's 
widow was Wilmouth Avery who d. 1821. The legatees were: 
Brown Avery, Peter Avery, Rudd Avery, Ritter Hale who m. 
Limon Hale since deed., Elijah Avory, Washington Avory, 
Joel Avory, Sucky avory m. Wm. Glasgow since deed., the heirs 
of Abram Lewis deed, who m. Lucy Avory, Jos. Gold m. 
Patsey Avery. The heirs of Abraham Lewis were: John Lewis, 
Edward Lewis, Ann Lewis, and Charles Lewis. 

letter d. 5 Nov. 1821 VJm. L. Alexander adm. and guardian to 
heirs of Wm. Glasgow deed, of Smith Co. Tenn. to Elijah 
Puryear to receive property from the estate of Averett and wife 

Box 5 Burnett and others vs. Jeffress ex. - 1847 

letter d. 7 June 183^ to John Jeff res of Boydton, Mecklenburg 
Co. from A.J. Burnett of Springfield Mo. Greene Co. Addressed 
to Uncle John Jeffress regarding money due the heirs of William 
Burnett. Mentions Uncle Jeffries of Franklin Co. (Mo.). 

letter d. 18 April 1834 to John S. Jeffres of Mecklenburg Co. 
from Achilles Jeffries Burnett of Greene Co. Mo. liefers to 
his brothers, and to the estate which fell to the heirs of 
my mother. 


l/i/'hoberry vs. Jeffries Executor 

Orators and Oratrixes: Martha Burnet, Brooking J. Burnett, 
John Burnet, Vi/m. Burnett, Lewis ;. Burnet, Alexander Burnett, 
Mary Ann Burnett, children and heirs of Henry Burnet deed, who 
was a son of Martha Burnett deed. Jacob G. VJhoberry, Jesse 
J. Whoberry, Martha White formerly Whoberry, Finis Whoberry 
children of Jane Whoberry deed, who was a dau. of Martha 
Burnet deed. 

Sarah Bugg died intestate and John S. Jeffries took administration 

of the estate. John 3. Jeffries was the brother and that 

Martha Burnett the mother and grandmother of your orators 

and oratrixs and also sister of Sarah Bugg. Your orators 

and oratrixes claim that they are entitled to receive a portion 

of the estate of Sarah Bugg. John S. Jeffries died and by 

his will Rebeeka Jeffries was appointed his executor. Your 

orators and oratrixes and A( ). J. Burnett are the only 

heirs of Martha Burnett and that A.J. Burnett has received 

his portion of the estate of Sarah Bugg deed. 


DUNSTON/MOON/THOMPSON. Mrs. Dorothy N. Dunston (9810 Family 
Lane, Chesterfield, Va 23832) needs information on FIELDING DUNSTON 
and wife REBECCA. They had son John N.J. Dunston born Caroline Co., 
VA I806 and died Chesterfield Co.,VA 1882. HENRY MOON and wife 
JEMIMAH BAILEY, their son was Andrew Henry Moon born Halifax Co., 
VA ca 1849 died ca 1920-21. Halifax Co.,VA. JOHN E. THOMPSON 
born ca 188? wife MARY B. (ELIZABETH on I850 census born ca 1810 ). 
They had son John Wilkes Thompson born I836 Surry died 1912 Crewe, VA. 
Will gladly exchange information I have on these families. 

WALKER. Gertrude C. Mann(P.O.Box 86, Rocky Mount, VA 2^181) 
Need birthplace and parentage of William Walker, died ca 1818, 
Pittsylvania Co.,VA. His daughter, Polly Nightp appears to have 
been by a first wife, name unknown. His next seven children 
appear to have been by a second wife, name unknown. His son, 
Henry W. Walker was by a third ? wife Catherine Ziegler Walker. 
The name "Ward" appears to have been connected with the Walker family 


WHITWORTH. Mrs. H .E .Whitworth (I05 Hidden Creek Drive, 
Ellis ville, MO 630II) interested in any WHITWORTH anywhere „ have 
much data to share. Especially a John Whitworth, son of Thomas, 
who lived in Amelia and Lunenberg Co.,VA. John married Elizabeth 

? and went to Sumner Co.,TN left a will, 1801 naming 

children: James, Thomas, Claiborne, Samuel, Polly, Tabitha, and 
Pattie . 

FLOURNOY. Mrs. E.C. Liles ( 1451 Palancia Avenue, Coral 
Gables, Fla. 33146) seeks name of Lydia Flournoy's mother, 
Lydia, daughter of James Flournoy, was born circa 1773 and married 
Francis W. Dunnavant 22 Sept. 1792 in Chesterfield Co.,VA. 

ALLEN/POOLE. Jodie Updike ( Rt. 1, Box 281, Billings, MO 
65610) seeking parents of George W. Allen, born 1835 in either 
Halifax or Pittsylvania Co,VA and Eliza Butler Farmer Allen, born 
1841 Pittsylvania Co.,VA. Seeking information on William Alexandria 
Poole born 1841 Person Co.,NC and Mary Ann Ellison Poole born 
1846 in VA . Who were Mary Ann's parents? Their children: Ella, 
Algie Lee, Ollie, Cora, Laura, Maud, and Earnest Poole. Who did 
they marry and where and when did they die? 

SCOGGINS/LUNDY. Miss Margaret Scoggins (P.O.Box 473, Poplar 
Bluff, MO 63901) Sarah Lundy m. James W. Scoggins in White Co.,TN 
1847. She was du. of Daniel Lundy b about 177^. He is believed 
to have been the son of Richard and Mary Lundy - a Quaker family 
which was in Grayson Co.,VA in the late 1700's and early 1800 's. 
Daniel had been disowned by the Quakers earlier in Guilford C05NC 
(1794) for marrying out of church. Who was his wife? Daniel was 
in White Co. TN by the early I800's. James W. Scoggin(s) is 
believed to be the son of Jonathan Scoggin who may be the son of 
John Scoggin b. 1750's-1760 's and who was in Washington Co.,VA 
by the late 1700's. Seek information on these families. 


Enclosed is a check or money order for $16 . 00, ($30 . 00 overseas air) 

payable to: 

The Southside Virginian 

P.O.Box 118 

Richmond, Virginia 23201 




CLARK. Mrs. .D .Bellinger , Jr. (223^ Leafmore Drive, Decatur, 
Georgia 30033) seeking information on the CLARK family. John 
Clark married Eve or Evea, who was born c. l7^■^■ . The family- 
were living in Sussex County in 1770. John served in the 15th VA 
Regiment during the Revolutionary War and was killed in action. 
Children were: Evey , Thomas (m. Lucy Hobbs), Elizabeth (m. Isham 
Hobbs)p Richard, Littleberry (m. Sally ey), William (m. Sarah 
Johnson) p Susie. This appears to have been the only Clark family 
in Sussex County. Who were John and Eve's parents? What was 
their county of origin? Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

FORD. Mrs. Samuel L. Thompson (Rt. 10, Box 64, Spartanburg, 
SC 29303) seeking any information on parents of John FORD, 
born ca 1768^ died 29 Oct. 1849. Married in Charlotte Co., VA 
23 Apr. 1791 to Frances Hanes, daughter of John Hanes . Also 
married 5 Jan. I798 to Elizabeth Brizendine, daughter of Isaac 
Brizendine. John and Elizabeth moved to Rutherford Co., NC 
(now Cleveland Co. portion) and are buried near Lawndale.NC. 

Want to buy a copy of "Abstracts of Records I65O-I70O 
Henrico County, Virginia" by Donald L. Wilson. Write: R.D.Bradshaw, 
Box 688, Saipan, CM 96950. 


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Marriage records are an in\-aluable source of genealogical 
information. Many of the marriage record books for \'irginia 
counties have been out of print for some time. Fortunatel}' 
The Southern Historical Press has now reprinted many of 
these works originall}' abstracted by Catherine Knorr. 
Tlie following works: Brunswick Co. Marriages 1750-1810; 
_Su_s_s£x_££_^_Marr iage s 1754-181^; Surry__Co. Marriages 1768- 
im ' Gr e en"7v i TT e~ Co T~ M a" r r T a g e s 1781-1825 ; P£ii h£l£II_££~ 
—ILLili.ll-lLLlzl.'E^'^ ; ~ Southampton_ Co. Marriages 1750-1810 ; 
Chesterfield Co. Marriages 1771-1815; Fr ed_er_i£k£bur g M a r r i a g r s 

llllzl-l^ ' P ~T n c e ~ F d ~ a r d ~ C o 7~ Mar r T a g e £i}2.l£l.l.ll9J EIIIIIE 
C o_^_M a r r j. a g e s 1 7 5 3 - ] 8 ; Charlotte C o7 M a r r i a g e s 176/4-1815 ; 
Orange_£o . _Mar r i age s 17'^7-1810; Culpepper Co. Marriages 
IZliziiil^ ' Pilljy~~"anT'a~Co7~MarrT7"ges"~T76"7-T'8"0"5 ^re"" a liable 
from Southern Historical Press, Inc, P.O.Box738 , Easley, 
South Carolina 296^)1-0738. 



Susan Bracey Sheppard 

All too often genealogical researchers are frustrated to 
discover several persons of the same name who were contemporaries 
and who lived in geographical proximity to one another. One case 
that has caused considerable consternation is that of the various 
Robert Chappells of Amelia and Lunenburg counties, Virginia. 
Over the years the identities of the Robert Chappell who married 
Agnes Cross in Amelia County in 1759, the Robert Chappell who 
died in Lunenburg County in 1794, the Robert Chappell who was a 
justice of the peace and vestryman in Lunenburg County in the 
early 1800s, and the Robert Chappell who died in Lunenburg County 
in 1824 have been confused. Who were they and how, if at all, 
did they relate to each other? 

* * * 

On 21 November 1759 Robert Chappell, identified as being of 
Dinwiddle County, and Agnes Cross, daughter of William and Jane 

There were other Robert Chappells: Robert son of James and 
Phebe Chappell of Amelia [Amelia County, Virginia, Will Book 2, 
p. 197-200] , Robert who married Sarah Hurt in Amelia County in 
17 65 [ Virgina Genealogical Society Quarterly Bulletin , April 
1968, Vol. VI, No. 2, p. 46], Robert of Amelia who married Peggy 
Williamson [Amelia Deed Book 20, p. 129-130, 174, 179, 348-349; 
Amelia Deed Book 20, p. 216-217, 349-350; Amelia Deed Book 21, p. 
74-75], Robert (married Mary) son of John and Prudence Chappell 
of Amelia [Amelia Will Book 2, p. 140-142; Amelia Deed Book 15, 
p. 195-196]. . . . This researcher has not attempted to identify 
further these men. 

1 /l o 

Cross of Amelia, took out a marriage bond in Amelia County. By 
1764 Chappell had moved to adjoining Lunenburg County. Although 
there has been some question as to the identity of the Robert 
Chappell of Lunenburg who died there in 1794, several factors 
indicate that he was indeed the man who had married Agnes Cross. 

Robert Chappell died in Lunenburg County, Virginia, between 

5 September and 11 December 1794. Four children (Molley 

Bagley, Betsey Watkins, John Chappell, and Robert Chappell) and 

Kathleen Booth Williams, Marriages of Amelia County, 
Virginia , 

1735-1815, [Alexandria, Va . , 1964], p. 23; 

Amelia Will 
p. 164-168; Lunenburg County, Virginia, Deed Book 10, p. 
Virginia Land Office, Patents 33, p. 453. 

Book 3, 

This researcher has not pursued Robert Chappell's life in 
Dinwiddle County. 

Nottoway County, which now separates Amelia and Lunenburg 
counties, was not formed until 1788. 

There were also Robert and Agnes Chappell of Georgia, who 
had moved from Virginia about 1788. It is known that they had a 
son--Wil 1 iam--bor n in Virginia in 1776. [Brent Holcomb , Marriage 

and Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate , ( Southern 
Historical Press, 1979), Vol. I, p. 632] They were not, however, 
the couple who had married in Amelia County in 1759, as will be 
shown . 

Lunenburg Will Book 3, p. 73b-75a. 

She was the wife of Anderson Bagley. [Lunenburg Will Book 
3, p. 73b-75a] . 




1 795 






She wa 
abeth Go 
ini a . H 
ember 1 7 
, in Not 
r r ied-- t 
been adm 
d r en , ap 
e Goode , 
rds , 1 74 

[ 1 96 

9] ) , p. 
ty, Virg 
17, p. 

s the wife of Samuel Watkins. Watkins married first 
ode (1760-1792), 26 July 1773, Cumberland County, 
e and Elizabeth Chappell were married before 5 
94. He died between September 1794 and December 
to way County; by 11 March 1797 Elizabeth had 
o a Coleman (could it have been Green Coleman, who 
inistrator of the estate of Samuel Watkins?). His 
parently by the first wife, were Samuel, Frederick, 

and Philip. [Katherine B. Elliott, Marriage 
9-1840, Cumberland County, Virginia (South Hill, Va . , 
nburg Will Book 3, p. 73b-75a; Nottoway 
1 Book 1, p. 222, 223-227; Lunenburg Order 

ini a 
1 90- 

, Wil 


a grandchild (Polley Chappell Bagley ) were mentioned in his 
will, bat nn wife; presumably she had died before the will was 
written. While the lack of her name has caused some difficulty 
on the subject of his identity, other records provide the tie- 
in. In 1793 a deed from Robert and Agnes Chappell to Hincha 
Gilliam was made and recorded ; Agnes was still alive at least 
thirteen months before the man alleged to be her husband wrote 
his will. (This deed also places _a_ Robert Chappell with a wife 
Agnes still in Virginia as late as that date.) The purpose of 
this 1793 deed was to reaffirm a 1786 deed (Agnes had not 
previously released her dower rights), by which Chappell had, in 

turn, sold land which had been purchased by him in 1774 and in 

1783. These deeds (for land on Bear Element and Flat Rock 

creeks) establish that the Robert with wife Agnes who was in 

Lunenburg in 1793 had been in Lunenburg since at least 1772. 

There are two earlier deeds for Robert Chappell in Lunenburg, 

made in 1764 and 1766. These two deeds show that Robert 

Chappel had purchased land on Green Creek. This land, 

apparently, was close to Crooked Run Creek, near the head 

branches of Bear Element and Flat Rock creeks; in 1770, when 

She married Dr. John Morrison, 14 June 1798, Lunenburg 
County, Virginia. [ Virginia Marriages in Rev. John Cameron's 
Register and Bath Parish Register, (Richmond, 1963), (Virginia 

Genealogical Society, special publication, no. 2), p. 21]. 


Lunenburg Deed Book 16, p. 347-349. 


^Lunenburg Deed Book 15, p. 295-297; Lunenburg Deed Book 12, 

p. 217-218; Lunenburg Deed Book 16, p. 260. 

Lunenburg Deed Book 8, p. 311-312; Lunenburg Deed Book 10, 
p. 296-298. 


according to Lunenburg deeds Robert Chappell owned land on Green 
Creek only, a notice in the Virginia Gazette advised that he had 
found and taken in a lost mare on Crooked Run Creek in Lunenburg 
County, implying that he lived there. 

In 1783 Robert Chappell did buy land--287 acres--on Crooked 

Run Creek, land to which reference was implied in the will of the 

1 7 
Robert Chappell who died in 1794. But four years later when 

his son Robert (d. 1826) sold his half of the land that he had 

inherited, he sold 457 acres. ^ Although the Lunenburg County 

land tax books had been showing the 287 acres as a separate 

tract, the indication here is that it adjoined other land of 

Robert Chappell (d. 1794) with which it was combined after his 

death. Obviously then this man (d. 1794) was involved in more 

than just the 1783 deed. 

The Lunenburg County tithe lists indicate a Robert 

Chappell, Sr., and a Robert, jr., through 1772 and only one 

Robert thereafter, through 1783. It was obviously Robert, 

jr . , who continued on the tithe lists: it had been Robert, jr., 

who was involved in the deeds for land on Bear Element and Flat 

1 1 

Virginia Gazette, Rind, 8 February 1770, p. 3, c. 3. 

1 o 

Lunenburg Deed Book 13, p. 5 6 1-562; Lunenburg Will Book 3, 

p. 73b-75a. 

The will gave land, to sons John and Robert, with Crooked 
Run Creek as a boundary. 

1 3 

Lunenburg Deed Book 18, p. 81-82. 

Landon C. Bell, Sunlight on the Southside; Lists of 
Tithes, Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1748-1783 (Philadelphia: 
George s"] Ferguson Co . , 1931), p"i 240, 274 , 2*9 7, 331, 348, 352, 
401 . 


Rock creeks and was known to have been in Lunenburg in those 
years. In the will, written in 1773 in Amelia County, of Agnes 
Smith, apparent grandmother of Agnes Cross Chappell, two of the 
witnesses were Robert Chappell, Jr . , and Agness Chappell. And in 
the Lunenburg personal property tax lists only one Robert 
Chappell was indicated before 17 9 4; this man had to have been the 
husband of Agnes Cross: by the division of the estate of William 
Cross in Amelia County in 1782, Robert Chappell received 
allotment number one, certain slaves ,- the same slave names 
appeared with Robert Chappell in the Lunenburg personal property 
tax books through 1786, which is the last year that slaves were 
specifically named in these lists. 

Robert Chappell who died in 1794 in Lunenburg County, 
Virginia, had to have been the Robert Chappell who had married 
Agnes Cross in Amelia County, Virginia, in 1759. 

* * * 

Robert Chappell (d. 1794) was apparently born on 2 April 
1732 in Prince George County, Virginia, to Robert and Elizabeth 
Chappell.'^ In 1769 Robert, Sr., was living with Robert, Jr., in 
Lunenburg County, and in 1772 was still in Lunenburg, although in 
a separate household.^' Sometime after 1772 Robert, Sr., moved 

These slaves were: Will, Isaac, Old Modie, Hannah, Ned, 
James, little Phebe, Nan, Caesar, Sarah. [Amelia Will Book 3, p. 
1 69-1 71 . ] 

1 6 

Churchill G. Chamber layne , transcriber. The vestry Book 

and Register of Bristol Parish, Virginia. 1720-1789 (Richmond, 

Va . , privately printed [by W. E. Jones], 1898), p. 298. 

Was this the same Robert Chappell? 


to Amelia County, Virginia. There, in February 1779, being in a 
low state of life, he gave by deed of gift to his daughter Martha 

1 Q 

Mayes certain named slaves. By 1787 he had died, apparently 
intestate. In that year, also in a deed of gift, Elizabeth 
Chappell (widow of Robert, Sr.) distributed personal property to 
her children and grandchildren and made provision for the 
education and raising of a grandson. This deed of gift was made 

13 January 1787, proved 27 April 1787 and 25 October 1787, and 

1 Q 
recorded on the last date. 

Sometime between 1779 and 1787 Martha Chappell Mayes's 
husband had died and she had married a Woodward, probably Jesse 
Woodward. Martha is the proof that the Elizabeth Chappell of the 
1787 deed of gift was the widow of Robert, Sr., of the deed of 
gift of 1779: Although she was Martha Woodward by 1787, we know 
that she had been married previously to a Mayes because Elizabeth 
Chappell referred to Martha's "seven first Children, Viz, Stephen 
Mayes, Elizabeth Mayes, Robert Mayes, Edward Mayes, Ann Mayes, 
Martha Mayes, and Mathew Mayes." Furthermore, the names of the 
slaves that Robert Chappell, Sr., had given to Martha Mayes were 
the same as the names of the slaves that Elizabeth Chappell gave 
to Martha Woodward — apparently reaffirming that gift. 

The evidence that Robert Chappell (d. 1794) was the son of 

1 7 

Sunlight on the Southside p. 287. 

This researcher has not as yet personally researched the 
early life of Robert Chappell, Sr . (d. between 1779-1787). 

1 8 


Amelia Deed Book 15, p. 49. 

Amelia Deed Book 18, p. 204-205 


Robert and Elizabeth also lies with the slaves. Apparently here 
too Elizabeth's deed of gift was reaffirming a gift previously 
made. Six of the seven slaves given to Robert (d. 1794) in 
Elizabeth's deed of gift of 1787 appeared under Robert Chappell's 
name in Lunenburg County personal property tax books from 1782 
through 1786, and the names of five of the seven were the same as 
five slaves bequeathed in the will of Robert (d. 1794). 

The known children of Robert and Elizabeth Chappell were 
Robert Chappell, John Chappell, Ann Smith, Mary Murrell, and 
Martha Mayes Woodward. 

* * * 

One of the causes of the confusion as to the identity of the 
Robert Chappell who died in 1794 arises from the 

mi s iden ti f ica tion of a Robert Chappell, jr., who died in 1824, 
also in Lunenburg. This latter Robert, who called himself 
junior, named his mother, Martha Rogers, in his will. Apparently 
the problem arose from a failure to notice that there were then 
two Robert Chappells in Lunenburg. Robert (d. 1824) was not, as 

has often been assumed, the son of Robert (d. 1794); if he had 
been, then there would indeed have been a problem with the 
identification of Robert (d. 1794) as the man who had married 
Agnes Cross. Robert (d. 1824) was the son of John (d. 1795); 
Robert (d. 1826) was the son of Robert (d. 1794). 

In Lunenburg County Order Book 16 (p. 476), on 11 December 
1794, there is an entry ordering the recording of the will of 
Robert Chappell; the entry immediately following notes that 
Robert Chappell came into court and chose Samuel Watkins as his 


guardian. Due to the proximity of these two entries and the fact 
that the guardian was the son-in-law of Robert (d. 1794), the 
Robert choosing his guardian was obviously the son of Robert (d. 
1794). He was under 21 years old since he needed a guardian and 
was 14 years or older since he could chose his own guardian; 
therefore he had been born between 1773 and 1780. 

John Chappell who married Martha Cross, daughter of John and 
Elizabeth Cocke Cross, died before 13 August 1795. This 
researcher suspects, but has not investigated thoroughly, that 
this John Chappell may have been the son of Robert (d. 1794). 
The children of John and Martha Cross Chappe 1 1 -- John Cross 
Chappell and Robert Chappell, Jr. (so d e s i g na ted ) --were underage 
when their father died. Their guardian was Peter Lamkin (their 
uncle) and the administrator of their father's estate was William 
Cross (their uncle?). Since John Chappell and Martha Cross took 
out their marriage bond (in Lunenburg County) on 4 August 1788, 
we can assume that the children were born between 1789 and 
1795. Also, since the account of the estate of John Chappell 
showed that Elizabeth Davis, a midwife, was paid on 20 August 
1795, we can assume that one of the children was born in 1795 

Between 14 January and 12 April 1824 Robert Chappell, Jr . , 
died in Lunenburg County, Virginia, and in his will named his 
mother as Martha Rogers. This man can be easily identified as 
the son of John and Martha Cross Chappell. Martha Chappell had 




Lunenburg Order Book 16, p. 579. 

Lunenburg Order Book 17, p. 30-31 


married Reuben Rogers on 28 January 1800 in Lunenburg County. "^ 
And it is obvious that this Robert (b, between 1789-1795) would 
have been a junior to Robert (b. between 1773-1780), son of 
Robert (d. 1794). If it is true that John Chappell (d. before 13 
August 1795) was the son of Robert (d. 1794), then Robert (b. 
before 1789-1795) would also have been a nephew of Robert (b. 
between 1773-1 780 ) . 

Robert Chappell (b. between 1773-1780) died in Lunenburg 

2 3 
County sometime between 25 March and 8 May 1826. He was 

survived by a daughter, Elizabeth, then underage. Two of the 

devisees of his will were Anderson Bagley ihis bro ther-in-lawj 

and Polly C. Morrison fhis niece — Bagley' s daughter); their 

mention in his will (even without relationship being stated 

therein) identifies this Robert. He was probably the man who was 

a justice of the peace in Lunenburg County by 1803. 

Certainly more research needs to be done on this family — for 
example, on the early life of the father of Robert (d. 1794) and 
on the parents and siblings of the father. However, because of 
the facts presented above, perhaps these particular Robert 
Chappells will cause fewer headaches to other researchers. 

2 2 

Lunenburg Will Book 8, p. 335-336; Emma R. Matheny and 

Helen K. Yates, Marriages of Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1746- 
1 853 (privately printed, 1967), p. 104. 

This Robert was survived by an underaged son, Robert. 


Lunenburg Will Book 8, p. 580 


by J.C.Kolbe 
* (continued from Vol. 2 p. II3) 

The Numbar of Ties in my pursincks the 10th August 1759 

Mathew Nelson -5 
Amboros Kamon -2 
Thos. Colew -1 
William Baley -5 
John Nelson -2 
Warran Walker -7 
John Hays -1 
Wm. Walker -2 
James Walker -2 
Wm. angler Sen. 
Wm. angler Junr. 
Cristifer Chafin 
Frances Epperson 



John Plesents Quarter -4 

John Brow( ) Junr. -1 

John Brown( ) Sen. -2 

Charles Lee -6 

Edward Henderson -2 

George VJright -4 

John Wright -5 

John Cook -3 

James Brown -5 

John Brown -1 

Jonas Ronals -1 

Valentine Corly -1 

Thos. Cock -6 

John Woodson, Shrf . (Sheriff) 


Nathan Hamton 

Mr. Wales's quarter -29 

Isaac Allin -1 

Joseph Childress -1 

Frances Allin -1 

Richard Weatherfurd 

Robert Smith -5 

Wm. Daniel, planter -1 

Richard Daniel -2 

Flamstead Ranson -4 

Ambross Ranson -5 

Joshua Daws - ( ) 

Henry Deavnport -3 

Stephen Deavnport -2 

VJm. Arnol -1 

James Bell -1 

Col. Peter Randolphs quarter 

Henry Mason -11 

John Chafin -2 

John Noel -5 

Henry Arnoll -1 

Wm. Arnol Senr. -6 

Thos. Deavenport Sen. -6 

Thos. Deavenport Jun. -4 

James Deavenport -2 

Harrson Jones -1 

John Jones -1 



Isham Bredly -1 

Richard Sharp -1 

Antony Colquit -2 

James Paterson quarter -6 

Richard Parker Sen. -1 

Bartlet Thomson -3 

Richard Parker Jun. -1 

Thos . Marymon -^ 

Wm. Bawstick -2 

Arron Butler -1 

Charles Cotrell -2 

Sarah Cobb -4 

James Ray -2 

John Fla(-)llin -1 

Mathias Williams -1 

Thorn Evritt -1 

John Chambers -^ 

Leandr Hughes -5 

Rylant Randolps quarter -25 

John Viloodson -6 

Mrs. Huchersons -6 

Simon Sett -5 

James Andersons -3 

Thos. Williams -k 

Charles Anderson -9 

Alexander Trents quarter -4 

Gideon Glin -2 

John Readeford Sen. -2 

PhiK )on King -2 

Randolph Richerson -3 

James Holton -4 

Robert Hudgens -4 

William Chumny Sen. -2 

Wm. Chumny Junr. -1 

John Chumny -1 

Thos.Hucheby -1 

John Smith -1 

Richard Gundy -1 

Wm. Wamock -6 

Thos. Forster -8 

James Allin -6 

Danl. Allin -5 

Wm. Basham -1 

William Basham Sen. -1 

James Cannute -2 

Jeremiah Basham -1 

Edward Meghe -5 

Nathan Glin -4 

Nehemiah Glin -3 

Col. Masons Quarter -30 

Daniel Colleman -4 

Saml. Mereday quarter -6' 

Charles Nuckels -1 

Wm. Trigg -5 

John Parmor -1 

Henry Paromor -1 

John Barton -3 

Henry Mart on -2 

Wm. Marton -1 

Umpry Rusell -7 

Wm. Hambelton -7 

Wm. Watson Sen. -3 

Wm. Watson Junr. -1 

James Watson -1 

John Smiths quarter -6 

James Allin quarter Sen. -7 

Belonging to myself -2 

by Joel Walker 



by L.H.Hart 
(continued froin Vol. 2, p. 106) 

An account of sundry losses sustained by the British troops 
in the Lower rarish of Nansemond County as follows. 

The format of this list includes the nar.e of the individual 
with the number(-) and an evaluation of property lost by type 
and then totalled. The follov^ing abbreviations are used: 
Hs-Houses, V-Vessels, iC-Negroes, H-Horses, C-Cattle, Sh-l'heep, 
-""-furniture, .-i-.-ipparel , i'-rrovisions , Cr-Corn, i:-Spirits, 
T-Total. all figures are in pounds. 

The lists are badly torn, and there is a col'.'rr.n which appears 
to be hogs but is too difficult to read and will ce noted by an 
a3terisH('^) . 

James :.'!urcaugh V 2-1300 W 7-5S5 H l-60 C S0-U35 

oh '=2-39.6 ? 20 .. 3^-1- ? 76. 10 
r-.- "^0-18 3 lOC-'^^B T 2'^1'^.l^.C 

"r^T-.'p :^p + r^^ ^'c- T_?in A! Q_-nr> r U-f 10 "h 1o_io 

? 3 6 . it- .-,12 r 18.6.3 C r 1 . 1 1 . 5 T 1:13.5.8 

Geo. Pobinson .K' 6-5':5 ? 19.10 .-. 10 r 7.10 3 35-1^4- 

T 606.6.0 

.-illis Streater V 2-15 N 1-125 - ^^0-120 3h 15-9 ^ 30 

J-. 30 ? 3.15 : 30-12 T 344.15.0 

Thomas Hoffler H 1-35 C 3-15 ? 48.10 A I5 ? 6.5 

T 119.15.0 

Jno. Ailson Jordon ■/ 1-20 ;; 2-220 Jh 21-1^^ * .-. 15-':' 

? 9 Cr 12-6.15 3 31-15 " 303.12.0 

James vJilder N 2-250 H 1-10 3h 5-3 r' 5.IO T 268.10.0 

nobert Jordon Hs 1000 N 5-9'0 H 2-55 C 13-45 F 5 

r. 5.6 T 2060.6.0 

Thomas ^enn V 15 K' 4_i<5 .;h 10-6 I- I5 Cr 8-5 

T 396.0.0 


Eliz'th. Trotter N 5-^25 H 1-15 C 7-30 Sh 9-5 F 1.10 

T 476.10.0 

Edm'd. Jordon N I-I50 A 3.12 C 1-12.6 T 15^.4.6 

Lidda Shepherd Ks 2-^5 K(torn)-720 C 15-6O Sh 17-12 

F 21 A 20 P 45 T 1123.0.0 

Cadar Powell N 1-100 C 22-60 Sh 8-5 F II.9 P 2.6 

S 180-61.10 T 240.5.0 

James Edwards V §-200 P 7 T 207.0.0 

Abra'm. Spencer C 1-3 Sh 1 .0.0 a 5 P 4.10.6 

Cr 4^-2.14 T 15.14.6 

v^'illiam Roberts H I-36 a 6 T 42.0.0 

John Evans C 6-18 * F 3 T 23 . . 

Stephen ..right C 1-5 F 1.10 Oats 12-1.4 V 5.14.0 

Sarah Robinson i.' 2-200 F 20.4 ? 8.I5 T 220.19.0 

?.:ary Cowper U 2-200 C 20-70 Sh 5-3 F 12 T 285. 6.0 

Dernpsey otone K 1-8 G 4-16 F 6 S 20-5.10 T 35-10.0 

Eliz'th. Channell N 1-100 K 1-12 C 6-20 Sh 1-.12.0 

T 132.12.0 

Judith Sullevant C 12-4 F I5 A 10 S 4o-20 T 85. 0.0 

Thomas Deans C 9-30 F 5 T 35. 0.0 

Janes l.ard H 1-10 Sh 1-.12.0 P . 14 . T 11.6.0 

Kary Dormand C 5-I5 A 6.16 T 21.16.0 

John Thompson N 1-125 T I25.O.O 

John Kitchenson H I-I5 G 3-6 (torn) T 27.15.0 

William Hays G 2-4 Sh2-1 F.6.0 r.2.0 T5.8.O 

John Dormant C 10-29.15 A 8.10 P I.I5 Cr I-.I5.O 

T 40.15.0 

Thomas Gowper G 2-6 A 2.4 P 6.12.6 T 14.16.6 

Sarah Powell H 1-25 C 8-32 A 6.11 S 8-3.15 T 67 . 6 . 

Jona'n. Catten G 12-40 P 2.10 S 33-9-15 T 52. 5. 


Thomas alman C 1-4 3h 3-1.10 F 4 Cr 6-4.10 T 14.0.0 

John Campbell N 1-100 C 4-10 * T 116.12.0 

James Arthur N 2-125 C 1-1 F 2-10 P 5 T 1,33.10.0 

Zorabable Northara Sh 4-2.8 * F3 P1.16 T7.16.0 

iJm. Wainwright V l-60 T 60.0.0 

Thos. RadOell F 1.17.6 T 1.17.6 

Thos. Cordin F .16.0 T 0.16.0 

John Powell F 1.10.0 T 1.10.0 

Dan'l. riswell Sh 1-.12.0 F 1.10.0 PI T 3-2.0 

John Kudland H 1-20 A 8.10 P .16.8 T 29-6.8 

Charles Creech C 2-8 a 7. 10 T I5.IO.O 

.-illiam Creech ^ T 3-12.0 

Patty Deans Zh 12-7-4 T 7-4.0 

.■^nn Moore C 1-4.10 i^ 4 P 2.5 T IO.I5.O 

,-vich'd. Dickson F 7-10 a 8 i- 2.16 Cr 10-6 T 23.I6.O 

James Buxton V 2-24 N 3-255 H 1-12 C 4-5 3h 5-3 

* .17 P 2.10 T 311-0.0 

Thomas Pitt H 4-250 3h 10-6 T 256. 0.0 

Anthony ..hite N 2-200 T 200.0.0 

John Fasting H 1-10 C 1-4.10 oh 3-1-16 ^ ^ .2.6 

P .3-0 T 16.11.6 

Pasco Turner N 2-300 H I-I5 C 38-201 Sh 7-10 *(torn) 

Cr 80-50 S 75-10 T 767.0.4 

T 13138.14.2 

Returned april 15th I783 

Teste VJilliam Eley B.C. Nansem'd. C. Court. 


by J.C.Kolbe 
(continued' from Vol. 2, p. 92) 

18 Nov. 1859 Died at her residence in V.'arren Co. N.C. 2nd instant 
Mrs. IJancy B. Turner 60ys, burried at the old 
church in Vjilliamsboro. 

2 Dec. 1859 2nd Ivovember at the residence of the bride's father, 
ijm. Ovid Kabry and Lucy Rebecca Jeffries oldest 
dau. of l.m. R. Jeffries, all of Iv'iarshall Co. ^:iss. 

Died 26th October at the residence of her dau., 
i^'Jrs . Lucy Gregory of ^Mecklenburg Co., I'rs . Trudence 
Haskins v;ife of :-'r . Creed T. Haskins, 63 vs. 

16 Dec. 1359 In Oxford ^' . C . , 30 iov. by Rev. T.U. Faucette, 

^. Landis Jr. and y. . 'Jaze '/enable dau. of .iamuel 
L. /enable. 

In Oxford ^-i.C., 1 Dec. by Rev. ?.E. Beachum, George 
r\ Holloway and Krs . rrice Hamlet. 

In Oxford, .s.C. 5th instant, by Rev. T. ^Moore, 
3.D. ?rost and ivliss P.'artha Duty. 

1 Dec. by Rev. I-I.H. Hight, T/r. John Kittrell and 
Kiss .Mary Fuller both of Granville Co. 

16 Dec. 1859 In Franklin Co., 1 Dec., by Rev. :'ohn Floyd, 

•.J J rearce and Miss 3. A. Cheatham both of ;ranville Co. 

rtt the residence of :>':r. David Moore of Person Co., 
26 Nov., by Rev. T J Home, ( ) and Benjamin 
F. Jones of ' ranville Co. 

By ( ) B. Currin, James H. Frazier and Elizabeth J. 
Hester dau. of M. Hester. 

In Amelia Co., 24th ultimate, by Rev. M.D. Hoge, 

Mr. Saml. D. Hicks, of the firm D.T. Williams 

and Hicks of Richmond;, and Miss Laura M. Anderson. 

Died at the residence of E.R. Chambers at Boydton 

on Dec. 11, St. John Chambers youngest 

son of Dr. A.T. and Virginia C. Laird, 1 ys . 1 mon. 
k days . 


23 Dec. I859 In New Providence Term., 8th instant by Rev. Lowrie, 
C.H. Dunn, formerly of Va., and Mrs. Arabella A. 
Jenkins of Montgomery Tenn. 

Died 9th instant, Mecklenburg Co., Mrs. Sarah 
Richardsonj 73 ys • 

13 Jan. I860 21st. ultimate Warren Co. by Rev. Joseph B. Cheshire 
of P.E. Church, Nicholas M. Long of Halifax N.C. 
and Sallie H. only dau . of Gen. Samuel A. Williams 
of Warren Co . 

Warren Co. I5 Dec. by D.M. Cook, James T. Booker 
and Miss Sallie A. Thompson. 

Warren Co., l^th ultimate by James T. Russell, 
VJilliam C. Duke and Miss Obedience Cole. 

Warren Co., 15th ultimate by Samuel Bobbit, John A. 
Stallings and Miss Sarah A. Robertson. 

Vj'arren Co., 21st ultimate by C.J. Jones, Mr. Alexander 
Hendrick to Miss Isabella Rowland. 

5th instant, at the residence of the bride's father, 
by Rev. A.C. Harris, John R. Royster and Miss Esther 
Ann Stovall dau. of John W. Stovall of Granville. 

Granville, 13th ultimate by Rev. L.K. Willie, Mordecai 
Sears and Miss M.E. Tunstall. 

Granville, 8th instant by F.B. Currin, James R. Hart 
and Rebecca F. Currin. 

Granville, 13th ultimate by Rev. E.F. Beachum, James 
M. Pittard and Miss Frances A. Montague. 

Granville, 15th ultimate, by Rev. H.H. Prout, 

James I. Scales of Alamance and Miss E.H. Henderson 

of Granville. 

Granville, 18th ultimate by H.B. Bridgers, Jonathan 
Tippett and Miss Louisa Cauthorn. 

Granville, 11th ultimate by Rev. R.I. Devin, Mr. E.J. 
Hester and Miss Virginia Hobgood. 

27 Jan. I860 11 instantj at the residence of the bride's father, 

by Rev. Mr. Crenshaw, Giles 3. Bowers and Miss Martha 
Curtis s both of Mecklenburg. 


At Sassafras Fork, 11th instant, by Rev. A.C. Harris, 
Dr. W.B. Evans and Miss Rebecca Ann E. Hart, all of 
Granville . 

In Oxford, 10th instant, by Elder E.F. B:eachain, Dr. 
E.D. Ferebee of Princess Anne Co. and Mrs. H.G. Bell. 

Died in Granville Co., 27 Dec. 1859, Allen Clay 80 ys 

Died in Granville 11th instant, Mrs. Mary Bailey, 
widow of late Israel Bailey, 82 ys . 

27 April I860 28th ultimate, at the residence of Mr. A.J. Critcher 

by V\J.R. Harris, Zachariah Daniel and Miss Martha J. 
Critcher, all of Granville. 

Died 15th ultimate, at the residence of her father, 
Samuel J. VenablCi, Mrs. Mary Tazwell Landis, 
age 20 ys . , a member of the Presbyterian Church in 
Oxford, reference to but does not name her husband 
or sister. 

7 Dec. I860 28 ultimate at the residence of the bride's father, 
by Rev. Edw. Hines , VJm. T. Boyd of Boydton 
and Miss Jennie Speed dau . of John J. Speed of 
Granville Co. N.C . 

Died in Clarksville, 27 Nov., James Marriott 

27 yrs . , formerly of Baltimore but for the last 6 ys . 

a resident of Mecklenburg. 

17 May 1861 1st May at residence of brides father, by the Rev. 
B.W. Moseley, William Russell and Miss Sarah C. 
Hardy, dau. of Cephas Hardy d all of Mecklenburg. 

28 June I86I d. at his residence in Meek. Co. on 31st. May^ Robert 

Richardson, 19 ys . 

Samuel Henry son of Archer and Mary A. Hayes b. 
26 March I858 d. 22 April I86I Princeton Ark. 
29 May 1861. 

2 Aug. I86I 25 July, at Camp Allen, Jamestown Is. Prvt.. Hillery 
R. Loafmanj of Capt. Finley's Comp., l^th Regt. Va. 
Volunteers . 

9 Aug. I86I d. 17 July 1861 A.M. Adelissa youngest dau. of David 
P. and Minerva Pool, 7 ys . 

23 Aug. I86I d. 19 inst., in Clarksville, John L. Haskins j son 
of Vifm. Z. and L.A. Haskins , I7 ys . entered service 
under Capt. G.W. Finley. 


3 March I865 d. 23 Jan. William J. Averett„ son of Henry W. Averett, 
25 ys. 

31 March 1865 1st. inst. at residence of Hon. Mark Alexander, 
Park Forest in Meek. Co. by Rev. John Cosby 
Capt. George D. White C.S.A. and Miss Delia J. Pope 
of Petersburg. 

Dr. William S. Easley 

d. 1 Feb. I865 at his residence near Clarksville he 

was eldest son of Wm. B. Easley of Bluestone. 

CORRECTION: Volume 2, P.9I the last line on the page should read - 
father, Chas . S. Watkins late of St. Louis Mo. 


by L.H.Hart 

The format used includes the names of the groom and bride 
the date of the bond, the security (sec.), and any additional 
information on the consent. 

Selby Bursan to Nancy Worsham dau. of Thomas liJorsham I5 January 1810 
Sec. Joseph Washam. 

VJm. Burgiss to Nancy Lewis dau. of Wm.. Lewis I5 Jany . 1810 
Sec. wm. Lewis. 

Nathaniel Barnett to Elizabeth Sutherlin dau. of Thos . Sutherlin 
15 March 1810 

Sec. John Sutherlin. Consent of father Tho. Sutherlin dated 
March 15, 1810. 

Rawley W. Carter to Anne Robertson dau. of Edward Robertson 

10 April 1810 

Sec. Christopher Robertson. 


Isaac Apsher to Polly Taylor dau . of James Taylor 8 May 1810 
Sec. Jas . Taylor. 

Samuel Blair to Polly Rayndols 16 July 1810 

Sec. James Blair. Consent of Hugh:Randols brother to Miss Polly 

Randols, she is over age of 21. 

Eppa Boothe to Dicey VJall 6 August 1810 
Sec. Cornelius Tayler. 

John Anderson Jr. to Lucy Waldin dau. of John Waldin 9 OctoberlSlO 
Sec. Charles Walden. 

Vincent Brown to Mildred Reynolds dau. of Jesse Reynolds 

9 October 1810 

Sec. Jesse Reynolds. 

James W. Brookes to Patsey Thompson dau. of Elizabeth Thompson 

15 October 1810 

Sec. Thomas Thompson. Consent dated November 15. 1810. 

Daniel Birchfield to Sally Chumbly dau. of Francis Chumbly who 
consented 15 October 1810 
Sec. Francis Chumbly. 

Thomas Burnett to Leah Still dau. of Thomas Still 11 December 1810 
Sec. Josiah Still. Consent. 

Willm. Burges to Rhoday Chaney dau. of Zechl. Chaney 17 December 1810 
Sec. Abram Chaney. Consent of Rhoday Chaney witn. Wm. Chaney, 
Abm. Chaney dated l6 December 1810. 

Abraham Chaney to Nancey Donnelson dau. of James Donnelson 

17 December 1810 

Sec. Will. Burges Consent for Abraham Chaney of Pittsylvania 

County to marry Nancy Donelson of said co. , both being of lawful 

age, by her parents James and Elisibeth Donelson, dated 15 

December 1810. 

Continued from Vol. II, Page 84 
by L.H.Hart, III 

16. Francis Spraggins s Francis and Mary Ann Spraggins 
June 28 Erysipelas 25y b. Jas. City Co.,VA 

July 1845 


1. David Dunn s VJilliam and Catherine Dunn surv. f,m,7b,ls 
July 2 consumption 20y b. Derry Co. Ireland 

2. Arabella Jane Wright d David S. and Juliet Wright surv. f,m,b 
July 4 cholera infantum ly 10m 29d b. Rd.Va 

3. Minerva P. Corling d Charles and Minerva S. Corling 
surv. f,m,s July 6 Hydrocephalus water on the brain 
3y 2m 22d b. P'bg. d. Old Pt . Comfort 

4. Emma E. Evans d Eli and Virginia A. Evans surv. f,m,s 
July 7 Teething 20m lid b. P'bg. 

5. Agnes Maury Davidson d. Col. James and Mary Harrison Davidson 
surv. f,m,3b, 3s July 8 Hydrocephalus water on the brain 
l6y 7rn 7d b. P'bg. paternal grandparents were Wm. Davidson 
of Antrim, Ireland son of James D. and Agnes Bryson 

Capt. Wm. Davidson was married to Mary dau. of John and 
Millison Archer. His only son James Davidson was the 
father of Agnes Maury Davidson. Her maternal grandparents 
were Gen. Daniel C. Butts only son of John Butts and 
Mary Ann Claiborne. He married Elizabeth Randolph Harrison 
d. Gen. Charles Harrison of the Revolutionary Artillery and 
their eldest child Mary Harrison Davidson was the mo.ther of 
Agnes Maury Davidson. She leaves the following bro. and sisters: 
Wm. Butts Davidson, Mary Elizabeth Davidson, Washington 
Fayette Davidson of USN Chas. Harrison Davidson, Virginia 
Emmeline Davidson, Norah Davidson. 

6. John Henry Boatwright s Pryor Tinsley and Elizabeth Boatwright 
surv. m,s July 8 consumption 27y 6m 12d b. P'bg. 

7. Virginia Parsons d Ralph and Mary Parsons surv. fim,b,s 
July 8 whooping cough 4y 6m b. Norfolk Va. d. P'bg. 

8. Elizabeth Amie Dupree Jones d. Col. Isham Gilliam and 
Elizabeth A. Lundy h Robert Yates Jones surv. f. 

July 8 child bed 21y 27d b. Greensville Co. d. P'bg. 

9. Mary Elizabeth Hanna d William and Mary Hanna July l6 
Tetany l4y 5m b. Che 'fid. d. P'bg. 

10. Ann Jane Whitehead d Richard S. and Elisabeth ViJhitehead 
grf John Whitehead dec. surv. f,2s July 18 convulsions 
8y 7m b. Philadelphia Cy. Pa. d. P'bg. 

11. Mary Awilda Burfoot d Charles T. and Henrietta Burfoot 
surv. f,m,lb,ls Saml. R. Coldwell grf. July 18 
cholera infantum ^m 6d b. P'bg. d. P'bg. 

12. Laura Ann Hambery d John and Ann Hambery July 21 
Ague and fever 6m 3d b. P'bg. 


13. Victoria Partin d Lodwick and Mary Jane Partin surv. f,m,lb 
July 22 Hydrocephalus water on the brain 18m 22d 
b. P'bg. 

' August 1845 

1. Joel Rosser unk. surv. w,3d Aug. 15 Erysipilas 
65yr b.Pr.Geo. d.P'bg. widow md 2) Grigg 

2. Henry Elliott s George and Mary E. Elliott surv. w,3s,3d 
Aug. 15 Gout in the stomach 70y Im Id b. P'bg. 

d. P'bg. wife Ann 

3. Martha Elizabeth Robinson Hardy d Dabney and Martha 0. Hardy 
surv. f,m,2b,2s Aug. 26 Cholera Infantum ly 

b. Lunenburg Go. Va. d. P'bg. 

4. Stillborn d Robert and Ellen McKnight Aug. 30 
Stillborn P'bg. 

September 18^5 

1. Thomas Frederick Simpson s William S. and Mary L. Simpson 
Aug. 31 whooping cough 3y Im 5d b. P'bg. d. P'bg. 

2. Catherine Jefferson d Boswell and Sally Jefferson 
Sept. 6 Typhoid fever 23y b. P'bg. d. P'bg. 

3. William Davis s Matthew dec. and Susan Davis(m 2-George Charles) 
surv. m, 3b, Is Sept. 15 Cholera Infantum 3y b. P'bg. 

^■. Wright Evans s Isham and Elizabeth Evans surv. w, 2s 
Sept. 19 consumption 31y 10m 17d b. C 'field Co. 

5. Sarah Tyrer wid. of James Tyrer surv. ls,d. d.Rd. 
Sept. 20 Intermittent fever 66y 10m b. Liverpool Eng. 

6. Mary Susan Jones d Edward W. and Mary Ann Jones 
surv. f,m,2b,ls Sept. 22 Cholera Infantum 17m 20d 
b. P'bg. d. P'bg. 

October 18^5 

1. Jessee W. Bryant s Nelson and Sarah H. Bryant surv. w,m,2sis 
Sept. 30 Inflamation of the bowels 3^■y 8m 17d 

b. Sussex d. Ettricks in C 'field 

2. Elizabeth F. Wadsworth d Rev. Edward and Ann Eliza Wadsworth 
Croup 10m Id b. P'bg. 

3- Stillborn dau. of William L. and Susan Morton Oct. 2 
Stillborn P'bg. 


by L.H.Hart 
(continued from Vol. II, page 74) 

D. 15 June 1799- Daniel Coleman and w Martha of Caroline Co. 
to Francis Clements of So'n. VJhereas sd. Martha Coleman 
formerly married Thomas Clements of So'n. who died possessed of 
a land "Cockes Quarter" in which Martha was entitled to dower 
and at her death would become property of said Francis Clements 
$500 all their dower interest in land of Thos. Clements dec. 
VJitn: Joshua Fort, VJ . Bailey, Vifillm. Urquhart, Jno . Urquhart. 

D^ 17 Jan. 1792. James Calthorp of So«n. to Joel Mclemore of 
same 20sh. 1 acre part of land of John Calthorp dec. 
VJitn: Tho. Turner, A. Smith, John Rogers, Chas. Harrison. 
Receipt: Jan. 17- 
Docket: Sept. 1792 prov. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. Sept. 14, 1784 _ Articles of Agreement. Richard Clifton of 
So'n. and Anias Randall of same. Lease to Randall all his 
land south of Flatswamp whereon Susanna Smith lives being 
65 acres during the life of his wife Dorcas Clifton. 
VJitn: Thos. Turner, Timothy Thorp, Claiborne Clifton. 
Docket: Dec. 1784. 

D. Apr. 11,1793- Thomas Camp and 

to Thomas Johnson of same t6 9s 

VJitn: John Drake, Nathaniel Drake, 

Receipt: Apr. 11,1793- 

Docket: July 1793 ackd. by Camp and cont'd. 

D. 18 Nov. 1794. Thos. Combs and w Amey of Not. P., So'n. 

to Benjamin Drew of same t30 100 acres sd. Combs bought 

of VJilliam Mackie. 

Witn : Thos. Davis, Judy S. Drew, Edwin Brittle, John Clayton. 

Receipt: no date. 

Docket: Dec. 1794 ackd. by the wife she exd. and contd. for 


D. Nov. 10,1795 Elizabeth Crenshaw of So'n. to Reubin VJhitfield 

of same L20 for her life in widowhood land N. of Tarkiln 

Branch whereon Silas Hargrave lived. 

VJitn: Drury Fiers, VJilliam Forgson, Mary Gluver. 

Docket: June 1796 prov. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

w Ma: 

rtha of 


P. , So 







Kitchens . 


D. Mar. 21, I798 William Crichlow and w Lucy, John Crichlow 
and w Mary to Samuel Kello t750 Two 5a lots in Jerusalem 
# 18,19 

Witn: Vif . Evans, Robt. Mabry, J. Fort, Leml . Hart, Matw. Calvert. 
No docket. : 

D. Mar. 13,1786 James Butts Calthorp of Not. P. So'n. to 

William Urquhart of same L85 I60 a for bounds see D of G 

date 12 Sept. 1776 conveying land from Joseph Vasser Sr. 

to his son William Vasser who deeded it to sd. Calthorp 

9 Mar. I78O. 

Witn: William Simmons, John Clayton, Solomon Holmes. 

Docket: Oct. 12, I7R6 prov'd. by one wit. and cont'd. 

D. 9 Oct. 1790 Nicholas Cobb of Martin Co. NC to Seymour 

Vaughan of So'n t30 125 acres part of 250 acres Robert 

Darden sold Nicholas and his bro. Henry Cobb by deed dated 

3 Jan. 1756. 

VJitn: Asa Beal, VJilliam Wood, Josiah Cobb. 

Receipts: Oct. 9.1790. 

Docket: Oct. 1790 2 wit. cont'd., tax pd . , on the transfer 


D. Sept. 15. 1797 Robert Dickins of Person Co. to James Browne 
of So'n. ^1000 200 acres sold me by Jesse Browne which 
was demised to sd. Jesse by his grf. Jesse Browne by will. 
Docket: Jan. 1799 proved by 1 witness and cont'd. 
Witn: Anthoy . Browne, Martha Browne, Eliza .-Ridley Kellow. 

D. Oct. 26, 1787 Elizabeth Day of So'n t230 13s 7d due 

in legacies to my 3 daus: Eliza Browne Day, Charlotte Day, 

Phebe Holt wife of Jesse Holt my int. in enumerated 

personal property 

VJitn: William Spooner, John Barnes, James Martin. 

Docket: Dec. I787 by 1 wit. and cont'd. 

D. 17 Nov. 1797 James Edwards of So'n. to Frederick Roboson 
of same tl9 20 acres adj. Jorden Vick 
Witn: Chas. Birdsong, Lewis VJorrel, Jiles Joyner 
Docket: May 1798 prov'd. by 2 wit. and continued. 

D. July 14, 1786 Sarah Edwards of So'n. to Nathaniel Edwards 

of same LlOO all my right to land I live on, 6 slaves, 

personal property 

Witn: Henry Monger, Ann Taylor. 

Docket: Dec. I786 cont'd. - — 


D. Feb. 14, 1805 Josiah Lawrence and w Charity, John Foreman 

and w Mary, Lucy Bell formerly wife of Jesse Lawrence dec. of 

Pitt Co. NC, Richard Allen and w Prissilla of Greene Co.,NC, 

Daniel Williams of Hertford Co., NC , David VJilliams, Mary 

Williams, Arthur Carr and w Prissilla of So'n. to VJilliam Allen 

of Surry $3060 427 acres adj. widow VJhitehead, Arthur 


VJitn: Elias Carr, John Carr, James Porter. 

Order to examine wives 

Docket: Feb. I805 Ackd. Josiah Lawrence, Jno. Foreman, 

Richd. Allen, Danl. VJilliams, David Williams, Arthur Carr 

and w who was exd. and retd. as to Mrs. Foreman and Mrs. Allen 

proved by 2 witn. as to Lucy Bell and cont'd, for Mary VJilliams 

and Charity Lawrence. 

D. 27 Oct. 1790 Olive Freeman for love and 
in law Eliz Freeman and dau. Martha Freeman 
Witn: Robert Andrews, Joseph Britt. 
Docket: June 9.1791- Ack. by Freeman and cont'd. 

affection to dau. 
personal property 

D. 9 July 1793 Philip Felts of So'n. and Kinchen Felts of 
Sussex to Joseph Fort of So'n. L85 1^5 acres adj. Thos , 
Adams being all the land devised said Philip Felts by John 
Morgan, dec . 

VJitn: Zebulon Lewis, Lewis Fort, Archiblad Parker, Jno. Dyer. 
Docket: July 1793 proved by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

John Kelly and w Margaret, 
^e Glover of So'n. to VJilli 

Samuel Glover, 
ams Vick of same 

D. June 16,1796 

Mary Glover, Gerog( 

L50 200 acres adj. Jacob Bayles 

Witn: James Story, Stephen Hancock, Drewry Drake, Drewry 

Drake ,Sr . 

Docket: Sept. 1796 prov'd. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. Oct. 10,1796 Thomas Grizzard and w Mary of So'n. to 

Edmund Turner of same L49 17s 123 acres adj. Nathl. 

Edwards . 

Witn: Nathl. Edwards, Richd. Blunt, Henry Blunt. 

Docket: Oct. 1796 ackd. by Grizzard and cont'd. comm. to 

issue for the wife. 

Deed same parties 
Edwards, Arthur Suiter. 
Docket: same. 

L25 3s 62iacres adj. Nathl 

D. 26 

Mar. 1794 
t50 200 

George Glovier of So'n. 
acres the land sold to 

to VJilliams Vick of 
his father George Glovier 


and his uncle Samuel Glover by James Cooper in I769 adj. 
Jacob Bayley, Samuel and James Storey. 
VJitn: James Story, Elizabeth Story, Esther Story. 
Docket: Sept. 1794 prov. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. (torn June 1? ) Edwin Gray and w Charlotte to Ben j . 

W. Johnston and Co. tlOO 1 lot in Jerusalem 

Witn: Frs. Hill, Saml. Calvert, Thos. Butts. 

Docket: Oct. 1799. Ackd. by E. Gray and Cont'd, for wife. 

D. Mar. 27,1779 Joseph Gurley of So'n. for natural love and 
affection to his children Elizabeth, Lucy, and Henry Gurley 
(children of sd. Joseph and w Martha) 5 slaves in case 
any of sd. children dies without lawful issue the slaves to 
be equally divided amongst all the children of said Joseph 
and Martha. In case sd. Joseph gets intoxicated or uses his 
wife or children w/ barbarity VJilliam Peterson and Thos. Turner 
to take the slaves for the protection of the children. 
Witn: Thos. Turner, Patience Turner, Edwd. Morgan. 
Docket: May 1779 by 1 wit. 

D. 21 Mar. 1798 Thos. Hunt and w Amey, Henry Adams and w 

Mary to Samuel Kello LI5 10 acres bought of Exum Scott 

called the Courthouse tract. 

Witn: J. Fort, W. Evans, Leml . Hart, Robt. Mabry. 


D. 19 Nov. 1792 James Hedgpith and w Jemima of So'n. to 

Etheldred Everitt of same h?' 10s 17 acres 

VJitn: Saml. Maget, Nichs. r^'Iaget, Jr., Miles Daughtry. 

Receipt: Jan. 28,1793- 

Docket: June 1793 prov. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. 21 July 177^ Nathaniel Harris of So'n. to William Andrews 

of same L70 225 acres 

VJitn: Wm. Harrison, John Rogers, Moses Harris. 

Receipt: July 21, 177^. 

Docket: Mar. 1775 prov'd. by 2 wit. 

D. Jan. 11,1764 I'Jilliam Ingraham of Not. P. So'n., pltr. to 

Timothy Atkinson of same t20 I85 acres adj. Sarah 

Ingraham, Josiah John Holeman being devised sd. William 

by will of William Ingraham, dec. 

Witn: Thos. Williamson, Benja. Clements Jr., Will. Urquhart. 


Docket: Oct. prov. by 2 wit. 


D. Oct. 16,1784 Robert Ivy and w Amy of So'n. to John 
VJilliamson of Sussex t250 215a adj. Moses Thorp, John 
Ivey, Joseph Reese, dec. 
VJitn; Carter, Richd., Thos. Gilliam. 

D. 19 May 1798 Kinchen Jelks and w Polly of So'n. to VJilliam 

Ellis of same L19 6s 20a adj. Moses Foster, Joel 


VJitn: John Barlow Jr., Richd. P. Clements, Saml . Barham, Moses 


Docket: May 1798 Ackd. by Jelks and cont'd, for wife. 

D. Dec. 7,1791 Kinchen Jelks and w Lucy of Wake Co. NC 

to Vim. Newsom of So'n. L5 10 acres adj. Owen Myrick, 

Hornet Swamp. 

Witn: V.'m. Chambliss, Grey Barker, Priscillah Jelks. 

Docket: June 1792 prov. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. I'Jan. 179^ Lucy Johnson and (husband) Richd. Johnson 
of Wake Co. NC to Thomas Gilliam of So'n. t50 all my 
right inlands of my father Thos. Gilliam dec. adj. Rich. 

Blov/, W. Butts, Arthur Gilliam and Clements. 

VJitn: Kinchen Jelks , John Fort. 

Docket: Sept. 179^ prov. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. May 7, 1789 Giles Johnson of So'n. to James Blackshin 

of same; lease of 30 acres for ten years. 

VJitn: James Clark, Mary Johnson, Sarah Johnson. 

Docket: Dec. 10,1789. Proved by 1 wit. and cont'd. 

D. Jan. 23, 1782 Clary Johnson of Cumberland Co. NC to 

John Morgan of So'n L15 100 acres 

adj. Arthur Matthews, Jacob Westbrook, Samuel Westbrook, Moses 

McKenny, Tarpley Johnson. 

Witn: William Harris, Moses McKiney, Jordan Bass, Randolph 

Harriss . 


Docket: Caveat Feby. 1782. 

D. 11 Feb. 1769 Harwood Jones of Northampton Co. NC , 
Benjamin Jarrell and Richard Ricks of So'n. to John Johnson 
of So'n. Sean place north of Nottoway R adj. John 
Johnson same place that Samuel VJoodard gave Thomas Jarrill by 
deed of gift dated I5 Aug. 1750. 


Witn: Howel Harriss, Martha Thomas, Judith Porter, John VJilkinson, 

Jos. Scott, Ben. Clements , Jr. 


No docket. :: 

D. 19 May 1791 Henry Jones of So'n. gdn. of Mills Hatfield 
orph. to Obediah Johns (on) of IW t9 l^s lease of 34 
acres adj. Hardy Larwne until Dec. 25, 1799- 
VJitn: Stephen Lankford, Josiah Johnson, Joshua Johnson. 
Docket: Dec. 1791 proved by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. 27 July 1788 Lewis Joyner and w Lucy of Not. P., So'n. 

to James Vick of same tl8 30 acres being part of 370 

acres sd. Joyner bought of 1/Jilliam Urquhart. 

Vi/itn: Jos. Vick, Willm. Ingrum, Martha Ingrum. 


Docket: Feby. I789 cont'd. 

D. 7 Aug. 1787 Toomer Joyner and w Martha of So'n. to 

Hardy Lawrence of IVJ L5 5 acres adj. Henry Jones, said 

Lawrence's Mill. 

Witn: Alexander Mcintosh, .Robert Lawrence, James Butler. 

Receipt . 


D. 20 Hug. 1794 Moses Johnson of Franklin Co. NC to John 
Norfleet of So'n. t27 10s 94 acres. 
Witn: John VJilkinson, Henry Coaker, Robert VJilliams. 
Docket: Oct. 1794 prov . by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. Sept. 4,1792 Arthur Joyner of Not. P. So'n. to Kemp and 

Theophilus Joyner of sam.e for love and affection to his sons 

97 acres whereon sd. Arthur lives. 

Witn: Miles Kirby, James Bell, John Smith. 

Receipt . 

Docket: Feb. 1793 provd. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. 6 July 1793 Bridget Joyner, Joshua Joyner (son of Joshua) 

and w Elender of Not. P., So'n. to Titus Fowler of same. 

fc40 90 acres whereon sd. Fowler lives adj. Henry Joyner, 

dec., Vj'illiams. 

VJitn: H. Arrington, Dempsey Lewis, Josiah Vv'orrell, Samuel 
Mangum . 



Docket: Octbr. 1793 ackd. by Joshua Joyner and Elenor his wife 

she exd. and cont'd. 

D. 4 Aug. 1789 Absalom Joyner and his son Thomas Joyner of 

Northampton Co. NC to James VJilkinson of So'n L300 

330 acres adj. Henry Graff ord, John Byrd, Howell Edmunds 

Vifitn: James Vaughan, Simon Everitt, Jesse Boone. 

Docket: Feby 1790 by 1 wit. and cont'd. 

D. 12 Mar. 1799 Robert Jones and w Mary of 

Joshua Claud of same L42 10/ part of 275 acres of land 

whereon Robert Jones, dec. lived adj. John Person, Mary 

Jarrell, John VJright and sd. Robert and Mary Jones as legatees 

sell 85 2/3 acres of said tract. 

Witn: William Claud, Philip Claud, Jesse Claud, John Reese, 

Joel Barham. 

Docket: Hug. 1799- By 2 wit. and cont'd comme. to issue. 

D, 5 Dec. 1792 William Jarrell of So'n. to Mary Jarrell of 

same 5s all the land I own in So'n. 

Witn: Edward Fisher, Matt. Ridley, Benja. Johnson. 

Docket: June 1793 prov . by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. June 15,1795 Samuel Kello to Thomas Bradshaw 5s 

100 acres part of 300 acre patent to r^ichard Kello dated 

5 July 177^ adj. V.'m. Bradshaw, Benjamin Brad&haw, John 


VJitn: Jno. D. Haussmann, R. Kello, K'm. Bradshew. 

No docket. 

D. Sept. 12,1780 Joseph Kidd of Brunswick 
of So'n 80001b. of tobacco 15 acres 
Charles Bass, Henry Bass, Robt. V\filkins. 
VJitn: D. Fisher, Wm. Newsum, Richd. Kirby. 
Docket: By 1 witn. Sept. I78O Feby. by 2d. 

to Joshua Harris 
adj. Moses Thorp, 

D. Sept. 12,1780 Thomas Kerzy of So'n. and w Frances to Samuel 
Nicolson of So'n. t3000 I75 acres in St. L.P. patent to 
David Wiggins dated 12 July 1750 and sold to sd. Kerzy. 
Witn: Thomas Mason, Peoples Ivey, Lydda Ivy. 
Docket: Apl. 178I by 2 wit. 

D. Oct. 19,1793 Joseph Marks and w Jemima of So'n. to 

Edward Fisher of same L200 184 acres adj. William Myrick, 

Richd. Marks, Benj. Lewis. 


VJitn: Nathan Marks, Stephen Marks, William Ellis. 
Docket: Apr. 179^ provd. by 1 wit. and cont'd. 

D. July 12, 1770 Hichard Maning of So'n. to Matthew Boykin 

of same L^O I65 acres adj. Thos. Carrel (formerly 

Hugh Basden), Col. Richard Cocke, Jonathan Joyner. 

Witn: James Summerell, George Summerell, Newsom Branch. 


Docket: July Proved by 2 wit. 

D. 10 Dec. 179^ Andrew McMial of So'n. to Richard VJilliams of 
same til 11 acres adj. Jonas Bryant (of VJm) . 
Vi/itn: Charles Birdsong, Matthew Bryant, Jiles Joyner. 
Docket: r'eby 1795 prov. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. 15 Feb. 1797 Joel McLemore and w Elizabeth of So'n. 

to VJilliam Blunt of same t80 81 acres lease for 99 

years adj. James Cal thorp dec., Cordy Clifton. 

VJitn: Benjamin Blunt, Jr., VJm. Ilance, Mary Nance. 

Docket: July 1797 proved by 1 wit. and cont 'd . (comm. to issue). 

D. 19 June 1783 William Morgan and w Mary of So'n. to Arthur 
Turner of same L^O 114 acres adj. John Blunt, Hardy 
Harris part of a patent to Alexander liatson dated Oct. 21,1752 
Vilitn: Temperance Person, Elijah Crocker. 
Docket: By 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. 29 Feb. 1788 Arthur Mathews and w Mary to Moses McKinney 

of So'n. L60 100 acres adj. JohnClaud, John Thorp, 

James Porch, Thomas Edmunds. 

Vn'itn: Tho. Turner, John Rogers, Saml . Francis, West Karris. 


Docket: Oct. 1788 2/8 pd . for tax. 

D. 16 Jan. 1798 Hamlin Morgan and Henry Brewer of Sampson 

Co. NC to Joel McLemore of So'n. L50 land adj. Blake, 

Clifton, McLemore. 

Witn: Green Turner, James Lundy, John Lundy, David Thomas, 

John Reese . 


Docket: May 1798 pro. by 1 wit. as to Brewer and cont'd. 

D. 17 Jan. 1792 John Mclemore and w Charlotte of So'n. to 
Joel Mclemore of same L^O all their right in 40 acres 
devised said John in will of his father John adj. Calthorp, 
Morgan, Harrison. 


VJitn: Tho. Turner, John Rogers, Charles Harrison, A. Smith. 


Docket: Sept. 1792 prov. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. 8 Jan. 1795 Daniel Porter of So'n. -"o Jno. VJhitehead of 

IVJ L105 135 acres. 

VJitn: Thos. Porter, VJilliam Newton, Nathan Porter. 


Docket: July 1795 prov. by 1 wit. and cont'd. 

D. Oct. 2, 1795 Joseph Philips and w Patience of So'n. to 

Jordan Judkins of same t73 12s 9d 195 acres in Sussex and 

So'n. whereon Joseph and Thomas Philips live adj. Samuel 

Cornwall, Thomas Pretlow, James Philips. 

Witn: Martha Judkins, VJilliam Judkins, Jas. Gray, John Brittle, 

Mark Judkins, Joshua Bailey. 


Docket: Oct. 1796 prov. by 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. 4 June 1790 John Peters and w Martha of Greensville Co. 

to Harris Nicholson of Sussex LI50 I50 acres Bells 

Island bought of Burrel Bell. 

Ik'itn: Benjamin Peete, Thomas James, Ro. Bailey, Archibald 


Docket: Sept. 1790 by 1 wit. and cont'd. 4/6 pd. for tax 

Sept. 1791 prov. by Thos. James and cont'd. 

D. 13 Feb. 1777 John Rogers and w Judith of So'n. and 
Elizabeth Birchett widow of James to John Mason Jr. of Sussex. 
L120 120 acres in St. LP adj. Thweat, Lunday, Blake which 
land descended to Judith Rogers at the death of her father 
James Birchett and in which Elizabeth holds dower. 
Witn: John Potts, Joel Atkinson, John Freeman, Drury Harris. 

D. Mar. 18,1764 James Standley and w Winnefred of So'n. 

to arthur Long of same L102 10s 100 acres. 

VJitn: John Mundell, John Dortch, Groves Sharpe. 


Docket: prov'd. by 2 wit. 

D. 4 May 1792 Ephraim Spivey and w Honour of So'n. to 

Samuel Kello L22 10s 50 acres for boundaries see deed 

from Benjamin Bradshaw dated Sept. 9.I763. 

VJitn: Jno. D. Haussmann, R. Kello, Vjillis Woodley. 



Docket: June 1?92 prov . by 1 wit. and cont'd, 
July 1792 prov. by VJ.VJ. and cont'd. 

D. Nov. 2^,1789 Thomas Simmons and v/ Lucy of Not.?. So'n. to 

Thomas Clements =36 60 acres 


Docket: Dec. 10,1789 acknowd. by him and continued for the 

wife 1/6 tax pd . 

D. 19 I^'ay 1799 Joseph Scott and w y.ary of i.'ot. P. So'n. 

to John Bryant of same i^lO 18 acres adj. Lev.'is Joyner 

VJitn: Lewis Joyner, Amos Joyner, Bailey Bryant. 

Receipt . 

Docket: May 1799 ackd. bv Scott and cont'd. 

D, 5 Apr. 1790 .Robert Tynes and w Vary of IW to Jacob 
Corbit L25 50 acres' land they hold by heirship of the 
est. of Henry Joyner dec. adj. Christopher V.'ade, Joshua 
Joyner . 

V/itn: Hardy rrpe, , "-"ichcl Griff en, Thomas Johnson. 

.^^ecei pt . 

Docket: July 8,1790. rroved by 2 v.'it. and continued. 

D. 10 K'ov . 1791 John Taylor and w Sally, ;v'ichoia3 r'aulcon 

and vv- Elizateth of So'n. to aar-^n Smith of same. 

^107 2C0 acres in St. L. }ar. sdj. James Brantley 

<.ommack, J 'y'r.n uestbrook, John Claud, Samuel Sestbrook . 

■,Mtn: Hartwell Cocke, .Ver: t '.<: . Hotinson, Tr.o. Hurt, U. Faulcon 

T y^ 

Docket: July 1792 provd . by ;.'ichs. Faulcon, Francis Hill, M. !'>':. 
Robinson and cont'd. --iug. 1792 prov. by Thos. Hunt and cont'd 

D. June 23,1789 Knowel Vick of So'n. to Josiah Vick of same 
L25 70 acres part of land Hardy Johnson bought of Matthew 
Johnson and sold unto ?.';atthew Vick Sr. and willed by Vick to 
his son sd. Knowel. Josiah Vick is security for Knowel Vick 
to the overseers of the B'oor in lower district of iv'ot. P. for 
maintenance of a base born child of r'nowel Vick by Lydia Doyal. 
VJitn: IJilliam iviurfee, VJilson Davis, Jesse V.'oodard, John Beaton, 
Hardy Doyel. 
Docket: Feb. 1790 by 1 wit. and cont'd. 


D. Nov. 9fl775 I'villiam Urquhartand w Mary of So'n. to 

Benjamin Grumpier of same t30 1^0 acres bought by 

Urquhart of Joseph Powell by deed dated Jan. 17,1773 land 

whereon Benjamin Haile lives. 

Witn:.Thos. Williamson, Jonathan Gay, Vi'illiam Duncan, Thos. 

Blunt. : 


Docket: Dec. 1775- 

D. Dec. 31,1800 George Veale and w Elizabeth of I-.'orfolk 

Co. to Reubin Whitfield of So'n. t50 1/8 of "VJoodards" 

being Elizabeth's portion as an heir of Dr. Samuel Browne 3r. , 

dec . 

Witn: Jacob Darden, James Browne, Samuel Browne. 

Docket: July 1801. proved by 2 wit. and comme. retd-. and cont'd 

D. Sept. 15,1798 Simon Vick of So'n. to son Jacob Vick of 
Hertford Co. K'C for love and affection 3 slaves 
I'Jitn: Daniel Massengale Sr., Elias Atkinson, Ben. Gray. 

Docket: Cct. 179s bv 3 

md cont'd. 

D. 16 17S8 ?'"atthew Vick Jr. of So'n. to Giles Joyner of 
sam.e '=20 ^0 acres adj. Jordan Vick, .-.obert Vick. 

.'<itn: A'athan Barnes, Giles Vick, John Barns. 
Docket: Gee. 1783 2 wit. and cont'd. 

D. Dec. 10,1783 Matthew Vick Jr. of St. L.r. So'n. to James 
Atkinson Jr. t75 l-G acres adj. Edwai^d Artis, James 
Atkinson Sr., Counsell Vick, John Jackson, 
l.'itn: Jos. Vick, Tho. !-'ewsom, John Davis. 
Docket: Mav l'^8^ cont'd, for wife Sarah. 

by J.C. Kolbe 
Lunenburg Co. I805, rec . I806 

Leonard Goodwin 
"William Brown 
Warner Moore 

rem'd to Brunswick 
rem'd to Brunswick 
rem'd to Mecklenburg 

Lunenburg Co. I8I9 

'William Coleman 
Daniel Crenshaw 
Thomas Carter 
William Hudson 




DUNNAVANT. Mrs. E.C.Liles (1451 Palancia Avenue , Coral Gables 
Fla. 33146) Francis W. Dunriavant married Lydia Flournoy 
22 Sept. 1792 in Chesterfield Co.VA. Need dates and places of 
deaths, wills, and names of children besides son James Hodge(s) 
Dunnavant, born 20 Mar. 1801 Chesterfield Co. 

LAFFOON. Hazel Laffoon Christy(4l20 Fifth Ave., Fort VJorth, 
TX 76115) seeks information of Dennis LAFFOON, named "In Primus" 
in the will of Matthew LAFFOON, 25 March I789, in Brunswick Co.,VA 
Would like birth, marriage and death dates, name of wife, records 
of land transactions, and any legal documents which could prove 
that he lived in VA . VJe have been unable to find any legal documents 
listing his name other than in the above will of Matthew LAFFOON. 

KEITH/KEATH/CEETH/LA FOON/LaFoone/Lafoon. Hazel Lafoon Christy 
(4120 Fifth Ave., Fort VJorth, TX 76II5) seeks information on 
Cornelius KEITH (KEATH.CEETH) , (1743-1820) - said to be from a 
family who lived along the Roanoke River in Brunswick Co., VA . in 
1734, and found in various places in Southern VA . - who married 
Mary LA FOON (LA FOONE , LAFOON) and migrated to Surry Co., NC in 
1784-87, and later migrated to Pendleton Dist.„ S.C, 1790-95, 
where they remained until death. They are both buried in the Oolenoy 
Church Yard, Pickins, SC . Would like to have more information 
on Mary La Foon(b. 1749-possibly in France- and who died 13 Feb. I856) . 
Would like any information pertaining to Mary and Cornelius Keith 
or to their descendents. 

WRIGHT. Mrs. George F. Stoltz (10339 Bay Hills Drive N., 
Largo, Florida 33544) needs the name of the wife of DAVID VJRIGHT ,SR . , 
who died on or after 24 Sept. I768. He married second NANCY 
TURNER of Bedford Co. He was sheriff of Bedford Co. His parents 
were JOHN WRIGHT, will 1779, Prince Edward Co. and his wife ANN 
PRYOR. Children of the first wife were- FRANCES (FANNY) m LARKIN 
CLEVELAND; DAVID, Jr. m SARAH TALBOT; both marriages in Bedford Co. 
Also PATSY m TOLLIVER CRAIG, of the Traveling Church CRAIGS. She 
was b 24 Sept. I768. No date or place of her marriage. 

MATTHEWS. Mrs. W.P.Matthews (303 Shadow Valley Rd., High Point, 
NC 27260) seeks information on Jacob (son of Joseph), named in will 
of Hugh Matthews (7 Nov 1747), 12 Sept. 1751, Southampton Co.). 
Believed to be same Jacob who moved to Cumberland Co., NC , 
probably via Edgecombe Co. Married Phoebe Smith. Especially 
interested in Jacob's son, David. 

FOLING, FOALDING, FOLLIN). Mrs. W . P .Matthews (303 Shadow Valley 
Rd., High Point, NC 2726O) would like to correspond with anyone 
researching this family, especially in the area of Bedford Co. 
Especially interested in William, who married Elizabeth Miler 14 Oct 1828 


MAYNARD. Joyce M . Riedlin (RD 3, Box I50, Stewartstown, PA 
17363) desires any and all info on Wm. A. Maynard (b I837 in VA 
and d in Ohio) and his wife Martha Jane Davis . These people were 
from the Williamsburg area. Their ch. were: Alice Maude (b in 
Ohio, d in KY); Albert; Wm. A.; Thomas; Daisy who later m. ? King 
and resided in KY;and Frances who later m ? Vorts. 

COLLINS. Joyce M. Riedlin (RD 3, Box I50, Stewartstown, PA 
17363) desires any and all info on the parents of JOSIAH C. COLLINS 
(b June 19,1827 VA , d Jan. 2, 1888 in Ohio). He was the son of 

William Collins (b Apr. 27,1800 in VA ) and Catherine ?_(b May 

24, 1806 in VA). Josiah m Margaret Coleman on Jan. 20,1847. 

FAULCON. Mrs. J.R.Pennington (201 Goodward Rd., Richmond, VA 
23236) seeks correspondence with descendants of Faulcon family 
of Surry County, VA and Warren County NC . VJill exchange data. 

BRANCH. Mrs. J.R.Pennington (201 Goodward Rd., Richmond, VA 
23236) seeks parents of Edward Branch who married Martha Bott 
(dau. of Miles) 5 Nov. I787 in Amelia Co.,VA. 

FLIN/GRIFFIN/GUIN/HICKS. William R. Taylor, Joshuatown Rd . , 
Old Lyme CT O637I) would like to correspond with anyone interested 
the the f ollowing-Laughline Flin whose will was probated in 
Lunenburg Co. 1 May 1759; Richard Griffin who died Halifax Co. 
about 1766; Christopher Gewin (Guin) who had grant in Nansemonde 
Co. 170k; George Hicks who came from Brunswick Co. to Chesterfield 
Co. SC and died ther 1770. 

DULANEY/GaTES. Ruth A. Watters, (Rt. 2, Box 23, Miles TX 
76861) needs foreparents of John Thornton Dulaney b. VA , d VA , married 
1855 in Texas Mary Jane Gates, dau. of Amos and Lydia (Leakey) Gates. 
John T. Dulaney reported deceased at home of his sister, Martha 
Link, Rockbridge J VA , and buried in the area. 

HARDIN/GATES . Ruth A. VJatters , (Rt . 2, Box 23, Miles, TX 7686I) 
needs foreparents of Catherine Hardin, I766-I8265 who married 
William Gates. Oldest dau- Sarah, born in "now state of Tennessee" 
ca 1780-83, and 1800 m. Abner Kieykendall in Kentucky. 

'lAfEST/NEVJMAN/ARTHUR . Richard Hart (2735 Forest Glen Trail, 
Riverwoods, 111. 6OOI5) wishes to exchange with ViJest, Newman, 
Arthur descendants. I am descended from Nimrod Newman who married 
Sarah Arthur ca 1770 and their daughter Sarah Newman who married 
William West 1804 in Bedford Co.,VA. Their son Jesse VJest was 
born Grayson Co.,VA I809. Did these families move westward 
from Southside VA? 

ELDRIDGE. Winifred Eldridge Raven (22400 Tenn. Rd . , Miami, Fla. 
33170) seeks parentage of Richard K. (Kennon?) Eldridge, born 
June 28,1805 Sussex Co.,VA; died Sept. 16,1875. Buried in Forrest 
City Ark. Migrated to Germantown, TN. Married Mary Graves Chambliss. 


LAMBERT. Watha Lambert (6OO5 W. Indianola Ave., Phoenix, 
AZ 85033) needs parents and wives of these LAMBERTS in '■1790" 
VA Census: Mecklenburg: John, John, Jr. , Joseph Joseph(War); 
Charlotte: Leroy; Brunswick: Lewis; Norfolk: Solomon; Fairfax: 
Thomas; King and Queen: Thomas. : 

MOSS/AVERY/V^LLIAMS . Vivian S. Bandy ( ^9 San Miguel, 
San Mateo, CA 9^^03) needs any information about the following 
VA couples: (1) Robert MOSS, Jr., will proved I3 May 1714 

Essex County, wife Martha ?; (2) Nathan AVERY, married 24 

Oct. 1795, Amelia County, Elizabeth Williams; (3)Philip WILLIAMS 
will proved 28 May 1818, Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, wife 
Martha ? 

FIELD/MO SS/SYDNOR. Vivian S. Bandy (49 San Miguel, San 
Mateo, CA 94403) needs any information about the following 
VA couples: (1) Robert FIELD, Sr. , will proved 12 Oct. I789, 
Louisa County, wife?; (2) John MOSS, will proved 28 March 1758 

Louisa County, wife Jane ?; (3) Anthony SYDNOR, born 14 

Dec. 1772, married 16 Jan. 1800 Mary Chapman BROVJDER , 
Dinwiddle Co(?) . 

NORSWORTHY. Dr. Carolyn T. Schofield (32C1 St. Charles Ave., 
#210, New Orleans, LA 70II5) seeks information on John Norsworthy, 

d. 1760, I.O.W., VA. and his wife Isabel ?, d. I78I Northampton 

NC . John's will lists sons Tristram, John and daughter Mary 
Norsworthy Peele. 

LEE. Mrs. Kathryn Lee Smith (603 Tenth St., Zephyrhills, 
Fla 33599) needs parents of Nathaniel Lee, born Prince George Co. 
1730. Had these children: Nancy, m. James Perkins; Peter; Jesse, 
circuitriding Methodist minister who became famous; Abraham; 
Adam; Rebecca, m. Burge ; Nathaniel, Jr., m. Sarah Harding; Edward, 
m. Polly Bonner; John, circuit-riding Meth. minister; same line 
of Leroy Madison Lee, Meth. minister. Much to exchange on all. 

CAIN/MABRY/CHAMBLISS. Mrs. Jamie Rhy an Armour (1811 Lauri 
Avenue, El Dorado, Ark. 71730) these lines are being searched: 
Brunswick County _ Cain, Mabry, Chambliss. Greensville County- 
Cain, Mabry, Chambliss. Prince George and Prince Edward Counties- 
Bradshaw, Clements, Penick/Penix, Rowlett, Rives. Surry and Sussex 
Counties- Graves, Chambliss, Winfield, Taylor. 

BROWN. Ruth Heffley Boucher (I85I Monterey Drive, Lincoln, 
NE 68506) seeks parents of Temperance Brown who married Josiah 
Ward. The only information I have of her is a marriage bond from 
Cumberland Co. dated 8 Oct. 1810 and lists her father George Brown. 


ABNEY, Ceorce 115 

ABNEY, Michael 115 

ABNEY, Saneul 115 

ACKISS, Era. ■ 12 

ADAMS, Agnes 5^,55 

ADAMS, ABnesCJr.) 54 

ADAMS, Arthur 69 

ADAMS, Benjamin 56,55 

ADAMS, BenjaminCJr) 54 

ADAMS, David 67 

ADAMS, Elizabeth 69 

ADAMS, Green 18 

ADAMS, Heniy 171 

ADAMS, James 54,136 

ADAMS, J.M.CRev.) 92 

ADAMS, Jordan 19 

ADAMS, Martha Ann 54 

ADAMS, Mary 5 4,171 

ADAMS, Peter 24 

ADAMS, Sarah 54 

ADAMS, Tlios/Thomas 54, 


APDAMS, Jolin 69 

ADDOMS, Mary 137 

APKINS, Henry 53 

ADKINS,Jno/Jclin 57,58, 
132, 134, 


ADKINS, Jno.--''2 140 

ADKINS, Martha 140 

ADKINS, Thos. 139,140 

ADKISEN, Jesse 88 

ADKISSON, Junias Clay 

ADKISSON, Martha Ann 88 

ADKISSON, Martha Ann(Jr) 

AKIN, James 82 

AKIN, John 122 

AKIN, Joseph 25 

AKIN, William 82 

AKIN, William Jr. 82 


ALEN, Arther 37 

ALEXANDER, Mark(Hon) 164 

ALEXANDER, Wm.L. 14 1 

ALMAN, Thomas 160 

ALLEN, Archibald 110 

ALLEN, Cornelius Edw. 

ALLEN, Daniel 67 

ALLEN, Edward 110 

ALLEN, Henry Jno. 110 

ALLEN, M.J. (Mrs.) 90 

ALLEN, Natlil. 100 

ALLEN, Prissilla 170 

ALLEN, Richd/Richard 

ALLEN, Thomas Wm. Gilbert 

ALLEN, William 120 

ALLEN, Wm, Gaston 90 

ALLIN, Danl. 157 

ALLIN, Frances 156 

ALLIN, Isaac 156 

ALLIN, James 157 

ALLIN, JamesCSr . ) 157 

ALLISON, John 107 

ALLISON, Thomas 86 

ALLSBROOK, Agness 57 



Al.MAND, Lewis 36 

ALMOND, Harrison ''9 

ALQriRE, Jacob 80 

ALSOBROOK, John 138 

ALSOBROOK, Samuel Jr. 

AMO^'ET, Andrew 7b 

ALSTON, Lucy F. 92 

ALSTON, Tlios. N.F. 92 

AMIS, Thos. 135 

AMONET, Charles 76 

AMONET, William 76 


ANDERSON, Charles 157 

ANDERSON, Eliz 140 

ANDERSON, Clayborne 79 

ANDERSON, Fanny ( Chand 1 er ) 


ANDERSON, James 66,157 

ANDERSON, Jane S. 83 

A N n F U S N , John 67 

ANDERSON, John(jr) 165 

ANDERSON, Laura M. 161 

ANDERSON, McDowell 83 

ANDERSON, Martha T. 33 

ANDERSON, Patrick 31 

ANDERSon, Paulain 33 

ANDRES, Frury 38 

ANDREWS, Garnatt 66 

ANDREWS, Jno. 134 

ANDREWS, Rd. 136 

ANDHFWS, Robert 170 

ANDREWS, William 171 

ANHRHS, Sarah 58 

ANDRl'S, Susanna 58 


ANGLER, Wm.(Jr) 156 

ANGLER, Wm.(Sr.) 156 

ANSON, Ann 44 

ANSON, Rosina 44 

ANTHONY, Micajah 66 

APPLEWHITE, Thomas 69 

APSHER, Isaac 165 

ARCHER, John 22(2), 166 

ARCHER, John(Junr) 22 

ARCHER, Mary 166 

ARCHER, Nillison 166 

ARMISTEAD, Anne Carrie 

ARMISTEAD, Anthony 125 

ARMISTEAD, Robert Munford 


ARMISTEAD, Theodorick 120 

ARMISTEAD, Tliomas 120 

ARMSTRONG, James 116 


ARMSTRONG, Josepli 136 

ARMSTRONG, William 116 

ARNOL, Wm. 156 

ARNOL, Wm.(Sr) 156 

ARNOLL, Henry 156 

ARRINGTON, H. 73,173 

ARRINCTON, Jesse 73 


ARRINGTON, Sue(Mrs.) 88 

ARTHUR, James 160 

ARTIS, Edward 178 

ASHBURN, Elisha 105 

ASHBY, John 8 

ASWFLL, Dan'l. 160 

ATKINS, Abraham 80 

ATKINS, Anderson 113 

ATKINS, David A. 83 

ATKINS, Elizabeth 53 

ATKINS, James (Jr.) 178 

ATKINS, Jolin Jr. 53 

ATKINS, Joseph 79 

ATKINS, Sarah S. 83 

ATKINS, Thomas 57 

ATKINS, Wm. 80 

ATKINS, Elias 178 

ATKINSON, Henry 52 


ATKINSON, Jas. 134 

ATKINSON, James 178 

ATKINSON, Joel 176 

ATKINSON, John 51,52 

ATKINSON, Martha 59 

ATKINSON, Michael 69 

ATKINSON, S.M.CRev.) 92 

ATKINSON, Thomas 69 

ATKINSON, Thomas Sr. 69 

ATKINSON, Timothy 69, 


ATKINSON, Killiam 52 

ATKISSON, Benj/Benjamin 


AVENT, Elizabeth 53 

AVENT, John 53,55,56 

AVENT, John (Jr) 53 

AVENT, >;argarot 53 

AVENT, Peter 53,56,132, 

A\'ENT, Thomas 56 

AVENT, Thos. (Jr.) 133 

AVENT, Thomas -''2 56 

AVENT, Thomas .'■3 5 6 

AVENT, Thos . (Col . ) 133 

AVENT, Killiam 56 

AVEPETT, Killiam V. 164 

AVERV, 14 1 

AVERY, Betsey S. 107 

A \' E K V , P i 1 1 y H . 10 7 

AVERY, Brown 14 1 

AVERY, Edward 107 

AVERY, Henry 141 

AVERY, Lucy H. 107 

AVERY, Mary Ann 107 

AVERY, Patsey 141 

AVERY, Peter 141 

AVERY, Rudd 141 

AVERY, Km. H. 107 

AVERY, Wilmouth 141 

AVERITT, Jarrit(Jarrot) 

AVERITT, Washington 141 

AVORY, Abraham 141 

A V R Y , Elijah 141 

AVORY, Joel 141 

AVORY, Sucky 141 

AVORY, K'ashington 141 

EAGBY, Henry HI 

BAGBY, Janes 111 

BAGBY, r.obt. Ill 

PAr.I.FV, Anpv ■",« 

BAGl,rY, Anderson 14R,155 

BAGLEY, Geo/Gcorr,e 58,135 

BAGLEY, Henry 58 

BAGLEY, James 58 

BAGLEY, Mary 5S 

BAGLEY, Peter 58,62 

BAGLEY, Molley 148 

BAGLEY, Polley Cliappell 149 

BAGLEY, Sarah 56 

BAGLEY, Killiam 56,58 

BAGWELL, John 66 

BAILEY, Anselm 39,59,136 

BAILEY, Ans/Anselm(Jr) 131, 


BAILEY, Edu. C. 39 

BAILEY, Henry 136,137 

BAILEY, Joshua 176 

BAILEY, Lemuel 39,43 

BAILEY, Mary(Mrs.) 163 

BAILEY, Ro. 176 

BAILEY, Robert 39,57 

BAILEY, Sam. 139 

BAILEY, Thos. 136 

BAILEY, W. 168 

BAILEY, Wilson R. 106 

I-AILY , Benjamin 76 

BAINS, George 41 

BAIRD, Jno/John 53,60, 131, 

BAIRP, Reuben 60,139,140 

BAKER, Ann 62 

BAKER, Ben 37 

BAKER, Henry 76 

BAKER, [Jenry ■■'2 76 

BAKER, Joseph 99 

BAKER, Laurence 41 

BAKER, Levis 14 

BALAMY, Eliz 137 

BALAMY, Km. 136,137 

BALDWIN, William 41,42 

HALEY, Wm/William 76,156 

BALL, Isaac 116 

BALLARD, Edward 22 

BALLARD, Elisha Lawrence 41 

BANISTER, Aliff(Lovet) 11 

BANKS, Alex 135 

BANKS, Burrel 58 

BANKS, James 53,58,59 

BANKS, Martha 58 

BANKS, Sarali 51 
BANKS, Susanna 58 

BARBER, John 43 

BARHAN, Charles 72,73 

BARHAM, Geo. 138 

BARHAM, Howell 72 

BARHAN, Joel 72,73,172,174 

BARHAM, Jno/John 73,138 

BARHAN, Judkins 71 

BARHAN, Matthew 138 

BAKHAM, Nathaniel 73 

BARHAN, Saml. 172 

BARHAM, Sarah 72 

BARHAM, Thos. 138 

BARHAM, Timothy T. 72 

BA^^KER, Benj. 135 

BARKER, Grey 172 

BARKER, Henry 52,58,59,62 

BARKER, llenry---2 59 

BARKER, Jas. 135 

BARKER, John 53,58 

DARKLY, Samuel 100 

BARKSDALE, John 123, 124 

BARKSDALE, Joseph 113 

BARLOW, Miir.h 7 

BARLOW, Jesse 38 

BARLOW, John 56,73 

BARLOW, John (Jr) 172 

BARLOW, Susan 73 

BARLOW, Km/William 62,133 

BARNES, Francis 26,112 

BARNES, Jacob 70 

BARNES, James 71 
BARNES, John 169 
BARNES, M.H. 92 
BARNES, Myrick 71 
BARNES, Willis 110 
BARN(E)S, John 110 
BARNS, John 55,58 
BARNETT, Nathaniel 164 
BARR, John 103 
BARRETT, Charles 69 
BARRETT, Presley 72 
BARRETT, R.G.(Rev) 92 
BARRETT, Susannah 72 
BARRETT, Willis 72 
EARROT, Thomas 13 


BARROW, Arodi U2 

BARROK, Edith 72 

BARROW, Henry 69,71,72 

BARROK, John 72 

BARROW, Joseph hi 

BARTLETT, Fanny 3,4 

BARTLETT, Solomon 3,4 

BARTON, John 157 

BURTON, Martha 129 

BASBEN, Hugh 175 

BASHAM, Jeremiah 157 

EASHAM, Wm. 157 

BASS, Ann 21 

BASS, Archer W. 6 

BASS, Arthur Jr. 70 


BASS, Charles 71,174 

BASS, Edwin 73 

BASS, Christ. 24 

BASS, Henry 174 

EA.SS, Jacob 103 

BASS, James 54 

BASS, John 22,64 

BASS, Jordan 172 

BASS, Wm. 22 

(BASS?), Hardy 71 

BATEMAN, John 102 

BATES, Elizabeth 56 

BATES , James 101 

BATTE, Chamberlayne 22 

BATTE, Henry 22 

BATTE, Wm. 22 


BATTLE, Charles 51 

BAUGH, Frances 25 

BAUGH, Frederick 80 

BAl'GH, James 25,80 

BAUGH, John 25,82 

BAUGH, John(Jr) 25 

BAUGH, Lewis 25 

BAUGH, Peter Sr. 80 

BAUGH, Wm. 80 

BAWSTICK, Wm. 157 

BAYLEY, Jacob 171 

EAYLIS, Humphry 136,138 

BEAO, Beniamin 78 

BEACHUM, F.E.(Rev) 161,162, 

BEAL, Ahia 41 

BCAL, Abselcm 41 

BEAL, Asa 169 

BEAL, James L. 40 

BEAL, Jno. 24 

BEAL, Martha 43 : 

BEAL, Robt. 41 

BEALE, Drewy 113 ' 

BEAMAN, Betsey 85 

BEAMAN, Jethro 99 

BEAMAN, Nancy 85,109 

BEAMAN, Nat 85 

BEAMAN, Polly 85 

BEAMAN, Winney 85 ,► 

BEARD, Martin 122 

BEASELEY, John 29(2) 

BEASELlY, Stephen «ll 

BEASELEY, William 29(2) 

BEASELY, Nancy 29 

BEATON, John 177 

BECKER, Luis 7 

BEnDINGFIELD, Nat'l. 140 

BEDFORD, Arclierhald 27 

BEDFORD, Deiij /Benjamin 27, 


BEDFORD, Charles W. 27 

BKDFnRD, Charles Wesley 27, 

BEDFORD, Clement R. 31 

BEDFORd, Clement Read II 

HEDFOKD, John 28 

BEDFORD, John C. 29 

BEDFORD, Little B. 27 

BEDFORD, Robert 32 

BEDFORD, Stephen 27,28,29 

BEDFORD, Thomas 27 

BEDINGFIELD, Nathaniel 62 

BEEL, Benjamin 43 

BEEL, Martha 4 3 

(B)ELCHER, 81 

BELL, Balaam 53 

BELL, Balam 59 

BELL, Burrel 176 

BELL, H.C.(Mrs.) 163 

BELL, James 70,131,156,173 

BELL, Lucy 170 

BELL, Martha 52 

BELL, Mary 53 

BELL, Mildred 136 

BELLAME, Samuel 76 

BELLAMY, George 45 

BELLEMEY, Elizabeth 136 
BELLENEY, Jnn. 136 

BELLEMEY, Wm. 136 

BELSCHES, Hugh 133,136 

BELSCHES, Jas. 135 

BELSHIRE, John Jr. 80 

BENN, George 42 

BENN, George (Jr) 42 

BENN, Nancy 42 

BENN, Thomas 1-58 

BENNETT, Hancock 40 

BENSON, William 9 

BENTLEY, Samuel 117 

BERNARD, Martha J. 109 

BERNARD, Overton 109 

BERRY, Jno. 14 

BERRY, Riclid. 12 

BEST, Henry 42,103 

BEST, John 100 

BEVILL, Jas. 67 

BEVILL, Kobt. 67 
BEVILL, Thos. 67 

BIBB, John 29 

BIBB, Hichd. 65 
BIBB, William 64 
BIDDLF, Fli^nheth 11 
BIDDLl, John 12 
BIDDLE, Nary 11 
BIDDLF, William 11,12 
BIGGAP, William 65,66 
BIGGER, Ivillinm 64 
BIGGINS, Sarah 59,60 
BILLINGSLE, Jordan 39 
BINSELY, Wm. 23 
BIRCHETT, Elizabeth 176 
BIRCHETT, James 176 
BIRCHETT, John Edmund 84 
BIRCHETT, Mary C.T. 84 
BIRCHETT, Robert 84 
BIRCHETT, Robert (Sr) 84 
BIRCIM-IELD, Daniel 165 
BIRD, Job 66 
BIRD, Lee 64 
BIRDSONG, Clias. 169, 175 
BIRDSONG, Francis 74 
BIRDSONG, James 54,55 
BIRDSONG, Jno. 136 
BIRDSON(G), Elizabeth 54,55 
BISHOP, John 75 
BITTLE, Wm. 72 
BIVELL, Robt. 67 

BLACKSHIN, James 172 

BLACKSHIN(N)S, Richard 72 

BLACk'KELL, Elizabeth 122 

BUCKWELL, James 122 

BLAIR, Ceo. 37 

BLAIR, Samuel 165 

BLA>;E, 175,176 

BLAKE, Ellis Gray ^^,^l^ 

BLAKE, Mary 73, 7i 

BLAKE, Ephraim 125 


BL/>MKINSHIP, Ephraim 82 

BLANKINSHIP, Francis 22 

BLANKSHIP, Hudson 26 

BLANKSHIP, Ishah 77 




(B)LANKINSHIP, llenr(y) 81 


(B)LANKINSHIP, Joseph 82 

(B)LANKINSHIP, Stephen 82 

BLANKS, Am(c)v 52 

BLANKS, Par 52 

BLANKS, Jolm 52 

BLANKS, Nathan 52 

BLATON, Jos. 131 

BLOW, Elizabeth 73,76 

BLOW, Henrv 6,57,136,136, 

BLOW, Jno. 136,136 

BLOW, John Thomas Jr. 72 

BLOW, Peter 76 

BLOW, Michael 136,135 

BLOW, Rrt/Richard/Rich. 61, 

BLOW, Rd.(Jr) 136 

BLOW, Rd(s of Rd. Jr.) 136 

BLOW, Sam 136 

BLOW, Samuel 70 

BLOW, Wn. /William 6,73 

BLOW(?), Priscilla 58 

BLUNT, Henry 170 

BLUNT, John 175 

BLUNT, Mary 136 

BLUNT, Rd./ Richd./ Richard 

BLUNT, Rd.(Capt.) 138 

BLI:NT, Sara 73 

BLUNT, Samuel 6(3) 

BLUNT, Thos. 136,178 

BLUNT, Wm./ William 61, 

BLUNT, William (Jr) 37, 

BLUNT, William (Sr) 37 

BLY, James Jr. 81 

(B)LV, John 81 

BOATWRICHT, Elizabeth 166 


' 166 

BOATWRICHT, Pryor Tinslcy 

(BOBBET), Lucy? 56 

BOBBIT, Samuel 162 

BOBBIT, Thomas 59 

BODLEV, James 126 

BOBIT(l;oPIiETT), Lucy 137 

BOBIT(BOBBETT), Thos. 137 

BONNEB, John 56,61 

BOICr, Hnniel 66 

BOLITHOr, John 8 

POLLING, John 26(2) 

BOLLING, Jolin (Jr) 26 

BOl.LING, Robt. 26 

BONNER, Mary 56 

BONNEY, John 8,11 

nONNEY, Jno.(Sr) 13 

BONNEY, Sarah 7 

BOOKER, Cillis 112 

BOOKER. Ccdeon 65 

BOOKER. George 66 

BOOKER, James T. 162 

BOOKER, John 90 

BOOKER. M argaret E. 90 
BOOKER, Parham 66 
BOOKER, Wm. B. 29 
BOOKER, William T. 65,66 
BOON, Ann 71 
BOON, Nicholas 71 
BOON, Thomas 71 
BOONE, Jesse 176 
BOOTH, Alex 85 
BOOTH, Arthur 85 
BOOTH, Caroline 85 
BOOTH, Eliza 85 
BOOTH, lAcritt 85 
BOOTH, Geo. 138 

BOOTH, Geo. (Sr) 138 

BOOTH, Geo (s of Geo) 138 

BOOTH, Gilliam 138 

BOOTH, Jno. 138 

BOOTH, Mary 138 

BOOTH, Nererson 85 

BOOTH, Rcubin 138 

BOOTH, Susan 85 

BOOTH, Thos. 138 

BOOTHF, Eppa 165 

BOSEMAN, Mica j ah 6 

BOSEMAN, Kinnfrcd(an Indian) 

BOTTOM, Jones L. 18 

BOTTS, Cunrod 122 

BOL'ING, Arthur 72 

BOULTON, Charles 125 

BOUSH, Arthur 16 

BOUSH, Eliza (Mrs) , Elizabeth 

BOUSH, Frances 16 

BOUSH, Frederick 7 

BOUSH, Lemuel 7 

BOUSH, Mary 7,16 

BOUSH, Mary Ann 11 

BOUSH, Mnximl. 11 

BOUSH, Maxir.ilian (Col) 

BOUSH, Maximilian(Jv) 7 

BOUSH, Sal. 16 

BOUSH, Saml. 16(2) 

BOWDEN, Flias 39,60 

BOKDEN, Holland 60 

BOWDEN, Selah 60 

BOWDEN, Thomas 60 

BOWERS, Ann 70 

BOWERS, Brittain 70 

BOWERS, Frances Betty 65 

ROWERS, Frances Lucy 65 

ROWERS, Giles S. 162 

BOWERS, John 76 

BOWERS, William H. 6 5 

BOWING, Arthur 69 

BOWMAN, Abram 22 

BOWMAN, Abram(Jun) 22 

BOWMAN, Drury 77 

BOWMAN, Jolm 76 

BOYAKIN, lYancis 60 

nOYCr, Thomas 116 


BOYD, Jolin 117 

BOYD, John (Jun) 117 

BOYD, Wm. T. 163 

BOYE, David 126,125 

BOYE, Roy 126,125 

BOYK'IN,J. 71 

BOYKIN, Matthew 175 

BOYKIN, William 70,71 

BOYk'IN, William Sr. 70 

BRACIE, Hugh 37 

BRADLEY, Gee 61 

BRADLEY, Sarah 61 

BRADLY, John 61,106 

BRADLY, Sarah 61 

BRADSHAW, Mrs. 112 

BRADSHAW, Benjamin 37,39, 

BRADSHAW, Chas. 112 

BRADSHAW, Jonas 37,39,61(2) 

BRADSHAW, Thomas 71,176 

BRADSHAW, Km. 71,112,176 

BRADWHEW, Wn. 176 

DRACG, 77 

BRANCH, Arthur 69 

BRANCH, Christopher 82 

BRANCH, Edward 79 

BRANCH, Carder 81 

BRANCH, James 81 

BRANCH, Joliannah 82 

BRANCH, Mathc?w Jr. 80 

BRANCH, Matt. 63 

BRANCH, Ogburn 69 

BRANCH, Matthew Sr. 79 
BRANCH, Newsom 175 
BRANCH, Oliver Jr. 81 
BRANCH, Olive Sr. 81 
BRANCH, Saml. 80 
BRANCH, Thos. 79 
BRANCH, Thos. «2 81 
BRANTLEY, James 61 
BRANTOM, Timothy 103 
BREDLY, Isham 157 
BRETT, Elizabeth 37 
BRETT, Jno. 37 
BREWER, Henry 175 
BREWER, Jackwell 65 
BREWER, John 81 
BREWER, Mary 36 
BREWER, Thos. 135 
BREWER, William 36 

BRIANT, John 36 

BRIDGER, James 38 

BRIDGER, James Allen 60 

BRIDGER, Samuel 35 

BRIDGER, William 38,39,60 

BRIDGERS, R.I. (Rev.) 162 

BRIER, John 10 

BRIGGS, Gray 53,56,55,109, 

BRIGGS, John Howell 110 

BRIGGS, Henry 56 

BRIGGS, Howel 70 

BRIGGS, Howell 55,138 

BRIGGS, John 52,56 

BRIGGS, Susanna 70 

BRIGGS, Wm./ William 56, 

BRINDLE, Eliza. 11(2) 

BRINDLE, Lawrence 11 

BRINDLE, Mary 11(2) 

URINKLY, John (of Eli) 103 

BRINKLY, John (of Peter) 


BRINKLY, Kariali 103 

BRINSON, Adam 9 

BRINSON, llizn. 9 

BRINSON, Hen. 9 

BRINSON, Jolm 9 

BRTNSON, Matthew 9 

HKINSON, Riclid. 16 

BRINSON, Susan 9 

BRINTLE, William 56 

BRITT, Bcnjn. 70,113 

BRITT, Edward 69 

BRITT, Edward Sr. 69 

BRITT, Joseph 170 

BRITTAIN, Wm. Jr. 7 7 

BRITTLE, Edwin 168 

BRITTLE, John 176 

BRITTON, Isham 77 

BRITTON, Wm. Sr. 77 

BROADNAX, Henry 160 

BROADRIB, Thos. 136 

BROADRIBB, Thos. 139 

BROCK, James 16 

BRODNAX. Cadwallader 6 

BRODNAX, PredoricK S. 6 

BRODNAX, HoTiry 130 

BRODNAX, Jack I'. 6 

BRODNAX, Mary 6 

BRODNAX, Robert 6 


BROOCKS, Jonathan 35 

BROOK, Dudley 78 

BROOK, William '27 

BROOKE, Dudley 26 

BROOKES, James W. 166 

BROOKING, Robt. 67 



BROOKS, E.S. 89 

BROOKS, Samuel A. 88 

BROTHERS, John 103 

BROW( ), John (Jr) 156 

BROWNO, John (Sr) 156 

BROWDER, Eliza beth 65 

BROKDER, Williamson 6 5 

BROWN, Alexr. 78 

BROWN, Ambrose 108 

BROWN, Erances 38 

BROWN, GeorRC 26 

BROWN, H.A.(Rev.) 90 

BROWN, Henry 71 

BROWN, JaiiiP'5 156 

BKOWN, Jolin 11,38,112,156 

BROWN, Jonithan 121 

BROWN, Lewis 66 

BROWN, Lucy 71 

BROWN, Samuel 38 

BKOWN, Thos. 60,111 

BROWN, Vincent 165 

BROWN, William 52,56,178 

BROWNE, Albridgeton 72 

BROWNE, Albridr.ton 73 

BROWNE, Anthony 72 

BROWNE, An thoy 169 

BROWNE, Edward 72 

BROWNE, Elizabeth 72 

BROWNE, James 72,169.172, 

BROWNE, Jesse 169 

BROWNE, Jesse (rs of Jesse) 

BROWNE, Jno. /John 72 

BROWNE, Martha 72,169 

BROWNE, Samuel 128 

BROWNE, Samuel Jr. (Dr.) 

BROWNE, Dr. Saml. Sr. 72 

BRUCE, Josie E. 89 


BRUCE, L.N. 89 
PRUTON, n.R.CRev.) 92 
BROKNLEY, Wm. (Mrs.) ^5 
BRUMALL, John 76 
DRUM ALL, Ivilliam 76 
BRYAN, Isaac 112 
BRYANT, Bailey 177 
BRYANT, Jesses W. 167 
BRYANT, John 103,177 
BRYANT, JonasCof Wm.) 175 
BRYANT, Matthew 175 
BRYANT, Nathan 70,71 
BRYANT, Nelson 167 
BRYANT, Sarah H. 167 

BRYANT, Wal 71 

BRYARS. Edmond 79 
BBYARS, Lasarus 79 
BUCHANAN, Walter 80 
BUCHANAN, William 61 
BUCK, Jerry 24 
BUCK, Letitia 12 
BUCKANAN, Janes 80 
BUGG, Sarah 142 
Bl'LLARD, John 105 
BULLOCK, Araey 57 
BULLOCK, Benjamin 52 
BULLOCK, Charles 57 
BULLOCK, F.C.CMrs.) 88 
BI'LLOCK, Isaac 52 
BULLOCK, James M. 92 
BULLOCK, Jeremiah 55,57,58 
BULLOCK, Joel 52 
BULLOCK, John 57 
BULLOCK, Joseph 39,40 
BULLOCK, Hatha 52 
BULLOCK, Richard 57 
BULLOCK, Robert 52,55 
BULLOCK, Samuel 57 
BULLOCK, Thomas 109 
BULLOCK, William 40 
BULLOCK, Wm. C. 88 
BULLUCK, Obadiah 39 
BUNN, David 70 
BUNN, David (Sr.) 15 
BUNN, Hardy 70 
BURCH, John 111 
BURFOOT, Charles T. 166 
BURFOOT, Henrietta 166 

BURFOOT, Mary Awilda 166 

BURGES, Emanuel 12 

BURGES, Robert 12 

BURGES, "Thomas 12 

BURGES, Will. 165 

BURGES, Willm. 165 


BURGESS,- Elizabeth 123 

BURGESS, Jno. 14 

BURGESS, Robert 12,13 

BURGESS, Thomas 123 

Bl'BGISS,' Wm. 164 

BURNER, Anthony 79 

BURNFT, Henry 142 

BURNET, Martha 142 


BURNETT, Achilles Jeffries 

BURNETT, A.J. 141 

BURNETT, Alexander 142 

Bl'RNETT, Brook inp, J. 142 

BURNETT, John 142 

BURNETT, Lewis G. 142 

BURNETT, Martha 142 

BURNETT, Mary Ann 142 

BURNETT, Thomas 165 

BURNETT, William 141,142 

BURROUGH, Chrisopher/ 
Christor. 10,11 

BURROUGH, Elizabeth 9 

BURROUGH, Florence 9 

BURROUGH, Patience(Mrs.) 

BURROW, Allen Jones 

BURROW, Jno. 138 

BURROW, Jno. (Jr.) 130 

BURROW, Mary 16,17,18, 

BURROW, Mary Jones 16,17 

BURROW, Tab it ha 130 

BURROW, Thos. 130 

BURROW, Wm. /William 


BURSAN, Selby 164 

BURT, John 36 

BURT, William 36 

BURTON, Charles 112 

BURTOn, Hutchins 113 

BURTON, J°''" 6.80 

BURTON, John Sr. 76 

BURTON, Robt. 112 

BURTON, Robert (Rev.) 

BURTON, Samuel C. 89 

bURTON,Seth 112 

BURTON, Thos. Sr. 80 

BUSBY, Wm. 68 

BUSKEY, John 8 

BUSTER, David 35 

DUSTER, John 35 

BUTLER, Arron 157 

BUTLER, James 173 

DUTLER, Jno. 14 

BUTLER, Mary 52 

BUTLER, Saml. 79 

BUTLER, Stephen 36 

BUTT, Edward 75 

BUTTS, Danl. 73 

BUTTS, Daniel C.(Sen.) 166 

BUTTS, John 166 
BUTTS, Thos. 171 
BUTTS, W. 172 
BUXTON, Ah i gar 87 
BUXTON, James 160 
BUXTON, Jo. 86 
BUXTON, Joseph 85,87 
BUXTON, Litlia 86 
BUXTON, Rarthcnia 85 
BUXTON, ratsey 87 
BUXTON, Polly 86 
BYNUM, Cordall 71 
BYNUM, John 72 
BYNUM, Michael 71 
BYRD, Asa 72 
BYRD, Jacob 35 
BYRD, James 72 
BYRD, John 70,174 
BYKU, Nathan 70 
BYKD, Wm. 77 
CAIN, Angelica 52 
CAIN, Peter 61 
CAIN, Winnefred 52 
CAISON, Rocer 115 
CALDWELL, David 117 
CALDWELL, Jenny 120 
CALDWELL, Robert 117 
CALDWELL, Samuel 120 
CALLAHAM, David 58 
CALLAHAM, John 58 


CALLEHAN, John 53 

CALLICOAT, Susan 35 

CALLICOTT,, James 35 

CALLIS, George 102 

CALLIS, James 89 


CALTHORP, James 168,175 

CALTHORP, James Butts 169 

CALTHORP, John 168 

CALVERT, Hatw. 169 

CALVERT, Sarall. /Samuel 


CALVERT, Thos. 29 

CAMERON, Ann Owen 31 

CAMERON, John (Rev.) 31 

CAMERON, William 31 

CAMP, Martha 168 

CAMP, Thomas 168 

CAMPBELL, John 160 

CAMPBELL, S. (Junr.) 106 

CAMPBELL, T.S.CRev.) 92 

CAMPBLE, Robert 115 

CANNl'TE, James 157 

CAKTREL, Robert 31 

CAPELL, Fdw. 132 

CAFELL, Wilkinson 73 

CAPPER, Howell 131 

CARDWELL, Geo./ George 

CARDWELL, John 66,112 

CARDWELL, Rich./ Richard 

CARDWELL, Susannah 2 7 

CAREY, Ann lU 

CARGILL, Jno. 13A,137 

CARLILE, John 112 

CARNAL, Harnett 120 

CARNAL, Custis 120 

CARNAL, Gracy 120 

CARNAL, Jenny 120 

CARNAL, Mil ley 120 

CARNAL, Moses 120 

CARNAL, Nancy 120 

CARNAL, Polly 120 

CARR, Abraham 36 

CARR, Andrew 39,61 

CARR, Arthur 170 

CARR, Elias 170 

CARR, John 76,170 

CARR, Mary 39 

CARR, Patience 61 

CARR, Titus 76 

CARR, William 39,61 

CARREL, Thos. 175 

CARREL, Will. 7 

CARRELL, Dan. 130 

CARRELL, David 51 

CARRELL, Richard 38 

CARRELL, Thomas 38 

CARRELL, William 52 

CARRIE, George 120 

CARRILL, William 11 

CARRINGTON, George 121 


CARROWAY, Jas. 13 

CARRI'THERS, Joseph 26 

CARSON, Tho. /Thomas 66 


CARSTARPHEN, Purkins 62 

CARTER, Ann 139 

CARTER, Danl. 112 

CARTER, James 56 

CARTER, Jos. 139 

CARTER, Lewey 139 

CARTER, Mary 139 

CARTER, Patte 139 

CARTER, Rawley W. 166 

CARTER, Reb. 139 

CARTER, Richard/ Richd./Rd. 

CARTER, Sarah 30 

CARTER, Thomas 66,178 


CARWICK, John 99 

CARWILE, Zacheus 33 

CARY, Archibald 76 

GARY, Archibald i-'2 80 

CARY, Thos. 82 

CARY, William H. 66 

CASON, Ann 8 

CASON, Elizabeth 8 

CASON, James 8 

CASON, Jane 8 

CASON, Mary 8 

CASON, Ruth 8 

CASON, Sarah 8,13 

CASON, Thomas 8 

CASON, Thomas (Jr.?) 8 

CASSATY, William 118 

CATTEN, Jona'n. 159 


CATTON, Fhilliman 118 

CAUTHORN, Louisa 162 

CAWSON, Abigail Whiddon 9 

CAWSON, Abigail 10 

CAWSON, Ann 10 

CAWSON, Argal 10 

CAWSON, Christopher 10 

CAWSON, Jannet 10 

CAWSON, Jonas 9,10 

CAWSON, Jonas(Jr.) 10 

CAWSON, Keziah 10 

CHAFFIN, Littleberry 30 

CHAFFIN, Moses 30 

CHAFIN, Cristifer 156 

CHAFIN, John 156 

CIIALKLY, Benjn. 80 


CHAMBERS, Geo. 112 

CHAMBERS, John 157 

CHAMBLISS, John L. 89 

CHAMELISS, Thos. G. 73 

CHAMBLISS, Wm./ William 

CHAMNEY, Christopher 79 

CHANDLER, David 111 

CHANDLER, Echillis 31 

CHANDLER, Elizabeth 31 

CHANDLER, Henry 31 

CHANDLER, Henry Jr. 31 

CHANDLER, Jesse 111 

CHANDLER, John 31,33 

CHANDLER, Jos. 67 

CHANDLER, Martin 67 

CHANDLER, Robert 31 

CHANDLER, William 31 

CHANEY, Abram 165 

CHANEY, Heritage 29 

CHANEY, James 29 

CHANEY, John 28 

CHANEY, Pliilip 36 

CHANEY, Reuben 33 

CHANEY, Rhoday 165 

CHANEY, Rhoday ■'•'2 165 

CHANEY, Thomas 29 

CHANEY, Ivm. /William 

CHANEY, Zechl. 165 

CHANNELL, Eliz'th. 159 

CHAPMAN, Alexander 27 

CHAPMAN, Charles 71 

CHAPMAN, John 115 

CHAPMAN, Joseph 115 

CHAPPEL, Jas.CJr.) 136,160 

CHAPPEL, Thos. 135 

CHAPPELL, Agnes 1^9 

CHAPPELL, Agnes(of Ga.) 


CHAPPELL, Agness 151 

CHAPPELL, Agness Cross 151 

CHAPPELL, Anne 132 

CHAPPELL, Drury 132 

CHAPPELL, Eliz. 132 

CHAPPELL, Elizabeth 148, 

CHAPPELL, Elizabeth (K. of 
Robt. Sr.) 152 

CHAPPELL, Jas. /James 


CHAPPELL, Jas./JamosCJr.) 
61,130,132,133 • 

CHAPPELL, Jno./ John 


CHAPPELL, John (s of Robt.) 

CHAPPELL, John Cross 156 

CHAPPELL, Mary 132,167 

CHAPPELL, Phebe 167 

CHAPPELL, Prudence 167 

CHAPr'ELL, Robt. /Robert 


CHAPPELL, Robert (of Ga.) 

CHAPPELL, Robert (b 1773-78) 

CHAPPELL, Robert (b 1789-95) 

CHAPPELL, Robert (d 1795) 

CHAPPELL, Robert (d 1826) 

CHAPPELL, Robert (f of Rob't) 

CHAPPELL, Robert (s of Rob't) 

CHAPPELL, RobertCson of 

Rob't. t Elizabeth) 


CHAPPELL, Robert (Jr.) 

CHAPPELL, Samuel 61 

CHAPPELL, Thomas 61 

CHAPPELL, William 167,168 

CHARLES, George 167 

CHEANY, James 33 

CHEANY, Susannah 33 

CHEANY, Killiam 33 

CHEATHAM, Francis 82 

CHEATHAM, Josiah 81 


CHEATHAM, Tlios. 81 

CHF.ATHAN, Thos. Jr. 81 

CHEEK, William M. 33 

CHEESMAN, Edraund 32 

CHEESMAN, Samuel 32(2) 

CHESHIRE, Joseph n.(Rev.) 

CHETHAM, Osborne 6 

CHEVES, Jno. 138 

CHILDRESS, Joseph 156 

CHILDS, Ceorgianna Cluff 

CHILDS, Killiam Pope 66 

CHILDS, Uilliams 66 

CHINA, James 27 

CHINA, Thomas 27 

CHITWOOD, John 77 

CHITWOOI), Mathias 78 

CHUMULY, Francis 165 

CHl'MRLV, Sally 165 

CHUMNY, John 157 

CHUMNY, Wm. (Jr.) 157 

CHUMNY, William (Sr.) 157 

CHl'RCH, Abir.ail 9,lU 

CHl'RCH, Elizabeth 123 

CHURCH, Richard 123 

CHURCH, Robt. /Robert 77, 

CHl'RCH, Susannah 123 

CLACK, Anne Sterling 61 

CLADWELL, Robert 26 


CLAIBORNE, A. 59,61 

CLAIBORNE, Augustine 6 

CLAIBORNE, Augustus 52 


CLAIBORNE, J.(ohn) H. 6 

CLAIBORNE, Martha 6 


CLAIBORNE, Mary Ann 166 

CLANTON, John 55 

CLANTON, Mary 59,60 

CLANTON, Nathaniel 51,59, 

CLANTON, NathanicKJr.) 59 

CLANTON, Reuben 59 
CLANTON, William 59 
CLARK, Allison 22 
CLARK, Eliz 135 
CLARK, Franklin 70 
CLARK, Isham 120 
CLARK, James 61,172 
CLAR, John 22,122,176 
CLARK, Joseph 120 
CLARK, Mark 25 
CLARK, Richard 112 
CLARK, Sarah Frances 83 
CLARK, Susan 83 
CLARK, Silas 120 
CLARK, Thos./ Thomas 126 
CLARK, Thomas J. 6,83 
CLARK, Wm. 112 
CLARKE, John 66,122 
CLARKE, William 122 
CLARY, Ann 139 
CLARY, Benj. 139 
CLARY, Bird 138 
CLARY, Bird is 139 
CLARY, HarKond 139 
CLARY, Jas. 139 
CLARY, Liicy 160 
CLARY, Mary 139 
CLARY, Thos. 139 
CLARY, Thos. (Jr.) 139 
CLAUD, Jesse 176 
CLAUD, John 175,177 
CLAUD, Joshua 73,176 
CLAUD, Neiv-it 71 
CLAUD, Philip 176 
CLAUD, Killiam 176 
CLAY, Allen 163 
CLAY, Charles 82,112 
CLAY, Dan. 68 
CLAY, Eleazor 119 
CLAY, Henry Sr. 80 
CLAY, Henry (Jr.) 112 
CLAY, James 79,119 
CLAY, James "■2 119 
CLAY, Jane Salmon 11 
CLAY, Jeremiah 119 
CLAY, Jolin 80 
CLAY, Margaret 119 
CLAY, Marsden 116 
CLAY, Mary 126 


CLAY, Thomas 11 

CLAY, William 27 

CLAYTON, Elisabeth 84 

CLAYTON, James 7;i 

CLAYTON, John 70,168,169 

CLAYTON, Leonard 8-1 

CLAYTON, Willis B. 8A 

CLEMENT, Lucie C. 92 


CLEMENTS, Benjamin 51,123 

CLEMENTS, Ben. (Jr.) 173 

CLEMENTS, Benja.(J^.) 171 


CLEMENTS, Francis 168 

CLEMENTS, Harriet D. 89 

CLEMENTS, Rebecca E. 89 

CLEMENTS, P.ichd. P. Ik, 

CLEMENTS, Thomas 168,177 


CLEVERIUS, Benjamin \2U 

CLEVERIUS, B. John 124 

CLEVERIl'S, Elinor 124 

CLEVERIUS, Gibson 124 

CLEVERIL'S, Holt 124 

CLEVERIUS, Joseph 124 

CLEVERIUS, Tliomas 124 

CLIFTON, 54, 175 

CLIFTON, Ann 54 

CLIFTON, Charity 54,65 

CLIFTON, Claiborn 168 

CLIFTON, Claiborne 73 

CLIFTON, Cordy 175 

CLIFTON, Dorcas 168 

CLIFTON, John 54 

CLIFTON, Richard 168 

CLIFTON, William 54,55 


CLUVERIUS, Elizabeth 125 

CLUVERIAS, Gibson 125 

CLUVERIUS, John 125 

CLYBORN, John 77 

CLYBORN, Jonas 77 

COAKER, Henry 173 

COAL, Barnet 121 

COAL. Priscila 121 

CODD, Benjamin 73 

COBB, Esley 86 

COBB, Fred. 86 

COBB, Harrison 86 

COBB, Henry 169 

conn, James 86 

CODD, Jere. 73 

COBB, Jesse 86 

COBB, Jolin 69,70 

COBB, Josiah 169 

COBB, Marc.aret 87 

COBB, Nancy 87 

COBB, Nicliolas 87,169 

COBB, Polly 87 

COBB, Sarah 157 

COBBS, Ann 121 

COBBS, John 121 

COCK, Thos. 156 

COCKE, Austin 71 

COCKE, Hartuell 177 

COCKF, John P. 107 

COCKE, Richard(Col.) 175 

COFFIELD, Willis 104 

COGBFLL, Georpe 24 

COGBILL, Benjamin D. 91 

COGBILL, Georne 81 

COGBILL, Harriet R. 91 

COGBILL, Lucy Boyd 91 

COGBILL, Tlios. 81 

COGGIN, Catheron 42 

COGCIN, Elizabeth 42 

COGGIN, Henry 40,42 

COGGIN, Jolin 42 

COGGIN, Jonathan 42 


COGSnALE(COGSILL), James Little 

COHHON,Thos. 81 

(CO)HHON, 81 

(COHH)ON,John 81 

COHOON, Saml.CDoctr. ) 105 

COLDWELL, Saml. R. 166 

COLE, llamlen 81 

COLE, Obedience 162 

COLE, Robert 81 


COLEMAN, Abra. 67 

COLEMAN, Burrel 67 

COLEMAN, Daniel 64,67,168 

COLEMAN, Godfrey 67 

COLEMAN, Green 148 

COLEMAN, Hezh. 67 

COLEMAN, Isaac 67 

COLEMAN, Jesse 67 

COLEMAN, Martha 168 

COLEMAN, Solomon 6 7 

COLEMAN, William 178 

COLEW, Thos. 156 

COLLEMAN, Daniel 157 

COLLEY, Martha 84 

COLLLY, Nathaniel 84 

COLLIE, Jacob 102 

COLLIER, Charles 55 

COLLIER, John 117 

COLLIER, John D. 44 

COLLIER, Joseph 117 

COLLIER, Mildred 44 

COLLIER, Stephen 68 

COLLIER, Tliomas 117 


COLLINS, Anne/Ann 14 

COLLINS, Georf;o 14 

COLLINS, Henry 14 

COLLINS, Jolin 14 

COLLINS, Lemuel 14 

COLLINS, Sarah 14 

COLQUIT, Antonv 157 

COLQUITT, Henry 118 

COMBS, Amy 168 

COMRS, Thos. 168 

COMER, Elizabeth 119 

COMER, Moss 119 

COMER, Samuel 119 

CONDON, Jas. 12,13 

CONDRE, William 81 

CONURY, John A. 6 

CONNELLY, Lucy 31 

CONNELLY, Nancy 31 

CONNELLY, Patrick 31 

CONNELLY, Patrick (Sr.) 31 

CONSOLLOY, Marnaret 44 

COOK, Ann 10(2) 

COOK, Hannah 10 

COOK, James 54,114 

COOK, Jno./John 131,156 

Cook, Josiah 42 

COOK, Lazarous 71 

COOK, Mary 10,131,137 

COOK, Reuben 131 

COOK, Reubin 58 

COOK, Richard 10 

COOK, Ruben(Reubin Cooke) 

COOK, Samuel 71 


COOK, Sarah 131 

COOK, U'm. /William 58,131 

COOKE, Mary 132 

COOKE, Reuben 132 

COOKE, Km. 132 

COOKS, Henry 77 


COOPER, Ann 109 

COOPER, James 118,171 

COPHER, Benjamin ^2 

COPHER, Celia ^2 

CORBELL, Joseph ^2,104 

CORBIT, Jacob 177 

CORBIT, Johnson ^l 

CORBIT, Samuel 39 

CORBIT, Shadrak ^l 

COBDIN, Thos. 160 

CORLING, Charles 166 

CORLING, Minerva P. 166 

CORLING, Minerva S. 166 

CORLY, Valentine 156 

CORMCK, I.cml. 11,13(2), 

COKMSIl, Ales 15 

CORNISH, Elias 15 

CORNISH, Elias -''2 15 

CORNISH, Elizabeth 15 

CORNISH, Thomas 15 

CORNISH, Thomas (Jr.) 15 

CORNISH, Thomas (Sr.) 15 

CORNISH, William 15 

CORNWALL, Samuel 176 

CORNTELL, Aaron 39 


CORNWELL, Anne 135 

CORNWELL, Eliz. 13^ 

CORNWELL, Jacob 135 

CORNlvELL, John 39,135, 

CORNlv'ELL, Mary 135,137 

CORNWELL, NaryCJr.) 135 

CORNWELL, Sam 135,137 

CORNIn'ELL, Samuel 135 

CORPREW, Tho. 10 

CORRIE, Anna 120 

COSBY, John (Rev.) 16^ 

COTRELL, Charles 157 

COTTON, Elizabeth 9 

COTTON, James 13 

COTTON, Will. 10 

COTWELL, William 8^ 
COULY, Thos. 81 
COUNCXLL, Joshua(Jr.) '^0 
COUNSEL, John 72 
COUSENS, Frank 82 
COUSENS, John 67 
COUSINS, John 79 
COUSINS, Rot. 67 
COUSINS, Wm. 67 
COUZENS, Thos. 67 
COWLING, Benjamin 103 
COWLING, Thos. 10^ 
COWLING, Wm. 100 
COWLING, Willis I. Co. 100 
COWPER, James 99 
COWPER, Mary 159 
COWPER, Thomas 159 
COX, Mrs. 111,112 
COX, Abia 13 
COX, I'l-^n 13 
COX, Francis 79 
COX, Gpo. 22,112 
COX, Henry 112,122 
COX, Hickson H2 
COX, WM. /William 9,10,12, 

13(2), li 111 
CRABTREE, James F. 90 
CRAFFOBD, Henry 17^ 
CBAGG, Mary 130 
CRACG, Wm. 130 
CRAWFORD, James 111 
CRAWFORD, Jolin 123 
CRAWFORD, Samuel 123 
CRAWFORD, Thomas 123 
CREDDLE, Allin 111 
CREECH, Charles 16U 
CREECH, William 160 
CREED, Jane 13 
CREED, Thos. /Thomas 13 
CREED, William 13 
CREEK, Ned (f.n.) 113 
CRENSHAW, Catharine 33 
CRENSHAW, Catliarinc(Clianey) 

CRENSHAW, Daniel 178 
CRENSHAW, Elizabeth 168 
CRENSHAW, William 32,33 

CRICHLOW, Jnn. 73 



CRITCHER, Martha J. 163 

CRITCHLOW, John 169 

CRITCHLOW, Lucy 169 

CRITCHLOW, Mary 169 

CRITCHLOW, William 169 

CROCKER, Elijah 175 

CROCKER, John 37,^0 

CROCKETT, John 64 

CROSLIN, Edwin 87 

CROSS, Agnes 147,151 

CROSS, Elizabeth Cocke 154 

CROSS, Jane 147,148 

CROSS, John 154 

CROSS, Martha 154 

CROSS, Sarah(Dameron) 128 

CROSS, Sarah Kngram) 

CROSS, Vaclicl/ Vachael 

CROSS, William 154 

CnOSSLAND, Edwd. 74 


CR0UCI1L0RS,( ) 79 

CROKDER, Bridnet A. 83 

CROKDER, William J. 83 

CRUMP, James 75 

CRUMPLER, Benjamin 178 

CRUMPLER, Kinchin 39 

CRUTCIIER, James 34 

CRUTE, Jno. L. 66,91 

CHUTE, Vcnnblc 91 

CRYEU, Geo. 72 


CUMMINGS, Eliza 13 

CUNNINGHAM, Alexander 125 

CURLE, Matthew 25 

CURRIN, B. 161 

CURRIN, F.B. 162 

CURRIN, Rebecca F. 162 

CURTIS, Churchwell 57 

CURTIS, Edmd. 38 

CURTIS, John 57 

CURTIS, Martha 162 

CURTIS, Wm. K. 107 

CUSAKE, Caroline 51 

CUTCHIN, James (N.) 38 

CUTCHIN, Jose))h 38 

CUTCHIN, Thomas 38 

DABBS, Elizabeth 34 

DABBS, John R. 3i< 

DABBS, Richard 34,35 

DABBS, William 30 

DALE, Kliza 9 

DALE, Nary Ann 9 

DALE, Paul 9(2) 

DALE, Wm. Jr. 79 

DAMERON, Alexander M. 127 

DAMERON, Ann 127 

DAMERON, Ann M. 126,129 

DAMERON, Barthelomew 127 

DAMERON, Bartholomew 128, 

DAMERON, Betsy 127 

DAMERON, Catharine 127,128, 

DAMERON, CatherinCof Chris.) 

DAMERON, Christopher 126, 

DAMEKON, Clir:.stopher(Jr.) 

DAMERON, Clarky 127,129 

DAMERON, Eliza Inghram 127 

DAMERON, Francis 12 7 

DAMERON, Georce W. 128,129 

DAMERON, George W. Killiams 

DAMERON, James P. 128 

DAMERON, John 126,127,129 

DAMERON, JohnCof Barthelomew) 

DAMERON, JohnCof Chris) 12 7 

DAMERON, Martha 127,129 

DAMERON, Mary 12 7,129 

DAMERON, Nancy M. (alias Ann M) 

DAMERON, Patience 127,129 

DAMERON, Patsy P. 127 

DAMERON, Phebe 127 

DAMERON, Salinda 127 

DAMERON, Sally 126,127,129 

DAMERON, Sarah 127 

DAMERON, Sarah(of Cath. (. Wm.) 

DAMERON, Sarah (dau. of Chris) 

DAMERON, Thena 127 

DAMERON, William (Sr.) 127 

DAMERON, William M. 127 

DANCY, Archibald 131 

DANCY, Benj. 131 

DANCY, Francis 131 

DANCY, Mary 131 

DANCY, Sarah 131 

DANCY, Wm. 131 

DANCY, Km. (Jr.) 131 

DANIEL, Elias 39 

DANIEL, Hezekiah 33,34 

DANIEL, John 33,122 

DANIEL, John (Jr.) 33,122 

DANIEL, Martisia 122 

DANIEL, M.C. 88 

DANIEL, Richard 156 

DANIEL, Royal 124 

DANIEL, Samuel 33 

DANIEL, Wm. 156 

DANIEL, William Sims 122 

DANIFL, Zachariah 163 

DARBY, Eleanor 61 

DARDEN, Charles 36 

DARDFN, Flislia 74 

DARDFN, riisha (NO 74 

DARDFN, Holland 74 

DARDEN, Jacob 36,178 

UARDFN, Jacob (Estate) 105 

DARDEN, Robt. /Robert 74, 

DAHCF, Dinah 7 

DAUCE, Eliz. 8 

DAUCIITREY, Alfred 87 


DAUGHTREY, Parley 87 

DAUGHTREY, Patsey 87 

DAUGHTREY, Treasy 87 

Daughtry, Harmon 87 

DAUGHTRY, Miles 171 

DAUGHTRY, Susan ■ 87 

DAULEY, Elizabeth 7 

DAULEY, William 7 

DAVENPORT, Annis 119 

DAVENPORT, Bedford 119 

DAVENPORT, Lucy 124 

DAVENPORT, Priestly 28 

DAVENPORT, Stephen 124 

DAVIDSON, Agnes Bryson 166 

DAVIDSON, Agnes Maury 166 

DAVIDSON, Chas. Harrison 

DAVIDSON, James (Col.) 166 
DAVIDSON, James D. 166 

DAVIDSON, John 65 

DAVIDSON, Mary 66 

DAVIDSON, Mary Elizabeth 

DAVIDSON, Mary Harrison 

DAVIDSON, Nora 166 

DAVIDSON, Richard 65,66 

DAVIDSON, Virginia Emmeline 

DAVIDSON, Washington Fayette 

DAVIDSON,_ Wm. 166 

DAVIDSON, Wm. Butts 166 

DAVIES, John B. 90 

DAVIES, Leila 90 

DAVIES, Reese 90 

DAVIS, Ann 104 

DAVIS, Benjamin 78 

DAVIS, Edmond 13 

DAVIS, Elizabeth 154 

DAVIS, Joel 64 

DAVIS, John 176 

DAVIS, Littlebcrry 64 

DAVIS, Matthew 167 

DAVIS, Susan lo7 

DAVIS, Susanna 62 

DAVIS, Thos. /Thomas 70,168 

DAVIS, William 41,167 

DAVIS, William T. 30 

DAVIS, Wilson 177 

DAVISON, Jolin 64 

DAWS, Joshua 156 

DAKSON, Henry S. 91 
DAY, Elizabeth 169 
DAY, Eliza Browne 169 
DAY, Charlotte 169 
DEAN, Daniel 117 
DEANS, Patty 160 
DEANS, Thomas 159 
DEARMORE, Robin 11 
DEAVENPORT, James 156 
DEAVCNPORT, Thos. (Jr.) 156 
DEAVENPORT, Thos. (Sr.) 156 
DEAVNPORT, Henry 156 
DEAVNPORT, Stephen 156 
DEGGE, Anthony 38 
DELK, David 70 
DELK, Joseph 70 
DELOACM, Thomas 75 
DENBY, Edward 11(2) 


PENNIS, Joseph UO 
DENSON, Anselm 113 
DENSON, John 100 
DENSON, Joseph 110 
DENTON, Josiah 51 
DERDUE, William 82 
DESIAN, James 79 
DEVIN, R.I. (Rev.) 162 
DEVOL, D. 29 
DICKENS, Thomas 59 
DICKENSON, Valentine 117 
niCKERSON, Henry 63 
DICKERSON, Henry Jr. 63 
DICKERSON, James 63 
DICKERSON, Lewis 121 
DICKERSON, Valentine 121 
DICKEY, Alexander 3^ 
DICKINS, Robert 169 
DICKINSON, Archibald 117 
DICKSON, Elizabeth 101 
DICKSON, Henry 60 
DICKSON, Rich'd. l60 
DICKSON, Thomas 60 
Dices, Christopher 30 
DILLON, Thomas 2 7 
DINCK, Alexn. 23 
DISMAL Swamp Co. 102 
DISON, Benja. 67 
DIXON, Henry 115 

DIXON, John R. iO 

DIXON, Stephen 116 

DIXSON, Benjamin 116 

DOBBS, Joseph 12 

DOBEY, Mary 56 

DOBEY, William 56 

DOBIE, Elizabeth 61 

DOBIE, Elizabeth «2 61 

DOBIE, Frances 61 

DOBIE, John 61 

DOBIE, Mary 61 

DOBIE, Nathaniel 61 

DOBIE, Phebe 61 

DOBIE, Robert 61,62 

DOBIE, Robert(Jr.) 61 

DOBIE, Robert i>2 or Jr. 62 

DOBIE, William 62 

DOBSON, 1^,122 

DUBSON, Thomas 121 

DOBY, John 5^ 

DOBY, Mary 5^ 

DOBY, Wm. 130,132 
DODSON, Jno. 67 
DODSON, Wm. W. 90 
DOGGETT, David S.(Rev.) 91 
DOLES, Willis 113 
DONALD, Thos. 80 
DONELSON, Elisibcth 165 
DONELSON, James 165 
DOKNAN, David 68 
DONNELSON, James 165 
DONNELSON, Nancey 165 
DORTH, John 176 
DOr'mAND, Mary 159 
DORMANT, John 159 
DOUGLAS, Thonas 115 
DOUGLAS, Thomas i'2 115 
DOUGLAS, William 11^ 
DOVE, Charles L. 8^ 
DOVE, Charles Lewis 8^ 

DOVE, Eliza B. 8^ 

DOVAL, Lydia 177 

DOYEL, Hardy 177 

DRAKE, Caroline 8^ 

DRAKE, Cliarlcs 0. 84 

DRAKE, Drcwry 170 

DRAKE, Drei.-ry (Sr.) 170 

DRAKE, John 168 

DRAKE, Lazarus 62 

DRAKE, Nathaniel 168 

DRAKE, Thos. 67 

DREW, Benjamin 168 

DREW, Jesse 70 

DREW, Judy S. 168 

DREW, Susan 72 

DRINKARD, Francis 136,137 

DRIVER, Charles 38 

DUBOIS, Abraham 32(2) 

DUBOIS, Edmund Chcesman 32 

DUBOIS, Elizabeth 32 

DUBOIS, James Sprout 32 

DUBOIS, Mary 32 

DUCK, Timothy 36 

DUKE, William C. 162 


DUNCAN, Eliza J. 88 

DUNCAN, Nafl. /Nathaniel 

DUNCAN, William 178 
DUNLOP, Allan Campbell 84 
DUNLOP, Anna Mercer 84 

DUNLOP, David 84 

DUNN Family 16 

DUNN, Catherine 166 

DUNN, C.H. 162 

DUNN, David 166 

DUNN, Jas. 131 

DUNN, James B. 21 

DUNN, Lewis 131 

DUNN, Morris 139 

DUNN, Thomas 21 

DUNN, Thos. Jr. 136 

Dunn, Wm. /William 57,61, 

DUNNIVANT, Daniel 64 

DUNNIVANT, llczokiah 64 


DUNMORE, Lady 16 

DUPE, Jane 76 

nUPREE, William 28,34 

DUTY, Martha 161 

DWVER, Patrick 15 

DYER, Francis 6 

DYER, Jno. 170 

lALY, David 37 

EASLEV, Daniel 122 

EASLEY, Hannah 79 

EASLEY, Rhode 112 

EASLEY, Wm. B. 164 

EASLEY, William S. (Dr.) 

EASLY, Isaac 116 

EASTHAM, James (Jr.) 122 

EASTHAM, James (Sr.) 122 

EATON, Wm. 88 

ECHOLS, Evans 119 

ECHOLS, James 116 

ECHOLS, Robert 119 

ECKLES, Edward 57 

ECKLES, Edward (Jr.) 57 

ECKLES, James 57 

ECKLES, Jno. /John 57,130 

ECKLES, Mary 57 

ECKLES, Robert 57 

ECKLES, Thomas 57 

ECKLES, William 57 

EDMONDS, Charity 40 

EDMONDS, Solomon 40 

EDMONDSON, Catlicrine E.W. 

EDMONDSON, John W. 43 


EDMUND, John 61 

EDMUND, Nich. 133 

EDMUNDS, Ann 70 

EDMUNDS, Benja. 75 

EDMUNDS, Carter 75 

EDMUNDS, Charles 75 

EDMUNDS, David 70 

EDMUNDS, Elizabeth 75 

EDMUNDS, ElizabethCJr.) 75 

EDMUNDS, Ethd. 74 

EDMUNDS, Fanny 75 

EDMUNDS, George 75 

EDMUNDS, Gray 61 

EDMUNDS, Menry C. 75 

EDMUNDS, Howell 174 

EDMUNDS, Howell Jr. 75 

EDMUNDS, Howell Sr. 75 

EDMUNDS, Howell(III) 75 

ED>U'NDS, Jno./John 51,133, 

EDMUNDS, Lucy 75 

EDMUNDS, Lucy Nicholson 75 

EDMUNDS, Mary T. 75 

EDMUNDS, Nicholas 75 

EDMUNDS, Nicholas ■•'2 75 

EDMUNDS, Sally 75 

EDMUNDS, Samuel 75 

EDMUNDS, Thomas 75,175 

EDMUNDS, Wm. /William 75 

EDWARD, Charles 123,124(2) 

EDWARD, Charles ^'2 124 

EDWARD, Micajah 134 

EDWARDS, Edwin 87 

EDWARDS, Elias 86 

EDWARDS, James 159,169 

EDWARDS, James H. 87 

EDWARDS, Jane 84 

EDWARDS, Jesse 124 

EDWARDS, Leonard 124 

EDWARDS, Nat '1. /Nathaniel 

EDWARDS, Newet 71 

EDWARDS, Peter 25 

EDWARDS, Sarah 58,169 

EDWARDS, Thos. 25 

EDWARDS, William 84 

ECERTON, Charles Calvert 32 

EGERTON, Jane 32 

ELAM, Gilbert 78 

ELAM, Martin 26 

ELAM, Richard 23 

ELAM, Robert 22,23 

ELAM, Robert (Jr.) 22 

ELAM, William 26 

ELDRIUGE, Frances 61 

ELDRIDGE, Howell 139 

ELDRIDGE, Judith 61 

ELDRIDGE, Judith (Mrs.) 130 

ELDRIDGE, Judith (Jr.) 61 

ELDRIDGE, Mary 61 

ELDRIDGE, Sarah 61,139 

ELDRIDGE, Thomas 52,61 

ELDRIDGE, Thos. E. 139 

ELDRIDGE, W. 62,132 

ELDRIDGE, Wm. /William 54,61, 

ELFY, Mosses 104 

ELEY, Robert 40 

ELFY, Wm. /Will mm 42(2), 

ELKFS, Wm. 109 


ELLEGOOD, Jacob 8,9,12 

ELLEGOOD, Matt. 12 

ELLINGTON, Jesse 67 

ELLIOTT, George 167 

ELLIOTT, Henry 167 

ELLIOTT, John 80 

ELLIOTT, Mary E. 167 

ELLIS, Benjamin 58,59 

ELLIS, Benjamin (Jr.) 58 

ELLIS, Catherine 36 

ELLIS, Jeremiah 58 

ELLIS, Jonathan 58 

ELLIS, Joseph 56,58,59,101 

ELLIS, Michl. 73 

ELLIS, Mike 73 

ELLIS, Thos. 76 

ELLIS, William 58,59,172, 

ELLIS, Zachariah 24 

ELLIT, Cornelius 77 

ELLKS, John 9 

ENGLAND, John M. 6 

ENGLISH, William 22,39 

EPES, William 5 

EPPERSON, Frances 156 

EPPERSON, Jos. 112 

EPPES, Dan. 130 

EPPES, Edw. /Edward 57,130, 

EPPES, Eliz. 134 

EPPFS, Elizabeth Hill 109 

EPPES, Fran. /Francis 109, 

EPPES, Frances 134 

EPPES, Isham(Majr.) 23 

EPPES, Mary 44 

EPPES, May 51 

EPPES, Patty 134 

EPPES, Richd. 23 

EFPES, Wm. /William 109, 

EPPES, William C. 44 

EPPS, Edward 57 

ESEX, Elizabeth 121 

ESSEX, Elizabeth 121 

ESTES, Abraham 66 

ESTFS, (Casiah 66 

ESTS, Micajah 118 

ESTES, W.T. (Dr.) 90 

EVANS, Ann 56 

EVANS, Benja. M. 73 

EVANS, Edward 29 

IVANS, Eli 166 

EVANS, Elizabeth 167 

EVANS, Emma E. 166 

EVANS, George 118 

EVANS, Isaac P. 44 

EVANS, Isham 167 

EVANS, James 110 

EVANS, John 159 

FVANS, Lucy 62 

EVANS, Ludwell 29 

EVANS, Mary 29 

EVANS, Nancy 44 

EVANS, Olivia 44 

EVANS, Paschal 29 

EVANS, Sarah 56 

EVANS, Virginia A. 166 

FVANS, W. 169,171 

EVANS, W.U.(Dr.) 163 

EVANS, William 121 140 

EVANS, Wright 167 

EVFRITT, Etholdrcd 74,171 

EVER ITT, Samuel 104 

EVERITT, Simon 71,174 

EVERITT, Willis 104 

EVERITT, Willis & Co. 104 


EVINS, WiHiam 26 

EVRITT, John ^3 

EVRITT, Thoni. 157 

EWING, William/lv'illni./Wm. 

EWING, William H. 32,33 

EXUM, Jane 136 

EZDALE, Jno. 82 

EZELL, Elizabeth 54 

EZELL, Geo. 130,131,136 

EZELL, Jno. 130 

EZELL, John Jr. 52 

EZELL, Joseph 53,56 

EZELL, Mary 130 

EZELL, Lydia 130 

EZELL, Thos. /Thomas 51,130 

EZELL, Tim 130,136 

EZELL, Timothy 130,131 

EZELL, William 56,59 

FANN, Williby IJU 

FANNING, Thomas 62(2) 

FARGESON, Aron 82 

FARGl^SON, Jas. 26 

FARGUSON, Jno. 26 

FARGUSON, Nathaniel 121 

FARLEY, Aubin Slade 8 3 

FARLEY, Forrest 80 

FARLEY, Francis 117 

FARLEY, John 83 

FARLEY, Joseph SO 

FARLEY, Marina 117 

FARLEY, Mary H. 83 


FARMER, Abel 82 

FARMER, Buttany 30 

FARMER, Elam 82 

FARMER, Frederick 80 

FARMER, George 82 

FARMER, James 80 

FARMER, Joel 82 

FARMER, John 26,30 

FARMER, Joseph 80 

FARMER, Littleberry 30(2) 

FARMER, Mary A. 30 

FARMER, Nancy 30 

FARMER, Reynard 30(2) 

FARMER, Stephen 30(6), 36 

FARMER, William 22,25 

FARMOUR, Francis 77 

FARMOUR, John Jr. 82 

FARMOUR, Peter 77 

FARMOUR, Thos. Jr. 77 

FARMOUR, Thos. Sr. 77 

FARRINGTON, Robert 52,53, 

FARROW, Jacob 106 
FASTING, John 160 
FAUCETTE, T.U.(Rev.) 161 
FAULCON, Elizabeth 177 
FAULCON, N.(Jr.) 177 
FAULCON, Nicholas 177 
FAULCON, Ns. Jr. 71 
FAULKNER, Thomas 115 
FAWN, John Harrison 120 
FAWN, Margaret 120 
FEARN, Thomas 37 
FELTS, Sarah 56 
FELTS, Amey 131 
FELTS, Hannah 137 
FELTS, Kinchen 170 
ri.LTS, Nathaniel 56 
FELTS, Philip 170 
rn.T, Ric)inrd IJl 
FELTS, Tabitha 131 
FELTS, Thomas 52,57 
FFLTS, Will inn. 5(, 
FELWFLL, Eivod. 37 
FFNTEP.S, II iff 10 
FENTRIS, Aaron lU 
FENTRIS, Bet 10 
FENTRIS, George 10 
FENTRIS, Hczekiah 10 
FENTRIS, Lemuel 10 
FENTRIS, Martha 10 
FENTRIS, Moses (Jr.) 10 
FENTRIS, Moses (Sr.) 10 
FENTRISS, Aaron 10 
FEREBEE, E.D.(L>r.) 163 
FERGUSON, Bryant 30 
FERGUSON, Hudson 121 
FERGUSON, Jacob 121 
FERGUSON, Jas. 23 
FERGUSON, John 121 
FERGUSON, Nancy (Moore) 30 
FERGUSON, Nathaniel 121 
FERGUSON, Nimrod 122 

FERRINGTON, Robert 57 

FIELDS, Richard 52,56 

FIERS, Drury 168 

FINCH, Adam 120 

FINCH, Charles 112 

FINCH, L.E. 91 

FINCH, Lucy Goode 91 

FINCH, Martha 91 

FINCH, Thomas 28 

FINCH, William 120 

FINLAY, John S. 127 

FINLEY, Capt. 163 

FINLEY, Geo. W. 90 

FINLEY, Patsey D. (Dameron) 

FISHEK, D. 176 

FISHER, Edward 71,176 

FISHER, Mary 76 

FITZHUGH, Thos. 73 

FLAKE, Sampson 37 

''LA(-)i,]jN, John 157 

FLEATURE(?), James 60 

FLEMING, Gardner 71 

FLEMING, John 111 

FLETCMALL, Thomas 121(2) 

ri.FTCHrn, 30 

FLETCIH;P, Polly 125 

n.FTrnn;, piriiani 107 
FLncni:p,, ri.omas 125 

FLETCHER, William 125 
FLOARS, Sary 136 
FLOOD, Elizabeth 123 
FLOOD, Joseph 123 
FLOURNOY, Francis 81 
FLOURNOY, Francis Jr. 81 
FLOURNOY, Gidion 120 
FLOURNOY, Gipson 81 
FLOURNOY, Jacob 81 
FLOURNOY, James 81 
FLOURNOY, John 120 
FLOURNOY, Thos. 66 
FLOURNOY, Willm. 81 
FLOYD, John (Rev.) 161 
FOLK, James 73,76 
FOLKES, Edward 23,35 
FOLKES, Edward(Jr.) 23 
I'OOKE, Mary 77 
FOOT, Adam 123 
FORI), DaniLl 119 
FORD, Edmd. D. 65 

FORD, Frederick 67 
FOREMAN, John 170 
FOREMAN, Mary 170 
FORGSON, Winiam 168 
FORMBY, Nicholas 25 
FORSTER, Thos. 157 
FORT, J. 169,171 
FORT, John - 172 
FORT, Joseph 170 
FORT, Joshua, 71,168 
FORT, Lewis 170 

FOSTER, '^ 73 

FOSTER, George 26,122 
FOSTER, Janes 122 
FOSTER, John A 2 
FOSTER, Moses 172 
FOULES, Andrew 118 
FOULES, Elizabeth 118 
FOULES, Euphemia 118 
FOl'LES, James (Rev. Mr.) 

FOULES, John 118 
FOULES, Margaret 118 
FOULES, Robert 118 
FOULK, Edward n. 32 
FOULKS, John 66 
FOWLER, Daniel 87 
FOKLER, Edmond 61 
FOWLER, Janes 41 
FOWLER, John 79,87 
FOWLER, Sarah 87 
FOWLER, Titus 173 
FOWLER, Willian 87 
FOWLESS, Janes 116 
FOX, Anne 63 
FOX, John 63 
FOX, Sarah 56 
FOX, William 56 
FRANCIS, Willie 70,73 
FRANCIS, Charles 111 
FRANCIS, Saml. 175 
FRANKLIN, Benja. 2k 
FRANKLIN, John 111 
FRANKLIN, Jos. 2k 
FRANKLIN, Thos. 2k 

FRANS0N(7), 10 

FRASARF, Rev. Mr. 78 

FRASARE, Wm. 78 

FRASER, Daniel 43 

ERASER, Margaret 43 

FRASER, Simon 43 

FRAZIEB, James II. 161 

FREELAND & Gillies 73 

FREEMAN, Agniss 58 

FREEMAN, All in 113 

FREEMAN, Arthur 52 

FREEMAN, Eliz 170 

FREEMAN, Fred 130 

FREEMAN, Hamlin 52 

FREEMAN, Henry 52,53,56 

FREEMAN, Henry •'•'2 52 

FREEMAN, Henry (Jr.) 52 

FREEMAN, Joel 52,58,130, 

FREEMAN, John/Jno. 58,130, 

FREEMAN, Jones 52 

FREEMAN, Josiah 35,52,57, 

FREEMAN, Martha 170 

FREEMAN, Nathan 130 

FREEMAN, Olive 170 

FREEMAN, Phrby 52 

FREEMAN, Susan 130 

FRENCH, Jas. 82 

FRIEND, Tlios. 80 

FRIZELL, Francis 8 

FROST, B.D. 161 

FRY, Robert 106 

FUGUA, Dr. 29 

FUGUA, F.(Dr.) 33 


FULGHAM, John 104 

FULLER, Mary 161 

FULSON, Nathaniel 117 

FUQUA, John 119 

FUQUA, Margaret 119 

FUQUAY, Jos. 112 

FURGUSON, Daniel 180 

FURGUSON, Nathaniel 121 

GALE, Jethro 36,41,43 

GALE, John 38 

GALE, Thonas 41 

GALF, Thomas (Jr.) 41 

GARDNER, Abraham L. 85 

GARDNER, Ahram L. 85 

GARDNER, Bob 86 

GARDNER, Caty 86 

GARDNER, George 86 

GARDNER, Isaac 86 

GARDNER, Jackson 86 

GARDNER, Janes 85(2) 

GARDNER, Jason 85 

GARDNER, Jere. 85 

GARDNER, Jesse 85 

GARDNER, Jesse «2 86 

GARDNER, John 86 

GARDNER, Joshua 86 

GARDNER, Lydia 85,86 

GARDNER, Margaret 86 

GARDNER, Martha 85 

GARDNER, Mary 86 

GARDNER, Nancy 86 

GARDNER, Richnond 86 

GARDNER, Sally 85 

GARDNER, Thomas 8 

GARNER, Henry 74 

GARNER, James 74 

GARNER, Joshua 74 

GARNFR, Mattu. /Matthew 

GARRETT, Henry 64 

GAHTOM, John 81 

GARY, Jiio. 135 


GASKINGS, Elizabeth 11 


CATLING, Edward 36 

GAY, Mrs. 80 

GAY, Jas. /James 40,99 

GAY, Jonathan 178 

GAY, Joshua 42 

GAY, William 37 

GEE, Boyce 61 

GEF, Charles 61,62,135 
GEE, Drury 61 

GEE, Eliz 140 

GEE, Frances 138 

GEE, Henry 61,62,133,135 

GEE, Henry(Capt.) 137 

GEE, James 28,58,61,62, 

GEE, James (Jr.) 61 

GEE, John 139 

GEE, Mary 72 

GEORGE, Frederick 102 

GIBBONS, Jno. 131 

GIBBS, Matthew 56 

GIBBS, Thos. 38 

GIBSON, John 80,112 

GILBERT, Eliz. 130 

GILBERT, Jno. 130 

GILL, Joseph 82 

GILL, Joseph (Jr.) 116 

GILL, Peter 116 

GILL, Stephen 82 

GILLIAM, Amey 56 

GILLIAM, Ann 139 

GILLIAM, Ann (d of Burwell) 

GILLIAM, Anselm 139 

GILLI.AM, Arthur 172 

GILLIAM, Burrell 132 

BILLIAM, Charles 51 

GILLIAM, Elizabeth 51 

GILLIAM, Fortain/Fortune 

GILLIAM, Hincha 1^9 

GILLIAM, Hinchia 5^,56 

GILLIAM, Hinshea 59 

GILLIAM, Jno. /John 56,137, 

GILLIAM, Levi 53,56,59,60 

GILLIAM, Martha 139 

GILLIAM, Thos./Thonas 51, 

GILLIAM, Thos. (f. of Lucv) 

GILLIAM, Walter 51 

GILLIAM, Killiam 51,53 

GILLIAM, Killiam Jr. 53 

GILLIAM (?) Mary 131,139 

GILLUM, James 111 

GINKINGS, John ^3 

GIPSON, Miles 

GIPSON, Thos. 76 

GISBONE, Edward 11 

GISBON'E, Edward i'l 11(2) 

GISBONE, Elizabeth 11 

GISnOKT, Isabella 11 

GISBONE, James 11 

GISBOXE, John 11 

GISBONE, John(Jr.) 11(2) 

GISBONF, Thomas 11 

GISBON'E, William 11 

GIVIN, George 32 

GIVIN, Thos. J. 32 


GLIN, Gideon 157 

GLIN, Nathan 157 

GLIN, Nehemiah 157 

GLOVER, Geroge 170 

GLOVER, Mary 170 

GLOVER, Samuel 170,171 

GLOVER, William 37 

GLOVIER, George 170 

GLOVIER, George (Sr.) 170 

GLLTER, Mary 168 

GODFREY, Ration 12 

GODSEY, Jolin 82 

GODSEY, Thos. 82 

GODWIN, Ann 10^ 

GODWIN, Anthony 105 

GODWIN, Brewer ^2 

GODWIN, Cherry (orphan) 

GODWIN, El is ha 102 

GODWIN, Henry 100 

GODWIN, Janes 38 

GODWIN, James (Jr.) Iu6 

GODWIN, James (Senr.) 106 . 

GODWIN, Joroh./Jeromial)(Majr.) 

GODWIN, John 40 

GODWIN, John(Jr.) 42 

GODWIN, Jona. 104 

GODWIN, Joseph M. 104 

GODWIN, kinchen 105 

GODWIN, Lemuel 38 

GODWIN, Mary 100 

GODWIN, Mills 104 

GODWIN, Richard W. 102 

GODWIN, Scarsbrook 41,42 

GODWIN, Thomas 101 

GODWIN, Thos. (Sr.) 38 

GOING, Henry 25 

GOLD, Jos. 141 

GOLD, Mary 126 

GOLD, William 126 

GOLIGIITLY, Sliands 60 

GOLIGIITLY, William 52,140 

GOODF, Elizabeth 148 

GOODEj Josep(h) 22,77 

GOODF, Robert 78 

GOODF, Samuel 63 

GOODING, Collin 112 

GOODRICH, Ben 4 2 

GOODRICH, Benja. 68 

GOODSON, Ellender 39 


GOODSON, George 39 

GOODSON, James 39 

GOODSON, John 39 

GOODSON, Thomas 41(2) 

GOODWIN, Bennet 92 

GOODWIN, Joseph 42 

GOODWIN, Leonard 178 

GOODWIN, Robert 4 

GOODWYN, John 61 

GOODWYN, Robert 73 

GOODWYN, Susanna 3 

GOODWYN, Susannah 73 

GOODWYNNE, Theophilus 55 

GORDON, Daivd 116 

GORDON, John 115 

GORDON, William 63 

GORNTO, Jno. 13 

GOULD, Mary 127 

GRAHAM, Dow 37 

GRAINGER, Thos. 12 

GRANBERV, John Senr. 100 

GRAKBERY, Mary 101 

GRANT, Mary 14 

GRAVES, Sol. /Solomon 

GRAVES, Tliomas Jefferson 

GRAVES, Winifred 45 

GRAY, Den. 178 

GRAY, Charlotte 171 

GRAY, i;dKard 70 

GRAY, Edwin 171 

GRAY, Jas. 176 

GRAY, Joseph 135 

GREEN, Abraham 55 

GREEN, Abram Jr. 67 

GREEN, Amey 129 

GREEN, Ann 39 

GREEN, Anne 124 

GREEN, Anne Prichard 124 

GRFEN, Anthony 124 

GREEN, Berryman 123,124 

GREEN, Burrell 57 

GREEN, Emily S. 89 

GRI'.EN, Emma 89 

GREEN, Hannah Jones 124 

GREEN, Jane 57 

GREFN, Letitia 58 

GREEN, Lucy 124,136 

GREEN, Nathl. 20 

GREEN, Peter 60 

GREEN, Thomas 89,115 

GREEN, Thomas J. 89 

GREEN, William/Wm. 35,39, 

GREEN, Wm. B. 35 

GREEN, Wm. 90 

GREGORY, John P. i^ 

GREGORY, Lucy (Mrs.) 161 

GREGORY, Lucy A. 90 


GREGORY, Thomas 90 

GRIFFEN, Hen. 7 

GRIFFEN, Michel 177 


GRIFFIN, Eli 103 

GRIFFIN, Humphery (Senr.) 

GRIFFIN, James 103 

GRIFFIN, Jno. 2^ 

GRIFFIN, Lett i'O 

GRIFFIN, Micajah Jr. 72 

GRIFFIN, Wiley 72 

GRIFFIS, Edward 132,136 

GRIFFIS, Jno. 139 

GRIFFIS, Katharine 132 

GRIFFIS, Thos. 132 

GRIFIN, John 7,9 

GRIGG, 167 

GRIMES, Mary 110 

GRISO, Elizabeth 78 

GRIZZARD, Ambrose/Ambros 

GRIZZARD, Jno. 69 

GRIZZARD, Mary 170 

GRIZZARD, Thomas 170 

GROVES, Horace H. 91 

GROVES, John 100 

GROVES, O.E.CMrs.) 91 

GROVES, Wm. 109 

GUISRORN, Fliza 12 

GUISBORN, Jno. /John 12 

GUNDY, Richard 157 

GUNN, 126 

GUNN, Fliza IngrhamCDameron) 

GUNN, Thomas 127 

GUNSON, William 122 

GURLAY, Charlotte 7^ 

GURLEY, Elizabeth 171 

GURLEY, Henry 171 

GURLEY, Josepti 171 
GURLEY, Lucy 171 
GURLEY, Martha 171 
GURN, Joseph 12 
GWALTNEY, Thomas 39 
GWIN, David 105 
GWIN, Dorcas 10 
GWYN, Hardy ^1 
HABERLING, Mr. " 10 
HADDON, Pleasant R. 83 
HAGNER, J.W. 91 
HAGNER, Kate 91 
HAGNER, M.R. 91 
HAIL, John 99 
HAILE, Benjamin 178 
HAILFS, John 22 
HAISTY, Robert 15 
HALCOMBF, Walthall 29 
HALE, Limon liJl 
HALF, Ritter 1^1 
HALEY, Henry 26(2) 
HALL, Charles 81 
HALL, Eliz 139 
HALL, Frederick ^2 
HALL, George "il 
HALL, Henry 34 
HALL, James 'Jl 
HALL, William 53,122 
HALLI BURTON, Thos. 104 
HAMBERY, Ann 45,83,166 
HAMBERY, Charles Edward 83 
HAMBERY, John 45,83,166 
HAMBERY, Laura Ann 166 
HAMBLET, James 35 
HAMBLETON, Alexander 29 
HAMBLETON, Elizabeth 29 
HAMBLETON, Samuel 29 
HAMBLIN, Hanah 63 
HAMBLIN, John 63 
HAMILTON, Frances 59 
HAMILTON, Geo. 139 
HAMLET, Price(Mrs.) 161 
HAMLIN, John 25 
HAMON, Amboros 156 
HAMPTON, Benjamin 36 
HAMPTON, John 22 
HAMTON, Nathan 156 
HANCOCK, Ann 11(2), 12 


HANCOCK, Anna(Mrs.) 14 

HANCOCK, Anthany 58,134 

HANCOCK, Anthany (Jr.) 58 

HANCOCK, Benjamin 58 

HANCOCK, Clement 58,133 

HANCOCK, Clement (Jr.) 

HANCOCK, Douglass 27 

HANCOCK, Hannah 58 

HANCOCK, Jane 135 

HANCOCK, John 11,135,136 

HANCOCK, Jno. (Jr.) 135 

HANACOCK, Joshua 11 

HANCOCK, Lucy 58 

HANCOCK, Martin 27 

HANCOCK, Mary 7,58,135 

HANCOCK, Nicholas 135 

HANCOCK, Randolph 135 

HANCOCK, Robt. 80 

HANCOCK, Sarah 11,58 

HANCOCK, Sarah( Daniel) Womack 

HANCOCK, Simon 11(2), 14 

HANCOCK, Stephen 170 

HANCOCK, Susannah 7,133 

HANCOCK, Thos. 135 

JIANCOCK, William 7,11(2), 

HANNA, Mary 166 

HANNA, Mary Elizabeth 166 

HANNA, William 166 

HANNON, Richd. F. (Capt.) 


HARBERD, Mathew 27(2) 

HARBERT, Betty 12 

HARBERT, Thomas 14 

HARCUM, Betsey 86 

HARCUM, Ellis 85 

HARCUM, James 85 

HARCUM, Peggy 86 

HARCUM, Tomy 86 

HARCUM, Wm. 85,86 

HARDAWAY, Joseph 5 

HARDIN, Thomas 24 

HARDIWAY, John 59 

HARDIWAY, Rebecca 59 

HARDY, Cephas 163 

HARDY, Dabney 167 

HARDY, Georne 4 

HARDY, J. 37 

HARDY, Martha Elizabeth 
Robinson 167 

IIARUV, Martlia 0. 167 

HARDY, Richard/Richd. 

HARDY, Samuel 41 

HARDY,' Sarah C. 163 

HARDY, Thomas 37 

HARDY,' Wm. /William 41(2) 

HARGRAVE, Anselm 39,133 

HARGRAi'E, Jos. (Jr.) 133 

HARGRAVE, Jos.CSr.) 133 

HARGRAVE, Silas 168 

HARGRAVES, Thomas 68 

HARMANSON', Thomas 41 

HARMON, -ary 10 

HARMON, Elizabetli 10 

HARMON, Joseph 10 

HARMON, Joseph (Jr. ) 10 

HARPER, Ann 60 

HARPER, Ben j. /Benjamin 

HARPER, David 8,15 

HARPER, Edw. /Edward 56,57, 

HARPER, Frances 60 

HARPER, Jno. 14 

HARPFR, Marnt. 110 

HARPER, Mary Ann 109 

HARPER, Mary Ann Frances Henrv 

HARPER, Saml. 64 

HARPER, William 56,57,135 

HARPER, William (Jr.) 56 

HARPER, Wyatt. 56,57,60, 

HARRIS, Mrs. 112 

HARRIS, A. C. (Rev.) 162, 

HARRIS, Drury 176 

HARRIS, Edward 54 

HARRIS, Hamlin 69 

HARRIS, Hardy 175 

HARRIS, J. 71 

HARRIS, John 79 

HARRIS, Joseph 23 

HARRIS, Joshua 174 

HARRIS, Mary 71 

HARRIS, Moses 171 

HARRIS, Nathaniel 171 

HARRIS, Newit 73 

HARRIS, Peyton 72 

HARRIS, Richd. 79 

HARRIS, Samuel 65 

HARRIS, Thomas 52 

HARRIS, West 175 

HARRIS, Km. /William 71,172 

HARRIS, W.R. 163 


HARRISON, Alexr. 113 


HARRISON, Benjamin, Benj . 

HARRISON, Chas. /Charles 

HARRISON, CharlesCGen.) 166 

HARRISON, Elizabeth 9 

HARRISON, Elizabeth Randolph 

tlARRISON, H. 132 

HARRISON, Henry lu5,139 

HARRISON, James 9,42 

HARRISON, Jno. /John 9,61, 


HARRISON, Sarnli 76 

HARRISON, Thomas 9,16 

HARRISON, Wm. 63,135,140, 


HARRISS, Howel 173 
HARRISS, Jno. 135 
HARRISS, Randolph 172 
HART, Ambrose 118 
HART, Caleb 118 
HART, James R. 162 
HART, Jannct 74 
HART, John 74 
HART, Leml. 169,171 
HART, Rebecca Ann E. 163 
HART, Richard 29(2) 
HART, William 73, 74 
HARVEY, Alexander 7(2) 
HARVEY, Ann 7 
HARVEY, Geo. /George 7 
HARVEY, John 7 
HARVEY, John "2 1 
HARVEY, Polly 28 
HARWELL, Julia A. 43 
HARWELL, Mark 59 
HARWELL, Sarah 59 
HARWOOD, John Mason 18 
HARWOOD, Joseph 52 
HARWOOD, Mary Ann 18 

HARWOOD, Rebecik Lewis 18 

HARWOOD, Sarah 17,18 

HARWOOD, Sarah Jane 18,21 

HARWOOD, Thomas 16,18 

HARWOOD, Thomas Barham 18 

HARWOOD, Willm. 74 

HASKINS, Creed T. 161 

HASKINS, Francis 65 

HASKINS, John L. 163 

HASKINS, L.A. 163 

HASKINS, Prudence (Mrs.) 161 

HASKINS, Wm. Z. 163 

HASTINGS, John 67 

HASTINGS, Sutton 67 

HASTINGS, Zachariah 67 

HATCHER, Edwd. 77 

HATCHER, Henry Jr. 76 

HATCHER, John Sr. 77 

HATCHER, Richard 76 

HATCHER, Wm. 77 

HATCHER, Wm. ,''2 77 

HATCHET, Edward 81 

HATCHETT, Robert 28 

HATCHETT, Thomas 28 

HATCHFTT, William 28, HO 

HATFIELD, Edward 71 

HATFIELD, Mills 173 

HAUSSMANN, Jno. D. 71,174, 

HAWKINS, Benjamin 64,66 

HAWKINS, John D. 89 

HAWKINS, Micajah(Hon.) 89 

HAWKINS, Philemon(Col. ) 89 

HAWKINS, Robert 64 

HAWKINS, William 64 

HAWTHORN, Fanney 60,61 

HAWTHORN, Peter 131 

HAWTHORN, Rachel 131 

HAWTHORN, Peter (Jr.) 60 

HAWTHORNE, Fanny 51 

HAWTHORNE, John 51,60 

HAWTHORNE, Peter 51,60 

HAWTHORNE, Rachel 51,60,61 

HA\vTHORNE(?), Joshua 51 

HAY, Ester 54 

HAY, Frances 132 

HAY, John 36,53,54,57 

HAY, Rd. /Richard 132,136 

HAY, Rd.Jr. 132 


HAY, Rd. /Richard (Sr.) 132 
HAYES, Archer 163 
HAYES, Mary A. 163 
HAYES, Samuel Henry 163 
HAYNES, Anne 118 
HAYNES, James Baker ^3 
HAYNES, Katharin ^3 
HAYNES, Tho. /Thomas 8,10 
HAYNES, Wm. /William 43 
HAYS, John 156 
HAYS, William 159 
HAZZLEWOOD, Joshua 33 
HAZZLEWOOD, William 33 
HE(A)DGPETH, Elisha 60 
HEARN, James 56 
HEATH, Adam 52,137,139 
HEATH, Anne 138 
HEATH, Catherine E. S. 63 
HEATH, Catherine P. 63 
HEATH, Rebecca 52 
HEATH, Ricliard 63 
HEDGHPETII, Demsey 100 


HEDGPETH, Benjamin 61 
HEDCPETH, James 75 
HEDGPETH, Lemuel 1 37 
HEDGPETH, Killibe 37 
HEDCPITH, James 171 
HEDGPITH, Jemima 171 
HEETH, Abraham 61 
HEETH, Amy 131 
HEETH, Jno. 131 
HEETH, Joseph 56 
HEETH, Rebecca 59,131 
HEETH, William 62,139 
HEETH, William Jr. 61 
HEMLET, Turner 82 
HENCOCK, George 77 
HENCOCK, John 77 
HENDERSON, Edward 156 
HENDREN, L.L.(Rev.) 92 
HENDRICK, Alexander 162 
HENDRICK, James 117 
HENDRICK, Joseph 123 
HENDRICKS, Gustavus 26 

HENDRICKS, Jeremiah 123 

HENDRICKS, Joseph 123 

HENDRICKS, Moses 117 

HERRING, Elias 15 

HESTER, E.J. 162 

HESTER, Elizabeth J. 161 

HESTERLY, Frances 80 

HICKS, Robt. 138 

HICKS, Saml. D. 161 

HIGHT, M.H. (Rev.) 161 

HILL, Amy 56 

HILL, Ann 136 

HILL, Benjamin 103,120 

HILL, Edmond 76 

HILL, Ephraim 115 

HILL, Frs. 171 

HILL, Godfrey 76 

HILL, Henry 39 

HILL, John 53,80 

HILL, Lucy 138 

HILL, Mary 56 

hill', Matthew 6] 

HILL, Michael 53,56,58 

HILL, Nancy 120 

HILL, Richard 53,131,136, 

HILL, William 56,80 

HILLAND, Abram 33 

HILLAND, PatsyCHazzlewood) 

HIN, John 35 

HINES, David 62 

HINES, Edw.CRev.) 163 

HINES, Howell 76 

HINES, John 62 

HINES, Joshua 62 

HINES, Peter 62 

HINES, Richard 62 

HINES, Thos. /Thomas 62,130 

HINES, Wm. /William 62,130 

HINES, William (Jr.) 62 

HITCHELL(?), William 39 

HIX, DAvid 80 

HIX, Duke 112 

HIX, Jamina 11.137 

lirx, John 79 

HIX, Jubal 137 

HIX, Mary 137 

HIX, Mary H. 137 

HIX, Naomi H. 137 

HIX, Sarah H. 137 

HIX, Wm. 137,139 

HOARD, Edmund 28 

HOBBS, Sarah 132 

HOBBS, Silas 73 

HOBBS, Thos. 132 

HOBGOOD, Virginia 162 

HOBSON, John 112 

HOBSON, Joseph 118 

HOBSON, Wm. 112 

HODGES, Elizabeth 12 

HODGES, James 109 

HODGES, John 22 

HODGES, Mary 12 

HODGES, Richard 12 

HODGES, Robt. /Robert 12(2), 

HOFFLER, James 110 

HOFFLER, Thomas 158 

HOFFLEY, Magcr William 110 

HOGE, M.l).(Rcv.) 161 

HOLCRAFT, Almedia 65 

HOLCRAKT, James F. 65 

MOLDSWORTH, Mourning 139 

HOLEMAN, Josiah John 171 

HOLLADAY, Ann 106 

HOLLADAY, Arithonv(orphan) 

HOLLADAY, Brewer 105 

HOLLADAY, James 110 

HOLLADAY, Riddick 105 

HOLLADAY, Thos. 105 

HOLLAND, Charity 103 

HOLLAND, Clarricy 87 

HOLLAND, Easther 103 

HOLLAND, Joseph 101 

HOLLAND, Judy 87 

HOLLAND, Nancy 87 

HOLLAND, Thomas 87 

HOLLIDAY, Thomas 70 

HOLLOWAY, Coorco F. 161 

HOLLOWAY, John 66 

HOLMES, Edward 11 

HOLMES, Hcnrv 7(3) 

HOLMES, Jacob(f .n.) 113 

HOLMES, John(f.n.) 113 

HOLMES, Solomon 169 

HOLSBROOK, Thos. 137 

MOLT, Jesscsa 169 

HOLT, Jno. W. 65 


HOLT, Phebe 169 
HOLT, Sarah 29 
HOLT, Thomas 56 
HOLTON, James 157 
HONS. Simeon Wa 28 
HOOD, Abra. 67 
HOOD, Chas. 67 
HOOD, John 5^,67 
HOOD, Robt. 67 
HOOD, Solomon 67 
HOOD, Thos. 67 
HOOD, Tucker 67 
HOOD, Urn. 67 
HOPE, Thomas 115 
HOPKINS, Elizabeth 8 
HOPKINS, John 8 
HOPKINS, John Sr. 7 
HOPKINS, Peter 79 
HORD, Edward 31 
HORD, Frances 30 
HORD, James 32 
HORD, Jesse 33(2) 
HORN, Mary 56 
HORNE, T.J. 161 
HORNINC, Robert 37 
HORSLEY, William 11 
MORTEN, Amos 1^0 
HORTEN, Eliz 140 
HOTT, Daniel 66 
HOUCHENS, Edward 64 

(HOWARD), 54 

HOKEL, William 62 
HOWELL, Hannah 135 
HOWELL, John 106 
HOWELL, Joseph 123 
HOWELL, Wm. 135 
HOWERTON, Thomas 65 
HOWLATT, John 79 
HUCHEBY, Thos. 157 
HUDGENS, Robert 157 
HUDLAND, John 160 
HUDSON, George 79 
HUDSON, Irby 108 
HUDSON, Irby -''2 108 
HUDSON, Joel 79 
HUDSON, Penelope 108 
HUDSON, Sally 108 
HUDSON, Simon 79 

HUDSON, Tut tie 108 

HUDSON, William 108,178 


HUFTON, John 101 

HUGGINS, Margret ' 8 

HUGGINS, Robert 8,13 

HUGHES, Leandr. 157 

HUGHS, Mrs. 112 

HUGHS, Jacob 113 

HUGHS, John 112 

HULIN, CelcaCCelea Hulincs) 

HULINGS, Israel -133 

HULING(S), Isreal 137 

HULME, Ann 60 

HULMN, Ann 59 

HULMN, William 59 

HUNNICUTT, Glaister 139 

HUNT, Amey 171 

HUNT, Athaliah 60 

HUNT, Benj./Ucnjamin 61,132, 

HUNT, Betty 61 

HUNT, r.urrell 61 

HUNT, riir/i:iirnbnth W, 
1 J(> 

HUNT, Fnitli 61,62 

HUNT, Goodwin 60 

HUNT, Jno./Jolin 60,61,62, 

HUNT, John (Jr.) 61 

HUNT, John D. 92 

HUNT, Joseph 118 

HUNT, Judkins 60 

HUNT, Mary 61 

HUNT, Momicah 124 

HUNT, Robert Robinson 115 

HUNT, Sally 60 

HUNT, Thos. /Thomas 61,171, 

HUNT, Thomas (Jr.) 60 

HUNT, William 61,62,66 

HUNTER, David 54 

HUNTER, James 8(2), 9, 10 

HUNTER, John 8,9,10,15 

HUNTER, Mary 140 

HUNTER, Tho./Thos. 8,9,10, 

HUNTER, Wm. 140 

HUNTSMAN, James 30(2) 

HUNTSMAN, Stephen 34 


HUNT, Sarah 147 

HUSON, Eliz(Jr.) 133 

HUSON, Richard 60,133 

HUSON, Tlios. /Thomas 56,60, 

HUTCHINS, Balaam 72 

HUTCHINSON, Daniel 122 

HYDE, Benj. 51 

INGHRAM, Sally 126 

INGRAHAM, Sarah 171 

INGRAHAM, William 171 

INGRAM, Sarah 127 

INGRAM, Thomas 127 

INGRAM, Martha 173 

INGRAM, Willm. 173 

INNES, HuRh 118 

IRBY, Anne 133 

IRBY, John 51,57,61,133 

IRBY, Jno.(Jr.) 133 

IRBY, Mary 133 

IRRY, Km. 133 

IRELAND, Susanna 31 

IRVKNE, Jolin 116 

IKVTN, Jolin 119 

inVlNr, Jnlin (Mnjor) 117 

IKVINF, John (Sen.) 119 

ISBFLL, John 122 

ISBIXL, Pnlly 122 
ISDELL, James 8 
ISHAM, Mary 110 
IVES, Rachel 12 
IVEY, George 71 
IVEY, Hugh 58,133,134 
IVEY, Jas. 130 
IVEY, John 172 
IVEY, Peoples 174 
IVY, Amy 172 
IVY, David 71 
IVY, John 12 
IVY, Lydda 174 
IVY, Robert 172 
JACKSON, Abel 26 
JACKSON, Abner 67 
JACKSON, Benjamin B. 6 
JACKSON, Betsy 127 
JACKSON, Daniel 127,129 
JACKSON, Hightowcr 127 
JACKSON, Jenny 26 
JACKSON, Jonathan M. 28 

JACKSON, John 69,127,178 

JACKSON, John B. (Mrs.) 4^ 

JACKSON, Josiah 26(2) 

JACKSON, Lewis 28,79 

JACKSON, Martha 26,127 

JACKSON, Mary(Daiiieron) Marry 

JACKSON, Nathaniel 126 

JACKSON, Phillip W. 28 

JACKSON, Polly(Harvey) 28 

JACKSON, Rnlf 79 

JACKSON, Ralph 28 

JACKSON, Ralph H. 128 

JACKSON, Ro. /Robert 127,128, 

JACKSON, R. Hightower 129 

JACKSON, Sarah 127 

JACKSON, Thomas 26 

JACKSON, Thomas Alexander 

JACKSON, William 26,127 

JAMES, Edward 16 

JAMES, Elizabeth I'i 

JAMES, Henry 8,16 

JAMES, HuRh(Capt.) 115 

JAMES, Jolin 7,8,0,1^ 

JAMES, Jonathan 16 

JAMES, Mary 16 

JAMES, Moses 23 

JANES, Thomas 176 

JAMES, William 16 

JAMESON, David 38 

JAMESON, Jno. 16 

JARRARD, Henry 52 

JARRELL, Benjamin 172 

JARRELL, Mary 73,176 

JARRELL, William 176 

JARRILL, Thomas 172 

JEFFRES, John 161 

JEFFERSON, Boswell 167 

JEFFERSON, Catherine 167 

JEFFERSON, Sally 167 

JEFFRES, John 161 


JEFFRESS, Jennings M. 31, 


JEFFRESS, John 161 


JEFFRIES, Benjamin W. 29 

JEFFRIES, John S. 162 

JEFFRIES, Lucy Rebecca 161 

JEFFRIES, Nancy 29 

JEFFRIES, Rebecka 162 

JEFFRIES, Wm. R. 161 

JELKS, Etheldred 132 

JELKS, Kinchen 172 

JELKS, Lucy 172 

JELKS, Polly 172 

JELKS, Priscillah 172 

JENKINS, Allen 60 

JENKINS, Arabella A. (Mrs.) 

JENKINS, John 16,51,56 

JINKINS, Charles 100 

JINKINS, Edmd. 15 

JINKINS, William 76 

JINKINS, Wm. Jr. 76 

JOHNS, Joel 66 

JOHNS, John 31 

JOHNS, Mary Nash 31,32 

JOHNS, Tom 77 

JOHNSON, Abraliam (Jr.) 37 

JOHNSON, Amay 61 

JOHNSON, Amy 160 

JOHNSON, Aron 6 

JOHNSON, Bonja. /Benjamin 

JOHNSON, Brittain 60 

JOHNSON, Charles 80 

JOHNSON, Clary 172 

JOHNSON, Danl. Ill 

JOHNSON, David 139 

JOHNSON, Eley 110 

JOHNSON, Elijah 61 

JOHNSON, Eliz. /Elizabeth 

JOHNSON, George R. 86 

JOHNSON, Giles 172 

JOHNSON, Hardy 177 

JOHNSON, Holland 61 

JOHNSON, Jacob 61 

JOHNSON, Jas. /James 36,61, 

JOHNSON, Jane Elizabeth 86 

JOHNSON, John 65,111,172 

JOHNSON, Jonah 29 

JOHNSON, Josopli 60 

JOHNSON, Josiah 37,173 

JOHNSON, Joshua 173 

JOHNSON, Leu-is 139 

JOHNSON, Lucy 139,172 

JOHNSON, Major 29 


JOHNSON, Mary 139,172 

JOHNSON, Mary V. 86 

JOHNSON, Matthew 177 

JOHNSON, Michael 36 

JOHNSON, Mo. /Moses 51,53, 

JOHNSON, Moses Jr. 136,139 

JOHNSON, Nathan 113 

JOHNSON, Obcdiah 36 

JOHNSON, Pcny 72 

JOHNSON, Peter 11,25 

JOHNSON, Pettway 57 

JOHNSON, Polly 29 

JOHNSON, Rd./Richd. 139, 

JOHNSON, Robert 36 

JOHNSON, Samuel 27 

JOHNSON, Sarali 139,172 

JOHNSON, Stephen 160 

JOHNSON, Suanah 37 

JOHNSON, Tabitha 60 

JOHNSON, Tarpley 172 

JOHNSON, Tlios./Tlionas 

JOHNSON, Wm. /William 

JOHNSON, Wm. (Jr.) 139 

JOHNSON, Willis 39 

JOIINS(ON), Obcdiah 173 

JOHNSTON, Benj. /Benjamin W. 

JOHNSTON, Walter 68 

JONES, Abraham 62 

JONES, Adam 86 

JONES, Allin 53 

JONES, Ann 6,11,126 

JONES, Anne 12 

JONES, Augustine C. 6 

JONES, Benjamin F. 161 

JONES, Chars. 66 

JONES, Charlotte 86 

JONES, C.J. 162 

JONES, David 37,52,131,132, 

JONES, DAvid ■'••2 132 

JONES, Edmunds 139,160 

JONES, Edwd. /Edward 11,12, 

JONES, Edward W. 167 

JONES, E]i7abcth 56 

JONES, Elizabeth Amie Uupree 

JONKS, Emanuel 58 
JONES, Etheldred 20 

JONES, Fran. /Francis F. 

JONES, Harrson 156 

JONES, Harwood 172 

JONES, Henry 11, 12(2), 15, 

JONES, James/ Jas. 56,57,58, 

JONES, James Boissea 54 

JONES, Jas. Boiseau 137 

JONES, Jennie 90 

JONES, Jesse 130 

JONES, John 11,12,17,20, 

JONES, JohnCJr.) 11 

JONES, John(Sr.) 12 

JONES, Lucy 138 

JONES, M.A. 21 

JONES, Martha 53 

JONES, Nary 20,105,174 

JONES, Nary Ann 91,167 

JONES, Mary Susan 167 

JONES, Matthias 110 

JONES, Nancy 86 

JONES, Nathaniel 56 

JONES, Nicholas 56,57,100 

JONES, Owpn 9,15 

JONES, Pattie Ann 91 

JONES, Rebecca 56,139 

JONES, Kichard/Rd. 20,37, 

JONES, Richard/Rd. (Jr.) 

JONES, Robt. /Robert 132, 

JONES, Robert -'-'2 174 

JONES, Robert Jr. 53,54,55 

JONES, Robert Yates 166 

JONES, S(ally) G(reen) 21 

JONES, Samuel 112 

JONES, Samuel H. 6 

JONES, Sarah 37 

JONES, Sarah Elizabeth 21 

JONES, Simeon 12(2) 

JONES, Sinon 11 

JONES, T.G.(Rev.) 88 

JONES, Thos. L. 91 

JONES, Thos. S. 90 

JONES, T(homas) T(hweatt) 

JONES, William 29 

JONES, William S. 113 

JONES, Willie 53 

JOLLY, John 40 

JORDAN, B. 42 

JORDAN, Edm'd. 159 

JORDAN, Jnn. Wilson 158 

JORDAN, Josiah 36,40 

JORDAN, Mary 4 9 

JORDAN, Matthew 36 

JORDAN, Mourninr, 40 

JORDAN, Ro. 40 

JORDAN, Ro.(Jr.) 39 

JORDAN, Robert 158 

JORDAN, Samuel 52 

JORDAN, Thos. /Thomas 40 

JORDAN, Tliomas Jr. 42 

JORDAN, Win. /William 4 3, 

JORDAN, William I!. (Rev.) 45 

JORDAN, See also Jordrn 

JORDEN, Jos. 38 

JOURDAN, Robert 123 

JOYNER, Absalom 174 

JOYNER, Amos 177 

JOYNFR, Arthur 173 

JOYNFR, BridRct 173 

JOYNER, Elender 173 

JOYNER, Elcnor 174 

JOYNFR, Henry 173,177 

JOYNER, Jetliro 15 

JOYNER, Jiles 169,175 

JOYNER, Jonathan 175 

JOYNER, Joshua 177 

JOYNER, Joshua(s of Joshua) 

JOYNER, Kemp 173 

JOYNER, Lcu-is 173,177 

JOYNER, Lucy 173 

JOYNER, Martha 173 

JOYNER Thoorliilus 173 

JOYNER, Thomas 174 

JOYNER, Toomer 173 

JOYNES, Benjamin 45 

JOYNES, Margaret 4 5 

JOYNES, William T. 45 

JUDKINS, Clias. 131,135 

JUDKINS, Faith 131 

JUDKINS, Jordan 176 

JUDKINS, Mark 176 

JUDKINS, Martha 176 

JUDKINS, Robt. 131,132 

JUDKINS, Sarah 20,131 

JUDKINS, Thomas 35 

JUDKINS, Wm. /William ' 

KEELE i Roberts lOO' 

KEELING, Adam 12 

KEELING, Edmond 32 . 

KEELING, Edward 32 

KEELING, Elizabeth 32 

KEELING, Wm./Killm. /William 

KEELING, William ill 12 

KEELING, Wm, (Capt.) 14 

KEER, Wm. Ill 

KELLETT, William 120 

KELLEY, John 60 

KELLO, Jno. 69 

KELLO, Mary 69 

KELLO, R. 69,174,176 

KELLO, Ricliard 174 

KELLO, Samuel 71,73,169, 

KELLOW, Eliza Ridley 169 

KELLY, riiz 133 

KELLY, Jno./Joim 133,170 

KELLY, Narparct 170 

KELLY, Mary 133 

KELLV, Susan 109 

KELLY, Thos. II. 133 

KEMP, William 27 

KEMPE, Jas. /James 7,8,9,11(2), 

KEMPE, James (Capt.) 10 

KENDRICK, Alexander 26 


KENNON, Agnes 78 

KENNON, l*n>- 7R 

KERBY, 73 

KERR, Geo. 133 

KERB, Jno. 133 


KERSEY Elisha 34 

KERSEY, Elissure 34 

KERSEY, Elizabeth 34 

KERSEY, James 34 

KCRSFY, James(tlie elder) 34 

KERSEY, James(the younger) 34 

KERSEY, John 34 

KERSEY, Thomas 34 


K ERZY, Frances 17A 

KERZY, Thomas 17^ 

KIDD, Benja. 67 

KIDD, George 67 

KIDD, Joseph 17-1 

KINCKLE, Win. H. (Rev.) 92 

KINDRED, John 71 

KING, Ann 60 

KING, Catharine 42 - 

KING, Edward 28 

KING, Henry 68 

KING, Jno./John 27,42(2), 

KING, John Jr. 59 

KING, John Dr. (Estate) 102 

KING, Joseph 52,53 

KING, Michl. 109 

KING, Nathaniel 27(2) 

KING, Philip 27(2), 28 

KING, PhilOon 157 

KING, Rd. /Richard 60,130 

KING, Sarah 130 

KING, Thos. /Thomas 2 7,112 

KING, Wm. 135 

KING, Killiam (Jr.) 109 


KIRBY, John 5 

KIRBY, Niles 70,173 

KIRBY, Obadiah 123 

KIRDY, Richd. 174 

KIRBY, Ruth 123 


KITCHENS, John 168 

KLINHOOF, George 80 

KITTRELL, John 161 

KKIBE, John 23 

KNIGHT, Daniel 53 

KNIGHT, Edw. 134 

KNIGHT, Joel 134 

KNIGHT, John 134 

KNIGHT, Jno. (Jr.) 134 

KNIGHT, Jordan 134 

KNIGHT, Mary 136 

KNIGHT, Peter 134 

KNIGHT, Rd. 134 

KNIGHT, Km. 55,136 

KNOCK, George F. 84 

KNOCK, Martha 84 

KNOCK, William 84 

KNOWIS, Jno./John 10,14,15 

KNOX, Alexander 18 

KNOX, Patk. /Patrick 16,17, 

KNOX, Susannah 18 

LAINE, John J. 89 

LAIRD, A.T.(Dr.) 161 

LAIRD, John Chambers 161 

LAIRD, Virginia C. 161 

LAMB, Albert (Mrs.) 44 

LAMB, Elizabeth 75 

LAMB, Jolm 51,54 

LAMB, John H.E. 75 

LAMB, Robert 75 

LAMBKINS, Jeremiah 26 

LAMKIN, Peter 154 

LAMOUNT, Edward 11 

LAMOUNT, James 10,11 

LAMOUNT, James (Jr.) 11 

LAMOI'NT, Jolin 11 

LAMOt'NT, Mary 11 

LAMOUNT, Sarali 11 

LAMOUNT, Thomas 10,11 

LAND, Francis 13 

LAND, Jno./John 113,133,134 

LAND, Renatus 13 

LAND, Rnbt./Rol)crt 13,134, 

LAND, William 113 

LANDIS, A. (Jr.) 161 

LANDIS, Mary Tazwell (Mrs.) 

LANF, Jane 11 
LANE, Joseph 57 
LANE, Robert S. 44 
LANE, William 113 
LANGLEY, Thos. 14 
LANIER, K.T. 110 
LANIER, Robert 110 
LANIER, Sarah 5 
LANKFORD, David 35 
LANKFORD, Steplien 173 
LAPRADE, Benjamin 77 
LARKE, Joseph 53 
LASHLEY, Jane 58 
LASHLY, Thos. 135 
LASSITER, Aaron 100 
LASSITER, Abraham 101 
LASSITER, Daniel 101 
LASSITER, Henry 109 
LASSITER, Jesse 101 
LASSITER, Jotham 101 

LASSITER, Mosses 101 

LAURENCE, Mills 39 

LAURENCE, Robert 75 

LAWERANCE, Mills 39 

LAWRENCE, Abram 85,86 

LAWRENCE, Amey 104 

LAWRENCE, Bitha 85 

LAWRENCE, Charity 170 

LAWRENCE, Hardy 173 

LAWRENCE, Honor 85 

LAWRENCE, Jesse 120 

LAWRENCE, John 36(3) 

LAWRENCE, John(Jr. ) 36 

LAWRENCE, Josiah 170 

LAWRENCE, Mills 36 

LAWRENCE, Robert 173 

I.ARWNE, Hardy 173 

LAWSON, Anthony 14 

LAWSOK, Charles 14 

LAWSON, David 114 

LAWSON, Francis 117 

LAWSON, John 119 

LAWSON, Thomas 14 

LAWSON, William 115 

LAWSON, William (Sen.) 117 

LAWSON, William (Capt.) 115 

LEAK, Thomas 123 

LEATH, Clias. 139 

LFATH, Jno. 139 

LEE, Charles 118,156 

LEE, Edward 57 

LEE, Peter 55 

LFE, Selah(Pettway) 55 

LEGARE, Sydney A. 89 

LEGRAND, Josiah 27,28 

LEONARD, Michl. /Michael 


LESSENBERRY, Edmund 140 



LESSENBERRY, Jno. (Jr.) 140 




LESTER, Andrew 54 

LESTER, Bryan W. 34 

LESTER, Jacob 76 

LEVINGSTON, Thomas 101 


LEKELLFN, Charles H. 88 

LEWELLEN, Elizabeth P. 88 

LEWELLING, Anderson 65 

LEWELLING, Jesse 63,65 

LEWELLING, Richd. 63 

LEKIS, Abram li.1 

LEWIS, Ann li>\ 

LEKIS, Ashton 125 

LEKIS, Benj . /Benjamin 

LEWIS, Charles 1^1 

LEKIS, Charles Stuart 125 

LEWIS, Dempsey 173 

LEKIS, Edward Ul 

LEKIS, Henry 125 

LEWIS, Henry (Dr.) 125 

LEKIS, Janes Ednunds 125 

LEKIS, John 161 

LEWIS, Joseph 121 

LEKIS, Joseph Warner 125 

LEKIS, Louisa Gray 125 

LEWIS, Nancy 166 

LEWIS, Richard Edwin 125 

LEWIS, Shad. 70 

LEWIS, Thursey 36 

LEKIS, Km./Killian 36,166 

LEWIS, Willis 121 

LEKIS, Zebulon 170 

LIGHTEOOT, Lemuel 39 

LIGON, James 23 

LIGON, John 30 
LIGON, Joseph 22 

LIGON, Matthew 22 
LILLY, John 56 
LINDSEY, Killiam 66 
LINER, Sarah 137 
LINN, James 120 
LISTER, Andrew 62 
LISTER, Patty 62 
LOAFMAN, Hillery R. 163 
LOCKETT, Edmund 65 
LOCKETT, Jacob 65 
LOCKETT, Osborne 65 
LOCKLAND, James 65 
LODING, John 111 
LODKICK, Farmer 25 
LOFTIN, Cornelius 60 
LOFTIN, Eliz 139 
LOFTIS, Thos. 26 
LOFTIS, Wm. 26 

LOFTIS, Km. (Jr.) 26 

LOGAN, David 117 

LOGAN, John 26 

LOGWOOD, Edmond 76 

LONEY, William 100 

LONG, Arthur 176 

LONG, Chs. 71 

LONG, John 52 

LONG, Nicholas M. 162 

LORD, K.K.(Rev.) 41 

LOVE, Amos 57,58,59,133,138 

LOVEALL, Robert 79 

LOVET, Adam 11 

LOVET, Aliff U 

LOVET, John 10 

LOVET, Killiam 11 

LOVETT, Betty 10 

LO\'ETT, Isabell 10 

LOVETT, John (Jr.) 10(2), 13 

LOVETT, Mary 10 

LOVE(TT), John 10 

LOVING, Thomas 60 

LOWE, Thomas 31 

LOWRIE, Rev. 162 

Ll'CADO, Isaac 120 

LUDLAM, Lewis 92 

LL'NDAY, 176 

H'NDY, Elizabeth A. 166 

LUNDY, Isham Gilliam{Col.) 

LUNDY, James 175 

LUNDY, John 175 

LUNDY, W.Jr. 72 

LUNDY, William 73 

McBRIDE, Marx 63 

McCABE, John 76 

McCARGO, John 35 

NcCINNISH, Katharine 59 

McCUTCHEON, Charles 29 

McCUTCHEON, Prudence 29 

McDANIEL, James 65,118 

McDANIEL, Johnson 127,129 

McDANIEL, Michael 116 

McDANIEL, Killiam 116 

McDANIEL, Uilliam(Johnson?) 

McDonald, James 92 

McDonald, John 80 

McGRAVEY, Mary 9 


Nc ILWAINE, Josephine 89 

McILWAINE, R.(Rev.) 89 

McINDOE,Chas. D. 83 

McINTOSH, Alexander 173 

NcKAY, K.B. 92 

McKAY, Kill. Henry 36 

McKENNY, Moses 172 

McKINDREE, James 115 

McKINEY, Moses 172 

McKINNEY, Charles 28,29 

McKINNEY, Moses 175 

Mcknight, Ellen 167 

Mcknight, Robert 167 

McLEMORE, Charlotte 175 

McLEMORE, Elizabeth 175 

McLEMORF, Joel 168,175 

McLEMORE, John 175 

McLEMORE, John (Sr.) 175 

McMIAL, Andrew 175 

McMURREN, Revd. Mr. 10 

McNICOLL, Polly 125 

McOUIE, Andrew K. 31 

McQUIE, John 31 

MOLTON, Thos. 81 

NABRY, Robt. 73,169,171 

MABRY, Wm. Ovid l6l 

MACINNISH, Donald 160 

MACKIE, Alex 82 

MACKir, Andrew 37 

MACKIE, David 79 

MACKIE, John 106 

MACKIE, Peter 79 

MACKIE, William 168 

MACKOSY, John 91 

MACLAIN, Betsy 6 

MACON, Thomas D. 92 

MAGEE, Robt. 73 

MAGET, John D. 113 

MACET, Nicajah 139 

MAGET, Nichs.(Sr.) 171 

MAGET, Rebecca 136 

MAGET, Sam./Saml. 137,138, 

MAGGETT, Samuel 51 

MAIZE, David 120 

MALONE, Ann 138 

MALONE, Bootli 138 

MALONE, Christian 133 

MALONE, Christian M. 133 


MALONF, Ceo. 138 

MALONi:, Jno./John 133,138 

MALONE, JnoJIl 133 

MALONE, Nat'l. /Nathaniel 

MALONE, Nat'l. (Jr.) 133 

MALOKE, Reuben 138 

MALONE, Thos. 133 

MALONE, Wm. 138 

MALONE, Wilmoth 138 

MALBONE, Aleif 7 
MALBONE, Char. 8 

MALBONE, Frances 7 

MALBONE, John (Jr.) 7 

MALBON(E), John (Sr.) 7 

MALBONE, Lemuel 7 

MALBONE, Margaret 7 

MALBONE, Margaret 7 

MALBONE, Mary 11,1^ 

MALBONE, Peter 7,8 

MALBONE, Reodolphus 7 

MALB.ONE, Shadrack 7 

MALBONE, Solomon 7 


MALONE, John 61 

MALONK, William 58 

MAN, Francis 82 

MAN, Thos. Jr. 78 

MAN, Wm. 78 

MANGRAM, James 5 

MANGl'M, Samuel 173 

MANING, Richard 175 

MANN, Mary 55 

MANN, Pleasant A. 6 

MANNY, Mary 53 

MARABLE, Hartwell 122 

MARKHAM, John 80 

MARKS, Jemima 17^ 

MARKS, Joseph 174 

MARKS, Nathan 175 

MARKS, Richd. 174 

MARKS, Stephen 175 

MARLING, Jacob 35 

MARRABLE, Henry Hartwell 

MARRIOTT, James 163 

MARSHALL, Alexander 23 

MARSHALL, John 29 

MARSHALL, Robert 40 

MARSON, Harbert 19 

MARTAIN, John 77 

MARTIN, Archibald 63 

MARTIN, Flizabetli 54,55,63 

MARTIN, James 79,169 

MARTIN, John 63,64 

MARTIN, John <-'2 63 

MASON, John Jr. 176 

MARTIN, Lucy 64 

MARTIN, Martha 63 

MARTIN, Peter 63 

MARTIN, Robert 63,64 

MARTIN, Robert Jr. 63 

MARTIN, Robert Sr. 63 

MARTIN, Sarah 63 

MARTIN, Thos. 36 

MARTIN, Wm. 79 

MARTIN, Wm. Peters 116 

MARTON, Henry 157 

MARTON, Wm. 157 

MARYMON, Tlios. 157 

MASON, Col. 157 

mason", Ann 56 

MASON, Ann (Pettway) 55 

mason, Charles J. 17 

MASON, David 1 9 , 2i), 21 , 5(. , 

MASON, Iiavid (Capt.) 137 

MASON, Elizabeth 19,21 

MASON, Frederick 19 

MASON, George Edmonds 20 

MASON, Gray 19 

MASON, Green Hill 17,20 

MASON, Hannah 55 

MASON, Henry 156 

MASON, Howell 21 

MASON, Isaac 55,56 

MASON, Isaac (Jr.) 138 

MASON, James/Jas. 16,18, 

MASON, John 53,55,56,59, 

MASON, Jno.(Jr.) 139 

MASON, John(tlie elder) 53 

MASON, Littleton 73 

MASON, Louisa 20 

MASON, Nary 16,19,20,136 

MASON, Mary Ann 55,56 

MASON, Nary Woodford 17 

MASON, Patsy/Patsey 17,19 

MASON, Peter 105 

MASON, Ricliard/Richd. 16,17(2), 

MASON, Sarah 16,19 

MASON, Sary 19 

MASON, Thomas 174 


MASSENBURG, Nicholas/Nich, 

MASSENGALE, DanieKSr.) 178 

MASSINBURG, Nicholas 54 

MASSON, Seth 59 

MATHEWS, Arthur 175 

MATHEWS, Mary 175 

MATHIS, Ann M. 126 

MATHIS, Christopher 126 

MATHIS, Drury 126 

MATHIS, George 126 

MATHIS, Isaac 126 

MATHIS, James Addison 126 

MATHIS, John 126 

MATHIS, Lindsay 126 

MATHIS, Mary Sarah 126 

MATHIS, Matilda 126 

MATHIS, Patience 126 

MATHIS, Patsy 126 

MATHIS, Sm-nli(Snl ly) Dnmeron 

MATHIS, Susan 126 

MATHIS, Thomas 126 

MATHIS, William 126 

(Dameron) 128,129 

MATHIS, (Natthis) Charles 

MATHIS, (Matthis) Goo. A. 

MATHIS, (Matthis) Luke 

MATHIS, (Matthis) Vines 

MATTHEW, Thos. 131 

MATTHEWS, Arthur 172 

NAY, Joseph 138 

MAYES, Ann 152 

MAYES, Edward 152 

MAYES, Elizabeth 152 

MAYES, Martha 152 

MAYES, Martha Chappell 151 

MAYES, Mat hew 152 

MAYES, Robert 152 

MAYES, Stephen 152 

MAYNE, John C, . 33 


MAYNE, Susannah D.(CI)eany) 

MAYO, Danl. 112 

MAYO, John 112 

MAYO, PhilliiJ 79 

MAYS, Lewis 113 

MEACHWI, Banks 61 

MEACHIIM, Henry 57,59 

MEACHUM, Joshua 56,57 

MEACIIUM, Nathaniel 61 

MEADOW, Jonus 112 

MEANLY, John 112 

MECP.AW, Francis 113 

MEDCALF, Wm. 101 

MEGEHE, Jacob 112 

MEGHE, Edward 157 

MELONEY, Thos.CSenr.) 103 

MEREDAY, Sainl . 157 

MERIMAN, John 112 

MERYDAY, Joseph 80 

MESSER, Ann 11 

MESSER.Anne 12 

METCALF, Warner 62,133 

METMAL'ER, John Peter 65 

METTAUER, Francis Joseph 

MICHAEL, John (Jr. ) il 

MICHAEL, Polly il 

MICHIE, Harriet F. 83 

MICHIE, William J. (Dr.) 183 

MILBY, William 68 

MILES, James 35 

MILES, John 63,101 

MILLER, Harmon 122 

MILLER, Mary 122 

MILLER, Thomas 31 

MILNER, John 116 

MILNER, Joseph 104 

MILNER, Luke 114 

MILNER, Thos. 105 

MIMS, Britton 123 

MIMS, Charley 123 

MIMS, Drury 123 

MIMS, Mary Ann Hankins 123 

MINCE, John 80 

MINTON, Harrison 110 

MINTZ, Thos. 38 

MITCHEL, Amey 59 

MITCHEL, John 60 

MITCHELL, Amey /Amy 134 

MITCHELL, David 117 

MITCHELL, Elisabeth 63 

MITCHELL, Elizabetli(ritt) 

MITCHELL, Evan 67 

MITCHELL, Fanny A. (Bedford) 

MITCHELL, Henry 51,134,135 

MITCHELL, Henry (Jr.) 51 

MITCHELL, James 38,120 

MITCHELL, James C. 33 

MITCHELL, Jno./John 63,134 

MITCHELL, Joseph 101 

MITCHEL, Nat" 1. /Nathaniel 

MITCHELL, Tabitha 134 

MITCHELL, Thomas 51,56,61, 


MITCHrhL, Tlios.(Jr.) 134 

MITCHELL, Wm. 135 

MITCHELL, Winnefret 134 

MITCHEN, John 159 

MODEY, Thos. 112 

MON'TGOMERY, n.L.(Rev.) 89 

MOODY, Janes 81 

MONGER, Henry 169 

MONK, William 100 

MONTAGUE, Frances A. 162 

MOOR, Fllick 24 

MOOR, Mark 24 

MOOR, Mark(Sen.) 24 

MOORE, Ann 131,160 

MOORE, Charles R. 92 

MOORE, David 161 

MOORE, Drury 28 

MOORE, Edwin Jones 43 

MOORE, Eliz/Elizabeth 

MOORE, Eliz.(Mrs.) 135 

MOORE, Eppes 131,134,135 

MOORE, George 30 

MOORE, Henry 13 

MOORE, Hcnry(Capt.) 13(2) 

MOORE, I sham 28 

MOORE, James 43 

MOORE, James Wright(orphan) 

MOORE, Jno. 13 

MOORE, Joseph 66 

MOORE, Mary 13 

MOORE, Nancy 30 

MOORE, Richard 28 


MOORE, Sarah 11,12,43 

MOORE, Starkey 5 

MOORE, T.(Rev.) 161 

MOORE, Thomas 53,56,59,60, 

MOORE, Thomas Jr. 56,60, 

MOORE, ton 35 

MOORE, Warner 178 

MOORE, Wm. /William 30,102, 

MOORE, William Jr. 82 

MOORE, Wm. Edwd. 102 

MORE, Wm. 78 

MORE, William P2 82 

MOREHEAD, James 119 

MOREING, Elizabeth 58 

MORGAN, 125 

MORGAN, Anthony 111 

MORGAN, Edwd. 171 

MORGAN, Hamlin 175 

MORGAN, Jacob 24 

MORGAN, John 34,54,59,170, 

MORGAN, Martha 34 

••lORC.AN, Mary 175 

MORGAN, Priscilla 58 

MORGAN, PrissiKDa 59 

MORGAN, Sanucl B. 44 

MORGAN, William 175 

MORRIS, Conyers 69 

MORRIS, John 82 

MORRIS, Mary 12 

MORRIS, Sabra 33 

MORRIS, Sabra(Hin) 35 

MORRISET, Jack 82 

MORRISON, John(Dr.) 149 

MORRISON, Polly C. 155 


MORRISS, Nancy 83 


MORROW, David P. 63 

MORTON, Bettie 92 

MORTON, Catherine 45(3) 

MORTON, Jacob 65 

MORTON, Quinn 45 

MORTON, Rebecca Pocahontas 

MORTON, Susan 167 

MORTON, Wm. H. 92 

MORTON, William L. 32,162 

MORTON, William Lewis 65 

NORTON, William S. 33 

MOSBV, nenja. 112 

MOSBY, C 112 

MOSBY, Decker 112 

MOSBY, Jacob 112 

MOSEY, Littleberry 112 

MOSBY, Micager 111 

MOSBY, Stephen 112 

MOSELEY, Abigal 9 

MOSELEY, Antho. /Anthony 
13, U 

MOSELEY, Arthur 7 

MOSELEY, Blandina 7 

MOSELEY, B.W.CRev.) 163 

MOSELEY, Edward (Col.) 8 

MOSELEY, Edward Hack 12 

MOSELEY, Elizabeth 8 

MOSELEY, Era. /Frans. /Francis 
8, 9, 13(2), 82 

MOSELEY, Geo. 8 

MOSELEY, (George) 10 

MOSELEY, Green 35 

MOSELEY, Hillery 27,28(2) 

MOSELEY, Jno./John 13(3) 

MOSELEY, Isabella 12,13 

MOSELEY, Richard 7 

MOSELEY, Willin. /William 

MOSELY, Littleberry Jr. (-lii 

MOSELY, Mathw. 23 

MOSELY, Willm. (Junr.) 23 

MOSS, Alexr. Ill 

MOSS, Benj. 132,137 

MOSS, Henry 57,132 

MOSS, James 111,119 

MOSS, Jno./John 130,131,132 

MOSS, Mary 132,137 

MOSS, PrisciUa 65 

MOSS, Thomas 65 

MOSS, Wm. /William 56,58,132 

MOUDY, John 77 

MOUNTFORTT, Joseph 69 

MOUNTFORTT, Matthew 72 

MOUNTFORTT, Thomas Jr. 70 

MUFREE, Charles 36 

mMFORD, Jas. H. 6 

MUMFORP, Mary 136 

MUNFORD, Tliomas 136,137 

MUKDELL, John 176 

MUNDELL, Joseph 72 

MUNEOni), Michael 39 
Ml'NTGUMMERY, Hugh 37 
MURDAUGH, James 158 
HURDOCK, Jas. 76 
MURFEE, William 177 
MURPHREY, George 60 
MURPHY, Jesse 123 
MURPHY, Pat. 16 
MURRAY, Susanah 66 
^alRRAY, Thomas 66 
MURKELL, Mary 153 
Ml'SSER, Jacob D. 83 
MUSSER, Susan Eppes 83 
MY'FR, Chr./Xpher 38 
MYERS, Thos. 136,137 
MYRICK, Owen 172 
MYRICK, William 176 
NANCE, Mary 116,175 
NANCE, Thomas V. 116 
NANCE, Km. /William 116,175 
NANCF, Zachariah 116 
NASH, Caleb 13 
NASH, Thomas 23 
NEAL, John 67 
NEEL, Roger 111 
NELMS, Archer 105 
NELMS, Ezekiel 102 
NELNS, George 102 
NELMS, Stephen 100 
NELMS, Thomas 103 
NELSON, John 156 
NELSON, Mathew 156 
NEW, James 112 
NEW(), Rice 67 
NEKBEY, Thomas 36,61 
NEWBY, Thomas 38 
NEWBY, William 82 
NEWBY, William Jr. 82 
NEWELL, Geo. 136,137 
NEWMAN, Eliz. 10 
NEWMAN, kathierine 56 
NEWMAN, Robert 56,131,160 
NFWSOM, Tho. 176 
NEWSON, Jacob 71 
NEWSON, James R. 113 
NEWSON, Wm. 172 
NEWSUN, Wm. 176 
NEWTON, Anne 16 

NEWTON, Eliza. 16 

NEWTON, Lemuel 16 

NEWTON, Nathl. /Nathaniel 

NEWTON, Nathaniel (Capt.) ' 

NEWTON, William 176 

NICHOLS, Jolin W. 31(2) 

NICHOLS, Julius 126 

NICHOLS, Nath. B. 83 

NICHOLS, rolly(Chandler) 

NICHOLS, Sally 126 

NICHOLSON, Chas. B. 73 

NICHOLSON, Harris 176 

NICOLSON, Samuel 176 


NICKLES, Nath. 7 

NICOLSON, Chas. B. 69 

NICOLSON, Elizabeth 51 

NICOLSON, Flood 51,138 

NICOLSON, Harriss 136 

NICOLSON,' Henry 51,138 

NICOLSON, Jas. 138 

NICOLSON, Jane 51 

NICOLSON, Jesse 51 

NICOLSON, John 51,136,138 

NICOLSON, John(Jr.) 51 

NICHOLSON, Jno. -•'2 138 

NICOLSON, Lucy 51 

NICOLSON, Mark 136 

NICOLSON, Mary 51,136,138 

NICOLSON, Mary N. 136 

NICOLSON, Michael 136,138 

NICOLSO\', Robt. /Robert 


NICOLSON, Robert il2 51 

NICOLSON, Saml. 136 

NICOLSON, Saml. 70 

NICOLSON, Wm. /William 

NIMMO, James 7(2), 8,10 

NIMNO, William 8 

NIMROD, Jack 81 

NIXON, Samuel 121 

NKLELS, John 81 

NOEL, John 156 

NOELL, Zachariah 36 

NOLE, Poindexter 120 

NORFLEET, Cordall 70 

NORFLEET, Elisha 102 

NORFLECT, llezekiah 103 

NORFLEET, John 173 

NORFLEET, Nathl. 100 

NORRIS, Athaliah Cosiah 56 

NORRIS, Joseph 23 

NORRIS, Mary 60 

NORRIS, Saml. 79 

NORRIS, Willm. 23 

NORRISS, Atheliah i;aziah(Mrs. ) 


NORSKORTHY, Martha(Noyall ) 

NORSWORTHY, Thomas 37 

NORSWORTHY, William Noyall 

NORTH, Richard 28 

NORTHAM, Zorabable 160 

NORTHCOT, Richard 82 


NORTHERN, Samuel 117 

NORTHINGTON, Nathan 61,139 

NORTHINGTON, Samuel 51,53 


NOYALL, William 37 

NUCkTL, Randolpl) 82 

NUCKELS, Charles 81,157 

NUMAN, Silviah ^0 

NUMAN, Thomas ^0(2) 


NUNALY, Daniel 23 

Nl^NALY, Noel 23(2) 

NUNALLY, Henry 26 

NUNN, Mrs. 81 

NUNN, Lucretia 58 

NUNN, Thos. 81 

NUNNALLY, James 21 

Nl'NNALLY, John 76 

,John 81 

OGBURN, James 89 

OGBURN, Jno. 131 

OLD, Venue 9 

OLIVER, Agnes 62 

OLIVER, Agnis 62 

OLIVER, Elizabeth 62 

OLIVER, Samuel W. 32 

OLIVER, Thomas 62 

OLIVER, William 58,62 

OLW(L)D, Rebecker 9 

OL(W)D, Arthur 9 

OL(W)D, Thomas 9 
OL(W)D, Venues 9 
OSnORN, Jos. 129 
OUTLAND, John 36 
OUTLANT, Elezar 36 
OVERBEY, Rosaillc 88 
OVERBEY, R.Y.(Capt.) 89 
OVERBY, Ann(Mrs.) 91 
OVERLEY, Peter Z.' 91 
OWEN, Anna 137 
OWEN, Benjamin 62 
OWEN, Elias 41 ^ 
OWEN, Geo. Ill 
OWEN, Manna 138 
OWEN, Jas. 139 
OWEN, Jno. 134 
OWEN, Milley 120 
OWEN, Stephen 120 
OWEN, Valentine 139 
OWEN, Wm. 134,137,138 
OWEN, Wm.CJr.) 137 
OWEN(?), Elisha 4] 
OWENS, Lydia 90 
OWENS, Tlionas 115 
OWLD, Aticha 9 
0(W)LD, Edward 9 
PAIR, Agnes 55 
PAIR, Anne 55 
PAIR, lipthel 55 
PAIR, John 55 
PAIR, Rebecca 55 
PAIR, Thomas 55 
PAIR, William 55,57 
PAIR, WilliamCJr.) 55 
PALMER, Ann 116 
PALMER, Anne 119 
PALMER, Daniel 116 
PALMER, Elizabeth 114 
PALMER, John 116,119 
PALMER, Joseph 119 
PANKEY, Jolin 77 
PANKEY, Stephen 77 
PARE, Bethel 135 
PARE, Jno. 135 
PARHAM, Abraham 136 
PARHAM, Ann5(2),58 
PARHAM, Betsey 5 
PARHAM, Eliza 5 
PARHAM, Elizabeth 52 
PARHAM, Epliraim 5,138 

PARHAM, Ephram 53 

PARHAM, Frances S. 45 

PARHAM, Geo. 133,139 

PARHAM, Joan 5 

PARHAM, Joanna 5 

PARHAM, Jno. /John 58,139 

PARHAM, Lewis Sr. 5(2) 

PARHAM, Martha 52 

PARHAM, Mary 138 

PARHAM, Mat(t)heM 52,53,59 

PARHAM, Matthew Jr. 57 

PARHAM, Nafl. 138,140 

PARHAM, Nicholas 5(3) 

PARHAM, Rebecca 138 

PARHAM, Rebecca(Jr.) 138 

PARHAM, Robert 52 

PARHAM, Stith 58,59,134,137 

PARHAM, Thomas 5(2), 58 

PARHAM, Wm. /William 58,60,138 

PARHAM, William N. 45 

PARKER, Archibald 170,176 

PARKER, Copeland 42 

PARKER, Fred. /Frederick 

PARKER, Honry 73 

PARKER, Ivcy 87 

PARKER, Josiah 40 

PARKER, Marah 62 

PARKER, Martlia 62 

PARKER, Mason 87 

PARKER, Penny 87 

PARKER, Richard 62 

PARKER, Richard(Jr.) 157 

PARKER, Richard (Sr.) 157 

PARKER, Sally 87 

PARKER, Sarah 62 

PARKER, Sarah -''2 62 

PARKER, Wm. 135 

(PA)RKER, Benjamin 37 

PARKINSON, William 63 

PARMOR, John 157 

PARNALL, James 37 

PARNALL, John 37 

PARNALL, Joseph 37 

PARNALL, Thomas 37 

PAROMOR, Henry 157 

PARSON, Robert 58 

PARSON, Virginia 166 

PARSONS, Mary 166 

PARSON, Ralph 166 

PARSONS, Wm. 12 

PARTIN, Lodwick 167 

PARTIN, Mary Jane 167 

PARTIN, Victoria 167 

PARTIN, William 55 


PARTRIDGE, Anne 131 

PARTRIDGE, Mary 53,5^ 

PARTRIDGE, Nicholas 53,5^, 

PARTRIDGE, Nicholas (Jr.) 

PARTRIDGE, Sarah 131 

PARTRIDGE, Sarah P. 135 

PARTRIDGE, Willis 131 

PARTRIGF, Sarah 59 

PATE, Jeremiah 119 

PATERSON, James 156 

PATTERSON, Charles 112 

PATTESON, James 77 

PAUL, K'Arcy 8^ 

PAl'L, Elisabeth S. 84 

PAUL, Thomas Cook 84 

PEACOCK', And. 7,8,13 

PEARCr, Sally 41 

PEARCE, W.J. 161 

PEEBLES, Henry 131 

PEEPLES, llrnry 140 

PEETE, Benjamin 176 

PEETE, Sam. /Samuel 55,62,132 

PEGRAM, Ann 5 

PEGRAM, E. 108 

PEGRAM, Edward 108 

PEGRAM, Edward Jr.CCapt.) 5 

PEGRAM, George 108 

PEGRAM, John 110 

PELLY, Eras. 116 

PENICK, W.S.CRev.) 92 

PENNINGTON, John 55,60, 

PENNINGTON, John Jun. 55,59, 

PENNINGTON, Jos. /Joseph 

PENNINGTON, Martha 17,55 

PENNINGTON, Nary (Pair) 55 

PENNINGTON, Rebecca( Pair ) 55 

PENNINGTON, Thomas 55,57 

PENNINGTON, Thomas i'2 55 

PEOPLES, Henry 60 

PEPPER, Rd. /Richard 59,130 

PERKINS, Julian V. 92 

PERKINS, Richard 111 


PERKINSON, Daniel 44 

PERKINSON, Jeremiah 67 


PERKINSON, William 63 

PERRIN, George 118 

PERRIN, Jane 119 

PERRIN, Joseph 118 

PERRIN, Samuel 119 

PERRITT, Nichs. 105 

PERRY, Edward 13 

PERRY, Joseph 13 

PERSON, Anthy 72 

PERSON, John 174 

PERSON, Temperance 175 

PETER, Thomas 62 

PETER, Thomas '-2 62 

PETERS, John 61,176 

PETERS, Martha 176 

PETERS, Thos. /Thomas 62,132 

PETERS, Thomas Jr. 61 

PETERS Thos. •'■'2 132 

PETERSC?), Thos. 135 

PETERSON, Narthadi. XDamernn) 

PETERSON, William/Wm.CP. ) 

PETTWAY, Edw. /Edward 134, 

PETTWAY, Henry 134 

PETTWAY, Robt. 137,138 

PETTWAY, W. 139 

PETTWAY, Wm.(Jr.) 131,135 

PETTUS, Horatio 30 

PETTUS, Kennon 31 

PETTUS, Wm.(Capt.) 31(2) 

PETTWAY, Edward 55 

PETTWAY, Robert 55,56 

PETTWAY, Robert (Jr.) 55,58 

PETTWAY, William Jr. 55 

PETTYPOOL, William 123 

PETWAY, Edward 51 

PHELPS, John 113 

PHILIPS, James 176 

PHILIPS, Joseph 176 

PHILIPS, Patience 176 

PHILIPS, Richard t.5 

PHILLIPS, Elizabeth 53,56 

PHILLIPS, Gpo. K.C. 89 

PHILLIPS, John H. 124 

PHILLIPS, Prissilla 55 

PHILPOT, Henry 8 

PIERCE, William (Sr.) 39 

PIGG, Nary 34 

PINNER, Demsey 104 

PINNER, Josiah 40 

PINNER, William 42(2) 



PITT, John 38,39 

PITT, Mary 39 

PITT, Patience 104 

PITT, Thomas 39,160 

I'lTTARD, James 162 

PITTARD, L. (Mrs.) 92 

PITTNAN, Ann 37 

PITTNAN, James 37 

PITTS, Ismaiah i,2 

PLEASANTS, Joseph 22 


PLESENT, John 156 

POINTER, Philip 121 

POINTER, Samuel 121 

POLLOM, Wm. 77 

I'ONI), Gridcii (.4 

POND, Masa 64 

POND, Patk 72 

POOL, Adelissa 163 

POOL, David P. 163 

POOL, Minerva 163 

POOLE, Alexander 10 

POOLE, Ann 10 

POOLE, Elizabeth 10 

POOLE, Martha 10 

POOLE, Richd. /Richard 9,10 

POOLE, Sarah 10 

POOLE, Thos. 105 

POOLE, Willm. /William 7,8,10 

POPE, Settle 21 

POPE, C.A. 21 

POPE, Claiborne Anderson 21 

POPE, Delia J. 164 

POPE, Hardy 177 

POPE, Hattie Feild(Jones) 21 

POPE, James M. 44 

POPE, James Turner 21 


POPE, Rebecca Anderson 21 

rOPF, lUcliarri ^2 

POPES, Alice(Jones) 21 

POPHAM, John 26 

POPHAM, Lydia 26 

PORCH, James 175 

PORCH, Henry 1^0 

PORTER, Asahel ^3 

PORTER, Daniel 176 

PORTER, Elizabeth 92 

PORTER, James 170 

PORTER, Judith 173 

PORTER, Nathan 176 

PORTER, Thos. 176 

PORTER, Wm. 66 

POTTS, John 176 

POWELL, Benjamin 104 

POWELL, Cadar 159 

POWELL, EdKard 51,61 

POWELL, Ezekiel 109 

POWELL, Frans. Senr. 99 

POWELL, John 160 

POWELL, Joseph 178 

POWELL, Joshua 115 

POWELL, Lemuel 60 

POWELL, Mary 60 

POWELL, Sarah 159 

POWELL, Seamore 5 

POWELL, Thos. /Thomas 60,106 

POWER, Joseph 79 

POWER, Joseph '--l 79 

PRESON, Jno. 139 

PRESSON, John 136 

PRESSON, Thos. 135 

PRETCHARD, Margaret 60 

PRETLOW, Jos. /Joseph 
37, 38(2), 39 

PRETLOW, Joshua 135 

PRETLOW, Nancy 37,38 

PRETLOW, Sampson 35 

PRETLOW, Thos. /Thomas 

PRICE, Catey 65 

PRICE, Pugh 65 

PRIDE, John Jr. 79 

PRINCE, Edward 19 

PRINCE, John J. 18,20 

PRINCE, John J(ones) 17 

PRINCE, Joseph 58 

PRINCE, Patsay, Patsey 

PRINCE, William 18 
PRINCE, William Jr. 17,20 
PRINCE, William R. 20 
PRINCLE, Richd. 112 
PRITCHARD, Anne 126 
PRITCHARD, Anthony 126 
PROCTER, Mary 58 
PROCTOR, Tliomas A. (Dr.) 91 
PROl'T, H.H.(Rev.) 162 
PROVINE, Mary 12 
PRUDEN, Jethro 101 
PRUDEN, William 99 
Pl'CKETT, Brazure 26 
PUCKETT, Ephraim 25 
PUCKETT, Wm, 63 
PUCKETT, Womack (Jr.) 25 
PUCKETT, Woriack(Sr.) 25 
PUGH, Daniel 110 
PUGH, James lOO 
PUGH, William 102 
PURDUE, Thos. 82 
PURDY, William 12 
PURVINE, Thomas 9 
PURVEAR, Elijali 161 
PYNE, Smith(Hov.Dr. ) 89 
RACMELL, William 52 
RADOELL, Thos. 160 
RAINES, Ange(i)lica 52 
RAINES, Jefferson 52 
RAINES, Robert Wynne 52,130 
RAINES, William 52 
RAINEY, A.F.(Dr.) 91 
RAINEY, Nathaniel 61 
RAND, John 36 
RAND, Sophia 36 
RAND, William 36 
RANDALL, Anias 168 
RANDALL, George 59,61 
RANDOLP, Rylant 157 
RANDOLPH, Britt 81 
RANDOLPH, Eliza 23 
RANDOLPH, J(acob) 39,60 
RANDOLPH, Jacob 71 
RANDOLPH, Jacob F. 37,38 
RANDOLPH, Jno. K. 71 
RANDOLPH, Mary 52,53 
RANDOLPH, Peter(Col.) 156 

RANDOLPH, Rebcckah 52 

RANDOLS, Hugh 165 

RANSOM, Ambross 156 

RANSOM, Flamstead 156 

RAWLINGS, Agness 55 


RAWLINGS, Drury 53,55 

RAWLINGS, Elizabeth 55 

RAWLINGS, Gregory 53,55,56, 

RAWLINGS, Gregory (Jr.) 53 

RAWLINGS, Hannah 53,55,56 

RAWLINGS, John 53,55 

RAWLINGS, Mary 55 

RAWLINGS, Mary "2 55 

RAWLINGS, Rd. /Richard 53,135 

RAWLINGS, Sarah 55 

RAWLINGS, Sarah '•'2 55 

RAWLINGS, Sucky 55 

RAWLINGS, William 53,56 

RAWLINGS, William Sr. 55 

RAWLINGS, Richard 55 

RAY, James 157 

RAYBOURN, John 106 

RAYNDOLS, Polly 165 

READ, Thomas(Col.) 31,32(2) 

READE, Isaac 101 

READEFORD, John (Sr.) 157 

READEN, Sarah 58 

REDD, Geo. 66 

REDD, John 65 

REDD, Thomas 63 

REDDING, William 60 

REDMOND, Elizabeth 35 

REDMOND, George 35 

REDMOND, John 35 

REDMOND, Lettie 35 

REDMOND, Thos. 35 

REED, Robt. /Robert 11 

REEKS, Jno. /John 131,136 

REESE, Elizabeth 107 

REESE, Francis 107 

REESE, John 176,175 

REESE, Joseph 172 

REESE, Randolph 69 

REESE, Rivers 69 

REESE, Sally 69 

REID, Mary(and sisters) 102 

REID, Tliomas 31 


RENN, Eliz IJl 

RENN, Fred 131 

RENN, James 62 

RENN, Mary 131 

RESPES, John 68 

REYNOLDS, Jesse 165 

REYNOLDS, Mildred 165 

RICE, James 66 

RICE, John 66 

RICE, Matthew 65 

RICHARDS, John J. 102 

RICHARDS, Wm. /William 29, 


RICHARDSON, Conrad 29 

RICHARDSON, James 117 

RICHARDSON, Robert 163 

RICHARDSON, Sarah(Mrs.) 162 

RICHARDSON, William 117 


RICHERSON, Randolph 157 

RICHMOND, Anthony 12 

RICHMOND, Jolin 12 7 

RICHMOND, Judith 127 

RICHMOND, Robt. /Robert 12,13 

RICHMOND, Wm, /William 

RICHMOND, Wm. ^-'2 12 

RICK'S, Richard 172 

RICKS, Robert 70 

RICKS, Silas (f.n.) 113 

RIDDICK, Daniel 101 

RIDDICK, Henry 101 

RIDDICK, James A. (Rev.) 90 

RIDDICK, Jane 101 

RIDDICK, Jethro 101 

RIDDICK, John 100 

RIDDICK, Josiah 102 


RIDDICK, Mary(orphan) 101 

RIDDICK, Mills 110 

RIDDICK, Mosses 99 

RIDDICK, Soloman 103 


RIDLEY, George 116 

RIDLEY, Jas. Day 138 

RIDLEY, Matt. 174 

RIDLEY, Thomas 74 

RIEVES, Francis 59 

RIEVES, Winny 138 

RIGCAN, Mary 92 

RIGCAN, Nary 92 

RITCHIE, Thomas 88 

RIVERS, Jolin 73 

RIVERS, Martha 56,60 

RIVES, Amey 139 

RIVES, Benj. 139 

RIVES, Chris 140 

RIVES, George 61 

RIVES, Jno. /John 58,140 

RIVES, Lucressy 139 


RIVES, Richard Sr. 58 

ROACH, Jas. 67 

ROACH, Milm. 67 

ROACH, Wm. 67 

ROBAFDS, Francis 76 

ROBARDS, John 76 

ROliARTS, John 7 7 

ROBARTS, Morris 77 

ROBATS, Robert 42 

ROBERTS, Edward 83 

ROBERTS, Francis 28 

ROBERTS, Hannah Hannon 83 

ROBERTS, Jane 116 

ROBERTS, Jno. 25 

ROBERTS, Josliua 24 

ROBERTS, Micl)l. 108 

ROBERTS, Morris 82 

ROBERTS, Naman 116 

ROBERTS, Step 25 

ROBERTS, StepCJr.) 25 

ROBERTS, Thomas 124 

ROBERTS, William 52,159 

ROBERTS, Willis 35 

ROBERTSON, Anne 164 

ROBERTSON, Edw. /Edward 

ROBERTSON, Ceo. /George 

ROBERTSON, JamcsCJr.) 25 

ROBERTSON, James C. 33 


ROBERTSON, Rhoda 35 

ROBERTSON, Sallie E. 33 

ROBERTSON, Sarah A. 162 

ROBERTSON, Se\-mour 58 

ROBERTSON, Walter 115 

ROBERTSON, William 36 

ROBERTSON, Wm.(Jr.) 25 

ROBERTSON, Wm. ( Sr . ) 25 

ROBERTSON, Winifred 138 

ROBERTSON, Zachariah 66 

ROBEY, Isaac(Elder) 89 

ROBINS, John 79 


ROBINSON, Chris. /Christopher 

ROBINSON, Edwd. 112 

ROBINSON, Field 112 

ROBINSON, Francis 7 

ROBINSON, Geo. 158 

ROBINSON, Isaac 133 

ROBINSON, John 112 

ROBINSON, Jonathan 37 

ROBINSON, Jos. 112 

ROBINSON, Mary 12,37 

ROBINSON, Merit M. 41,72,177 

ROBINSON, Sarah 159 


ROBINSON, Walter 118 

ROBOSON, Frederick 169 

ROCIIEL, Hinchca 60 

ROCHEL, John 60 

ROCHEL, John (Jr.) 60 

ROCHEL, Levi 60 

ROCHEL, Mary 60 

ROCHEL, Nathaniel 60 

ROCIIFLL, John 59,60 

ROCHFLL, Levy 72 

ROCHELL, Mary 61 

ROCKLEY, George 81 

ROE, Cannon 131,133 

ROE, Sarah 133 

ROGERS, Alexander 3,4(3) 

ROGERS, Cclia 3 

ROGERS, John 11( 3) , 12(3) ,13, 

ROGERS, Judith 176 

ROGERS, Martha 153,154 

ROGERS, Reuben 155 

ROGERS, Wm. 131 

ROLAND, John 134 

ROLAND, Joseph 131 

ROLINGS, Mary 54,134 

ROLLIN, Nancy 89 

ROLLINS, John 34 

RONALS, Jonas 156 

RONALDSON, James 37 

ROPER, Charles(Jr.) 108 

ROPER, niizahoth 108 


ROPER, Joel 108 

ROSE, 51 

ROSE, Ann 51 

ROSE, Elizabeth 51 

ROSE, John 9 

ROSE, Mary 51 

ROSE, Philip 116 

ROSE, Rebecca(Hin) 35 

ROSE, Richard 51 

ROSE, Sarah 51 

ROSE, Thomas 116 

ROSE, William 51,53 

ROSS, John 105 

ROSS, John(Jerico) 103 

ROSS, Sarah 53 

ROSSER, Joshua 60,131,135 

ROSSER, 167 

ROSSER, Joel 167 

ROSSER, Thos. 133,136 

ROVE, Mary 130 

ROWLAKP, Isaac 92 

ROWLANn, Isabella 162 

ROWLAND, William 51 

ROWLETT, Phillip 118 

ROWTON, WilliamCSr.) 28 

ROY, Jas. /James 60,61,130 

ROYALL, Richd. 22(2) 

ROYSTER, Benjamin R. 90 

ROVSTER, Jolin R. 162 


RUCKER, James 32 

RUCKER, Lucy L. 32 

RUD, James 77 

RUD , John 82 

RUDD, Thos. 77 

RUDDER, Alexander 33 

RUDDER, Edward (Sr.) 33 

RUDDER, Saml. 33 

PUFFIN, John (Jr.) 108 

RUFFIN, Joseph 71 

RUSELL, Umprey 157 

RUSSEL, Stephen 76 

RUSSELL, Elizabeth(HazzleKood) 

RUSSELL, Jeremiah 37 

RUSSELL, Philip 53 

RUSSELL, Philleman 58 

RUSSELL, William 122,163 

RYAN, Philip 81 

SADLER, Elizabeth 83 

SADLER, Jeremiah 83 

SAIRS, Francis 52 

SALLY, Magdalin 80 

SALLY, Nath. 24 

SALLY, Wm. Ik 

SALMON, Jane 8,11 

SALMON, John 8,11,115 

SALMONS, Abiah 10 

SALMONS, John 7 

SANDEFER, John 57 

SANDERS, Daniel 102 

SANDERS, Jno. 140 

SANDERS, Jno.«2 140 

SANDERS, John hd(Jr.) 112 

SANDERS, Johnhide 111 

SANDERS, Mary 140 

SANDERS, Thomas 102 

SANDERS, Wpi. 140 

SANDERS, Wm.(Jr.) 140 


SANDIFER, John 27 

SANDIFFR, Hohort 118 

SANFORD, James 90 

SANFORD, Joseph 119 

SANFORD, Martlia E. 90 

SATTI'RWHITI', Killiani 118 

SAUNDERS, Carrie M(Mrs.) 92 

SAUNDERS, John 8,114 

SAUNDERS, John (Jr.) 114 

SAUNDERS, Robt. 114 

SAUNDERS, Sarah 114 

SASUN, John 24 

SASUN, Peter 24 

SAUNDERS, Henry 43 

SAUNDERS, Henry(Sr.) 38 

SAUNDERS, John (Jr.) 38 

SAUNDERS, Mary 14 

SAUNDERS, Robt. (Jr.) 38 

SAUNDERS, Sarah 38 

SAUNDERS, Thos. 38 

SAUNDERS, William 74 

SAVIDGE, Joshua 136 

SAYER, Arthr. /Arthur 8(3), 
9(2), -11, 12, 13, 14(2) 

SAYER, Char./Cliarles 8,9, 

SAYER, Frances 14 

SAYER, Margaret 14 

SCALES, James I. 162 


SCEATER, Farraby 103 

SCHOLAR, Littleton 3 

SCOT, John 111 

SCOT, Walter 25 

SCOTT, C. 65 

SCOTT, Exum 43,171 

SCOTT, Francis(Jun. ) 28 

SCOTT, James Jordan 70 

SCOTT, Jno. 82 

SCOTT, John B. 64,65 

SCOTT, Jno. Eppes 110 

SCOTT, Jos. /Joseph 73,173, 

SCOTT, Jos. Jr. 64 

SCOTT, Mary 177 

SCOTT, Miriam 70 

SCOTT, Moses 40 

SCOTT, Thomas 64,65 

SCOTT, Thomas Sr. 64 

SCOTT, Walter 80 

SCOTT, Wm. 79 

SCRUCS, Jolin 111 

SEABORN, Ann 139 

SEABORN, Bonj. 132,139 

SEABOUKN, Benjamin 62 

SEABOUKN, William 62 

SEAN, 172 

SEARS, Mordecai 162 

SEATON, Wm. 132 


SENECA, William 11 

SETT, Simon 157 

SEWARD, Eliz. (Mrs.) 45 

SHANDS, Eliz. /Elizabeth 

SHANDS, John 57,60,137 

SHANDS, Lucy 60 

SHANDS, Nazareth 60,140 

SHANDS, Phebe 60 

SHANDS, Thomas 52 

SHANDS, William 52,60,61,62, 

SHANDS, William (Jr.) 52,60, 

SHARP, Richard 157 

SMARPE, Groves 176 

SHAY, Robt. 82 

SHEARER, Nicholas 78 

SHEARMAN, Robert 119 

SHEARWOOD, Jolin 14 


SHELLEY, Benj. kl 

SHELTON, Edward 53 

SHELTON, Godfrey 123 

SHELTON, Josiah 123 

SHEPARD, Km. 80 

SHEPHERD, Samuel 65 

SHEPHERT, Lidda 159 

SHERWOOD, Grace li(2) 

SHERWOOD, James 1^ 

SHERWOOD, Jno./John 1^ 

SHERWOOD, Richard 14 

SHEWSBURY, Benjamin 55 

SHEWSBURY, Elizabeth( Pair) 

SHIPP, William 8 

SHIRLEY, Geo. 12 

SHOEMAk'EB, Josiah 65 

SIIREVE, Baker 31 

SHREVE, Betsy 31 

SHREVE, Clement 31 

SHREVE, David 26,31(2) 

SHREVE', John T. 31 

SHREVE, Xancy 31 

SHREVE, Patsy 31 

SHREVE, Robert 31 

SHREVE, William 31 

SIKES, John 38 

SIMMONDS, John 120 

SIMMONS, Ann 12 

SIMMONS, Anne 13 

SIMMONS, Edwin 73 

SIMMONS, Edwin Jr. 73 

SIMMONS, Emmy 73 

SIMMONS, Jno./John 12,73, 

SIMMONS, Lucy 177 

SIMMONS, Luisa 73 

SIMMONS, Polley 73 

SIMMONS, Robert 83 

SIMMONS, Samuel 38 

SIMMONS, Sarah G. 83 

SIMMONS, Southwood 12(2) 

SIMMONS, Thos. /Thomas 177 

SIMMONS, Uriah 12 

SIMMONS, William 12,13,71, 

SIMMONS, William (Jr.) 12 

SIMPSON, Mary L. 167 

SIMPSON, Thomas Frederick 

SIMPSON, William S. 167 

SIMS, Matthew 31,122 

SINCLAIR, Frans,(Capt.) 10 

SKELTON, John 79,82 

SKIDMORE, Lewis (Rev.) 9.1 

SKIDMORE, Maeeie B. 91 

SLADE, Albert 83 

SLADE, Saml. 15 

SLATTER, Israel 11 

SLATTER, Solo'n 158 

SLAUGHTER, Ezckiel 76 

SLAirCHTER, Mary 84 

SLAUGHTER, William 84 

SLEDGE, Amos 139 

SMART, Amanda 83 

SMART, Amanda M. 45 

SMART, Henry 45,83 

SMART, John Edward 83 

SMART, Sylvester Pierce 83 

SMITH, A. 168,176 

SMITH, Aaron 177 

SMITH, Agnes 151 

SMITH, Alexr. 79 

SMITH, Ann 44,139,153 

SMITH, Ann S. 139 

SMITH, Art 136,137 

SMITH, Arther 103 

SMITH, Arthr./Artliur 36,51 

SMITH, B. 71 

SMITH, Benjamin 58,59 

SMITH, Eliz 139 

SMITH, Fred. 138 

SMITH, Isham 59,131 

SMITH, Henry 73 

SMITH, Hill 78 

SMITH, James 44,68,79 

SMITH, Jno./John 14(2), 28, 
52, 76, 157(2), 173 

SMITH, John f'2 78 

SMITH, John •'•'3 79 

SMITH, Josiah 130 

SMITH, Kitura 64 

SMITH, Martha E. 89 

SMITH, Laur. 112 

SMITH, Martin 31 

SMITH, Martin P. 31 

SMITH, Owen 64 

SMITH, Patrick 8 

SMITH, Phill 79 

SMITH, Richd. 12,81 

SMITH, Robt. /Robert 81,156 

SMITH, Robert Ritchie 44 

SMITH, Sally 28 

SMITH, Samuel 139 

SMITH, Sarah 139 

SMITH, Susanna 168 

SMITH, Wm. /William 33,66, 

SMITH, Wm. .'-'2 79 

SMITH, Km.(Sr.) 68 

SMYTH, Beno. 12 

SMYTH, Char. /Charles 12(3) 

SMYTH, George 12 

SMYTH, John 7,11,13 

SMYTH, Tully Robinson 12 

SMYTH, West 12 

SNAILE, Bridget 9(2) 

SNAILE, Frances 9(2) 

SNAILE, Henry 9(3), 13 

SNAILE, John 9 

SNAILE, Sarah 9(2) 

SNAILE, Simon 9 

SNALE, Mary 9 

SNELLING, Alexr. 77 

SNELLING, Aquilla 77 

SORROW, Elizabctli 62 

SOUTHALL, Eliz. 131 

SOUTHALL, Jas. 67 

SPAIN, Millia 62 

SPANN, Ann 11 

SPARRILL, Samuel 33 

SPEED, Jennie 163 

SPEED, John J. 163 

SPENCER, Abra'm 159 

SPENCER, Druscilla 27(2) 

SPENCER, John 27 

SPENCER, Matts. 38 

SPENCER, M.H.(Rev.) 90 

SPENCER, Thomas Sharp 116 

SPIVEY, Christian 103 

SPIVEY, Ephraim 176 

SPIVEY, Honour 176 

SPOONER, William 169 

SPRAGGIKS, Francis 165 

SPRAGGINS, Mary Ann 165 

SPRATT, Adam 7 

SPRATT, Francis 7 

SPRATT, Henry (Major) 7,8 

SPRATT, James 7 

SPRATT, Thorowgood 7(2), 8 

STACY, Jno. 132 

STACY, Simon 139 

STAFFORD, Cutberth 133 

STAFFORD, Thos . 133,136 

STAk'ES, Leveo 99 

STAKES, William 103 

STALINGS, Uriah 101 

STALLINGS, John A. 162 

STALLINGS, Judah 100 

STANDLEY, James 176 

STANDLEY, Kinnefred 176 

STAPHEY, John Carr 15 

STARK, Boiling 108 

STARK, Thomas 66 

STARKEY, Joseph 76 

STEGER, Eras. Ceo. 112 

STEP, Betsy 3,^ 

STEP, Thomas (an Indian) 113 

STEP, Tom 3,^ 

STEPHENSON, William Sr. 71 

STEPTOF, Patrick D.(Dr.) 92 

STERN, Francis 67 

STEVEN'S, Jacob 38 

STEVEN'S, James 115 

STEWART, Js. 25 

STEWAKT, Jno. 132 


STEWART, Richard 5 

STILL, Josiali 165 

STILL, Leah 165 

STILL, Thomas 165 

STITH, Elizabeth 139 

STITH, Wm. 13^ 

STOKES, Jones 53,135 

STOKES, Selvanus 52 

STOKES, Silvanns 131 

STOKES, Silvanus 52,60 

STONE, Dempsey 159 

STONE, John 8 

STONE, Mary 8 

STONE, William 8,65 

STOREY, James 171 

STOREY, Samuel 171 

STORY, Elizabeth 171 

STORY, Esther 171 

STORY, James 170,171 

STOTT, 61 

STOVAL, Earth. (Jr.) Ill 
STOVAL, Barth.(Sr.) Ill 
STOVAL, John 1 
STOVALL, Bartholomew 121 

STOVALL, Esther Ann 162 
STOVALL, Jolin N. 162 
STOVALL, Thomas 118,121 
STRATTON, henry 111 
STRATTON, Thomas 23 
STREATER, Willis 109,158 
STRINGFIELD, Benjamin 37 
STROUD, Elizabeth ^45 
STROUD, John J. 6 5 
STUARD, John 111 
STUART, Frances Gibbons 125 
STUART, Hariot(Lady) 16 
STUART, James 60 
STUNDIVANT, Elizabeth 56 
STUNDIVANT, llolam 56 
STU;CDIVAN'T, Holam(Jr.) 56 
STUN'DI\'ANT, Matthew 56 
STURDEVAN'T, Joel 108 
STURDIVAN, Henry 131 
STURDIVANT, Elizabeth 1U8 
STURDIVANT, James 107 
STURDIVANT, John •:-'2 lOK 
STURDIVANT, Martha 108 
STURDIVANT, Robert 107,108 
STURDIVANT, Sarah 62,108 
STURDIVANT, William 56,107 
STURGEON, William 72 
SUBLIT, Lewis 82 
SUDBURY, Ezekiel Jr. 80 
SUITER, Arthur 170 
SULLEVANT, Judith 159 
SUMMERELL, Gorne 175 
SUMMERLLL, Jacob 70 
SUMMERELL, James 70,175 
SUMMERELL, Stephen 70 
SUMNER, Luke(Estate) 101 
SUMPTER, Richd. 77 
SUTHERLIN, Elizabeth 166 
SUTHERLIN, Thos. 166 
SWAN, Thomn. 112 
SYDNOR, William 115 
SYM, John 37 
SYMS, David 52 
TAUB, Edwd. Ill 
TABE, Joliii Langhorne 66 


TAGGART, John 66 
TALBOTT, John 109 
TALLEY, Abra. 67 
TALLEY, Frederick 67 
TALLEY, Georgia 89 
TALLEY, Grief 68 
TALLEY, Wm. Sen. 68 
TANNER, John 23 
TANNER, Mary 133 
TANNER, Nathaniel 76 
TATUN, Grave t 28 
TATUM, Henry 52,57,59,136 
TATUM, Kezia 61 
TATUM, John 77 
TATUM, Josiah 76 
TATUM, Nafl. 138 
TATUM, Samuel 56,57 
TAVLER, Cornelius 165 
TAYLER, James Jr. Ill 
TAYLER, Joseph 102 
TAYLER, Wm. 112 
TAYLOR, Ann 169 
TAYLOR, Henry 76 
TAYLOR, Henry (col.) 73 
TAYLOR, James 112,165 
TAYLOR, J.B. 127,128 
TAYLOR, John 36,37,177 
TAYLOR, Polly 165 
TAYLOR, Rebecca 76 
TAYLOR, Sally 177 
TAYLOR, Thos. 9,71 
TEMPLES, May 92 
TERRY, Jeremiah 116 
TERRY, Kible 126 
TERRY, Nathaniel 116 
TERRY, Nathaniel (Col.) 115 
TERRY, William 118 
THACKSTON, James 65 
TIIELABALL, Lemuel 8,9 
THELABAL(l) Robert 8(2) 

THOMAS, 109 

THOMAS, Ann 109 
THOMAS, Charles 100,108 
THOMAS, Charles(Jr.) 109 
THOMAS, David 175 
THOMAS, Elizabeth 39,109 
THOMAS, Elizabeth #2 109 
THOMAS, Ezekiel 109 

THOMAS, Henry 109,13.i 
THOMAS, James 109 
THOMAS, John 109 
THOMAS, JohnCJr.) 109 
THOMAS, Lydia 109 
THOMAS, Lydia ','2 109 
THOMAS, Martha 173 
THOMAS, Tolvin 109 

THOMAS, Wpi. /William 70,109, 
THOMAS, Zekel 109 
THOMPSON, Elizabeth 165 
THOMPSON, Jane 6 5 
THOMPSON, John 159 
THOMPSON, Patsey 165 
THOMPSON, Robert 65 
THOMPSON, Thomas 165 
THOMSON, Bart let 157 
THOMSON, nrury 82 
THORN, Samuel 22 
THORNTON, IVilliam 125 

TtlOROKGOOP, Amy 10 

THOROU'GnoD, John 16 

THOROWGOOn, Sarah 10 

THORP, Ann 71 

THORP, Hardy 71 

THORP, Henry 71 

THORP, James 121 

THORP, John 175 

THORP, Jos. /Joseph 55,57, 

THORP, Margaret 121 

THORP, Moses 172,176 

THORP, Timothy 168 

THORPE, n 35 

THORTON, William 126 

THREEWIT, Peter 160 


THREEWITS, Edward 56 

THREEWITS, Frances 56 




THREEWXT(S), Peter 56 

THWEAT, 176 

THWEAT, Jane 138 

THWEATT, Archibald 120 

THWEATT, David 136 

TI(), John 81 

TILLER, Major 55,57,132 

TIPPETT, Jonathan 162 

TIRPIN, Henry 77 

TIRPIN, Matthew 77 

TOMLIN, John 60 

TOMLIN, Matthew 60 


TOMLINSON, Anne 131,135 

TOMLINSON, Benj. /Benjamin 

TOMLINSON, Benjamin «2 60 

TOMLINSON, Burrell 59,131, 

TOMLINSON, Jas. /James 59,60, 

TOMLINSON, Jas. #2? 135 

TOMLINSON, Jno./John 57,59, 

TOMLINSON, JohnCJr.) 59,131, 

TOMLINSON, Jno.Cs of Thos.) 

TOMLINSON, Nat ' 1 . /Nathaniel 

TOMLINSON, Richard 16 

TOMLINSQN, Thcs. /Thomas 

TOMLINSON, li'm. /William 

TOMS, Jno. 26 

TOMS, Hobt. 26 

TONEY, Edmond 111 

TOOLY, Adam 11, 12(2), 16 

TRABUE, Daniel 27 

TRADUE, David 26 

TRABUE, Edward 2 7 

TRABUE, Jacob 26 

TRABUE, James 2 7 

TRABUE, Jane E. 27 

TRABUE, Jno. 26 

TRABUE, Jos. 26 

TRABUE, Stephen .27 

TRABUE, Wm. 26 

TRENT, Alexander 157 
TRENT, Benjn. 81 
TRENT, William Sr. 81 
TRESVANT, James 75 
TREVATHON, Ann(Mrs.) 9 
TRIGG, Wm. 157 
TROTTER, Eliz't. 159 
TROUGHTON, Andrew 132 
TUCKER, Atlialiah 61 
TUCKER, David 133 
TUCKER, Edmund 116 

TUCKER, Geo. (Sr.) 68 

TUCKER, Godfrey 67 

TUCKER, Joel 52,67,137 

TUCKER, John 67 

TUCKER, Joseph Jr. 53 

TUCKER, Lewcretia 52 

TUCKER, Mary 66 

TUCKER, Mathw. 67 

TUCKER, Milly 56 

TUCKER, Thos. Ill 

TUCKER, Wm. 67 

TUDAR, Lewcretia 52 

TUDER, Avery 21 

TUDER, Benj. /Benjamin 

TUDER, Dolley 21 

TUDER, Eliz 137 

TUDER, Henry 17(2), 21, 57, 

TUDER, Henry (Jr.) 17,21 

TUDER, Henry Sr. 137,139 

TUDER, Lucretia(Creasv) Adams 
17 • 

TUDER, Mary 21 

TUDER, William 21 


TURNHULL, Amey 110 

TURNER, Ann 66 

TURNER, Arthur 175 

TURNER, David 35 

TURNER, Edmund 170 

TURNER, Edy 6(2) 

TURNER, Green 73,175 

TURNER, Henry 3,6 

TURNER, India I. 89 

TURNER, Jacob 70,72 

TURNER, James 70 

TURNER, John 25,60 

TURNER, Joseph 70,72 

TURNER, Mary Ann 66 

TURNER, Nancy 3,6 

TURNER, Nancy B.(Mrs.) 161 

TI'RNER, Pasco 160 

TURNER, Patience 171 

TURNER, Theo. 10 

TURNER, Tho./Thos. 168,171, 

TURNER, Thomas(an Indian) 

TURNER, Tom 3 

TURNER, Urn. 26,66 

TURPIN, Marw. 77 


TVNER, Robt. 37 

TYNES, Elizabeth(Hill) 39 

TYNES, Mary 177 

TYNES, Robert 177 

TYREE, William A. (Rev.) 90 

TYRER, James 167 

TYRER, Sarah 167 

TYUS, Absalum 136 

ni'S, Agnes 136,160 

T^TJS, Ecnj. 136 

TYUS, Eliz 136 

TYTJS, Jno./John 54,130,136, 

Tn'S, Jno.Cs of Thos.) 136 

TYTIS, Lewis 136 

Tn!S, Rd. 136 

UHLES, John B. 35 

UHLES, Michael 35 

UHLES, Nancy 35 


UNDERHILL, Elizabeth Uk 

UNDERHILL, Henry 86,133 

UNDERHILL, Jno. 133 

UNDERHOOD, Eliza 18 

UNDERWOOD, Beedles 132,133 

UNDERWOOD, Johen 6 3 

UNDERWOOD, Mary A. 18 

UNDERWOOD, Richard B. 18 

UNDERWOOD, Sdrah 132 

UNDERWOOD, Thomas 62 

URQUHART, Jno. 168 

URQUHART, Mary 178 

URQUHART, Will/Willm. /William 

UZZEL, James 63 

VADEN, Elizabeth UU 

VADEN, Jos. 26 

VADEN, Nordecai 66 

VADEN, Sarah Ann 66 

VASSER, Joseph (Sr.) 169 

VASSER, William 169 

VAUGHAN, Betsey 86 

VAUGHAN, Edey 87 

VAUGHAN, Henry 86 

VAUGHAN, James 176 

VAUGHAN, Litha 86 

VAUGHAN, Mathew 86 

VAUGHAN, Owen 87 

VAUGHAN, Peggy 86 

VAUGHAN, Polly 86,87 

VAUGHAN, Se?-mour 169 

VAUGHN, Albert G. 6 
VAUGHN, Asa 6 
VAUGHN, Eitha 86 
VAUGHN, Elizabeth 63 
VAUGHN, Franci^ 60 
VAUGHN, Nicholas 63 
VAUGHN, Robert 63 
VAUGHN, Robt.CCapt.) 8 
VAUGHN, Timothy- 116 
VEALE, Elizabeth 178 
VEALE, George 178 


VENABLE, Abm. BT 65 
VENABLE, Jacob 66 
VENABLE, Judith P. 26 
VENABLE, M. Taze 161 
VENABLE, Nathaniel 65 
VFNABLE, Natlil.CJr.) 66 
VENABLE, Robert 26 
VENABLE, Samuel J. 163 
VENABLE, Samuel L. 161 
VERELL, Eliz. 136 
VERELL, Jno. 136 
VERELL, Jno. (Jr.) 136 
VERELL, Susanna 136 
VERELL, Wm. 136 
VERLINES, Hezekiah 102 
VESEY, John 106 
VICK, Cordall 106 
VICK, Counsell 178 
VICK, Elizabeth Etna 106 
VICK, Jacob 178 
VICK, Jack 16 
VICK, James 173 
VICK, John 62 
VICK, Jorden 169 
VICK, Jos. 173,176 
VICK, Josiah 177 
VICK, Knowel 177 
VICK, Margaret 87 
VICK, Martha 87 
VICK, MattheK(Jr.) 178 
VICK, Mattliew(Sr.) 177 
VICK, Newit 106 
VICK, Patsey Matilda 106 
VICK, Polley 106 
VICK, Rebecah 106 
VICK, Richard 87 
VICK, Sarah 178 
VICK, Simon 178 


VICK, William 106,170 

VICK, Wiliam James 106 

VINCENT, Mary 56 

VINCENT, Peter 61 

VINES, Thomas 59,130 

VINES, Thos. Jr. 130 

VINSON, Thomas 56,133 

WADDEL, Jacob 81 

WADE, Christopher 177 

WADE, Edward 126 

WADE, John 119 

WADE, Richard 119 

WADE, Robert 117 

WADE, Robert (Sr.) 117 

WADE, Thos. /Thomas 59,130 

WADEL, Richard 78 

WADSWORTH, Ann Eliza 167 

WADSWORTH, Edward (He v.) 

WADSWORTH, Eliza Ann 86 

WADSWORTH, Elizabeth F. 167 

WADSWORTH, Elizabeth Felton 

WAGNON, John Peter 66 


WAKE, William 16 

KALDEN, Charles 165 

WALDIN, John 165 

WALDIN, Lucy 165 

WALDING, Wm. 112 

WALES, Mr. 156 

WALKE, Antho. /Anthony 
8, 11(2), 12, 28 

WALKE, Susannah 28 

WALKE, Tlios. 11,12(2) 

WALKER, Allen 90 

WALKER, Chas.S. 91 

WALKER, Frank 76 

WALKER, James 156 

WALKER, Joel 157 

WALKER, Lenin 66 

WALKER, Levin 66 

WALKER, Mary 129 

WALKER, Sally 90 

WALKER, Warran 156 

KALKEK, Wm. 156 

WALL, Charles(Maj.) 121 

WALL, Charles F. 121 

WALL, Dicey 165 

WALLACE, Andrew 66 

WALLACF, Jas. 136 

WALLACE, Samuel 66 
WALLACE, Thos. 136 
WALLER, Ann 19 
WALLER, Fanny 19 
WALLIS, James 52 
WALLIS, Thomas 52 
WALTHAL, Henry 25 
WALTHALL, Danl. 25 
WALTHALL, Eliz. 25 
WALTHALL, Francis 25 
WALTHALL, John 25 
WALTHALL, Mary 25 
WALTHALL, Richd. 25 
WALTHALL, Wm. 25,80 
WALTHROP, Mich. 67 
WALTKINS, Joel 30 
WALTON, Benjamin F. 92 
WALTON, Simeon 63 
WALTON, William 66 
WAMOCK, Wm. 157 
WARD, Janes 159 
WARD, John 77 
WARD, Jos. 129 
WARD, Richd. 77 
WARE, T. C. (Dr.) 92 
WARREN, Etheldred 76 
WARREN, John 68 
WARREN, John Jr. 68 
WARREN (?), Wm. 72 
WASHAM, William (Sr.) 157 
WATERFIELD, Sarah 133,136 
WATKINS, Alice Goode 168 
WATKINS, Anderson 65 
WATKINS, Benjamin 77 
WATKINS, Betsey 168 
WATKINS, Chas. S. 166 
WATKINS, Edward 80 
WATKINS, Frederick 168 
WATKINS, George 65 
WATKINS, James 118 
WATKINS, Jno./John 66,139 
WATKINS, Philip 168 
WATKINS, Richd. 66 
WATKINS, Robert 65 
WATKINS, Samuel 168,153 
WATKINS, SamuetCJr.) 168 
WATKINS, Stephen 82 
WATKINS, Thomas 65 
WATKINS, Wm. 139 
WATSON, Alexander 175 

WATSON, Aur.ustus 65 

WATTS, John 65 

WATTS, William 65 

WATSON, James 157 

WATSON, Wm.CJr.) 157 

WATSON, Wm.(Sr.) 157 

WEATHERFURD, Richard 156 

WEATHERLY, William 103 

WEATHERS, I sham 160 

WEATHERS, Jesse 160 

WEATHERS, Jno. 160 

WEATHERS, Mary 160 

WEATHERS, Sarah W. 160 

WEATHERS, Wm. 160 

WEATHERS, Wm.(Jr.) 160 

WEATHERS, Willis 160 

WEAVER, Edw. 132 

WEAVER, John 76 

WEBB, Honour 103 

WEBB, Kader 102 

WEBB, RICHD. (orphan) 102 

WEBB, Robt. 132,136,136 

WEBSTER, Francis 6 

WEISIGER, David A. 83 

WEISIGER, Rebecca D. 83 

WELDON, Benjamin 53,56,55 

WELDON, Daniel 53 

WELDON, Elizabeth 53 

WELDON, Priscilla 53 

WELDON, Samuel 53 

WELLS, Elizabeth 65 

WELLS, Patrick 65 

WELLS, Wm.. 67 

WEST, ? 12 

WEST, Georpe 23 

WEST, John 118 

WEST, Mollie G. 90 

WEST, Willm. 8 


WESTBROOK, Jacob 172 

WESTBROOK, John 177 

WESTBROOK, Samuel 172,177 

WHALEY, F.N. (Rev.) 89,90, 

WHEELING, Nelly 121 

WHEELING, William 121 

WHIDDON, Abigail 9 

WHIMMER, John 102 

WHITE, Mrs. 91 

WHITE, Aliff(Mrs.) 10 

WHITE, Anthony 160 

WHITE, Christopher 123 

WHITE, George D. (Capt.) 166 

WHITE, Isaac 9 

WHITE, Jno. 135 

WHITE, Martha B. 91 

WHITE, Samuel 32 

WHITEHEAD, Widow 170 

WHITEHEAD, Ann Jane 166 

WHITEHEAD, Elisabeth 166 

WHITEHEAD, Jesse 39 

WHITEHEAD, Jno./John 166,176 

WHITEHEAD, Richard S. 166 

WHITEHORN, Sarah Jane Mason 

WHITEHURST, Arthr. 16 

WHITEHURST, Battson 8 

WHITEHURST, Charles 16 

WHITEHURST, Christifer 12 



WHITEHURST, Jno./John 7(2), 

WHITEHURST, Lamuel 12 

WHITEHURST, Martha 12 


WHITEHURST, Mary(Mrs.) 10 



WHITEHURST, Robt. /Robert 




WHITEHURST, Thos. /Thomas 

WHITEHURST, Thorns. (Jr.) 12 

WHITEHURST, William 9,12 


WHITFIELD, Hester 90 

WHITFIELD, Matthew 62 

WHITFIELD, Reubin 72,168, 

WIIITLOCK, William 101 

WHITNEY, Elisha 15,39 

WHITNEY, Joshua 15 

WniTTAKER, Emolinc 86 


WHITTAKER, Princess Victoria 


WICKERT, J. B. 92 

KIESEGAR, Daniel 29 
KIESEGAR, Daniel HI 79 
WIGGINS, David 17^ 
WIGGINS, Rd. 130 
WILBORN, Jno./John 58,138 
KILBO(U)RN, Jno. 160 
WILDO(U)RN, Jno. (Jr.) 160 
WILBOdORN, Jno. Sr. 160 
WILBO(U)RN, Sarah 140 
WILRO(U)RN, Temperance 160 
WILBOdORN, Wm. 160 
WILBO(U)RN, WM. ?-'2 160 
WILBURN, John 53,62 
WILBURN, Thos. 135 
WILDER, James 158 
WILDS, Nancy 108 
WILES, Tho. 12 
WILEY, Elinor 126 
WILEY, William 126 
WILKERSON, Acniss 57 
WILKERSON, Edmund 88 
WILKERSON, Elizabeth 131 
WILKERSON, Jno. 130,131 
WILKERSON, John ,-'2 131 
WILKERSON, John Sr. 57 
WILKERSON, Lucy 131 
WILKERSON, Richard 57 
WILKERSON, Thos. 130,131 
WILKERSON, William 57,139 
WILKINS, Family 125 
WILKINS, Robt. 176 
WILKINSON, Arnold 38,103 
WILKINSON, Edward 77 
WILKINSON, James 71,176 
WILKINSON, Jesse 39 
WILKINSON, John 58,70,173 
WILKINSON, Mills 62(2) 
WILKINSON, Thomas(Senr.) 106 
WILKINSON, Wm.(Senr.) 106 
WILKINSON, Willis 38 
WILKISON, Rd. 131 
WILKS, Benjamin 26 
WILKS, Daniel 26 
WILKS, Elizabeth 26 
WILKS, Elizabeth ?,'2 26 
WILKS, Jess 26 
WILKS, Sarah 26 
WILKS, William 26 
WILL, Benja. 68 

WILLBORN. John 52 

WILLBUR, Jno. 16 


WILLIAMS, Aggy 87 

WILLIAMS, Ann 116 

WILLIAMS, C.E.(Hon) 88 


WILLIAMS, Geo. 75 

WILLIAMS, Jerry 35 

WILLIAMS, John 23,53,76 

WILLIAMS, John (Jr.) 116 

WILLIAMS, Jordan 76 

WILLIAMS, Lessenberry 160 

WILLIAMS, Lewis 68 

WILLIAMS, Ludwel 67 

WILLIAMS, Mary 31 

WILLIAMS, Mathias 157 

WILLIAMS, Richard 7-4,175 

WILLIAMS, Robert 173 

WILLIAMS, Sallie H. 162 

WILLIAMS, Samuel A. (Gen.) 162 

WILLIAMS, Starling 67 

WILLIAMS, Thos. 157 

WILLIAMS, Waller(Rev.) 89 

WILLIAMS, William 31 

WILLIAMSON, Bcnja. 129 

WILLIAMSON, Beverly S. 90 

WILLIAMSON, Delilah 65 

WILLIAMSON, Francis 37 

WILLIAMSON, James 13(2) 

WILLIAMSON, James (Capt.) 

WILLIAMSON, James C. 65 


WILLIAMSON, Margett 8 

WILLIAMSON, Peggy 167 

WILLIAMSON, Robert S. 89 

WILLIAMSON, Thos. 171,178 


mSON, Fr. 72 

WMSON, Tully 13 

WILLIE, L.K.(Rev.) 162 

WILLIE, William 56,55,136 

WILLIS, Robert 102 

WILLOUGHBY, Eliza. 13(2), 

WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth 13 

WILLOUGHBY, John 13,16 

WILLOUGHBY, Thomas 13 



WILLS, James 38,39)2_ 
WILLS, John Sck. 38,39 
WILLS, Lan. 67 
WILLS, Willis 60 ; 


WILLSON, Goodh. 38 
WILSON, Benja. 72 
WILSON, James 70 
WILSON, John 120,123 
WILSON, John G. 83 
WILSON, Martha H. 83 
WILSON, Sally 72 
WILSON, Sampson 61(2) 
WILSON, William 82 
WINEOAK, Jemmy 3 
WINFREE, Jacob 112 
WINFREE, Jesse 65 
WINFREE, John 111 
WINFREY, Valantinc 80 
WINFRY, Henry 79 
WINGFIELD, Jarvis 56 
WINGFIELD, Jcrvis 55 
WINGFIELD, William 55 
WISHARD, John 9 
WISHART, Francis 7 
WISHART, Tho. /Thomas 2i2) 
WISHAHT, William 7(2) 
WITHERS, John 6(2) 
WOLDRIUGE, Robert 76 
WOLDRIGE, Edward 76 
WOLDRIGE, Richard 76 
WOMACK, abram 111 

WOMACK, Frances 79 

WOMACK, John 33 

WOMACK, Willm. 23(2) 

WOMBLE, Jane 37 

WOMBLE, John 87 

WOMBLE, Mathew 37 

WOMMACK, James Brantley 177 

WONWELL, Joseph 39 

WOOD, Charles 56 

WOOD, John 29,77 

WOOD, Joseph 66 

WOOD, Wm. /William 11,169 


WOODARD, Jesse 177 

WOODARD, Samuel 172 

WOODFORD, Dolley 17 

WOODFORD, Nary 17 

WOODFORD, Mary Wrenn 16 

WOODHOUS, William 11 

WOODHOUSE, Henry 12,13(2), 

WOODHOUSE, Mora. ^10 

WOODING, Robert (Co"l.) 115 

WOODLEY, Willis 176 

WOODROOF, Elizabeth 55 

WOODSON, Anny ^(3) 

WOODSON, BenjaCan Indian) 


WOODSON, JamesCan Indian) 

WOODSON, Jinny ^(2) 

WOODSON, John ^(2), 157 

WOODSON, JohnCan Indian) 

WOODSON, JohnCshrf.) 156 

WOODSON, Joseph 112 


WOODSON, Polly 4 

WOODSON, Tarleton 122 

Woodson, Tariton 2i 

WOODSON, Winny 4(3) 


WOODWARD, Jesse 152 

WOODWARD, John 40 

WOODWARD, Martha Mayes 153 

WOOLDRIDGE, John Sr. 76 

WOOLDRIDGE, William 76 

WOOLDRIDGE, Wm.(Jr.) 76 


WOOLDRIGE, Richd. 81 

WOOLFROM, Adam 70 

WOOTTON, Dudley 79 

WOOTTON, John 79 

WOOTTON, Simon 79 

KORREL, Lewis 169 

WORRELL, Elizabeth L)'man 

WORRELL, John 41 

WORRELL, Josiah 173 

WORRELL, Louisa Frances 45 

WORRELL, R.A. 4 5 

WORSHAM, Joseph 23 

WORSHAM, Kancy 164 

WORSHAM, Thos. /Thomas 164 

WEEN, Randolph 71 

WREN, Thos. 135 

WRENN, James 17 

WRENN, Joseph 37 

WRENN , Mary 59 

WRIGHT, Adolphus 84 

WRIGHT, Alexander A. 84 

WRIGHT, Arabella Jane 166 

WRIGHT, Billy 118 

WRIGHT, David S. 166 

W.IGHT, George 156 

WRIGHT, John 73,156,174 

WRIGHT, Juliet 166 

WRIGHT, Sarah 84 

WRIGHT, Stephen 159 

OTATT, Hubbard 107 

WYATT, Thomas 118 

WVCf), Benjamin 62 

WTCHF, Benjamin 55,58 

UTCHE, Drury 55 

WYCHE, Georne 55,58 

OTCHE, Hannah 55 

WYCHE, James 57 

WYCHE, Jas.(Capt.) 132 

WYCHE, Leah 132 

WYCHE, Nathaniel 55 

WYCHE, Peter 55 

WYCHE, Sarah 55 

WTLIE, Alexr. 37 

WNN, George 80 

WYNNE, Ann Eliza 92 

WYNNE, Fliz. 134 

WYNNE, Eliz(Jr.) 134 

WYN-NE, Eliz(d of Mat.) 134 

WTNNE, Jno. 133 

WYNNE, Lucretia 134 

OTNNE, Mary 52 

IfYNNE, Mat. /Matthew 54,132, 

WY'NNE, Robt. /Robert 52,53, 

IVYNNE, Sloman 56,58,59, 

WYNNE, Sloman(Jr.) 134 

WTNNE, Thos. /Thomas 52,130 

WTNNE, Robert i>2 52 

IVY-OTJE, William 57 

YARBROHGH, Rd. /Richard 5,72 


TEARGIN, Saml. 76 

YOUNG, Francis 38 

YOUNG, James 41 

YOUNG, Mary 52 

YOUNG, Penelope 108 

YOUNG, Thos. /Thomas 52,54, 

VOUNG, William E. 31 

WELL, Thos. 76 

ZACHERY, John 64 

ZACHERY, Judith 64 

2ELL, David 135 

ZELL, Eliz. 135 

ZELL, Isham 135 

ZILLS, Agnes 140 

ZILLS,Ann 140 

ZILLS, Eliz. 140 

ZILLS, John(Jr.) 140 

ZILLS, Lambert 140 

ZILLS, Mary 140 

ZILLS, Morris 140 

ZILLS, Peebles 140 

ZIMMERMAN, Frances 84 

ZIMMERMAN, Henry 84 

ZIMMERMAN, Jonathan 84 

, Carper 140 

, Eliza 11 

, John 81 

, John Sr. 81 

, Min. 132 

( ), RobarO 78 
OATES, William 81 
JiBONS, John Jr. 38 

ODUE, 82 

OILLUM, Samuel 81 
OKALU, John 81 

S, Henry 81 

OUM, John 81 
OUNT, Robert 81 
OURST, Jacob 81